Date OR Blind date

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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Date or Blind date!

Choose to either date the poster above you OR blind date to get a mystery date with the poster below you!

Yeah, I'd totally date her.

Ohh, Loveless; are you crushing on moi!? Lol.
Blind Date! Cause you have lady bits O_O
Sweeet! This means I get to party in NYC!
NYC it is, Hope they have doner stands cause were gonna need one.
Isn't this supposed to be Date or Blind date? Off TOPIC people.

Blind date. Cause well... I'm unsure of your species.
Date! Because I realized that the man bits on this forum are slightly more insane than the girl bits...
Yeah, I probably would.
Blind date. >.>;
I can't date daughter-face! Blind date!
Zyph, this is getting a little weird. Because I always seem to be wanting to date you.
I'm perfectly okay with that! :D *LeDate*
*Watches Christine and Zyph go off on a date* FINE THEN!

Blind Date.
I can't date Senji-bro! D:<

Blind date.
I'd definitely date her. -Nods.- Though I wonder if Lovely swings that way?
Let's share the love! *Blind Date*
<_< @ Mommy
Bliiiind date