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    Hello, my fellow role players! Straight to the point, do you like dating? Do you like dating show on TVs? Do you want to find your partner? Then you’re coming to the perfect thread! Or... maybe not. Anyway!

    So, here’s the BASIC IDEA for this RP. There are several random people who try to FIND PARTNER USING DATING SHOW. This show is live and no acting involved, this is the most epic reality dating show ever!
    Candidates will live in separate dorms for 1 month, men and women, connected with big living room where they can interact with each other.


    I’m the GM, of course, and also the host, also other NPCs needed. I’m not the candidate, instead I will make things move along, like triggering random events. But, I encourage you to be active, especially when it comes to free time since I can’t do much. If I make candidate, I’m afraid I can’t be fair and end up dating every hot guys here then take the prize for myself MUAHAHAHA!
    Anyway, you will see me a lot, A LOT, seriously, don’t get bored seeing me all over the thread.

    You are the candidate, of course! Be candidate, get partner, and win prize! Yes I prepare big prize for the winner couple~ Not real one, what do you expect?


    How will this show going?

    You will face each day, from Monday to Sunday, morning to night. I will be the one who determine whether it’s day or night and which activity that occurs. I MIGHT SKIP TIME, depends on you and your post.

    I welcome every races from all over the world since this RP is modern fantasy. But! No robot or alien please ^^ Also MxF is the one I allow for now. Might thinking about FxF and MxM. There will be no elimination, so you’re going to stay at this show until it ends. Unless... You drop out from this RP on your will.
    For age, since this is dating show, I must set an older age, the range is between 20-35. Seriously, why does highschooler need to find partner from this show? There are plenty of cute and handsome people in school <3
    Libertine or not? When I think about it, sexy time is quiet intriguing, but I don’t wanna see bed scene all over my RP. So, I’m gonna think about it and yes tell me your opinion about this.

    There will be several activities in this show, I will explain it briefly since this is interest check, further explanation will be given in the sign-up thread.

    Just typical free time, you can roam around the buildings in area. I will make several buildings where you can hang out, chat, and even think about your life why you are so desperate that you join this show. However, you can’t leave the area and opposite gender’s dorms. Oh! And some buildings are restricted only to VIP.

    Every day, there will be 2 games, individual or group. What will you get from playing games? Points. What for? These points can be changed into money (Do you think the entertainment in building is free???), VIP card, date time (Will be explained in next section), and many more. In short, with points, you can do almost anything here :3

    Every Monday and Thursday, there will be short interview with two candidates. The questions are random and every candidate will get their turn. You can share your ideas about random questions via PM to me. Maybe I’ll add yours to the list of questions!
    Why do this? For fun of course! And also so you can know your fellow candidates better X)

    You buy your date time! If you keep on losing games, bye bye to date time then. Also, you don’t need to stick with one partner~ Explore and be friend with every candidate, so you have wide choices. You’re not going to fall in love at first sight... right? I won’t forbid you to stick with one candidate though. Date time is on weekend, choose one or pay for twice.

    Every day, there will be daily task given to each candidate differently. You will get points from finishing the daily task. Daily task can be everything, so be prepare!

    It's simple. At the end of month, every candidate will be gathered in large room, saying their last word to convince other candidates to choose him/her. After that, every candidate will choose their last partner and if they choose each other then they are the winner. However, in some cases, there might be several match couples and we can't have many winners in one show. So, the final winner will be determined by having last round game where their remaining points can be used as their addition to win the games.
    So, in order to win, you must bond relationship with other candidates. See how much you match with each other, who do you like most. You have one month to know each other, so use it well.


    That’s the basic idea about this RP. I will elaborate more detailed information about this dating show when people are interested in this RP, like points system, building, etc.
    I also welcome ideas and questions from you! Yes, pour me with your creativity, my love~

    1. Active roleplayer, help me and other to move on with the scene. Please post at least several posts in one week, one post a day is better~ Tell us when you’re going to drop this RP or gone for several days.
    2. No one liner! At least one decent paragraph can make me smile. Please please, even when you’re running out of ideas, please make it at least one decent paragraph. More are better, but quality over quantity!
    3. Creative people are the most welcome~ You can give me your ideas about this, like games, questions for interview, and many more. I’m not forcing you to always give me ideas, just wanna say that I’ll be happy when people give me ideas ^^
    4. Thinking about having co-gm to help me, so yes if you’re interested, PM me about this X)
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  2. Consider me, very interested! :)
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  3. Thank you! Very glad to have you and welcome to Iwaku ^^
  4. Sure, why not?
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  5. Count me in, seems interesting! But I wanna ask, how do we win? Use points?
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  6. Yay more people ^^

    Welcome aboard then :3 For now, I think the winner is couple who has same feeling toward each other. So basically one month is time for candidates to know each other, seeing who is the most compatible candidate for them. At the end, there will be final decision to choose their last partner. So, winning games will give you more points which means you can date more.

    However, this concept is still unstable for me, so I will be glad if you have ideas about how to win ^^ and thank you for asking! Forgot to mention that >.< I'll add it when I'm on computer.
  7. I'm interested in this ^_^
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  8. Oh, I get it and you are welcome :)

  9. Yay~ Welcome!

    I think we need more male characters here, assuming that you guys play your own gender. When at least one male then I'll open the OOC and sign-up, but if no one appears again, maybe I'll open it anyway and put banner :3
    One more thing! You can play max 2 characters (one male and one female) if we don't have enough players, but your characters can't choose each other since it means cheating, you can only become best friend or anything else.
  10. I'll play a male, sure.
  11. Okay! So two males and two females for now, hmm thinking about putting the OOC and sign-up tomorrow, maybe there will be more people interested in this ^^
  12. Interested in playing a male, for sure. How are the candidates picked for the dating show? Is it a random lottery, or...?
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  13. Hello there!
    So for your question, if it means how to join the dating show, candidates sign up just like normal show. I'll add the reason why they join this show on character sheet.

    If it means how to date on weekend when you're already in the show, you pay for it with your points. Everyday you get daily points and extra points if you win the games. That points can be used for 'buy' date time on weekend and other things that will be explained later. You can choose your partner for dating too.

    Do I answer question clearly? ^^
  14. Additional information about picking the date partner, pay more if you wanna choose or pay normally if you wanna get random partner. So, points hold the strongest influence here.
  15. Yup, thanks c: Do you know when the OOC will be up?
  16. I'll try to put the OOC tonight since it's weekend I'm afraid I'll be gone all day, so maybe today or tomorrow ^^
  17. <3
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  18. I assume this as a yes? :3
    So since we already have several people here, I'll put OOC up by tonight or tomorrow, I'll try to put it as soon as possible :3

    Thank you for your interest! ^^
  19. Great! Looking forward to it.
  20. It is~ I prefer playing girls but i can do a guy if needed?
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