Dawn of War III

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  1. Yeah. I'm just gonna leave this right here for those who haven't heard yet.


    Not even off the front page, man.
  3. And I can't even delete it.
  4. *Fourth

    Fifth if you count mine addressing the insanity.
    Sixth if you count Butterfly's troll.
  5. Jesus.

    You all are really excited.

    Want me to get rid of it for you?
  6. Don't be that one Staff/CV who actually does something! ;A;

    We need all the threads untouched, as a testament to both Staff laziness and how pumped people are for the game.
  7. Mine was technically first pls don't delete :c
  8. I'm archiving. You can still visit it if you want.
  9. >:C
  10. I don't have an appropriate grave visiting picture on my phone to express my sadness.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.