Daughter and Dad.

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  1. Waking up for the first time in what would seem in forever, I would open my groggy eyes to see a burred image of everything around me. First thing that came to view was the red luminescent light that pored into my eyes from my alarm clock. The numbers, "5:45" burned into my retina as i turned away from it. Everyday before school started, I woke extremely early, early enough to be first to the bathroom, to be the first to get ready and the first to leave. In a family of 5, that is a real great feat to accomplish by just your self, especially if you have to fight over the mirror with your other three sisters. We allways argued to the fact that they should have more to them selves in the bathroom then I do. "Get up earlier if you want it that badly." is what I tell them every time they try to start an argument with me. Slowly sitting up on my bed then slouching over my legs, I tiredly move my legs off of the bed and start to walk towards my room's door, leaving my room with a slight look of sleep still staining my eyes.

    I was the first to the bathroom, as always, and took my time getting my self ready, taking a nice long shower before combing my hair over one hundred times to give it a soft-to-touch look of silky smooth texture. After brushing my teeth, I smile to my self in the mirror and leave the bathroom, getting ready to make my breakfast. Today was going to be a good day, for it is the day I ask my father for the keys to his car, so I can drive to my friends and spend the weekend with them, with said car. The weekend is all planned out, and it's going to be the best two days I could possibly imagin myself having for awhile.
  2. Glancing away from the morning paper the give the ceiling an inquiring look, he was sure that he heard footsteps. A quick glance to the clock let him know that his eldest was up and about to start her day. With a smile he set the paper aside and took another long sip from his rapidly cooling cup of coffee.

    He was proud of her. She had turned out alright without a real mother figure and had in turn become one for the younger girls. She was growing up..

    With a wistful expression, he set his cup down once more to continue his reading. An article, half-buried between some other news about the current political climate, seemed to jump out. Instances of young girls being flagged down by the side of the highway and lured from their cars. The girls were still missing.

    He set the paper aside and finished his coffee in a few long gulps. Nothing like that would happen to his girls, would it? He would have to really impress caution upon her...