Dating can be hard!

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    [size=+1]What's the worst date you've ever been on?[/size]
  2. I've never had a bad DATE... but I've had bad "Oh lets surprise Diana with a "date" because she totally needs a boyfriend!"

    There is the time my friend surprised me with a 'date' to the Renaissance festival. Handsome, yes. Just freshly out of jail and paying child support to two kids... (I was 18, I didn't need to deal with that shit. e__e ) He spend the day trying to romance me while I kept trying to nicely tell him to back off. >:[

    And that same friend tried to hook me up AGAIN with a random guy they met at the pool. I was back at her trailer painting the guest room and they sent him over. The first words out of his mouth was "Are you REALLY a virgin?". And I spent the whole day being the meanest, most sarcastically biting bitch I could possibly be. 8D
  3. OH OH OH.
    It's not that it's a BAD date.. The idea is lovely, but the setting didn't turn out as great.

    Sophomore year, second major boyfriend irl, he was a senior, and it was in the summer.
    We went to the outdoor theatre, they were playing G.I. Joe and Transformers 2.
    We set up his truck type car thing, so we could lay down and see out the front window.
    He didn't want his battery to die, so he didn't run the ac. He kept the windows open.
    It. Was. Freaking. Super. Hot. ._.'
    And it was the night after a storm..
    LOTS of mosquitoes. LOTS. LOTS. LOTS.
    So, I was hot, kind of sweaty, he was even sweatier since he was a bigger guy with facial hair and all that,
    and then the mosquitoes were biting me like children nomming on candy.
    And it was not sexy nor fun. T ^T
    Plus, Transformers 2 sucked ass.
  4. Never been into a horrible date >.< I've only had 2 and that's it
  5. This opinion is not cannon.

    I've never honestly been on a date. Oh, sure I've gone out to dinner with my wife, or gone to the bar with her, but we've never had a leisurely sit-down-and-catch-up-on-romance date. I think we sorely need it though...
  6. Nightmare date, eh? I got one for you.

    It was our six month "anniversary", if you could call it that, so I planned on taking her to a nice place. I mowed lawns in an effort to save enough cash, and put a lot of work into getting some nice clothes for the occasion. We get there, place orders, eat, etc. All seemed to be going well. She then asks me, in all seriousness, if it's alright if she sleeps around. The obvious answer was given in response. She proceeds to tell me how she's been doing it anyway for the entirety of the relationship, and wanted me to say yes so she would feel better about her actions.

    She called one of her fuck buddies after that and left. Needless to say, I was heartbroken and stuck with the bill.

    And people wonder why I hated High School.
  7. i've never been asked out ;n;
  8. NNNNuuu- :[

    But seriously. Went on a date to Brusters, the ice cream place, to find out that my friend Jessica snuck in the back seat of my car and popped out when we got to Brusters and was all "HIYA GUYS!"

  9. Worse date for me happened on Valetine's Day of all occasions. My new girlfriend and I had been flirting for a while and recently decided to become official. The original plan was to go on a double date with a friend of hers and a guy her friend had been flirting with. Well, the guy backed out for some reason that was never explained and my gf decided to let her friend not take us. Neither of us could drive at the time. So what ended up happening was her parents took us out to the movies. The movie my gf and I wanted to see was at a different theater than the movie her parents wanted to see. The theaters were only a block apart fortunately. For gifts, I had gotten her a box of chocolates. She had burned me 2 cds and had a few small boxes of candies in there as well. The cds were filled with love songs.

    They dropped us off and we bought our tickets to the movie. I believe it was 'No Strings Attached.' There were a few other couples there when we took our seats. We found some pretty nice ones, imo. During the movie, we only held hands or I had my arm around her. So far it was not that bad. When the movie finished, she texted her parents to let them know that our movie was done. In the mean time, we tried to find something to do. We played at the arcade there for a bit and eventually just ended up talking. She was worried about what will happen when she left for college. I was not in school and she was graduating. The conversation was just bad. I was trying to fight for us to have a ldr while she was thinking of breaking up with me. Her parents arrived after a half hour I believe. We left the conversation for later and never really picked it back up. I understood why she wanted to break up but we had only just started dating which did not seem right to me. The date ended with a kiss on the cheek for either of us as her parents did not like us kissing in front of them. A day later she broke up with and we tried to be friends. The friends thing did not work. That was my worst date.
  10. ...does having the engagement ring you gave your fiancee given back to you count as a bad date...?
  11. Worst date? My birthday, when my ex-husband yelled at me cause he had to get back home to go drink with his friends. I wasn't invited, by the way. Well, that's the worst I feel I can actually talk about, at least. Meh.
  12. I have never had a bad date :D
    -*cough* She has never had any date *cough cough*
    -You were eleven and the guys parent were with you. It doesn't count
    It counts >_<
    -You didn't even know what it meant to be together, it was just a funny thing when you were eleven Dx
    -... ... Really?
    ... No T-T I have never dated D''x But on the other hand.. I don't want to either :D hihihihi

    So yeah, the all mighty Red has never dated, except when I was ten and twelve, but it doesn't count as dating because either we did go out together with the parents or we stayed at home and played video games xD So it wasn't really romantic because we were to young to understand what that was. So technically speaking I have never been on a real date and it doesn't seem like that will happen any time soon x) I'm not that interested in all that romantic stuff :9