Day of the Vamps

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  1. Jason and a group of people have survived a Vampire apocalypse. we are stationed in a house boarded up with wood and such. it is about 6:00 pm and the sun is going done. we must survive the night... no matter what.

    " What time is it?" announced jason. " its nearly 6" conforms the new girl. "Oh god, get ready people, get ready for the attack! we must survive to find my little sister!" shouts Jason from across the room.

    With people moving about, the group didnt hear the murderous scream from outside..
  2. " Cayn! " Allyn shouted shock watching someone grabbed her brother from behind and pulled him back. There behind him was them, the people that they were actually unlucky to meet. Vampires. " L-let go of him.. " she said lifting up the gun from her pocket slowly while they were feeding on him already. Yet she was an idiot. A gun couldn't kill a vampire. Anyway if it does kill them she doesn't even know how to use it.

    Continuously stepping back watching them feed from her brother she bumped into a tree and slid behind it hiding, " N-no.. it can't.. be.. " she said covering her mouth shock, the only way she even survive at this point was because of her brother. If it wasn't even for him she could have been dead earlier. There was 5 of them before, the others had sacrificed themselves to let the remaining live. Now it was just her alone. Slowly she slid down sitting behind the tree. " Caaaaayn! " she shouted. There was no life for her now. With no one beside her she was useless. There was no reason to live, that's what she thought.

    Footsteps were nearing behind her as she quickly grabbed a wooden branch near. Allyn was panicking until she actually finally staked the vampire who was nearing on the heart, slowly Allyn backed away. She was both happy and scared at the same time. Her first kill, and might even be her last.
  3. Calvin and mike had been together since the out break well even years before. when times began to turn calvin was shipped out and turned in a brutal battle between between him and a vamp. obviously the vamp was the more powerful and took him as captive. Calvin after being a rebel of the cause found a supplement for human blood. this supplement allowed him limited access to his powers,: super strength and speed. and occasionally flight the human blood supplement also takes the pale ness from his skin allowing him to appear as human. Calvin did not believe in a take over of the planet and was sentenced to death . Mike had been hiding where his body was thrown. he had went on a search for his friend and found him in pieces. he had put the body together to properly burry his friend and to his surprise he came back to life.. well a dead life.
    from then on they traveled together and Calvin has been clean for a long time.

    "Yo i see a house up their the night is closing in lets go in."Calvin stood a 6ft and had straight black hair his attire was black jeans and a black and red long sleeve shirt. and a pair of boots.Mike looks and sees the house he heads for it in an all out sprint as their day had been hectic . as he nears he slows down"he whispers " wait" he notices the boards and suspects that people may be in side. "just check" Calvin replys he leaps up gliding to the door so that he does not make the floor boards creak . he rips the door open to find it covered by boards. as he did this he would move to the side of the door. Mike walks up the steps like a normal person"what was all that" "wanted to make an entrance if there are people here. "shhhh" he leans in and peers through the wood spaces "Hello is anyone there" the sun rays that were seeming past his shoulder are now slowly fading away. "can we come in" Calvin begins to grow impatient with mike.
  4. Kellako was hungry, starved actually. Her stomach growled and her throat burned but she still didn't feed.

    Lately she had found an old house that she hid in. She didn't want to be like she was. It had just happened.

    She had been asleep in her room when the attack happened. The man had smirked as he cornered her. Now she was like him, except for the fact she refused to drink blood.

    Kellako grimaced as her stomach pained again. Then she cocked her head as she heard a voice

    "Can we come in"

    She sniffed and knew they were human.
  5. His strike quick and fluent with a silent motion, The elbow striking right into the vampire who was in this dark establishment. He smirked as it fell backwards onto the floor strattling and retracting back towards a wall, He walked forward slowly and drove his cold hearted sword into the vampires chest. The vampire shriveling up and turning into ash since his blade was holy, He smirked and pulled it back and placed it back into its sheathe. He turned around his cloak following behind him by a second. He makes his way up the steps and opens a door which allows light to flood the room, He was in the basement were he held captured vampires for training and research. He closed the door and locked it looking at the door when he heard a voice. He smirked and said only to the people in the house " Do not open it we have enough people inside already " He had his hand on the hilt of his sword just incase they would try and force there way through. Constantine smirked as he began whistling a tune, He leaned on the wall as everyone was preparing for the night.
  6. calvin over herd the commenf from the man.. He raised his foot " hey mike I dont think there is any one here. He kicks thre boards in the middle of the door fall in...

    Mike does not respond to mije he just grabs one of his pistols and crouches down aiming through the hole.. "hello his voice echos through the house..
    He glances up to calvin shruging his shoulders he advances in his lowered position slowly step by step.. Far in the distance cries of a women are herd. They both jump.. Calvin dives through the hole his body rolling him landing on his feet rubbing his eyes from dust.that got in from the rolling in.. Mike steps through holding his gunup to a womens head "shit there are ppl here"
    He puts his gun down.

    "Uhhh hi are you human" mike steps back
  7. as the men came through he was already on the move, His sword landed right before Calvin's throat. The blade sharp enough from this point to simply break through skin like a knife through a napkin, He speaks monotone " You need some respect " His blade still at the point of his neck. His eyes narrowed in on him and switches between calvin and Mike who walks in behind him, His face more serious then it was before. Consindering that they had barricaded that door so vampires would come in and they wouldnt have to worry for the night but here comes two morons causing more chaos than needed.
  8. mike sees the man he aims his gun at him.. "well if someone answered we wouldnt have broken the door down. .. Respect" he laughs to him self as he says respect.

    Calvin's true nature would slip but only for a split second his eyes change from a blue green to a yellow then back .. "why so hostile " his voice sly and low but loud enough to be herd. he back peddles taking two steps stoping at mikes side

    they stare at the man as he is the only one who poses a potential threat at the time.. Calvin begins to get mad all he wants is to lay down for the night.
    "so can we stay or not" mike smiles stroking his chin "hmmmmm"
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  9. Leaning on the gate to the house was a tall blue haired man. His cape flaring into the wind.
    "Cough...cough..... You know" He gets up and slowly walks towards them.
    "you have plenty of things trying to kill the human race. I'd thought that you lot would stick together"
    "Its getting dark and those things will be out soon, don't you think you better barracade that door up together and quickly"
    He looks over at the sunset and smiles
    "I think you have about half hour, now if you two would like to drop the macho act I can help fix the door with you three. If not then I'll carry on and make sure I survive"
  10. mike turns at rhe sound of the foice calvin already looking ... Mike thinks could he be hostile.. But theb a thought races through his head may these people think we are hostile...
    "hey id think they like new comers so close to night
  11. Scrubz looks up to the sky "5 minutes that's it we haven't got time." He forced everyone inside. "Quick we need to barracade the door up. Start searching for anything"
    Scrubz grabs a hammer from the floor he see's and nails and quickly gets to work
  12. Sheathing his blade he takes his seat back on the couch, Looking at the scrambling to barricade the door. The sudden flow of people was weird and he didn't really like it, but hey its more people to see die or use as an escape plan than to have to fight and then still escape. Less fighting would allow him more energy to escape, but he also enjoyed the bloodshed of the vampires. He smirked and ran his hand on the hilt of his blade still deep in thought, He could obviously handle himself and he obviously did not care for much of anything anymore since there previous barricade was knocked down by one belligerent fool. He let a small sigh go as the sounds of screaming began filling the air, some screeching and a faint sound of stampeding could be heard also.
  13. calvin puts his back to a wall as mike helps with the door....
    Calvin looked up he could hear heads being ripped off the cracking sound right in his ear..the smell of the blood as it dripped from the humans necks as the vamps bit in... He smiles and makes a face to show the struggle from going to the blood..
    Mike helps with the door and as it finished being put up he takes his bag and throws it to calvin seeing his faceknowing that it was time...
    "mike its too latee" calvin says as he drops to his knees trying to open the bag... His eyes begin to change the bag falls to the floor
  14. " the strangers they said...everything will be okay they said...well look they brought a vamp right inside our house how great " He hand placed on his hilt grappling it tightly as he was ready for an immediate fight with a vamp, He began breathing slower as he focused on the sounds around him.
  15. Calvin completely changed.. Its been longer then 2 days and they both forgot it was his feeding day and time he wouldnt go crazy he was just in the transformation stage... Pale skin meaning he cant be in sun light the eyes the cracked nails spiked hair ... All but the fangs.. He stands up .. "guys let me explain.. " he opens a container frpm the bag.. "Cowhorse fox and sheep blood well most mammals blood is diffrent then human blood satisfies most needs feeding being the greatest (he pauses)"..hedrinks the liquid from an 20 ounce bottle.. "it also weakens me . "

    Mike cuts him off "hes fine one bottle keeps him set for 2 days" he quickly looks at everyones face trying to see if anyone would jump...

    Calvins skin tone slowly begins to change back to what it was when he arrived... "all set " he smiles