David DeCoteau's 1313 [Trigger Warning: Do Not Click if Offended by Abs and Painfully White Briefs]

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  1. Do you like horror? Do you like men in briefs? THEN THIS IS THE FILM SERIES FOR YOU! David DeCoteau's Boxer Briefs Horror includes such cinema jewels as 1313: Haunted Frat, 1313: Actor -Slash- Model, and 1313: Cougar Cult.

    Described as "thrillers for girls", most of these titles are available through Redbox or on Netflix instant video.
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  2. Cougar Cult? They made a movie about Diana?
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  3. Obviously, this is gonna be a terrible terrible B-Movie.

    But does the poor acting, poor special effects, and poor editing deter me from those good lookin boys runnin around in briefs?

    Definitely not.

    Oh, be still, my heart. <3
  4. I am trying to make sense of the thing I just watched and I am failing on so many levels. Either this is a ridiculously well-done parody, or I will lose my faith in films forever. Not that I have too much faith in them, mind you.
  5. You guys should check out the Witches of Breastwick.

    Similar theme. Possibly the same house.