David and Andrew where art thou?!

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  1. Hey all!!!
    Abominableslothman here!!!
    im new and im looking for my friends from Pasco High!!! where are you guys?!!?!?!?

    Anyone fromw Pasco High Washington message me :D
  2. Well, I have no idea but welcome ^_^ it's lovely to meet you! Do tell us more about yourself!

    (why do I sound so friggin creepy when I use proper grammar? 0.0)
  3. You're slow hmm... slothman?

    Well I guess its not too late for me to welcome you!

    I'm Vay global mod and such, welkomen.

    ALso I've never been anywhere near washington (or the americas) in my life.
  4. Greetings Mr. Bigfoot. I am neither Andrew or Davis. Welcome.
  5. Pasco? As in Tri-cities? Come and stay for an RP or 5 & if you're looking for good gossip on the best state in the Union: go here.
  6. I ate Andrew. Or was it David?
    The distinction is not really important.
    I'm sure they all taste the same.
    Should you choose to interpret the words differently from their straightforward meaning, well, that's not my fault, is it?

    I'm Kitti, good to meet you.
    If you have any questions, please do ask.
    Welcome to Iwaku.
  7. It's weird seeing people use my name on the internet.

    Hey Alex.