DISCUSSION Day EIGHT: Good memories

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What are some good memories you have about pride? Whether it be about your gender, sexuality, or the actually festival, I wanna hear all the deets!
Sorry I'm like-. Chatting these questions up so much. I'm sure ya'll are sick of hearing from me, by now. x'D

This is a very recent thing that happened. Like, a few months ago.

So, I've always had a very strained relationship with my mom. She wasn't the nicest lady, when me and my siblings were growing up, and she's the biggest reason I'm seeking therapy, nowadays. But, she's been doing a lot of work, on herself, and has been more, uh-. Tolerable, lately.

My parents and I took a day trip and we stopped at a restaurant and we got to chatting about random things. It got a point where I actually said, no holding back, 'I'm not straight.' And, my mom kinda smiled and she was just like 'We always knew you were a free spirit.' And, just, gah. We got into other things, and it was a wonderfully fulfilling talk for all of us. I'm sure they had a notion that I wasn't, but this was my first time straight up coming out to them, and it went a lot better than I thought it would. Good memory, for sure. <3
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I think my coming out story is a pretty neat memory, going something along the lines of:

"Hey Dad, what would you say if I was gay?"

"Well, I hope you are?"


"Gay means happy, right?"

"Yes, but not in this context. I like girls, dad."

"Oh, cool."
Sorry I'm like-. Chatting these questions up so much. I'm sure ya'll are sick of hearing from me, by now. x'D

i'm not sick of hearing from you at all! i love all the comments, and it makes me really happy to see that all these topics i've been posting are popping off!
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The best "good memory" I like most is the same as the "queer awakening" a few posts back... so, yeah :D
The pridefest we have here on Iwaku is actually mine! 8D I don't get to go out to events or anything like that. But we get to do this festival on Iwaku every year and it's a lot of fun seeing everyone's stories and helping people have that moment of being seen.
I'm not exactly sure my good or favorite moment 🤔 idk if I really have one yet I think. The closest I think I have is having an extremely accepting partner who is willing to let me express myself, and even does it for me too! Last year he took me to pride, which was both our first time, and we're going again this year too! :D