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  1. Hedieh Redding and Willow // This Calls For Pepto Bismol
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    Hedieh quickly let her shoulders and arms phase back in as Willow collapsed in order to catch her, leaving her torso and legs unfortunately still free for Aaron to pass through. She shuddered at the idea of the boy moving through her, but had far more pressing issues to deal with.

    Quickly checking that there weren't sand drifts sharing the same space as her, Hedieh let the rest of herself become tangible and gently set Willow down on the sand. She could feel her hands growing clammy as her heart rate skyrocketed; she couldn't let someone die in her arms. Not someone that had just been counting on her to save her.

    "Willow, Willow I need you to focus on me, okay? I have an idea, but I'll need you to follow my instructions. Can you do that?"

    Eyes wide with shock, the taste of blood filling her tongue, Willow let herself be gently laid against the sand. She despised feeling this powerless, more helpless than ever, but the pain that had so quickly become numb in her stomach terrified her.

    “W-whatever you say,” Willow whispered.

    Nodding, Hedieh took hold of Willow's hands and laid them on either side of the wound. Her heart was beating ever faster, loud enough to reduce her surroundings to a foggy hum, but she made sure to keep her face still. To keep her breathing even, no matter how much it wanted to hitch or choke. She couldn't let her panic leak out to Willow.

    The important thing was the stop the bleeding, both externally and internally. Anything else could wait until later. Pressing Willow's hands down, Hedieh continued. "When I say to, I need you to press the wound shut, okay?" Then, taking a deep breath, Hedieh turned her hands intangible and sank them into Willow's stomach. The solidness of the glass felt different than the flesh around it as Hedieh moved her hands, and she focused on that difference, reaching out with her power to enveloped the glass with her power. "Now," she said, and turned the glass intangible. But as soon as Willow pressed the wound shut, she'd bring the glass back, merging it with the surrounding flesh to stop the bleeding.

    Pressing her lips together as tightly as she possibly could, Willow nodded quickly, urging her to get on with it. As Hedieh rested her own hands against the hole in her body, Willow took in a shaky breath.

    If Willow ever wondered what ghostly possession felt like, she had to imagine this was it. With Hedieh shuffling around within her gut Willow gasped, trying to ignore the unearthly feeling. On her cue Willow pushed the wound together, teeth grinding. And then it was over, leaving her feeling sewn together like a doll.

    “A new technique, Doctor Hedieh,” Willow croaked.

    Hedieh gave a weak smile but remained silent as she moved to hook her arms under Willows shoulders and knees. The sight of the shard of glass stick protruding from the girl's stomach was unsettling, but Hedieh wasn't confident she could break off the excess without causing more damage. Digging her feet into the sand to better plant herself, Hedieh straightened her back and lifted Willow up, doing her best to support Willow's midsection to avoid folding her in on the glass. She wasn't sure how strong or fragile the current mixture of glass and flesh was, but considered it best not to test it.

    Hedieh didn't consider herself particularly strong, but she wasn't unduly weak, either. She didn't expect to have too much difficulty carrying Willow like this, as long as she didn't need to do any running. In truth, she expected it would be best to get one of the stronger members of the group to carry her, but she couldn't bring herself to hoist that burden onto anyone. At least not actively; if someone offered to help, she wouldn't say no.

    A strained noise of pain fell from Willow as Hedieh lifted her, grabbing onto her shoulder and squeezing tight to try and steady herself, perhaps digging her nails in a little bit harshly. The world was fuzzy, the fear that made her chest tighten being all she could really feel. The rest of the people around her were blurred figures, moving too fast to comprehend.

    “If there’s a chance for you to escape,” Willow whispered. “Leave me behind. Find the Protectors.”

    Hedieh winced as Willow expressed her pain, guilt filling her from head to toe. "I'm sure it won't come to that," she lied. "we'll both be fine."
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  2. Joan Ardent || Protector's Base, Darius' Office

    Even before Darius responded, Joan's fears were confirmed by the frantic note-taking everybody seemed to be doing. Ayla in particular seemed focused, and when Darius said she had had a vision, Joan could feel her body tensing. That power...While knowing what was going to happen could be nice, she didn't envy the burden the younger girl had to bear, especially if the kind of things she saw were burning malls and the bases of evil organizations.

    As she was thinking this, Silas and the people he had been pinning down entered, and she immediately noticed Archer leaning on him. She cast a worried look his way, but before she could say anything, he was gone, as was Basil, and Darius was talking again. Everything was happening too quickly again...but then again, this was her life now, wasn't it? She'd have to adapt to survive.

    She focused on Darius' words, taking in as much as she could. Arizona desert, can't get exact but got a jet, should be time, can't be mishandled...all hands on deck? That means us, doesn't it?

    Austin spoke before she could, expressing fears and concerns that, at face value, seemed completely reasonable. However, as she listened to both his concerns and Hang's reply, she felt her nails digging into her palm. She could see something flicker across Hang's face before she replied--some kind of uncertainty, certainly nothing she'd seen before on the other girl. If she's uncertain...what chance do I have?

    And yet...

    "Wait. Guys." Her voice was soft, trembling. She stopped, took a shaky breath, and continued, voice steadier this time. "Are we really going to just...let them go by themselves? Are we really not going to help those other people? Not going to help the people who took us in?" She glanced around, biting the corner of her lip. "That could have been us. Any of us. Hell, it was the kid who was brave enough to speak up. Or am I the only one who remembers seeing a kid get tranqued on television?"

    She paused again, staring at Austin. "I have family too. They were worried about me before all this, and this probably hasn't helped matters any. But...I can actually do something for once. I'm not going to sit back and watch others do the work in hopes that they succeed, not when I can help.

    "I may not have abilities like you do, Hang." She turned to face the woman in question with a shrug. "Hell, I may not even be able to use my abilities there without Silas' help. I doubt a lab has that many plants, really. But I can do something, at least, and I damn well mean to, even if it's just using my brain or being additional manpower."

    She turned to face Darius, shoving her fists firmly into her pockets. "You mentioned a jet. Do I head there first, or is there some kind of prep I need to do first? Getting equipment, stuff like that?"
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  3. Cassia awoke to the sounds of shadows pounding furiously against the walls, metal straining beneath their ephemeral weight.

    When had she fallen?

    She remembered the feeling of so many particles running along her fingers like ants in the dirt. Remembered the singular feeling of ecstasy as she remembered the glass shattering, and she herself the center of a storm. Remembered…

    Why had she done that again? For the ecstasy’s sake? Some part of her was drained, but sated in turn, muscles that were all at once spent and nourished.

    She rose, casting her glance over the boy of shadows, over Patrick, and Hedieh overlooking the girl with the spot of red. Glass.

    I did that, didn’t I?

    Too tired for guilt, she looked away.
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  4. Alex Summers - Protector's Base

    Alex was still sulking a little, returning the middle finger as soon as he saw it and trying not to scoff too loudly at Archer complaining about having a door shot into him. "All for the sake of victory," he thought to himself as he rolled his neck a little. "…and payback."

    After he listened to Darius talk, Alex was split on leaving or staying. On one hand, it was incredibly dangerous. He'd probably get left behind by the other Protector's, given how well their relationship had been so far, and likely not end well for himself. Archer would probably do something silly like solve the problem while also spiting him at the same time with little risk. The chance of being captured or killed was probably a veritable reality, given that Darius even said he'd let them sit this one out.

    …on the other hand, Alex really couldn't stand another hour in this underground base, even if he wasn't claustrophobic. Not seeing sunlight for so long was incredibly taxing in its own way. "Going along will probably let me spite the other Protector's more," he thought, giving a small grin privy to himself and anyone else who was paying attention.

    It'd also be a great opportunity to see this 'SPME', and make his own judgement on how much a threat they actually were. If they weren't dangerous, he'd be out of this entire secret-training summer-power camp the next chance he got.

    Waiting patiently through the bitching and moaning of the others, he rolled his neck again before raising his arm slightly. "I'll go," he said without glancing up much from his sulking-stance, so matter-of-fact that it was like he hadn't at all listened to the others talk about staying or leaving or success for the last three minutes.
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  5. Patrick O’Malley

    Drowning. For all the precautions they’d taken, for all the effort they’d made, they were drowning. Sand. Water. A horrific mixture. Like glue. Like unbearable weight that gripped him with irrefutable suction, the negative space he tried to create beneath his form refusing to let him loose. The boy ... Leo’s body seemed to have drifted off; he couldn’t feel it anymore.

    He couldn’t open his eyes; instinct prevented it, prevented the sand from intruding. He couldn’t breathe; the water prevented it, effectively strangling him. The force of the rushing wave had knocked him off his feet, plunging him beneath the torrent, and it looked like it was determined to keep him there. His diaphragm seized for air that wouldn’t come, sucking in its absence his consciousness from him.

    Suddenly his eyes burst into brilliant gold behind his eyelids, illuminating the floor even through the skin. A memory leapt to his mind suddenly, involuntarily, of the room’s ceiling, and Patrick fell. A short column of water fell with him, the Gate on the floor and ceiling disappearing as soon as the boy was through, and Patrick hit the large pond in the room with a thwack. Gasping, he stood up, seeing Leo as he did and yanking his arm upwards to lift him from drowning. He blinked, his burden now recovered, looking for the others.

    “Evan? Yah alrigh’, mate?” He scanned the water, trying to make sure his friend wasn’t submerged. The action led his eyes to land on Cassia, and he smiled. “The shite was tha’?”

    But she was not smiling. Frowning, Paddy hoisted Leo a little better and shuffled in her direction.

    “Wha’s wrong?”

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