Dawn of Radiance


Little Mariko

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The world was once a very different place.

Or so people believe.
Memories do not exist in this world before The Radiant Dawn.


The name of this world is Terra Regnum.

The inhabitants of this world consist of two classes: Spirits and Humans.
Regardless of age, no one has memories older than 20 years...
...nothing is known before The Radiant Dawn.


The sky is filled with celestial bodies.

The distant and broken entrance to the Upper Heaven (called Caelestis Regnum) rests gaping open.
The entrance to another world...
...it remains among the clouds visible on clear days and nights.


The land is littered with relics from a different time.

Large structures... odd mechanical objects... paved roads... strange devices...
Most of it is a mystery.
The world is a mix between between two intertwined times...
...a previous past and present time.
The language of the past is written is unknown foreign and complex symbols


The current world is archaic.
Wild and untamed.
Its inhabitants barter as there is no system of money.
People struggle to survive against each other as there are few organized

Many areas of the world are dangerous and unexplored


The opportunities for a new future are endless.

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