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  1. This will be the place for all character skeletons, questions, concerns, and OOC conversations. There are a few rules I'd like to make clear so that we can all roleplay together happily.

    1: Please follow all site rules and regulations or risk possibly being kicked from the roleplay or the site depending on the situation.

    2: Be nice to one another. That one is pretty self explanatory.

    3: No god modding or controlling someone else's characters seeing as it is unfair to the other person

    4: have fun and enjoy yourself

    Character skeleton:




    Picture or description:

    Previous occupation:

    Hero or bandit:
  2. [​IMG]
    Drake Forester
    Previous occupation:
    Hero or bandit:
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  4. [​IMG]

    Aaron E. Persinette
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Picture or Description: Aaron's stands about five foot seven with a slim and nimble figure. After a recent incident she has heterochromia iridium -- meaning one eyes is a honey brown and the other is a silvery grey.
    Previous Occupation: Writer/Owner of a bookstore
    Hero or Bandit: Somewhere in between.​
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  6. The hero or bandit label just means is your character more for helping others or hurting others for their own benefit. Either way, your character will need to kill for supplies
  7. Hmm I was wondering the specifics on that -- now I get it
  8. image.jpg

    Name: Jake booker

    Age: 26

    Gender: male

    Previous occupation: police officer

    Hero or bandit: hero

  9. [​IMG]
    Rosemary Lafayette
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Picture or description: A slim and curvaceous girl with auburn colored hair and Deep green emerald eyes. She stands at 5"3 inches and has a stealthy and very nimble figure, though she can pack a painful punch.
    Previous occupation: Forensic Scientist (Awesome bodacious scientific girl >8D). Learned combat from her father who used to be a former soldier/marine.
    Hero or bandit: Hero, survivor.

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  10. Sorry for the wait everyone, we just need the last two people to make character sheets and then we'll get started. If they don't make one soon, I'll start the IC tomorrow afternoon
  11. Can we start now? And isn't this supposed to go to the S/U place of modfan?
  12. Yeah I decided I'm gonna get things started tonight
  13. I'll post tomorrow morning! Me and @EMajyyks characters will be together btw. Cya c:
  14. Errrr. Nothing makes sense. Rosemary has a horse, and there's only one horse?
    Just saying
  15. I thought Aaron was the one with the horse
  16. I'll post tomorrow!
  17. We'll look forward to it
  18. Jake = rick
    Rosemary = Daryl
    Aaron = carol
    Jake = Shane

    It's like our own little TWD 8D only smaller
  19. is this still open ? for people to join
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