Day After Valentine's Day: SALES

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  1. [​IMG]

    Awwwww yea, bby
    show me the good stuff.

    Chocolate, candies, plushies.
    They SHOULD be on sale, now that is it the day after Valentine's Day.

    I was just wondering, even if I'm prob not getting anything,
    is anyone out there on Iwaku gonna go grab some sale swag today, or this weekend?

    If so, whatchu gonna try and get? Or hope to get?

    If not, then what's your favorite Love-themed chocolate/candy? ;D
  2. I didn't buy that crap for myself on Valentines, there's no need for me to buy it the day after, even if it's marked down ridiculously low. I don't eat very many sweets, I have no use for flowers (I can go outside if I want to look at pretty things) and I haven't liked plushies since I was a small child.

    Anyway, when I DO buy it (typically for friends) they all seem to highly enjoy those chocolate-covered cherries. I myself think they are delicious, but the sweetest thing I've eaten in a while would be ice cream, and even that is a treat I rarely give myself.
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  3. Hmm, I might stop at the drug store on the way home from work and get in on this. I shouldn't, but I probably will. >.>

    They had heart-shaped boxes of Reeses pieces last time I looked. That's pretty great. If a girl wanted to be my Valentine that's literally all she'd need to do. SOLD.
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  4. Da Reese's turn Vega's heart into pieces
    And she don't give up on a chance

    Cause she know dem sales will some day ceases

  5. As much as I love discount candy, I have some resentment towards Valentine's Day discounts. >>; Reason being, my birthday is the 22nd. For many years, my family used marked down V-day decorations for my birthday parties... That includes the cakes and other goodies. I've actually been given a heart shaped cake that was expired. You can handle only so much pink and red every year. Plus, come on people. Why can't you give me the Star Wars party I've always wanted? >:[ Nobody loves me!

    ... That aside, I'll probably take advantage of these sales more when my son is older. I can buy armloads of the Valentine's that kids buy to share with classmates and tell him "Pick a box, any box!" He'll enjoy 'Mom's Shop of Random Holiday Crap'. :D That's what my mom did for us. It was always fun to dig through what she had stashed.
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  6. c: My mom always did that for us too, Fluff-sans.~
    I like your thinking as a mama. :D You're awesome.
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  7. Well, since my birthday is Valentine's Day, I kind of see the day after sales as a post birthday celebration. Or something. Maybe.

    But anyway, I bought a couple little things when I went grocery shopping this morning. Mostly for my family. But I did get that giant heart-shaped Reese's Cup for myself...
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  8. That's it. I'm gonna do it. The decision has been sealed.

    Also, happy belated birthday! I hope it was a good one.

    I always buy stuff on the sales and save it for next year. >:3 Well, the non perishable stuff anyway. XD

    I didn't grab any candy this year though, we are SUPER BAD BROKE and even discount candy wasn't in the budget. ><
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  10. I work in a Chocolate Cafe! It's the only handmade chocolate shop in town, and we got ROCKED

    Our specials for Valentine's included

    Boxes (including heart shaped) made of solid chocolate, with truffles inside!
    Solid Chocolate bears and hearts on lollipop sticks
    Chocolate 'kiss lips' (5 to a bag)
    Chocolate rose bouquets
    Chocolate dipped strawberries (huge!)
    Heart-shaped giant Turtles

    My favourite is the turtles!

    None of them are on sale though; chocolate keeps for a long time, and as a small business, we can't afford to discount anything very heavily unless it's marred/misshapen
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  11. I am broke. I also like to stay in my house - and my room in particular - as much as possible. No candy sales for me.
  12. I got a giant, heart-shaped box of Russel Stover's dark mix for $6.50. Not exactly cheap, but the box will come in handy for my homemade truffles when I start handing them out later in the year. ^^
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