Date [or] Blind Date

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    You Must Choose: Date with the person above you OR Blind Date with the person that posts below you!​
  2. Kunari kiss Evelyn gently, "My children are my redemption, as long as you all become beautiful and respectable angels like your big brother Ichi, mommy will be so happy."

    Evelyn look around the church, "Mommy, is there one with all of us in it?"

    Kunari look at John quietly, "Mommy.. mommy is different Evelyn, mommy isn't allowed in the murals anymore. But when you were born, we added you and Vicky to the mural of daddy's church."
  3. Faggot.

    I'll go with a date with Kitti 'cause fuck your shit.

    lolwait the fuck am I saying.
  4. C'mere you HUNK OF MAN
  5. I'll make you sin so much you'll end up in the hell of five different religions.
  6. Man fuck this--

  7. We are SO going to feed ducks in a park.

    Blind date, yo.
  8. Hey baby.
  9. Can't a girl just go to a restaurant by herself? Oh fine I guess I'll go on a date with Asmo.
  10. Alena moans pleasurably as she slowly let him in, "Feels.. amazing..."
  11. "I know..." *alex shuddered with every inch he went in
  12. "That's when a church becomes a temple if you ask me." Kunari murmur. She took his hand and got up, stumbling against him. She look down at Ashley sleeping in his arms, "She likes you a lot."
  14. Blind Date!
  15. Date ;) Come here Myrn, let's go have romantic walks on beaches as we shoot birds in the sky.
  16. Blind date, blind date!... Again!
  17. yesss....I'll go for a blind date here...can't get MUCH worse...
  18. I'd date myrn... but i want to see what happens with


    *holds roses and brushed off suit*

    (Is its someone i don't like i can have cor kill them)
  19. ._.'' Wow, you picked me.
    Nice job, Vay. -_-''
    Blind date-I'm prepared for the worse.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.