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  1. I have to apologize in advance for the long read . . . Sorry.​


    Everyone is born with a "god" watching over them. These gods come in all kinds of forms, from beasts to objects to even humans. They become our first friends, showing themselves in front of us as children and pass off as imaginary friends. They are the ones who become our guardian angels. And they are the ones who listen to and grant our prayers should they have the power to. But sadly, nearly none of us ever realize how loved and cared for we are by these gods.

    In the late 22nd century, scientists were able to discover the existence of these gods and that humans sometimes borrow their power in order to perform miracles. Decades of research later, they were able to find a way to allow humans to regularly borrow the power of their gods, by forming a contractual connection via a vessel. This knowledge was immediately studied further to determine its military value. From its research, it was discovered that there are powerful gods as well as weak ones, measured and determined by mana level. Only a small percentage, less than 1%, of people possessed powerful gods, whose mana levels measured higher than 600 kJ per kilogram. Those with powerful gods could form contracts while those with weak gods could not. Those who could, dubbed witches, were recruited to the military of their own countries.

    A few decades after the creation of witch units, World War III broke out, between America and Russia. Each sent their witches out to fight alongside their standard soldiers. The entire war was a stalemate and each country depended heavily on their witches to win. Slowly, other countries began taking sides and joining in, sending their own witches to battle.

    In an attempt to turn the tide in their favor, America sent a witch soldier, Ulysses Foster, who possessed the god, Wheel of Fortune, on an invasion mission into Russia. The invasion started out a success as Foster proved to be an unstoppable force. But one day, when the Americans were attacking a Russian base, a nuclear reactor nearby exploded, wiping out a good chunk of Russia as well as western Europe and northern Asia. Only Ulysses survived.

    The accident created an international scandal. Many countries blamed America for sending Ulysses. Others believed that witches and their god powers were to blame. In order to save themselves, the American government had Ulysses publicly executed on international television.

    After that, countries worked together to build Daten City, a large, walled up, isolated city located in the middle of the wasteland created by the incident with Ulysses. Anyone whose mana level exceeded the minimum required to become a witch was sent to Daten City to live in exile. Even those who've yet to form their contracts are sent to live here.
    Terms and Things to Know:
    • Gods - A god is a physical manifestation of a person's magical ability. Gods can take many forms and reflect the person they belong to, whether it's the witch's wish, trait or loved one. Gods have two names: a common name which comes from a tarot card (In this case, we'll only be using major arcana), and their real name which should only be known by the owner. Real names should represent who your god is and can be a mythological name, literary figure, or whatever. Common names should also have a little to do with the god itself (ex. The "Lovers" god can't be a cyclops.) No repeats with common names.
    • Contracts - A contract is the act of placing your god into a vessel so that you can call upon their power at will.
    • Vessels - A vessel is any inanimate object that you use to place your god into. Vessels tend to be objects that hold a great deal of emotional value to the witch and should be kept with them at all times. Losing your vessel means losing your connection to your god and makes you powerless.
    • Mana Level - A mana level is the numerical equivalent to how powerful your god is. It measures the special energy that manifests a god and compares the total amount to your body mass. It will probably never come up in the actual roleplay.
    • Arcana's Egg - A legendary god said to be the most powerful in existence. Second being the Wheel of Fortune. It's also known as the philosopher's stone. The story of it is below.
    • There are two ways of using a god in combat. The first is to borrow its power by having it semi-possess you. The borrowed power either shows up as supernatural abilities or a magical weapon. The second way to use a god in battle is to summon it as a familiar. Few are strong enough to do this as it drains the witch's energy pretty fast. To summon a familiar, your character must know their god's real name as some gods don't wish to tell.
    • Characters can only have one god each, but there is no real set amount of abilities you can have as long as they relate back to your god.
    • The roleplay takes place 40 or so years after the execution of Ulysses.
    • Daten City is built a lot like Hong Kong, with lots of tall buildings built close together and narrow roads.
    • There are no schools or hospitals in Daten City. The few doctors had been recruited by the factions. There is rumor of a neutral party doctor hiding in the western part of Daten City.
    • Do not tell anyone your god's real name. It is considered a sign of immense trust to give out your god's real name, though not many people know why. But no one would tell you unless they felt like they could entrust you with their life.
    • NPCs will have minor arcana gods or none at all, but everyone in Daten City is a witch.
    The Arcana Egg
    (This is a well known legend/fairy tale in Daten City.)

    After Ulysses was executed, many people cheered at the death of a dangerous individual. However, his family mourned the death of their son/husband/brother/father. Perhaps the one who cried the most was his 7 year old daughter, Melly, who loved her father very much.

    Melly cried and cried, refusing to leave her father's execution ground. After 13 days of crying, her god took pity on her and showed itself to the little girl in the form of a rabbit. The god asked Melly if the girl had a wish to make her happy again as the rabbit didn't like seeing her so sad. Melly asked for her father to come back.

    Now the rabbit explained to Melly that no god had the power to bring the dead back to life as that was the way of the world. The girl proceed to cry again as the only thing to make her happy was her father. She then looked up at the night sky and remembered a story her father told her about how stars could sometimes grant wishes.

    Holding the rabbit close to her, Melly closed her eyes tightly and wished as hard as she could on the stars in the sky. And she wished and she wished. Now many of us believe that wishes are often foolish things but sometimes when a pure heart wishes hard enough, a miracle occurs. And indeed, that's what happened as the rabbit turned into a small white egg-shaped stone and before Melly stood Ulysses.

    Melly leapt with joy and hugged her father as tight as she could. Ulysses was confused as to what happened but was also happy to see his little girl. However, he knew that he could not stay there in fear of bringing trouble to his daughter. So that night, the two disappeared. The next day, Melly's mother no longer found her sitting before the scaffold and officials found Ulysses' remains gone.

    It is said that they fled to Russia and are hiding in the wastelands outside Daten City. But if you can find them and ask nicely, Melly will grant you whatever wish you have with her Arcana Egg.

    Daten City is split up between 3 factions, each controlling a part of the city, with the center and west belonging to no one. Each faction has 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, and the rest are officers.

    Black Hunters: Black Hunters control the northern part of the city. They are like the police enforcers of the city. By oppressing riots and dangerous witches, they are given more perks than other witches, such as technology or better quality food. They are the only ones allowed weapons. Working for the human government, they are seen as corrupt traitors.

    Red Fangs: Red Fangs control the southern part of the city. The Red Fangs are a group of radicals that preach about witch rights in human society. Something of a religion, they have many followers and say that the witches should break down the walls of Daten City and demand rights as fellow human beings. They are seen as violent radicals.

    Green Dragons: Green Dragons control the eastern part of the city. The "alchemists" of the city, Green Dragons research witch powers and gods to try to get a better understanding on how they work and ways to improve them. They are seen as cold-hearted psychopaths.

    Common Names: Major Arcana
    • The Fool
    • The Magician - Zachary Davis (Voyageur)
    • The High Priestess - Grenoa Pendragon (Ione)
    • The Empress - Reginette Pendragon (Ione)
    • The Emperor - Tybalt Hale (Syfral)
    • The Heirophant - Francine Stein (AMDreams)
    • The Lovers - Alexander Hawthorne (AMDreams)
    • The Chariot
    • Strength - Boris Romanov (AMDreams)
    • The Hermit - Skylar Saare (Feather)
    • Wheel of Fortune - Ulysses Foster (AMDreams)
    • Justice
    • The Hanged Man - Titania Fullbuster (AMDreams)
    • Death - Ephemeral (Yaoi)
    • Temperance
    • The Devil - Julian Daniel Stark (AMDreams)
    • The Tower
    • The Star
    • The Sun
    • The Moon - Sophia McClain (Silver)
    • Judgement - Diem Iudicii (Akuma)
    • The World - Dmitri Voss (Syfral)
    Character Skeleton:
    Name: (include nicknames and aliases if any)
    Age: (must be at least 17)
    Status:(how long have you been in Daten City)
    Faction: (if any; You are not obligated to be part of a faction but many of the story arcs revolve around them.)
    Weapons: (Keep in mind that anyone not a Black Hunter must be able to hide their weapons quickly. Also, no explosives.)
    Appearance: (I don't care what goes in here as long as something is in here. Description or picture, photo or anime. Take your pick.)
    God Name: (Common, Real)
    God Appearance:
    God Power: (What abilities does your god give you?)
    Background: (Optional)
    My Characters: (Well, 2 of them)
    Name: Titania "Anya" Fullbuster
    Age: 19
    Status: She's been in Daten City for 4 years now.
    Faction: Black Hunter Lieutenant
    Weapons: Anya always carries a stun baton and night stick with her. She also uses a rapier given to her by her god.
    Personality: Anya is a very cold but hot-tempered person. She is a very strict and strong-willed girl, falling into the blunt category with a sharp and merciless tongue. She has a very strong sense of justice. She hates physical contact and shallow relationships (as in she hates people who try to be her friend only for her job and such). Anya often gives the feel of looking down on others, but that is not the case. She also has a childish side, always wishing on stars and eating sweets.
    God Name: The Hanged Man, Marchen Von Friedhof
    Vessel: Tatiana's vessel.png
    God Appearance: Marchen very much resembles Anya's father.
    God Power: Marchen gives Anya different abilities depending on what "story" she chooses. She can only use one story at a time and can only switch "stories" once every 6 hours.
    • "Red Riding Hood" - Her eyes will turn red and she will sprout wolf ears. She will gain wolf-like senses, basically turning her into a great, but not perfect, tracker.
    • "Cinderella" - Anya will summon a glass-like rapier capable of cutting through most solid objects with ease.
    • "Snow White" - Anya will be able to control snow and ice, as well as travel through mirrors.
    • "Sleeping Beauty" - Anya is able to summon and control thorny vines made of shadows. The rose-like flowers on the vines emit a golden sleep powder when they bloom. The flowers will only bloom if Anya is unconscious, which is when this ability will be at its strongest, no longer under her control.
    Background: Secret ~
    Name: Alexander "Alex" Hawthorne
    Age: 29
    Status: He's been in Daten City for 10 years.
    Faction: Black Hunter Captain
    Weapons: Alex uses dual pistols and the whip given to him by his god.
    Personality: Alex is a lot more laidback and easygoing than his position as captain of the Black Hunters would say. He's rather flirty but is not one for a committed relationship with anyone. His favorite things are food, alcohol and women. Yet despite his preferred lifestyle and go-with-the-flow attitude, he is very committed to his job when there are witches causing trouble, even more so when the victim is a lovely lady.
    God Name: The Lovers, Romeo & Juliet
    Vessel: Aladdin's vessel.png
    God Appearance:
    Romeo and Juliet.png
    God Power:
    • "Lover's Quarrel" - Alex summons a black whip with a red gem-like point on the end. The whip can extend and retract up to ten feet and moves to his desire. If he cuts you with the red tip, then the farther you get away from you, the deeper the cuts get. The effect lasts for one hour, until it's deactivated, or Alex falls unconscious.
    • "Canterella" - Also called the "Play Dead" ability, Alex can go into a corpse-like state much like Juliet did. This ability also allows Alex to heal wounds and turn his blood into a poison that has the same effect.
    • "Bloom" - Though a useless ability, Alex is able to pull flowers out of thin air. Having no practical use, he mostly uses it for flirting.
    Alex's childhood memories were mostly of his parents fighting over his father's infidelity and his mother's drinking habit. As the two yelled and threw things across the living room, Alex would lock himself in his bedroom, trying to block out the noise with his pillow or headphones. He had always found it strange that they remained together though all they could do was fight.

    Perhaps it was due to his parents' dysfunctional relationship, but when Alex's class had to read Shakespeare sophmore year, he became obsessed with Romeo and Juliet, especially the concept of star-crossed lovers and how in love they seemed to be. He then began dating just about any girl he could, dying to find his own soul mate. Eventually, he found the girl he thought to be the one during his senior year of high school, a cute college girl named Jackie.

    Now every year, as per regulation, Alex's school was subject to mana testing, where they'd measure a person's mana level to weed out potential witches. During the previous years, Alex always scored well below the 600 kJ/kg, but this year his level rose and passed the minimum by a small amount. Not wanting to go to Daten City, Alex bolted from school and ran to the first person he could think of, Jackie.

    Once in Jackie's dorm, Alex explained to her about his test results and how he didn't want to leave her. There was a strange look on her face that Alec couldn't really identify, but Jackie soon held him, telling him that everything would be all right and that he could stay with her tonight. That night, Alex lost his v card.

    The next morning, Alex was awoken by a group of police kicking in Jackie's door and tackling him. As he struggled under their weight, he looked up to see Jackie by the officer that seemed to be in charge. Apparently, she had reported him to the authorities after he had fallen asleep, looking forward to the reward given to those for finding witches.

    Betrayed, Alex put up no fight as he was taken and shipped off to Daten City. Once there, his playboy habits got worse as he began hooking up with just about any girl he could find, though he refused and actual relationships. He eventually joined the Black Hunters, liking the benefits one of their officers got.

    He made it to lieutenant after 2 years, and though most witches saw him as a traitor, he didn't care. He needed money and this was the most effective method to getting it. He was surprisingly dedicated to his job though, even saving the girl who'd eventually become his own lieutenant later on. Once Alex was promoted to captain though, after the previous one passed away, he became less and less enthusiastic of his job and of the Black Hunters in general, preferring to play around and neglect the mountain of paperwork that came with the position.

    [MENTION=6086]Syfral[/MENTION] You happy now? . . . Oh God, I hope I got the right guy.
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  4. Well, [MENTION=6051]Serran[/MENTION] I usually suggest to think of the common name last. First decide what sort of power or god you want and then choose a common name last. Though the common name has a bit to do with what sort of god you have, it doesn't really decide what sort of god or powers you have. I mean, what does The Hanged Man have to do with fairytales? The connection is a very minuscule detail.
  5. I'd like to reserve the Fool and the Star, please. I won't be able to write them today, as it's getting late, but maybe tomorrow. They may be siblings, but that's not decided yet.
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  7. If I may join,

    Name: Sophia McClain "Huntress"
    Age: 21
    Status: She's been around for about six years but have only been with the hunters for three of those.
    Faction: Black Hunter - Bounty hunter
    Weapons: A rifle, two hunting knives, a desert eagle(hand gun) her father gave her, and a silver longbow with correlating quiver and arrows (a gift from her god)
    Appearance: Sophia stands tall for a girl with fairly pale skin and blue grey eyes. Her brown waves are usually tied up in a ponytail. Her ears are pierced in multiple places with small stud like earrings. There are a couple tattoos running around on her body, as well as some scars. She wears non restrictive clothes, usually with lots of pockets. She always has her bow on her.
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Sophia has a habit of sticking to herself. Its not that she's unfriendly, or hell, even shy. She just doesn't go out of her way to be with people. However, she won't turn them down if they seek her out, unless "Sev" says they're bad news. She won't hurt kids. period. She goes by her own moral code, if orders clash with it, she ignores them, with a "I work on a single job contract basis. I'm not interested in this one, got any others?"
    God Name: The Moon, L'nair Se Veil Inteair she calls him "Sev"
    Vessel: A small pearl earring.
    God Appearance: A large silver wolf, the size of a horse, with glowing gold eyes.
    God Power:
    Living Nightmare/Dream: Brings forth an illusion of targets nightmares/dreams
    Dream Walk: Lets her fall into a trance like sleep and walk through others dreams.
    The Perfect Pitch: Can make a target believe anything she says for five minutes as long as she makes a brief moment of eye contact. The "link" can be continued as long as she repeats what she says and keeps eye contact once every four and a half minutes.
    Deep Mist: Calls out a very thick mist to surround her and the area around her
    Phantom Pack: Calls forth a pack of phantom hounds. (about five total hounds)
    Artemis's Aim: This ability only works with the silver bow set Sev gave her. As long as she can physically see the target, she won't miss whatever she aims for.
    Guardian of the Moon: Gives the god's appearance a physical form, letting the god come forward until the summoner is safe. Only the god can choose when it reverts back to its normal state. Can only be used as a last resort, it usually knocks the user out for awhile after the summoning and depending on how long the god chooses to stay out, could kill the user if too much energy is consumed.
    Background: (Optional)
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  8. is the common name list what we have to choose from or can we make a name of our own?
  9. Please reserve a spot for Lev as The Chariot! =3
  10. Could you save The Magician for me please!
  11. Name: Zachary "Zeek" Davis
    Age: 23
    Status: He's been in Daten City for 6 and a half years.
    Faction: With a vehement dislike of politics and due to previous encounters, Zeek follows no faction.
    Weapons: A WWII Welrod Pistol, obtained on the black market. An Assassin's Creed style hidden blade, or so fanboy Zeek would have liked it to be. Being a homemade hinge-released windup device, it can only violently snap outwards and must be manually wound back inside when finished. He tends to avoid using these weapons preferring to use his unique voice.
    Appearance: He is about 6 feet tall with neck length untidy black hair, deep green eyes and fairly pale skin. A thick scar extends down from his right temple, narrowly missing his eye, curving down his cheek, across his lips and stopping at his chin underneath his left cheek. He has more scars on his back from a flogging. Although he is broad shouldered he is not very muscular as he never really worked out. He wears T-shirts with suit jackets of varying darkish colours with blue jeans or cargo pants and modern walking boots. He seldom goes anywhere without his black longcoat with big faded brass buttons and dirty epaulettes on the shoulders, it makes him feel all Steampunky.
    Personality: He is a hermit of sorts, having disassociated himself from the Red Fangs and trying to stay out of trouble with the Hunters. He devotes most of his time to his music, wherein lies his power. He may appear shy or wary to strangers but he is a vibrant character with his friends with a good sense of humour. However he has few friends, only those he feels he can fully trust.
    God Name: The Magician, his real name is Olympus after the mythical Greek musician. Due to his musical genius Zeek calls him J.S, an abbreviation for the composer Johann Sebastian Bach.
    Vessel: Zeek's wristwatch. He wears it at all times.
    God Appearance: A Common Nightingale.
    God Power:
    "Passive singing": Whenever he sings, Zeek has the ability to produce any sound he wants and any number of sounds simultaneously. This is a barely conscious, passive effect and it only affects the mind. He can be a one man choir, orchestra, rock band, anything he wants. Depending on what song he sings people's emotions will change, i.e a sad song will make everyone who hears it sad etc etc. The effects of the music can be so powerful that Zeek can alter the very way people perceive things, for example at a jazz themed party Zeek sang big band at, people said they imagined other people's clothes change to 1930s suits and cocktail dresses, and they thought they were in an old jazz dance hall. This level of potency however has only developed more recently.
    "Active singing": When Zeek actively uses the themes and melodies of a specific song to physical effect as well as mental. He can use anything from the title or lyrics of a song to its more intricate nuances found in the melodies, harmonies, rhythms, etc. A simple example would be his ability to put most people to sleep by singing a lullaby, even if they were fully awake, even running or fighting, however there are those who can resist. He doesn't have to sing an entire song but the more of it he does sing, the stronger the effect. Theoretically he could do this with any song, but he has only mastered a few so far:
    Hysteria: The sheer volume produced when singing this song can shake walls and break glass, more importantly it will send some people into hysterical fits of rage, often lashing out at whoever is nearest, friendly or not. The lyric in chorus 2 "Give me your heart and soul" can if used properly cause weaker minded individuals to do whatever Zeek wants, even if it means murder or suicide.
    The lyrics may seem slightly odd to his victims but this particular lullaby is particularly effective at sending people into a deep sleep which could last for hours on end.
    Ride of The Valkyries: This epic composition by Wagner effectively gives Zeek the ability to control air, he can create powerful gusts of wind and literally throw them at his foes. He has recently been developing the control to lift objects and people with said wind and throw them too. On top of this, anyone Zeek does not consider friendly will start to percieve a host of angry mythical norse women riding flying horses at them, although once you know it's not real the effect wears off.
    Also Sprach Zarathustra: It is only the first minute and 45 seconds that really count. Theoretically it is Zeek's most powerful song, but he has only tried it once, alone in an abandoned area he sung it very quietly but even then the drain on his energy was enormous. Zeek himself started to lift slowly off the ground whilst with every triumphant chord a shockwave eminated from the spot he had been standing on, each more powerful than the last. The final blast shattered every window within 50 metres and collapsed an old wall. Zeek himself passed out and fell to the ground from 10 metres in the air. He thought that if he could sing it loud enough he could maybe break through the walls of the city and escape but the required energy would probably kill him.
    "Wall of Sound": This is the only power that gives Olympus physical form. Summoned by Zeek, Olympus materialises as a Common Nightingale and sings at deafening volume creating an invisible but inpenetrable wall of noise in front of the tiny bird. The energy required for this power is immense so Zeek can seldom sustain it more than 30 seconds and he usually passes out afterwards.

    Background: Zeek was born and grew up in Paris until he was 13 when he moved to New York. A musician all his life, his friends in Paris called him "Zique", french slang for musique. Upon his move to an American highschool he told people to call him "Zeek" of the same pronunciation, and so has kept the same nickname more or less his whole life.
    He discovered the power of his God at the mandatory screening sessions at his highschool when he was 15 where the mana count had suddenly shot up to above the limit, until then his count had been sub average. Once he found this he made the contract with his god and started developing his powers from there. When they finally took him to Daten City he was a much more verbal young man. He came full of ideas and dreams of leading the Red Fangs to victory and freedom which he'd been dreaming since he discovered his power. These were partly crushed when he witnessed the scale of the city's defences and walls but the final blow was delivered a year or so after his arrival at a Red Fang protest. Like every one before he'd been to it was first peaceful protest, he was singing inspirational music and it was all going well, but it was not to last. Fighting broke out at the front of the march and gradually intensified until it was a riot. The official story is that radicals started the violence, but no one really knew who became aggresive first. Still singing to try and quell the the fighting, Zeek was cornered by several Hunter officers, beaten with batons and even flogged, with one lash across his face for good measure. Since then he has left the Fangs and tried his best to avoid the constant political struggles. He quietly dislikes the Black Hunters for their heavy-handedness and so he tries to stay out of their way, he has no desire to meet their aggresive methods again. The Green Dragons scare the crap out of him as his unique powers are of interest to them. At first they were perfectly polite and amicable, asking him whether he would be interested in coming to their facilities for "tests", but he refused time and time again. Recently however they have become ever bolder in their attempts to "persuade" him to visit them for "analysis and research".

    OOC: AMDreams I hope you like the character, as for the flogging it doesn't have to been done by Alex but if you fancy being a bit of a bad guy on that it could interesting. Let me know if you think anything needs changing :) I really didn't mean it to be so long!
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  12. @Silver Accepted. Although you didn't need to list summoning your god as an actual power. Technically everyone who learns their true god's name can summon them.

    @Akuma Yes, you must choose a common name from the list.

    @Levusti Okay, but you have a week from today to post a character before the reservation is revoked and The Chariot is up for grabs.

    @Voyageur Accepted. Though like with Silver, you didn't need to list summoning as an actual power.
  13. I would like to reserve Death, if I can?

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  14. @Yaoi Okay, but like with Levusti, you have one week to post a character until it goes up for grabs.
  15. [​IMG]

    Name: Ephemeral
    Age: 24

    Status: 7 years
    Faction: Green Dragon Lieutenant
    Weapons: Katana, black bladed with a black and gold handle. Given to her by Death.


    Ephemeral is a fickle creature, with emotions and opinions that change like the wind. In a way, she contradicts herself with her
    stubbornness. She'll solemnly admit that she was incorrect in the first place, although it is rare that she is. Ephi is also very intellectual, and determined- her main point of fascination being none other than death. She seeks to unravel the mysteries of it, as well as that of the witches and their gods. She believes that to find the hidden link between life and death, Gods will need t be understood in their entirety, as well as their powers.
    Background: t.b.a
    God Name: Common - Death
    Real - Memento Mori (Remember that you will Die)

    Nickname - Mori

    Vessel: Necklace shown in the her picture is the vessel.

    God Power:

    decay - she can quicken the process of decay in lower life-forms, such as plants, trees, and simpler animals (ex. insects). It doesn't take much energy to reduce them into nothing if they were dead in the first place. She can also drain life force from similarly, till the point in which they die, but this takes more energy on her part than what she gains, especially if done on a large scale (ex. a small field). She can do it on larger animals (smalls dogs, and cats), but it would be pointless with her amount of skill, and would just cause much fatigue. It's impossible to do with humans (there lifespan is too long). Decay can also be preformed on larger life-forms, but would take much more energy.

    corpse reanimation - This does not bring the deceased back, but there bodies can be temporarily manipulated. The effect lasts as long as Ephemeral wishes, but has the consequence of a disgusting creeping feeling of rotting consciousnesses nudging against her own. It is psychologically disturbing on many levels. The max amount of bodies she can control with her level of skill is 3.


    God Appearance:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  16. ((Could I please reserve the Star and the Tower?))
  17. @Miss Henri Yes, but you have a week to be accepted before the position is up for grabs.
  18. *Slappyfights Amsies for his soul*

    This rp got alot more attention, attention it deverses with a kickass Storyteller like you :) Huzzah

    ... Now onto my char...

    Name: Dmitri Voss
    Age: 19
    Status: Resident since he was 14

    Red Fang (Unknown information; Nobody knows he's an avid and respected member, even holding the position of Lieutenant and leader of the Covert Ops-Squad, only the ones truly in charge of the Red Fang know of his position. Not even the C.O. Squad knows his identity.)

    Black Hunters (Known Information; Everyone thinks he's a respectable and relatively charismatic member of the Black Hunter)

    Weapons: An extendable beads-necklace that is usable as a garrote wire.
    The necklace's beads are small and shiny marbles, colored in variating shades of dark hues. They're positioned on either side of the center-bead, a larger silver marble.


    Personality: Cold, lucid, manipulative and merciless. But to those who aren't trusted members of the Red Fang, he comes off as a carefree and aloof person. In reality he's cynical and resentful of the life that's been taken away from him. The one person that is able to keep him in check and who links him to the humanity that has been nearly completely stripped from him is: Tybalt Hale.

    God Name: The World; 'Wismerhill'
    Vessel: The silver marble on his beaded necklace.
    God Appearance:

    God Power:
    * Scanning "The world is a small place":
    He's able to scan 'the world' to locate and track living beings within the range of the scan. (An adjustable size, the larger the area the more stress and fatigue it causes)

    * Gravity "The weight of the world rests on my shoulders":
    He's able to manipulate gravitational forces to a certain degree.

    * Hypnosis "The world is my oyster":
    Dimitri's words can be infused with hypnotism and are able to influence people's actions and thoughts.

    Background: Thrown into Daten City at a young age because of his powers, turning him into a cold person forced to grow up fast to survive in this isolated place. Joined the Red Fang because of the resentment he has boiling inside him, against pretty much everyone, except Tybalt Hale.


    - I chose to leave this Character Sheet as 'loose-ended' and vague as I could be. That way you don't know everything about Dmitri Voss before even reading my posts and will make RP'ing with me (just a tad) more fun. :)

    - The relationship between Dmitri and Tybalt will not be set in stone from the get-go and people may think of their relationship as they see fit.

    - Tybalt hates spiders, he's a prissypants like that.
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  19. Name: Tybalt Hale
    Age: 18
    Status: Resident since he was 14

    None as of yet, he's currently living a (as much as can be) carefree life being a clerk in common grocery shop. Might end up joining the Black Hunters later on but not as of yet as he's fairly opposed to fighting and violence.

    Weapons: A bat, hidden behind the counter.

    Personality: Friendly to the point of seeming like a push-over, although he does stand his ground and doesn't shy away from protecting those he holds dear to him. Even going as far as putting himself in danger for that cause. Overall he's opposed to violence yet respects the Black Hunters for trying to do good. He enjoys Dmitri's company greatly and looks up to him a lot.


    God: The Emperor (True name unknown so far)

    God's Appearance:

    God's Powers: (None are 'unlocked' as of yet)

    "To Glory"
    Once used, Tybalt shined with a bright aura enhancing his allies' mental and physical strength twofold. It only works on those in his immediate surroundings and can greatly diminish fatigue, mental and physical stress.

    "One for All"
    Once this ability has been called forth to aide Tybalt in his battle, his physical abilities are enhanced several times but after a short period of time, the stress caused by this ability catches up to him and he either has to rest a long time, faints on the spot or dies standing. The outcome all depends on how much he pushes himself to save 'All'.

    "Righteous Fury"
    A flamberge whose blade is actually a magical fire that doesn't burn at the flesh but at the soul. If licked by the flames even once, one would feel their very essence being drained. If struck heavily enough or often enough, they'd lose the will to live and allow their heart to be pierced by the blade. Which would result in their soul being consumed and having no after-life at all.

    * The blade can not be stopped by conventional means, as it is not 'material' *


    - Tybalt doesn't know he holds a God's power just yet.
    - The God's true name is unknown to all for now.
    - Dmitri has a soft spot for a starry nightsky, just saying...
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  20. Well, I suppose I should post the other faction leaders then.

    Name: Geming Yang
    Age: 42
    Status: 25 years
    Faction: Red Fang Captain
    Weapons: the gauntlets he uses as his vessel and the staff from his god
    Personality: Yang is well known for his short temper and violent tendencies. He's oddly optimistic, a bit arrogant and always tackles things head on. Though he isn't very stupid, he's not too bright either and often acts upon his first impulse rather than plan things out. And even when he does plan things, it's rather simple. That's why the planning is usually left to the lieutenant. He's a hard worker though and is always on the frontlines with his officers. He has an odd obsession with being manly.
    God Name: Strength, Sun Wukong the Monkey King
    Vessel: Boris' vessel.png
    God Appearance:
    Son Goku.png
    God Power: Yang has immense strength and durability.
    • "Ousibuyunlu" - Summons a golden colored cloud that only Boris can use to fly at great speeds
    • "Ruyi Jingu Bang" - Summons a golden staff that can grow or shrink to whatever size Boris wants and yet still remain light as a feather to him
    • "Mei Houwang" - Turns Boris into a monkey-like beast which double's his body's capabilities but can only last an hour before a gold headband shrinks and squeezes his head, causing much pain
    Born into a poor Chinese family, Yang was only 2 when Ulysses was publicly executed, but he remembered his parents still talking about it during his childhood. As a kid, his parents used to openly regard witches as monsters and abominations, and being rather impressionable, Yang thought the same. He believed witches to be bad people that needed to be locked away or they would hurt the "normal" people. Perhaps it was his distaste for witches that kept his mana level abnormally low for a good chunk of his life.

    With his extremely low mana level, Yang was able to pass each mandatory screening with little fail. It wasn't until he was 17 and his family's restaurant became the target of the local mafia did they discover that he was a witch.

    Some local gangsters broke into the small noodle shop, wrecking the place, stealing the money and harassing his family. Yang tried to fight them but was easily overtaken by the large men. As he watched them drag his mother and sisters off, he wished for nothing more than the strength to stop them. It was then that he transformed into a monkey-like beast, tearing through the gangsters and effectively chasing them away.

    Attracted by the ruckus, the local authorities came to take Yang into custody. The boy screamed and pleaded for them to let him stay, looking to his family for support. He wasn't like the other witches. He was good. But no one would hear it and even his own family, whom he had just saved, looked at him coldly. His father struck him for bringing shame to the family. His mother cried because her son was a monster.

    When Yang arrived in Daten City, all evidence of his previous prejudices disappeared. How could it not? He was human, like his family, but because of some extra power, he was now a monster? He was no different than his father or neighbor.

    From then on, Yang became obsessed with equal rights for witches, eventually joining the Red Fangs. For years, he worked tirelessly for their cause. With his dedication and passion, it was no surprise when he became the captain a few years ago.

    Name: Daphne
    Age: 27
    Status:8 years
    Faction: Green Dragon Captain
    Weapons: Daphne depends on her spear, Nike, for serious combat but she always carries her emergency dissection kit and a few syringes of questionable content.
    Personality: Daphne is an intelligent, and sort of eccentric woman. She is easily excited by new discoveries and the strange, but often regards normal things in a cold and apathetic manner. She's always ready to do an experiment, keeping an emergency kit on her body at all times, which includes things like forceps and scalpels. If she's particularly nice to you, and you don't work under her, then run. She has an odd habit of always eating olives. To get on her good side and not have to be dissected, you need olives or coffee.
    God Name: The Heirophant, Athena
    Vessel: Francine's vessel.png
    God Appearance:
    God Power:
    • "Nike" - Summons a powerful spear that can bend and move on its own or by Frankie's command and a shield that can create a protective barrier
    • "Dentro" - Allows Frankie to control wood and trees; she can even make trees grow spontaneously with a few seeds
    • "Medusa" - Allows Frankie to turn living objects into stone; the effect lasts for 3 hours
    For as long as they can remember, people have known that Daphne was smart. Even as a child, she seemed to possess a great understanding of everything and a mind ready to absorb every bit of information she could get her hands on. She was an odd girl though, often looking at the world and everyone in it with blank, uninterested eyes.

    The first time her eyes lit up was in her freshman year of high school. She was 12 at the time, having skipped a few grades, and her biology class was dissecting frogs. Something sparked in her that day as she cut open the amphibian and her fascination with anatomy began. She dove into the world of biology, reading up on everything from anatomy textbooks to medical journals. Her odd love of the inner workings of the body scared off the few people who could stomach being near her.

    When she was 19, and working on her PhD in biology, she was discovered to be a witch during a screening. Never being really strong or spirited, she was dragged off to Daten City with no resistance. Once there, she looked at all the witches and their abilities with fascination, though she was disappointed at the lack of information available that explained it all.

    She lived her life day after day, utterly bored and uninspired. That is, until she witnessed a fight between 2 witches. She hid and watched the brawl until one of them finally killed the other and left. She closed in on the corpse, which had been torn to pieces, fascinated. His insides reminded her of that frog back in 9th grade. That's when it hit her. If there was no information on witches, she'd have to gather them herself.

    She founded the Green Dragons when she was 22, and in the short 5 years since it had begun, it has grown to a faction of equal influence as the Black Hunters and Red Fangs.
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