Dawn and Dusk

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    "We never wonder why the sun and the moon,
    won't touch each other's form.
    In all that they are and all that the do,
    they never mean you any harm.

    We never wonder why love and hate,
    have always happen to touch.
    A terror by night and a human by day,
    the two have never meant much.

    Who are we to fight what we feel?
    With stars of love and rays of fear?
    What are we to believe is real?
    With the morning's smile and the night's tear?"

    Theme Song that is NOT the above song (open)

    For Males


    For Females


    The chant reached the ears of everyone at the concert, though everyone thought it was only the chorus to the song Dawn and Dusk. The song made it to the top of the charts. It became the single of the month, everyone's ringtone, the most played song on the radio. The band, Cloud And Out, gave no reason to why they made the song. Some say the lead singer just wrote it while he was stoned. Other's say it was an ancient poem passed down to certain people through the years. Whatever the reason behind it's melody, Dawn and Dusk changed the nation.

    One group of people particularly.

    The concert was loud and booming! Teens from all over the city of Detroit came to the large, closed roof building to listen to Cloud And Out's single: Dusk and Dawn. Cameras were out at the ready, phones held up as they waited on video standby, and eyes directly plastered to center stage.

    The show began. The song was sung. The teens raved the night away.

    However, every teen who went home that night, lying in their bed, felt different. They felt the burning need to get up from their beds and roam. Roam their rooms, the streets, the woods, the town. A dark, heavy air settled over the teens as they slept, remembering the lyrics to the song over and over again. In the morning, once the sun had arisen, the feeling left and they returned to their normal lives.

    Some. Others didn't survive the night.

    News hits that 168 teens who went to the concert didn't survive the night, all dying in their sleep. All of them looked different. Girls had bold lips, dark eyes, and a strange tint in their skin. However, the autopsies of many yielded nothing different or new in their blood. Cloud And Out have not been heard from and the other teens are afraid that they may be the next ones. Only few really paid attention to the song, realizing that the song was not a song at all: It was a spell.

    By day, the teens are normal. By night, they are creatures of the dark, possessing a strange sense of nature and the mind. The teens continue on with their lives with their friends, crushes, enemies, family by day. By night, the wander the town in a stupor of confusion, their entire appearance changing by the moon's blinding light.

    Yet, all the while, they wonder: Which one is the real one? Which life do they lead is the one they want? How can they keep themselves from dying like the other teens? The only thing they can think of doing is talking to the Others of the Night and doing what is almost impossible:

    Decipher the song.



    This is an INVITE-ONLY rp! If you got a PM from me, post your characters away! :D


    Day Appearance:
    (How you look in day time?)
    Night Appearance: (How you look in night time?)
    Night Time Abilities: (NO SUPER AWESOME MAGIC POWERS. This is a paranormal! Maybe you grow wings? Sprout horns? Can see really good? Have a lust for blood or tears? Get creative!)
    Occupation:(What do you do for a living? Still in school? Got a job?)
    Friends/Relationships: (Connected to any of the other players? Who and how?!)
    General Personality and History: (Tell us about ya!)
  2. Name: Nagito Kotsuki

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Day Appearance:

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    Night Appearance:
    View attachment 13885

    Night Time Abilities: Nagito's body becomes covered in strange markings, what appear of unknown language. Two holes slowly tear open his back to unleash a pair of pitch black wings; breaking apart and reshaping his bones to make room for his new ones. His eye sight becomes like that of a Hawk, his strength like ten men, and a insatiable hunger for blood.

    Occupation: Professional Saxophone Musician.

    Friends/Relationships: N/A(Will do with more players)

    General Personality and History: His general personality is like his wardrobe, dark, quiet, yet somewhat interesting. What makes him interesting to most is his desire to be helpful; almost like a savior. At the start of his life, as a child, he wanted nothing more than to be a hero. He wanted to save lives and help people when they needed something to give them hope. This was because he lived life as an orphan and had no one to look up to. When he reached his High School years, it was the same way except he made just one friend. Her name was Eliza.

    Eliza was the closest thing to his heart, as black as it could be. They took class together, walked together, sang together, they were togther almost everyday. But it all stopped when she died.... Nagito was walking her home late from the library and she was shot, he took a bullet for her, but it wasn't enough for a second shot. As she laid there dying, she whispered her last words to him. "All lights have a patch of darkness... But never lose sight of who you are... Be strong.."
    (Tired as Hell, so made it short..)
  3. Name: Harper

    Age: 19

    Gender: Lady

    Day Appearance (open)
    Day Appearance (open)

    Night Appearance (open)
    Night Appearance (open)

    Night Time Abilities: Can see as well at night as during the day and craves tears the same way a vampire craves blood.

    Occupation: Second year of college, also works part-time at a coffee shop.

    Friends/Relationships: Has seen Nagito around campus but never spoken with him.

    General Personality: Harper is best described as here-and-there. She is kind but also quick to jump to her temper - also as quick is her forgiveness. Addicted to caffeine and anything sweet, she maintains her stick-like figure thanks to constant fidgeting and her habit of running through the park at night. She can be sarcastic and have brilliant moments of jackassery humor, but mostly she just likes to hang out with her girls and listen to music.

    History: Harper's parents are wealthy but don't really care for having a daughter. They acknowledge her and such, but she never really connected with them. Instead of falling into the poor-me-this-is-an-excuse-to-be-a-douchebag trap, she accepted that she and her parents were different and moved on. By highschool she knew that she wanted to design clothing. In her first year of college, she came to the dream of having her own clothing line - for rock stars. She wanted to be bigger than big and have her label one of the most recognizable and easily affordable must-haves out there.

    When her close friend Anna invited her to the concert, Harper jumped on the opportunity. She had heard great things about the band, plus the opportunity to see what real stars were wearing was never lost on her. The show was a blast, but afterward, Harper had been unable to stop pacing in her room. It wasn't until the next day that she knew Anna had died - along with 167 others from the show.
  4. Name: Megan Zane

    Age: 20

    Gender: Chick!

    Day Appearance:
    Megan Day Look (open)
    Brown hair that is usually in messy curls. Fighting with a curling iron and losing for the most point, Megan's hair ends up straightening out regardless. She has brown eyes that are sometimes amplified by her makeup (though she only wears mascara and nothing more.) She's around 5'5, about 136lbs. You'll probably never catch her in a pair of jeans. Megan is more of a skirt/dress/slacks kind of girl. She has to be to maintain her job at the coffee shop.

    Night Appearance:
    Megan Night Look (open)
    Her hair is completely red and will darken or lighten depending on her mood. Intricate, abstract tattoos curl around the base of her chest, stopping at her collar bone. Her eyes turn grey, but the heavy mascara is still there. Depending on the mood, she may put in the piercings in her lips, but by daybreak, the holes vanish.

    Night Time Abilities: Megan can't hurt someone how loud her voice can get. Once she yells or shouts loudly, a painful feeling pricks through the person she is yelling at, so making her mad is a no-no.

    Occupation: Works at a coffee shop down the street of Gertway Community College where she is a Freshman!

    Friends/Relationships: Coworker of Harper!

    General Personality and History: Megan was an easily humored girl. Ever since she was a little kid, the smallest things made her laugh! From her dad falling flat on his face to the old Tom and Jerry cartoons! Laughing was what she did best and what she did daily! Growing up in the years, Megan always had a soft spot for humor. Her father would tell her a joke every night, and even if they were the same ones, Megan would find herself in a fit of laughter before the night was over.

    Years passed and the jokes from her father came to a halt. When her mother died, Megan experienced a state of dazed confusion, wondering how life could be so cruel and mean. She retreated away from the humor and went into seclusion. The only person she felt comfortable with was herself. Is she saw a group of people laughing and having a good time, she turned away and thought of how stupid the jokes were.

    She found refuge in a CD, an album from Cloud And Out. Their songs didn't tell tales of happiness or anything other than mystery and darkness. Megan listened to them on her free time, giving everyone else the persona of being slightly emo. She still looked and dressed the same, but she never said much. Her social life fell, she barely graduated and decided to pick up some college courses while working at Fern's Coffee Shop down the street from the college. During the day, she kept to herself, sticking to her schedule until she got to her dorm. There, she popped in Cloud And Out and listened to them over and over again.

    Eventually, once she came back from their concert of the premiere performance of Dawn and Dusk, Megan noticed that the people she had seen during the day had the same expression as her: lost, confused, and...different.

  5. Name
    : Annika 'Annie' Delice
    Age: </SPAN></SPAN>Sweet Nineteen</SPAN>
    Gender: </SPAN>Madame</SPAN>
    Day Appearance:</SPAN></SPAN>
    Show Spoiler

    Night Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Night Time Abilities: When the sun goes down, and her transformation is complete, Annie finds she has a particular sense of smell. Things that shouldn't have a smell do have a smell. Like colours, which have each a different scent. Indescribable scents are attached to everything, and people have a particularly nice blend of scents. She tends to find herself sniffing people, learning of what 'colours' they smell like, although they are seemingly random.
    Occupation: After finishing high school, she is taking a year to just work to save up for university. Works as a waitress, but is working towards a bartending license so she can make a bit more cash.
    Friends/Relationships: None yet
    General Personality and History: </SPAN></SPAN>
    She commonly uses sarcasm whether you know her well or not (a wonderful invention in the human language!), but it often gets her in trouble. It always did, especially combined with her blunt honesty. ‘Oh, so you are perfectly happy with your boyfriend? Well, he is cheating on you. Have a nice day.’</SPAN></SPAN>

    But hey, if you ever wanted a friend who won’t lie when you ask them if the stain on your jeans is super-noticeable, she is the one to have. She also has to express her opinion, or in other words, she must argue out her thoughts. This lead to being grounded a lot as she grew up, but she would just chill in her room, listen to music, and just try and drone out life with Led Zeppelin’s, AC/DC’s, and Cloud and Out’s awesome songs. Her life was just so boring an uneventful, she had always wished something would come along and shake things up a bit.</SPAN></SPAN>

    Talking to strangers was never problem for her, but she certainly does not embrace it. She just does it because she has to, it is part of her job to be friendly and open with customers. She doesn’t like it when people cry, but comforting someone isn’t always her specialty and she usually only manages to botch it up even worse. In fact, she tends to screw a lot of things up. Despite being an independent, original, determined and creative thinker, she has an exceptional ability to never quite phrase her thoughts correctly and commit a blunder. Doesn’t help that she is a bit of a klutz, tripping over stuff.</SPAN></SPAN>

  6. Name: Brian Gunner

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Day Appearance:

    Night Appearance:
    At night, Brian is a six legged beast. His skin takes on a greenish grey tone, and becomes like a leathery hide. Two large canines protrude from his top jaw and hang far past his lower lip, reminiscent of the ancient sabre tooth, and horns like a ram's curl over his cranium. Muscle packed shoulders tower over his head. His tail, covered in the same leathery hide skin is short compared to his body, which sits at four feet long and six feet high.

    Night Time Abilities:
    Seeing in the dark and all the physical strength his beastly form would provide. He can talk, and has all the reasoning of his human form, except when he blacks out and rampages. This does not happen too often.

    He is a full time student


    General Personality and History:
    Brian has a good grade point average, he's successful with women, and he's a star athlete on his baseball team. It seemed everything was going good for him. He was quiet popular at his school, and his family grew increasingly proud of everything he did. They had no qualms about his decision to further his education before moving out and getting a job. So he stayed at home with his parents. That is, until his friends invited him to the concert. He knew that this was an exciting moment in his young life, but couldn't imagine the significant change to his whole world that one trip would bring. His friends had gotten a bit too drunk, so Brian decided to drive them home and let them sleep at his place. No one could sleep. It wasn't long before they found themselves in the woods, restless and roaming. It was all Brian could remember. When morning came, he was alone. Alone with the bodies of three of his friends. He couldn't bring himself to go back home, so he stayed. The only thing that could bring him out was the possibility of finding answers.
  7. Name: Lilliana (Lilly) Torres
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Day Appearance:

    Night Appearance: [​IMG]

    Night Time Abilities: Contortionist and can’t feel pain. From the moment that the moon takes over she can’t feel pain, literally. She could break a bone and just pop it back into place, though if she does not do it before sunrise or punctures an organ, the damage will be permanent. During the day she’s as normal as anyone else.

    Occupation: Works at a bakery in her college campus.

    No one yet!

    General Personality and History: Lilly is your average college student. Because of the sacrifices of her single mother and the money of her absent father, Lilliana could make it to college with a mind set on what she wanted to be and a heart full of kindness towards the world surrounding her. So much freedom blinded her a little and her first year of college was a bit of a disaster. Now she decided to follow her dream of being the professional Pastry Chef that she’d always dream of being. Lilly was an average girl that had turned into a ‘dorm mole’ because she rarely went out anymore since she tended to be a little bit of an extremist. Too much partying and no studying or too much studying and no social life at all.

    Her best friend Tiffany had convinced her to go with her to this cool concert and after so much insisting, Lilly agreed because it was the group Cloud and Out after all. Who in their right mind would miss that?! They went and had a blast. They jumped, sang, laughed, kissed… And other things that she really wasn’t sure they did. Everything was so foggy for some reason… Only thing she could remember with clarity were the lyrics of the song Dusk and Dawn.

    Tiffany –who Lilly had sworn stayed over- didn’t call in a few days and when she tried to call after hearing the tragic news of 167 teens dying after the concert, things started getting a little bit weird. Still no response from Tiffany. Was she one of the 167? Lilly looked and called everyone they knew, filed a police report, even called her Tiffy’s parents and nothing. Tiffany was not registered as killed or dead, just missing. The few weeks after that were horrible and Lilly didn’t spend a day that she didn’t think or tried to remember what happened that night.

    One night a work, she was melting sugar to make some ‘glass decorations’ and she was so lost in her problems that the sugar mixture burnt. Lilly went to pour it on the cooling mats so that after it cooled off, she could dispose of it, otherwise it could be terribly dangerous. Somehow she tripped and trying to not spill the hot caramel on herself, she dropped the pan but it still fell all over her right foot. She could hear the loud crushing of her little toe and the sizzle of the piping hot sugar that was pretty much the sweet equivalent of melted lava; surprisingly she couldn’t feel pain. Scared out of her mind, Lilly was taken to the hospital by her former boss. Doctors ran some tests and ‘cured’ her wounds, sending her home shortly after because everything else was normal. They attributed the not feeling anything with the stress she had been exposed to. The next day? Her toe was healed and her wounds were nonexistent.

    Now she spends her time trying to figure out two things; where was her best friend and what the FUCK was wrong with her body?!

  8. Name: Colvin "Cole" Daniels
    Age: 22
    Gender: Dood
    Day Appearance:

    During the Day he stats about five feet eight inches and is roughly one hundred thirty pounds, in other words he's you're average lucky if someone looks at him long enough to avoid running into him.

    Night Appearance:
    At night Cole grows to six feet three inches and gains about eighty pounds of muscle mass. Also at night his clothes change to a thick woolen shirt, jeans, and a leather frock and gloves

    Night Time Abilities:
    Put Short, he can create virtually anything by force of will alone, though to get an item perfect, it requires time, concentration, and a lack of distractions. otherwise it's not wuite perfect, things from hilariously benign differences to potentially dangerous. Though he doesn't know it yet, his power skyrockets with the use of a blacksmith's forge and anvil.

    College Student

    None yet

    General Personality and History:

    During the Day Cole is reserved, his head often in the clouds more than wherever the rest of him is. Still he's imaginative, caring, and generally a nice guy. He's more likely to stay in his room and play video games than go out and do anything. When night comes around his personality shifts, not a true second personality however, more a shift in perspective. when night comes around he becomes more active, both socially and....physically. Almost as if he's got too much pent up energy and simply can't find a release. Neither side is fully aware of his night abilities yet, using them only rarely as if by instinct.

    Theme Song:

  9. Name: Cosette Ynette Levielle "Cyl"

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Day Appearance:

    Night Appearance:

    Night Time Abilities: Intrigued to the screams and cries of fears. Cyl becomes an illusive maniac to cause others to see their fears.

    Occupation: Full time college student under computer science studies, also a part timer at the campus shop. It sells study books, reading books, art supplies, and even school apparel.

    Friends/Relationships: Non existent at this moment. She doesn't even really have many friends. Maybe it'll change after time.

    General Personality and History: Cyl grew up normal... At least as normal as she could. Her mother died giving birth to her and as she began to grow up her life turned upside down. Cosette's father got a business job overseas and ended up leaving her in care of a maid of the family. The middle aged woman was close friends with the small child's beautiful mother. Years past and the father never called or wrote. Hell... When he came back to the city, he never even acknowledged his existence.

    The woman watched the giddy child fall into an agry frenzy upon the world. First, it started with an attitude. Next came with the fights at school. From there everything fell even more down hill. The school she attended she was surprisingly the top grade point averaged student as well as the one who made the most messed in the hallways. As this happened the maid gave her to the nearby orphanage for them to deal with her. It was bad enough everyone in the manor had to leave and find another way to make money. The master of the house abandoned all of them. Time after time with the social workers coming after her, she grew tired of the small little game. She wanted to be free yet she wanted people to care for her and actually talk to her with out them being scared.

    It took some time but by her final year in school, she managed to turn her life into a better off one. This started with applying for college under a Computer Science Major with a Graphic art Minor. The second step to help was her finally getting her first job at the campus shop. College started and her attitude grew a bit childish. It was all thanks to her past of not having a childhood. She was young. Cyl was even single. Why couldn't her attitudes fluctuate to find who she was? The young woman changed more. Her personality finally became stable months later. She is bubbly and giddy with very flirtatious tendencies. The woman will flirt with anyone as long as they are around her age; no matter the gender.

    Just as things looked up for the girl she got sucked into going to a concert by her best friend Sven. Raves were mostly her thing but this was just different. It was amazing. The night was filled by ecstasy moments. The band's music was unexplainably soothing. The night ended as every night should after having that much fun. Then it all blurred. By night the girl turns into the succubus type that hungers for fear. Making illusions good and bad to get the enjoyment she hungers for. Cyl loves the sound of crying and screams not matter the age of the victim. When the city rewinds to day its like she has amnesia of the night. Cosette doesn't even remember going to sleep.

    Her day began like normal. She got up out of her dorm bed got dressed. Work came first that day. Introduction to webpage design was right after. The boss flew in and switched on the TV. He even began to cry. It was strange to see Sven's father cry like that. Cosette shrugged it off guessing that's just how father's acted. The broadcast blared on the TV with breaking news of attacks. People dead and some just barely able to escape. Lucky people. A few names were said as photos were flashing across the screen. "Sven Demetrious Matthews" Her eyes flew to the screen. He was listed under the dead individuals. Dead? Confused even with her own emotions tears streamed down. Cyl looked at Mr. Matthews. "This is a joke, right?" The man shook his head, turned off the TV, and walked into the back where his office was.

    This is where everything became confusing to her. She researched online of her best friends death finding a picture of him in rigamortis. His body seemed sucked dry or at least died in complete shock or even... fear? Her body trailed around campus. Sad faces. Confused faces. Depressed faces. They were all like her. Completely lost on what was happening.​
  10. As soon as Kari and Cosette finish their character sheets, I'll get the kick ass IC up and running!
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  12. "Take me, I'm alive."

    Name: Lauren Elizabeth Miller
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Volunteer at a soup kitchen


    "Never was the girl with the wicked mind."

    "But everything looks better, when the Sun goes down."


    "I had everything - Opportunities for eternity, and I could belong to the night."

    Night Time Abilities:

    The power bequeathed upon her by the night is to allow her to look into one's eyes and impose upon the victim the pain of a broken soul. The angst itself, has said to be enough to paralyze. For those weak-minded individuals, they would find themselves unable to tear themselves away from her gaze, drawn towards it through some macabre desire, recently awoken within their bodies and they cannot look away. After a while, their eyes would begin to bleed. However, due to the nature of her powers they can only be used on one person at a time and the effects only come on over a period of time. Furthermore, the usage of this power drains her very much mentally and if she is to use this on more than two people over the period of a day, she will begin to experience migraines and nose bleeds. Cerebral hemorrhage may result from even more usage.

    The night itself has also given her the calming effects it has, though unlike the warmth felt in the presence of the sun one would feel the cold of the night. Lauren is able to drain the hostility, the anger out of a single person if she focuses extremely hard and maintains eye contact, but when it comes to a small crowd of up to a dozen people the effects are barely noticeable, but still there. The people would find themselves less keen to display any hostile behaviour. This power, when triggered brings that hostility into her own mind and diffuses it in a harmless manner but it also destroys her mentally, chipping away at her psyche. After using this power Lauren becomes more self-destructive, more easy to break mentally and may turn to self-inflicted harm for solace.

    However, if even such unnatural powers do not work, Lauren can extend her nails, which become as hard as rock to about ten centimetres in length and fight with them. What she does not know is that, when she uses this power the calcium in her other bones are drawn out and channeled to her nails to make them this strong, so they are much easier to break when she does this.

    "Your eyes, your eyes. I can see it in your eyes, your eyes."


    By day Lauren is your typical upper-class socialiate schoolgirl, though with a friendlier personality and not as arrogant as the others. She is more than willing to spend her time helping out in a soup kitchen, whilst the other girls run around the shops wasting their parents' money on clothes they will never wear twice. Not surprisingly, many of her friends don't come from the private school she goes to but instead the high school a few blocks away. Although this would be grounds for social exile and ostracization for anyone else, Lauren's endearing personality keeps her constantly in the good books of her schoolmates.

    However, by night, ever since her transformation she changes entirely and all of her repressed anger, angst, sadness rises up to the surface and takes over. Smoking, casual use of drugs, casual sex; things she would never do normally, in the day became second nature to her as she spends her nights dancing away in the clubs and having sex in the back alleys - with a guy, or guys, or a girl, or girls, or both. She doesn't really care.

    "You make me wanna die. I'll never be good enough. You make me wanna die."


    Lauren doesn't have much memory of her birth parents. All she knew was that her early years were ... Painful. There was a lot of pain. A lot of pain until a nice lady had come and told her that they were going to take her away and she was going to be safe. She didn't understand much of it, and as they led her away from her mother's unmoving body (she would learn only much later in life that she had died of a drug overdose, and her father had been non-existent in her life all along. She had been beaten by her mother's pimp) Lauren didn't really look back, because she had never found much comfort in that woman's breast and someone she knew that life would be much better.

    Lauren was shifted from foster home to foster home, until she was eight and was adopted. Life in the foster homes weren't anything special. They were better than what she had with her birth mother, which she had a brief idea about even though the exact memories were hazy, but they weren't exceptionally luxurious either. However, life in the foster homes taught her important things; one should never get too attached to something because it will be taken away from you. Change is the only constant. If you want something, you have to work for it and whether you get it or not depends on how hard you work for it.

    Her new father was a rich businessman that was constantly flying around, same with her new mother, who was a fashion designer of moderate fame. She later learnt that they had adopted her because apparently, they also had a young daughter like her once that died because of leukemia, and her mother due to some medical issues could no longer conceive. Much of the rest of her childhood were spent with her nanny but she remembered her adopted parents fondly - they were very nice to her and they cared for her. They took care of her every need, and when they were around they always spent a lot of time together on outings and dinners and parties and it was all very pleasant.

    However, they were still very busy and as Lauren progressed into her teenage years the mood swings experienced by a teenager hit her much harder than the others. She longed for a family that was always around, always there for her - due to their busy schedules she only saw her parents twice or thrice every few months, especially after they gave her an apartment to live in nearer to her school. She didn't know why, but one day she went to a club alone and she just danced the night away there ... And she liked it.

    She felt at home there, and that was where she spent much of her nights subsequently, and also where she began to pick up her habits. No one knew, though, because Lauren made sure she balanced her life properly so as to accommodate her new nighttime activities. The eye bags were hidden away by shades and careful skin care, the hangovers scheduled to happen right before a weekend and never going near the hard drugs.

    "And everything you love will burn up in the light, because every time I look inside your eyes. You make me wanna die."

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  15. Name: Jack Zeitgiest
    Age: 19 and a half.
    Gender:*Heavily implied as to having male genitalia*

    Day Appearance: (open)

    Night Appearance: (open)

    Night Time Abilities: Aside from the slightly obvious change in appearance, Jack can move with a speed that will leave after-images in the eyes of most humans. Upon gaining enough speed he also possesses the exquisite ability to pass through solid matter of his choosing like a wraith or other ghost. But when he is still, he has the same tangibility as a regular human. Most frightening however is his Night Time form's love for the taste of fresh sweat that goes beyond some kinky fetish. The mere scent of it will drive this night time form into a frenzy that will chase down his prey without hesitation.

    Occupation: 2nd Year college student. Works at a fast food restaurant that 'shall not be named'.

    Friends/Relationships: Jack has a decent relationship with his family, but he chose to go out of state for his college education. As for friends he does have a few roommates with whom he interacts with on a very rare occasion. Often he holes himself up in his own room when they are out in the living area, only emerging when the others are off somewhere else and scrounging up food for himelf like some night-time scavenger. As for any friends on campus. . . people see him and know of him most when he raises his hand in classes to answer questions. But every so often a girl comes along that likes the way he looks and catches him like a fish in a barrel.

    General Personality:

    During the Daylight- Jack is not exactly what one would call outgoing given his often silent demeanor. He listens to everything others have to say before he speaks, never interrupting them even if it costs him some sort of opportunity. Unfortunately he also lacks any sort of mystery since he behaves with all the habits of a shut-in bookworm. With girls, whom he is interested in, his success depends solely on them either talking to him first, or them laughing at one of his randomly whispered jokes. He aspires toward a degree in Psychology to become a therapist that people can talk to about their troubles rather than bury them underneath a mountain of expensive pills. What he does have in his favor is a rather snarky sense of humor that will pop up in comments thought to himself, muttered under his breath, or whispered in the ear of someone standing close by that ranges anywhere from a terrible pun to a witty joke. Humor is the only way he gets over his shyness in making the first move to talk to someone else. In addition he has a great passion for poetry and of all things. . . music.

    During the Night- Jack turns into a darker reflection of himself that is a completely separate entity from his mind during the day. He remembers anything that he does in this form as a dream that varies from very foggy to horrifyingly vivid. As time passes since his first transformation, this darker self evolves further into a seperate consciousness altogether that has less and less of the original Jack as it experiences things that he does not. It has a deep thirst for the sweat of human beings and will chase them down just to make them sweat. But it never causes anyone physical harm unless threatened.


    Jack grew up in a small town in a completely different state from where he lives nowadays. Higher education offered at the College is what lured him so far from family and what few friends he has so many miles away. Before leaving them all behind, he had a pair of kind parents. Each one contributing in their own way to shape him into the quiet but strong handsome young man strangers see today.

    When writing his secret poetry he often listened to music for inspiration. One of the bands he had grown to like over several months was none other than Cloud and Out. Even for someone who could be interpreted as a hipster in some circles, their mainstream song struck a chord with him that did not allow him to ignore it. So when their tour came to town he attended the concert alone.

    Later that night when he came home, he fell into what all the world would have called a comatose state. The next day he awoke to find that over a hundred attendees of the concert died over night. For him it served as too much of a coincidence. Almost immediately he started to research the band in his free time with all the zeal of a crazed fan. Every bit of his own knowledge came into play from both his college major and his hobbies.

    What he has learned however, he keeps to himself out of fear.
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