Dawn of Worlds: Who wants to become a god?

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  1. Hello all! Samfool here.
    I had ran across this game about four years ago, and fell in love with it. In fact, the original group that I started playing with became so engrossed into the game, that it is still going on to this day! Nowadays it is more of a world-building exercise, but it's roots are in these rules.While these are the base rules, I have come up with many house rules to make the game a little more intricate. All the rules are in the thread Dawn of Worlds: Divinity- Library.
    All other threads for this game are in my signature

    The premise of Dawn of Worlds is simple. You are a god. Do what you please.
    But what is a king without a kingdom? That is where the fun begins.
    Each stage of Dawn of Worlds is called an Age. There are three ages by default.
    The First Age is considered to be the Creation Age. This is where all the ecosystems, climate differences, and landscapes are molded and shaped by the players.
    The Second Age is where things get interesting. This is considered the Race Age. This is when Race Creation is heavily introduced. Each god may have an infinite number of races, but must tend to them, lest they loose faith in their god.
    The Third Age is considered the Relations Age. This is where the races will battle, befriend, loathe, envy, and communicate with other races created by other gods to a heavier extent than the other ages. Technological and magical advances will be more prominent, and lesser creatures could be left in the dust.
    Sound like fun..?

    With this game, I will ask that you turn in an application from the following format.
    Please post the application in a spoiler inside of this thread.
    Oh, and for added measure, please use the term 'Diety' within.
    That's one way to make sure people are paying attention!
    Application (open)

    This is every name, title, and the like that is associated with your god. I will use these from time to time when talking about your god, as repeating your god's name over and over gets boring.

    I like the base nine alignments, but they need to be spruced up. We will be using these!

    Each god receives three areas of power. These spheres allow for bonuses and penalties when creating in the world. The idea behind this is to make sure certain gods are better at their themes than others.
    Example (open)
    Fire God, Water God, Sky God, and Earth God are the characters in this game.
    Fire God is great at making Pyromancers, Fire Birds, and Volcano Cities.
    Sky God is equally adept at making Fire Birds, but not at Pyromancers, and is terrible at making Volcano Cities.
    Earth God is just as good as the Fire God at making Volcano Cities, on par with the Sky God at making Pyromancers, but is terrible at making Fire Birds.
    The Water God is terrible at making all of these things, but excels at making underwater cities, while the Fire God is terrible with said cities.

    +1 to Creation Points when making something pertaining to your sphere.
    +1 Loyalty to any race that uses an Advancement pertaining to your sphere. (Stacks)

    -1 to Creation Points when making something opposing your sphere.
    -1 Loyalty to any race using an Advancement opposing your sphere. (Stacks)

    I would like one base form, but then any 'alternate' forms you have are fine with me. Is your god a shapeshifting trickster? An animal based druid god? The sun? As long as your jot it down, I should be ok with it.

    What do the legends say about your god? Did he arrange the stars? Did she battle with a mighty beast, spilling its blood which created the oceans? The more creative the better.
    NOTE: You have not created a race yet, so please, no race creation stories until later.

    What is your god like? Are they angered easily? Do they care if people like them? Are they peaceful, wise, or good?

    What is your god's purpose? What makes him keep on chugging along? I would like at the minimum, three goals. These can be anything from protect X race, to vanquish evil, to create a utopia.

    As far as posting rates, I intend to move the story along every three days. If you do not post within three days of the Round Start, then not only do you not take an action, but your god collects no Creation Points.
    You have been warned!
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  2. Seems interesting... I mat set up a CS...
  3. I still dont understand what alignment is
  4. Alignment is well, morals to an extent.

    Curious, what don't you get?
    (Wow, that sounds sarcastic over text..)
  5. Looks cool, what kind of spheres are there to choose from?
  6. Sorry, just researched it Im actually quite new to these games
  7. Deshwitat- Anything you can think of really.
    Fire, Death, Light, Metal, Animals, Weather, Cold, etc etc.

    Shadowski- Thats ok! Glad you decided to give it a shot.
  8. Show Spoiler

    The Burning God/ He Who Burns/ The Forever Fire/ Ash Lord

    True Neutral

    Fire/ Life/ Death

    The Sun/ The Stars/ A writhing storm of multicolored flames/ A burnt corpse

    They say when He awoke, his great and terrible eye unleashed fury and fire into the world. They say the stars are His tears, each themselves burning hot and bright in the cold of nothingness. The Burning God hungers to consume all, but there must be things to consume. Mostly He left that part to the other gods, cold as they were, but He Himself breathed fire into the world, seeding the potential of life. But all flames gutter and die, for even the Forever Fire cannot create flames that last as long as He.

    He cares naught but to burn and consume, and in turn create and nurture. He is incredibly easy to anger, especially when the balance of life and death are tipped, and even when it isn't, he's still angry.

    To Create/ To Burn/ To Continue

    Is this good?
  9. Err... I just noted this is an adept RP, so I won't be able to handle it (I'm good in intermediate, but adept is way more advanced)
  10. That is perfect!
    Kind of a god of cycles, life to death and all that.

    Good symbolism for him would of course be the pheonix, and twisted pines.
    The plants actually do not grow unless there is a forest fire.
    Neat eh?


    Oh hush, you will do fine.
    To be honest, I am new to these forums..
    I could be labeling it wrong.

    I encourage you to put in an application!
  11. Name: Nightrider/Tamer Of The Night/The Starry Ruler/One Who Saddled The Moon
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Spheres: Darkness/Confidence/Riding
    Forms: A cloaked figure with tendrils of swirling darkness riding a black speckled stallion with eyes resembling the moon
    Myths: They say, the Nightrider was once a pool of water, floating in nothing, which combined materials all together to form himself. During this process, our God discovered the Truth. No-one knows what truth it is that our brave God discovered for risk of the unknown, but the One Who Saddled The Moon, rode forth to the wild plains of night and day, and undertook a massive challenge to tame the darkness and night which threatened the world. Now from riding the Black Stallion of the Night, he has become all powerful and immortal, destined to shroud the world with his magnificence
    Personality: Courageous and intelligent. He can be warlike but ensures the protection and comfort of his followers. Honest
    Goals: To create a world and then tell the Truth to every object
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  12. The only issue I could see is the fact that mortals do not exist until the gods create them.
  13. Show Spoiler

    Titles: (Common -> Rarer)
    The Hermit/The Abyss/The Forgotten One/ The One who Tabooed

    Chaotic Neutral (Evil)


    A small dark creature/A Wolf/An Owl

    No one knows when The Forgotten one was created not even the gods, as his creation is a mystery. Maybe he was a mistake from the beginning an abomination that was never suppose to be... Who knows as The Forgotten One is the only one who knows his mystery, but even then he still misses pieces of his own story that he cannot understand. The Forgotten One lusts for knowledge and will do anything to achieve it, even if it is to grant the wishes of other creatures or gods he shall if it is what is needed for him to acquire that information. No Secrets are safe around him as sooner or latter someone will slip sooner or latter and he will learn of it. But they say that the god can be tricked into doing one's biding and one does not have to pay the fee, however The Forgotten one wouldn't be pleased about that at all as misfortune soon falls upon those who try to trick The Forgotten God...

    In the Text which mentions him as The One who Tabooed, it depicts the Forgotten One as a powerful god who is skilled in magic. His massive depository of knowledge coming in handy to any situation that the god faces. In one of the text it shows The Forgotten One decomposing a god and 'absorbing' the god into itself... but those text has now been collected by The Forgotten One and the tales are passed now by word which gets changed every so often during a generation.

    The Forgotten one is a interesting creature as he is one who understands all and questions all. Whatever he can get for free will be done with appropriate caution to ensure maximum efficiency when harvesting knowledge. How he gathers all this information comes in various means which can be questionable but he doesn't mind as The Forgotten One only cares about what he have and what he is going to have next. However there are times when The Forgotten One's craze for hunger dies down for a bit and he becomes a 'normal' god for the meantime until his desire comes back.

    Goals:(Primary -> Secondary, Etc.)
    To Collect/To Preserve/To Advance Oneself/ To Advance Others
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  14. Ok, I'll adapt it