Dawn of the living

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  1. This is a zombie roleplay... But we are the zombies (at least a smarter version of zombies that can talk and think)

    My name is Jacob and i just gotton bitten by a zombie. This is my story.

    I was crusein along, you know, being a teenager and shit. But then bamm. a person comes up and bites me in the neck. Im like " what the fuck dude" then i pass out.. once i awake i see people running and screaming at me and other people.. then i look at myself.. im a zombie. "well shit" jacob says aloud.

    I walked up to anorther fellow zombie and taped his should, hoping he was like me and could talk....
  2. The creature he tapped the shoulder of turned around, and stared at him with a confused expression. "Might I help you, good sir?" it said with a British accent. "You seem rather lost." It was male, about eye-level with Jacob, maybe a little taller. He was waring safari-style hunting gear with a hunting knife strapped to his left thigh and a pistol to his right. He looked normal enough, aside from the bite taken out of his left arm and bullet holes in his chest.
  3. Hiding behind a tree was a teen-aged girl named Claire. She just got bitten by a zombie on the thighs and her once brown tanned skin has turned paler and felt cold to the touch. "Stupid zombies, stupid apocalypse," she muttered under her breath.

    She spotted two guys talking, and they seemed normal looking. She decided to not approach them but keep an eye out on them, just in case they got hurt or anything.
  4. Yuki was jumping around, scaring people and attempting to bite one rather good looking young man. He managed to escape.

    Being a zombie was fun! For now, anyways. It was ten times better than being a bored 15 year old who had to turn in her homework the next day, but suffered from a bad case of procrastination. She was the first few zombies who was not bitten, but somehow got infected. Her family got the same thing, and now they were zombies too, but they decided to part ways and do whatever they wanted.

    One thing that confused her a little was how some zombies were really stupid and they looked even worse than her. She was a little pale and green and she had blood smeared all over her face from her last meal, but she wasn't rotting or maggoty or anything... But most other zombies were. And they were also stupid, moaning and grunting and all.

    She scouted the place a little, before spotting three other zombies who wasn't rotting or maggoty. And they didn't look stupid. Actually, they barely looked like zombies. Their skin still had a light tinge of colour (not green) to it, and they wasn't very bloody. She bounced over to them, grinning.

    "HEY YOU THREE!!!"
  5. The English gentleman/hunter/zombie turned and looked at the excited young girl. He could tell she was having a Jolly good time. "Ah, hello, there, young miss."
  6. Said excited young girl stared at the gentleman with the British accent. She had always wanted to have a British accent.

    "Hi there! I really like your accent!!!" She said happily. "Do you guys have any idea what's going on? Other than the fact that we are sorta zombies and this is the apocalypse?"
  7. Little Anna-belle at the age of 9 was sick when it happend but she did get the dessed but it did save her from a haert deassy. she was happy it happend and not happy at the same time happy that she can leave and unhappy that the fact she a zombie and does not act like one

    she knew she would never live and apocalypse a zombie one anyways but here she is alive and not bitten it shocked her she wanted to act like a zombie.

    she srugged and start to walk like a zombie think of the song safty dance walking up to tree people
  8. The English gentleman looked over at the young zombie girl, who had obviously ate recently. "Erm, thank you. And no, I haven't the slightest idea what to think of this. I feel normal, just... cold... and hungry..." He looked over at a fat man running for his life with hungry eyes. "I think a little hunt will satisfy me." He took the rifle from behind him and shot him through the head, walked over, did something, and walked back, eating his thigh like a turkey leg. He looked at her and offered her some. "Would you like a bite?"
  9. Anna-Bell notice the other zombies or humans but she mostly on the Zombies side so she yelled "HELLO FELLOW STUPID ZOMBIES IF YOU ARE THE STUPID ONES I AM ANNA BELL WWHO ARE YOU" she yels at tham running but falls face first as soon as she gt close to tham"A gun cool" shsiad geting off the ground and dusting her self.
  10. Alice came skipping down the street with her Dagger's strapped to her legs and her bow over her back she really didn't mind the whole i am zombie now in fact it was quite fun.She didn't like the stupid dumb zombies they were just stupid and not very tasty. But needs must sometimes.
    As she skipped around the corner she noticed a group of zombies sighing she thinks please let this lot have some of there brains still in place. Alice who was 25 years old and only had a chomp taken out of her right side looked well normal with short blood red hair and lots of tattoos.
    "Hey you lot before i get closer please tell me your well normal-ish" she said with a grin and a rasied eyebrow.
  11. "Duuuuuuuuude coming through" In the distance speeding through on a skateboard and cutlass in hand was a young adult his skin was peeling, wearing a baseball cap, baggy tshirt, and ripped jeans.
    He see's the other zombies up front and another human running in his direction. "Duu--ude" While staying on his skateboard he swung his cutlass and chopped this man's head off. The head went soaring into the sky he places his cutlass into his holder by his side and caught the head. Blood was dripping all over him but he didn't care .
    He stopped by the gathering of zombies with one foot on his skateboard, he grabbed his Cutlass out again and slice the top showing the humans brain. He places his cutlass back in place and withdrew a straw and stuck it in the brains.
    "Awesome, I got more straws if you fancy some. My name is Dominique but friends call me Dude". He then stamped his foot on his skateboard so the skateboard went up so he can catch it, unfortunately it hit his face and his head fell off "I think I messed that one up" he said giggling to himself as his head rolled on the floor "Oi Body I'm over here" His body was having problems finding his head.
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  12. Eileen's violet eyes opened as she felt wet warmth against her neck. She saw people running, screaming for help as some of them were attacked by other people like her. What the hell? Eileen thought as she stood up from the ground, seeing a boy in front of her, a look of shock in his eyes as he ran away from her.
  13. Dom ran after his head eventually his body managed to pick up his head and placed it back on. As he adjusted himself he saw a pair of violet eyes watching a boy run away from her. Dom smiled and waved.
  14. Noticing he had generally been ignored, and that a young woman came skipping towards him. Normal-ish? He supposed that would be a way to describe their... predicament. "Hello, there madam. I am Reginald. And you are...?" he asked, noticing the large chunk of her flesh missing.
  15. Eileen noticed from the corner of her eye someone wave at her, and she confusedly waved back to the boy.
  16. A young man wearing black jeans, a dark hoodie, and a black t-shirt slipped down silently from the tree beside the small gathering, as laden with weapons in undeath as he was in life. After ensuring that nothing had fallen out of his backpack, his bow was in place and his arrows in their quiver, and that his many blades were in their holsters, he nodded to the gathering. "Name's Arrow, but my friends call me Shadow. Can't believe one of the bastards got me," he said, leaning back against the tree and lifting his pant leg to show an extremely shallow wound.