Day One Newbies!

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  1. * Thread dedicated to the group roleplay When In Greece*
    DAY ONE: Training with Chiron

    A well known Centaur received the newly discovered demigods in a flash. He smirked looking at all of them so confused, '' Why Hello There Newbies... My name is Chiron. Best trainer of Heroes,'' he said shamelessly with a smirk.

    The training ground was vast and green. It seemed to have a few Greek pillar, ruins from the ancient time. There was no civilization around nor any gods except Athena next to Chiron talking to him. He had expected her and he made one hell of a circuit for these guys.

    The half-horse half-human looked at some pretty boy that screamed son of Apollo. He grabbed his hair and looked at him, '' Hey you, don't look so confused,'' he said to Leon before waving at everyone to go towards the only building in the area. One very old castle from the time of Ulysses and the cyclops. One of the only one still standing.

    Where were they? In an unknown island in the Mediterranean. Only water surrounded them, not that they would know.
  2. Brett starts walking towards the building with his hands in his pockets and lets out a deep sigh. "I wonder where Myles is at" Brett starts to look around for Myles. after two minutes of looking around he couldn't find him.He lets out another sigh, and he starts talking to himself "I would ask one of theses other demigods if they knew where Myles is at but most likely they don't even know who Myles is" he looks at these two girls "Man but these girls sure are hot tho." he says as he keeps walking
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  3. Delilah crashed to the ground and coughed because of the dust. '' This hurts,'' she said and her stomach grumbled. She slightly blushed as she looked at a cute looking boy walking pass her, Brett. She wondered which goddess was her mother. She stood up and looked at Jesus, who kind of creeped her out, walk towards the building. She walked towards Aaron, the only one that wasn't walking and was just staring at Athena from behind.

    '' Hey, are you ok?'' she asked. The blond boy shrugged, '' I... I don't understand what this is all about,'' he said obviously a bit frustrated from all of this. He sighted and Delilah helped him stood up when she bumped into someone from behind.

    '' Oh, sorry!'' she said with her french accent as she looked at the person

    (That person could be anyone)

    Jesus looked at Orlaith, he didn't know her, but he felt something between them and his icy blue eyes looked at her. She was so tall compared to him and seemed strong. The opposite of him. Jesus didn't know who's his godly parent, and was just midly curious to be honest.

    Jesus looked away and walked in the building instead. A cafeteria? Well, he hadn't expected that at first. Three sisters that seemed to be decomposing were behind the counter and serving in orange trails. Jesus looked at the food, '' Vegan.'' he said as he ordered the food. The sister scrunched her nose and started talking in ancient greek to her sisters before laughing.

    Jesus' face turned red but he kept his indifferent face as anger bubbled inside of him. He closed his eyes and turned around keeping his calm.
  4. "I guess we don't have a choice," Lara said to her sister with a frown. She still had her IPOD in her ear and she considered turning it on for a moment before dismissing the idea. Something told her she needed to use her instincts to be alert, ready for anything. She began to walk towards the building slowly, pausing to wait for her sister when she was a few paces away. "Are you coming?" She asked nervously.
  5. Brett walks up to Jesus "Vegan? dude you're a guy eat like one" he looks at the ladies. "well unlike this guy here i'll take any meat you got as long as it's not a bug." he shivers "ugh i hate bugs." the ladies nod there head and gives Brett a big piece of meat "Now thats what im talking about." he says as his mouth starts too water. he takes his food and goes eats at a empty table. "man i need someone to talk to." he says to himself. he looks around the cafeteria. "where the hell is he" he says as he takes a bite out of his food.
  6. Jesus looked at Brett, analyzing how he walked and his Icy blue eyes stared at him from a far. He simply sat at the table behind, propped his elbows on the table and looked at him from behind with daggers. No emotions on his face as he stared at him, indifferent as to who was looking at him.
  7. Brett knew he was watching so he said loudly "are you going to ask me out on a date Jesus? if you are i'm sorry i don't play for that side of the team" he says as he takes another bite of his food.
  8. se heard the voice of her sister and would look at her and nod saying"Yea....Just...Little...nervius"she says as she took a deep breath and went towards,her hands behinde her back,as she seem to be her outer Personality,as she got too her sister she had a small smiel and noded ready,she dint know what too expect or what too see as this is NOT a dream,and being real she was not sure how too react but atleast her sister was here.
  9. Kleo

    "Ow" She whimpered as she landed on her knees with the world around them changing. How the hell did the gods do that? Did they just flick their fingers and then appear somewhere else? The girl with the darkbrown her climbed back up on her feet, though she now had slight scratches on hr knees. Clearly this would not go well for her, in any sense.
    Before she started walking again though, she took off the shoes, holding them in her hand as she walked.
    When indoors, having walked after some of the guys, she took them back on, and looked to the people in the cafeteria. "You guys got a salad or something?" She looked at them, slightly confused by the greek. She was Czech, not greek.
    She was given a bowl of caesar salad, and nodded with an approving smile. That was food.

    Then, she walked over to where the guy who seemed like a modern hippy with the long hair, and sat down beside him. He was of the somewhat same height as her, so she didn't have to deal with some giant next to her. "Sorry mr. tall, ain't no one asking anyone out. Well, maybe the american and the blondie, but aint no one here" Her voice has the accent on it, but who the hell cared? She was supposed to be in the bar, in prague. Not in some wird godly world.


    She stared confused around herself when the whole area aound them changed, and now she felt even more naked. Why did she have to be the only one in a bikini? She ran over to the half-human half-horse person who called himself Chiron, though just as she did so, the guy with the long hair punched some guy, and the man went over there, and she was left with Athena. "Hey, I'm sorry, but do you happen to know if we have some chance to get more clothes on?" She looked at her with her brow slightly raised. "It's not particularly comfortable to wear only a bikini while everyone else are fully dressed." She just could not stand it.

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  10. [​IMG]

    George let out an audible yelp as he came into contact with the rough ground, groaning at the bursts of pain sparking through his body. He slowly got up to his feet, dusting off the dirt and things from his clothes. "Talk about rough landings. Feels like I broke a rib," the male muttered as he ran a hand through his hair, taking a deep breath and straightening up. His thoughts were interrupted as a voice spoke. Looking around, his gaze landed on Chiron, who, supposedly, was the best trainer of Heroes.

    He was able to be in awe for long for they were making their way to a building. The only one in the entire place it seemed. When he entered, he let out a sigh of relief. It was a cafeteria! "Yes, food!" He said in an overjoyed tone, going towards the three sisters who were serving it. He eagerly got as much as he could and went to go find a seat, digging in immediately.
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  11. Jesus for the first time smirked and stood up. He was a monk, martial art master and 5'3. People underestimate him. He slowly walked towards the man and placed his very delicate hand on his shoulder. He was just a few inches from him and he stared at him with his icy blue eyes with a small laugh as he touched his small beard. '' Oh dear, I believe he have a harsh first impression is that so dear,'' he said, '' Just make sure to keep your tongue tied down before I cut it,'' he said and he stood up without any further things to say. He smiled at him, '' Sweet dreams,'' he said before his face falling indifferent and he hit his neck making a cracking noise. The guy would fall unconscious for a good amount of time for sure. Jesus being Jesus opened the mouth of the pretty boy and pulled down one of his front teeth and shoved it in his pocket.

    He looked up at Chiron and Athena kind of surprised, '' You were saying.. Son of Ares right? No wonder,'' the centaur said as he went over to Bret and picked him up to bring him to the medic.

    Athena looked at Jesus, '' Teeth,'' she said wanting the teeth as Aaron and Delilah stared in horror at Jesus.

    The son of Ares rolled his eyes, '' here. I already have a collection,'' he said throwing it before exiting the building.
  12. [​IMG]

    Isak followed the others despite his reluctance to have anything do with what was going on. As strange as it all was, it was a huge relief to see that they were being herded to a cafeteria, of all things, rather than... A torture dungeon, or something. These people seemed pretty crazy, after all. Then again, what if something was done to the food? Nothing else here was normal, so how could he trust the food to be? No, harmless cafeteria or not, there was no way he could eat here.

    Awkwardly ignoring everyone else as they fixed their plates, Isak went straight to a table, deciding to keep to himself until he could figure out how to go home. Hell, it looked like there was already a fight breaking out-- Oh, no, it's over.. Ouch.

    "These people are fucking insane..." He grumbled he himself, propping an elbow up on the table to rest his chin in his palm.​
  13. ( Brett cant wake up right away darling xP... Plus, Chiron already brought him to the medical section lmfao. Dont worry, you can still rp with Chiron or something... He should wake up within 10mins.)

    Athena looked at Aileen and smiled, '' Of course darling... Let me just bring this tooth to... Brett I believe. You could always follow me and I will get you something in the way, '' she said as she started walking in the same direction as the half man half horse.
  14. 10 minutes pass by "ugh what happened?" he look around "MY TOOTH" he looks in the mirror and it was still there" he stands up and puts his clothes on. "JESUS, JESUS JESUS!" he looks around from him. after 2o minutes pass by he sees jesus. "mother F... he caught himself before he can say it out loud" he runs up behind jesus and sucker punches him. he sees him fall to the floor "i can fight to you bish" after that he takes off his jacket and takes out an obsidian sword.
  15. Anna followed the masses of people silently, her heart still beating extremely fast. She was used to shooting, yes, being a demigod? no. She was really nervous, she had never done anything this important before. She walked into the cafeteria, going towards the food. "What do you got?" she asked gruffly, staring at the cafeteria ladies.
  16. Jesus was meditating when all of a sudden Brett punched him. He slightly lost balance and fell of the pillar before looking at Brett, '' You sure don't learn your lesson.. Brett,'' he said and was about to grab the young boys head when Chiron held his hand. '' ENOUGH!'' he shouted trembling the pillar next to him.

    Jesus nodded and looked at the centaur, '' I'm sorry Master,'' he said with a bow. '' Return immediatly to the cafeteria. And you, give me the tooth. '' he said panting since he ran around trying to find Brett and he plugged the tooth back in.

    Jesus just walked back inside the Biulding which was a few meters away. He could see Athena and Aileen, which was wearing a really weird medieval looking dress, probably the only thing that was left and they entered the building.

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  17. Brett stands there "sorry sir" he goes to jesus. when he finds him he holds out his hand "i'm sorry for my foolish behavior.. if you're willing to forgive me i would like to be friends?"
  18. Jesus shrugged and didn't answer except with a smirk, '' You might be of use,'' he said as he walked away.

    To be honest, Jesus had no interest in making any friends. This did not interest him at all this demigod or anything. But he was cought up in it, he might as well observe to learn something. Plus, he could finally receive the right training.
  19. he shrugs "ok man." he sees jesus walk off "see you around" brett walks off to find a pretty girl to talk to
  20. Aileen nodded, and followed Athena like the goddess had commanded. Not like she had another choice if she wanted to get clothes on her body other than the bikini.
    She followed after with long steps, though wearing a dress was not something she was used to.

    "If you don't mind, Goddess Athena, could I ask a question?" She had pulled her hair down from the ponytail and it hanged freely around her face, slight beach waves in it, as it had to always suffer with being in salt water or in a ponytail or bun while soaked. "Why was it exactly us who were chosen? Why not someone else?"

    Kleo had watched the whole scene happen before her, and even if she should have screamed, she had just focused on her salad. She had seen her fair share of fights, though the pulling of teeth was a bit too far according to her.
    Yet she didn't exactly care too much, as she would rather eat, than fight. And figure out who her godly parent was.
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