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  1. If you haven't seen or heard of the Daughter of Evil series, either read a summary here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Story_of_Evil), or watch the main song (it's not very long) here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYJATjB88lI). Links to the full series are here (http://vocaloid.wikia.com/wiki/Story_of_Evil). It's truly amazing, so please listen to the songs!

    *Feel free to skip the song, please read the
    white though*
    So, shall we start?

    There was once upon a time in another place
    An evil kingdom who no person dared to face
    And the ruler was a girl so mean
    A tiny little princess of only age fourteen!
    In the vocaloid world, vocaloid Rin used to rule the land as an evil queen when she was 14. She was known as the daughter of evil

    So many furnitures littered her abode
    Her loyal servant who's likeness surely showed
    Josephine was what her horse was named
    All the riches of the world is what she had claimed.
    She had many riches, but her main prize was her loyal servant. This was her twin, vocaloid Len.

    If you're short on money that's no fearful thing
    Just take it from those who you dangle on a string
    To those who feel that they want to bring me down
    You'll just tidy up my gown.
    Now, bow to me!
    Rin stole money and the lives from others, for her own well being.

    Evil flowers
    Steadily bloom
    With an array of colourful doom
    But the weeds who feel that they want to stay
    They'll just die and and feed me the same anyway.
    There are other vocaloids not happy with Rin's reign, but she doesn't care.

    The princess held a love for a man
    Of blue who wasn't very much her fan
    But instead he chose his neighbor's girl
    Of green who's eyes shone like a pearl.

    Rin was in love with vocaloid Kaito. But Kaito didn't like Rin as she was evil, and instead loved vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

    The princess knew this and was filled with rage
    She called the minister locked in her cage
    And said in a soft voice to not be heard
    "Make sure the green country is badly stirred."
    Rin got angry at Hatsune Miku and Kaito's love, so asked Len who, loved Hatsune Miku, to kill all of those from the green country

    Houses of the people were burned to the ground
    So many voices would no longer make a sound
    The people who had suffered so much pain
    Didn't get pity from the one who'd slain.
    "Oh, it's tea time."
    Len killed all of the green country for his sister Rin, including his love Hatsune Miku. Rin did not care about the deaths.

    Evil flowers
    Steadily bloom
    With an array of bloodied doom
    Even though the flower is so very refined
    The thorns had driven it's garden to decline.
    The only survivor of the green country was the one with white hair, Yowane Haku. Yowane Haku was very sad, as Hatsune Miku who was her only friend, had been killed. Kaito and Len were also depressed, as their loves had been killed.

    To defeat the princess was no easy task
    But the people could no longer wear their mask
    Like a flock of birds they were led by
    A red lady mercenary into the night.
    Vocaloid Akaiko couldn't stand Rin's evil, so formed a rebel army to take down Rin.

    All the anger that had built up over the years
    Now consumed them without any fears
    But the army was battered from the green war
    Their attacks were not much of a chore.
    The rebel army was very big as nobody liked Rin and her evil. Rin's army was easily defeated by the rebels, as they were weak from attacking the green country.

    Once they fell the countrymen surrounded the court
    The servants ran away as time was short
    Little woman princess would not pose a fight
    And she was finally captured in the night
    "You're such a disrespectful man!"
    Rin was captured by Akaiko and her army, except they actually captured Len disguised as Rin his twin.

    Evil flowers
    Steadily bloom
    With an array of funest doom
    How the paradise that she made for herself
    Put this broken doll right back on the wooden shelf.
    Akaiko and her army plan to take revenge upon who they think to be Rin, but is actually Len.

    There was once upon a time in another place
    An evil kingdom who no person dared to face
    And the ruler was a girl so mean
    A tiny little princess of only age fourteen.

    She was to be punished at three o' clock
    When the church bells resounded a tock
    The person who was once royalty
    Was bored in jail with no loyalty.
    Akaiko and her army planned to kill their captive at 3 o' clock.

    At the time that eventually came
    The church bells to her sounded rather lame
    Without looking to faces of the crowd
    Said she with eyes in a shroud
    "Oh, it's tea time."
    They killed their captive-Len- as Rin watched under from under a hood in the audience.

    Evil flowers
    Steadily bloom
    With an array of colourful doom
    Now the people speak of her without a second thought
    That daughter of evil had recieved what she sought.
    Rin no longer rules. She lives in regret of her evil now her brother Len is dead. Rin and Yowane Haku met and made friends as they were both lonely, but Yowane didn't know Rin had been the evil queen. When Yowane Haku found out, she was going to kill Rin, yet she didn't as Rin reminded Yowane Haku of how she used to be lonely too, before she met Hatsune Miku.
    *End of song*

    After this song, in the Re_birthday song, it is explained how they were all reborn as vocaloid music synthesizers. Except what if that's not what happened? What if instead they were all reborn to relive their lives, to see if they could improve. Or will history repeat, unchanged? This is the role play idea. The time we will be starting at is 3-5 days before Rin proposes to Kaito. If you have anything specific you want in the plot, please tell me!

    There are several vocaloids to be played. A list of them is below. We will be using the vocaloid names, not the Story of Evil names,as they are better known. If a vocaloid has a name next to it, they are already taken so you have to pick a different one. If there are no vocaloids left, but you still want to join, there are some extra characters to play, which are not listed as they are unessential. Just tell me, and I will help you pick one. If there is not enough interest, I might allow second characters.

    Rin- E-claire

    Hatsune Miku-
    Yowane Haku-

    Small character profiles need to be filled out, just so everybody is sure of the vocaloids basic information. I'm not going to ask for personality information, but I expect people to be sensible with how their characters act. Evil Rin wouldn't help and old lady, and Yowane Haku wouldn't be chatting to a group of people.

    Character profile:
    Name- (The vocaloid name, not the ones made up in the Daughter of Evil series. Eg. Hatsune Miku.)
    Title- (The title used in their song. Eg. Len is the servant of evil. If your not sure what it is, ask me.)
    Post colour- (Make it relevant to the character! Eh. Akaiko would type in some kind of red, not a blue.)
    Character relationships- (How they feel towards each character at the start, but not how that character feels towards them. Eg. Kaito is in love with Hatsune Miku, but isn't a fan of Rin)
    Catch phase(s)- (What they say often, or a motto of theirs, or an important line from their song. Eg. Rin often says "Oh, it's team-time!")
    Picture- (A picture of the vocaloid. Please try and find a verison from the series)

    My character:
    Name- Rin
    Title- Daughter of Evil
    Post colour-
    Golden Rod
    Character relationships- Len is her twin brother, who she loves, yet manipulates and uses. Kaito is a prince from another kingdom, who she is in love with. Hatsune Miku doesn't mean anything to her at the start. Yowane Haku doesn't mean anything to her at the start. Akaiko is a random peasant who lives in her kingdom, so Rin disrespects her.
    Catch phases- "Oh, it's tea-time!"
    "Evil flowers, steadily bloom"
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