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  1. Welcome to my newest interest check, called Dawn of Astoria. It starts as a low fantasy RPG-like adventure and slowly dwells into High Fantasy journey adventure. Most of it will be lighthearted, but there will be violence and even possible wounds or even deaths due to both a war taking place and monsters of increasing cunning and strength appearing thorough this story, so the discretion of the readers and players is advised, thank you!

    Dawn of Astoria is the tale of the eponymous Astoria village, a neutral and peaceful small plot of land squeezed into two warring empires. These empire have left the village alone until now, but rumors of conquest grow stronger every day. That is why things are tense but quiet when our tale begins on a sweet summer morning. That day of of you, incarnating a young soon to be adult to their people, and another of you playing their older guide and guardian, will enter into the Fernund Caves, a set of dark and monster infested tunnels found under the Fernund Tree, the center and main landmark of the Astoria village.

    The duo will attempt an exciting but mostly safe exploration of these caves in order to find an object of interest for the village, and will soon uncover what remains of a great artifact, one that could change the world forevermore, should it be used and it's scattered pieces bound back in one piece. In fact, this could be the salvation or damnation of this village, no, of the entire world, and only you, players, will be able to lead this story to a decisive conclusion. The small group will increase soon after the discovery, and a grand journey will commence.

    The Obelisk of Gaia, one of the two nexus of magical lore in the world, lay broken in these caves, and with its discovery, you may very well spare your village annexation, or even make an empire of unprecedented power should your wish and ambition be great enough. Beware, for news of this discovery will soon reach others ears, and when one empire hear of it, the other will be soon to follow, and your peaceful days will be over.

    I seek a minimum of two people for this, to play the aforementioned young person and their guardian, and up to four others for their companions in this grand quest. Much like a mix of a novel and a Oriental RPG, there will be a Main story-line and a series of minor and side quests and arcs, that you seek them out will be up to you, but know that they may very well change the outcome of the story!

    Is anyone interested in this idea? If so, state your intrigue here!
  2. Sounds interesting, count me in.
  3. I like the sound of this. c:
  4. Great! Do you two have a special type of character in mind?
  5. That depends...
    What extent of characters are allowed to be portrayed?
    I mean race, occupation, and ability-wise.
  6. Well, I would say any magical ability should start dormant and that each character should have ample room to grow, a bit like a RPG. As for races, as long as they are fantasy-ish, all's good!
  7. I will be able to get some ideas down on paper in about three hours. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. That's quite all right, we still have some time left before the OOC and even more so for the IC.
  9. Alright, my biggest question is the magic and how it works. Is there a system? Or is it loosely the sort of classic magic that involves a language/hand gestures/mental will power? As for character ideas, I'm pretty open on that and will try to model mine to fit others.
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  10. Magic will be learned by translation of the Obelisk, so it will be mostly language and gesture based, yes.
  11. So is magic based off your knowledge of the language itself or your mental/physical strength and your control over it/innate talent? Doesn't need to be solved right this minute, but magic in a fantasy world tells me a lot about the over all feeling.
  12. Magic is more in the knowledge and mental capability range, the glyphs on the Obelisk being pretty complicated and needing patience and a good memory/mind to understand. The more of the Obelisk is completed, the easier it gets, and the more magic is used, the more of the world's Mana is unleashed with more impressive magical feats usable. Does that makes sense? For now the Mana of the world is dormant and stuck in the inhabitants and land.
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  13. Yeah, it's a very nice twist on usual fantasy magic!
  14. Should we go ahead and get the OOC thread up? Might generate a bit more buzz if we're looking for more people.
  15. Yeah, I'll look into making it soon.
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