Dating A Champion

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  1. So…Yeah.

    You live in a sprawling metropolis. A real mega city in a way. Okay Okay, its just Los Angeles. But anyways, you're probably a fine young lady, in her twenties at least. You've just got a stable job, an apartment, and a computer. Then you happen to meet a handsome young man who just got back from some military service. He's sweet, he's caring, and isn't afraid to be the big strong tough guy when a couple guys who've been eyeing you from an alleyway try to jump the both of you.

    Only thing is, he's a superhero. With Super Strength. Invulnerability, Speed, And Flight. Sorta Like Superman, only…Not superman. Their powers and origin aren't exactly the same either. (He still uses weapons sometimes).

    But, you love him. You're the Lois to his Clark. The Gwen to his Peter. The Tora Olafsdotter to his Guy Gardner...

    …Okay, maybe you didn't get that last one, but you get the point. He's got to help keep the world safe. Especially just for you...
  2. Okay, you got me; let's do this thing!

    Admittedly, I'm rather new to this so just let me know what to do to get started and I'm game.
  3. If you're still up for this one i'd be interested maybe. I've never rped anything like this before.
  4. I'm already doing one idea with someone, and I'm planning to do another RP with a second person. So in terms of this idea, I think I'm good.
  5. Maybe something different?