Date [or] Blind Date

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    You Must Choose: Date with the person above you OR Blind Date with the person that posts below you!​
  2. Ooo, I like it! And I feel like gambling, sooo... blind date.
  3. Faggot.

    I'll go with a date with Kitti 'cause fuck your shit.

    lolwait the fuck am I saying.
  4. C'mere you HUNK OF MAN
  5. I'll make you sin so much you'll end up in the hell of five different religions.
  6. Man fuck this--

  7. We are SO going to feed ducks in a park.

    Blind date, yo.
  8. Hey baby.
  9. Can't a girl just go to a restaurant by herself? Oh fine I guess I'll go on a date with Asmo.
  10. DATE - because I know I'll have fun with Ocha! :D

    (you damned boys play this game right! D:< )
  11. DATE~!

    *Tackles Diana*

  12. MOtherfuck.

    I wanted to watch horror movie with Asmo and have coffees and be snobbish and have rough gay sex.

    God damn it.

    Screw it i'll go with a blind date.
  14. Blind Date!
  15. Date ;) Come here Myrn, let's go have romantic walks on beaches as we shoot birds in the sky.
  16. Blind date, blind date!... Again!
  17. yesss....I'll go for a blind date here...can't get MUCH worse...
  18. I'd date myrn... but i want to see what happens with


    *holds roses and brushed off suit*

    (Is its someone i don't like i can have cor kill them)
  19. ._.'' Wow, you picked me.
    Nice job, Vay. -_-''
    Blind date-I'm prepared for the worse.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.