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  1. [​IMG]
    Random Partner = 75
    Chosen Partner = 125

    7 days = 100

    Will be explained in each buildings' section

    Buy advantages in each games, will be explained at the beginning of game

    Individual Winner = 35
    Individual Runner Up = 25
    Group Winner = 20
    Group Loser = 10

    Daily Task Completed = 15

    After the group game, each of candidates will rate their teammates for their contributions and teamwork from 0-20 during the game. I will determine the final extra points and use the candidates' rate as consideration.


    {caption}THE MALES{/caption}











    {caption}THE FEMALES{/caption}











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    (Please note that this is not in descriptive paragraph, the full version more like a bookmark where the day started)
    DAY 1 - DAY 2 - DAY 3 - DAY 4 -

    DAY 1 (open)
    Cerena welcomed contestant at the secure island for the show
    Leo dropped out because his mother didn't allow him to be there due to his condition, he was replaced by Siegfried, The Druid
    Siegfried handed out flowers to each candidate and also the host, Cerena
    Avianna met Edra for the first time, Edra seemed doesn't enjoy his first meeting
    Kyoko, Mei, and Siegfried had a nice conversation at garden
    Jamie met Ren at the pool
    Edra invited Carl and Justin to play basketball, only Carl accepted
    Avianna joined Ren and Jamie at the pool, Jamie and Avianna established hatred relationship
    Jamie left Ren and Avianna, she joined Edra and Carl
    Hana who had been alone, joined the boys at the yard as well
    Avianna joined the boys... then threw ball at Jamie right on her head

    DAY 2 (open)
    "The Lunch War"
    (Ren, Edra, Avianna, Hana, Jamie)

    GROUP 2
    (Siegfried, Carl, Justin, Mei, Kyoko)

    Cerena offered Sieg and Carl extra points for them and Mei if they able to brought something from Illika and gave it to Mei. Extra points would be given to those whose gift accepted by Mei. Only Sieg and Mei who got the 10 extra points.


    "Show Me Your Talent"
    Siegfried = Walking Living Plant
    Carl = Pulling Truck
    Avianna = Enchanting Belly Dance

    Mei = Sparring with Siegfried = WINNER
    Ren = Violin Playing = RUNNER UP

    Jamie = Contortion
    Edra = Basketball Taekwondo Mix
    Hana = Kitsune Singing

    Edra injured his leg, Mei came offering ices which made Avianna mad
    Avianna flirted with Carl, she got rejected
    Siegfried showed his interest to Jamie
    Mei used megaphone to ask who was the youngest candidate for her daily task
    Ren talked to Hana, then moved to Mei to tell her his age
    Avianna teased Mei by mocking her and threw paper which she said had her age on it
    Ren, being a gentleman as he always did, offered to bring the paper for Mei, while Jamie came to Mei and asked for cooperation against Avianna, obviously Mei politely refused it
    Siegfried came to help Edra, but then excused himself to follow Avianna
    Avianna and Siegfried had a 'pleasant' conversation at the garden, it seemed they had triggered the prank war
    Hana came to heal Edra, but their interaction interrupted by Siegfried and Edra left them
    Ren came back with the paper and it turned out that what written there was the exact words Avianna told Mei
    Edra visited the crowd and took Avianna away, they had conversation after that

    Avianna went mad after she heard that she lost, throwing knife to Mei, and locked the female's room
    Jamie and Carl had left the show, replaced by Kalna and Vander

    (Click the names to read about the collaboration)

    MEI - REN

    DAY 3 (open)

    (Ren, Sieg, Justin [Vander], Kyoko [Kalna])
    GROUP 2
    (Mei, Avianna, Edra, Hana)


    Avianna = WINNER
    Edra = RUNNER UP


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  3. [​IMG]
    MONDAY, In Front of The Dormitory, 08:00 A.M.


    The sun was shining so bright, it almost hurt those who saw it directly. However, those light managed to brighten everyone's spirit, especially the candidates of 'Date Me, Please! Show' this morning who had gathered together. The candidates were special and unique on their own way. They were brought across the sea to a private island built only for this show. Yes, the producer was a super rich man that had a dream to unite the lost souls with their soulmate. After two years preparation, this show finally on air and there were several crews here, not only the candidates and the host, to help out with the show. This show is LIVE and ORIGINAL since every drama, fight, cry, laugh, love were purely from the candidates. No script and training before.

    After Cerena ready with everything, she took her breath slowly and walked in front of the candidates. Putting her best and cheerful smile, Cerena prepared to welcome the candidates....

    "Welcome to the DATE ME, PLEASE! SHOW! You are here for a reason, for a goal, to find your truly one, your soulmate, to spend the rest of the days with you. I assure you that your goal are on its way to be achieved. Before we start, I wanna introduce myself because you will see me a lot, I mean like A LOT! My name is Cerena Lainell, I'm the host of Date Me, Please! Show. I will help you all to pass the days, you can ask me, tell me, and talk to me about everything. If I can, I will surely help you. No need to be ashamed or afraid for I will not judge you for any reason, I am the most neutral person you can find here."

    "I believe that you have read about the mechanical about this show, right? I assume that you've read it carefully, so I don't need to explain those long explanation all over again. I bet you don't want me to repeat that explanation. Today is your first day here and there will be no activities today because I want you to explore this place well and also the candidates. After this, you will be guided to your rooms, men and women, then you are free to roam around the island and talk to everyone because tomorrow the game will be begin and your free time is limited."

    "Okay, pals, that's for today, please enjoy yourself and use this opportunity to find your half. I can see that every each of you are eager to start this show, though I do see some people are not here for their own will, but don't worry, you will enjoy this soon! I guess you have no question, so if you want to ask me something, please ask me personally. I will be happy to answer your questions."

    Cerena finally finished her introduction which she wished was clear enough for them to understand. Though she was a professional host, this show was different and would affect her career in the future. When she was finished, the rest of crews helped the candidates to enter the dormitory, then to their rooms. Cerena stretched her body and followed inside, she looked at the dormitory that made of wood, giving a peaceful and quiet vibe to it. She didn't have so much to do at the first day, so she took a seat at the big sofa and began to read the profile of candidates all over again. To be a good host, she needed to remember every candidate well, especially their general information.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Outside Of DormitoryInside Of DormitoryHer Room
    Avianna's First Day Outfit

    The tall leggy blonde named Avianna Bellerose stood there listening to The Host, Cerena babble away. She rolled her eyes, under her shades. Avianna wanted to see how or if this show could find her "True Love"...which was usually only in Fairytales, but maybe they could change her mind. When her friends heard that she was going to be on this show, at first they were shocked and started to laugh. Avianna, of course shut them all down...she didn't tell them that she was going on the show for love...she lied and told them that she was going on the show to become famous, I mean that was another reason...but mostly she was here for love. She looked at her nails, she had her left arm holding on her right arm...which only meant she was getting anxious and wanted to get into the house. When Cerena asked if anyone had any questions, Avi wanted to ask her why did she have to be to so chipper and happy! She smirked at that, but decided to not get on The Host's bad side...for now, that is.

    She was glad when the exhausting robotic introduction was finally over. She took no time getting into the house, the place was beautiful. At least she wouldn't be in some dirty tight some of these Reality TV Shows put the candidates in. She flipped her hair behind her shoulders, she started roaming around the place. The living room was nice, this would probably be where everyone would be. She noticed that there was a pool in the backyard...that's where she would be most of the time. Avianna didn't get the whole woodsy, outdoorsy was stupid. She hoped there would be no termites or bugs coming out of the wood...that would set her WAY off.

    "So...where's my room?" She looked at the crew...they ushered her to the girls' room. She was shocked to see that she would be sharing a room with all the girls. Five Girls in One Room, what the hell. Avianna shook her head, her blonde long hair going back and forth. "I can not believe this...this is annoying." The crew sighed behind her...they knew she was going to be handful, just by the way she was dressed and acted. They brought all six of her bags in the room. "I'll take that bed." She pointed to the the top bunk on the right side. Bunk Beds, really? This was probably not going to be as fun as she hoped it would be. She started to unpack, she would introduce herself to everyone...when she felt like it.
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  5. Justin a person who tends to try out these things decided to try this maybe he might find his true love though he doesn't believe it. He was happy to be one of ten alone together on an island to get to know eachother though he just think after the show ends and they leave everyone who like eachother would break up. That's usually what happens for him. Though he knew that he isn't really used to being in the human activities due to his guild saying he was lacking true love to stay within it so he decided to give it a try. He just looked around he read what was required and he couldn't have any alcohol the night before.

    Now, the boat came to arrival and he saw the host and she was clearly prepared for anything and he wondered how long it would take before she became speechless in this whole show. Though the introduction was annoying to his mind after the speech he just got off and grabbed his bag and followed the crew to the men's dorm. "Hm, a room full of men could always mean party until the day wears out" he said out loud but was glad he could meet new friends the worse fact is thinking of the women side who might care more of everything else. He took the bottom left bunkbed and started to unpack himself. "I should lay low on doing my sort of magic so they won't know what I am" he thought to himself unless there was a mind reader.he was probably fine.
  6. [​IMG]
    ☆ LOCATION ⌋ In Front of Dormitory → Men's Dormitory → Backyard
    Bloody hell, it was the only thing that Ren could think of as he got off the phone for the nth time that morning. Ever since this morning at around 6 am, Ren's office has called non-stop. Being the CEO that he is, he answered each and every one of them. Apparently his leaving couldn't have been at a worse time. First thing in the morning, they received an email from one of their long term partner companies. They wanted to break their partnership with InTech and was threatening to sue them. Apparently the partner company got hacked by an anonymous group and InTech was being framed as the hackers. Needless to say, Ren's morning was a huge disaster, so much so that he was tempted to stay behind to fix the problem. In fact, the company's problem was the perfect excuse for him to get out of the show. But his mother didn't allow it. She was adamant that he attend the show. His mother didn't even let him inside the office, she even almost took away his phone from him, thankfully he somehow managed to bargain the custody of his phone--his own phone. Sure he loved his mother but sometimes, she was just riddiculous.

    Ren sighed and lightly massaged his temple with his left thumb and forefinger. His phone buzzed again, he was just about to pick it up when a blonde woman suddenly spoke up in front of the group. Not wanting to be rude, Ren fought the urge to answer the bloody phone and quickly placed it in his pocket before he could bring himself to do so otherwise. He listened to the host intently, or at least as much as a person who had a relentlessly buzzing phone in the pocket could! The frustration he felt at each passing second with his phone buzzing in his pocket was consuming him. He knew he wasn't making a great first impression on the female participants but damn, they knew nothing about what he was going through at the moment.

    All of a sudden, his phone stopped vibrating in his pocket; not just terminating the last one due to not being picked up sooner, but it stopped vibrating entirely. No new calls, no new emails, no new texts. While it brought some form of relief to him, it also made him worry. As soon as the host was finished speaking, he took out his phone and read the messages left for him in the short span of time as he made his way to the men's dormitory with the others. Upon arriving, he chucked his suitcase and laptop bag onto the top bunk at the farthest end of the room's right side. "I'll be claiming this if that's alright." he said to the other men without sparing any of them a glance. At that moment, Ren was fixated on his phone staring at the last message he received. It was from his mother, it read: Don't worry about the company while you're away Ren. Mommy's got you covered~

    Worried and scared about what his mother could've possibly done, he rushed out the room and went straight to the backyard away from the other show participants. Immediately, he dialled his mother's cell but it went straight into voice mail. "What did you bloody do this time mom." he mumbled to himself as he tried calling his mother's cell three more times, still no answer. He was getting nowhere. Quickly, he instead called his secretary. "Rina, what's happening over there? Are we in the clear already?"

    "Well sir, your mother has taken over. She's order us not to bother you with company matters while you're away." While he couldn't help but sigh Ren felt relieved, in a way. He knew just how relentless her mother was, she knew the business world as she was trained by her father, his grandfather, on how to run the company back when she was still a child. He could trust her, right? ... Not really wanting to risk it, he ordered his secretary to email him everything that happens in the company from then on--especially the outcome of the case between InTech and the partner company that wants to sue them, she of course protested initially, but Ren managed to coerce her in the end.

    Finally getting off the phone for what he believes should be the last time that day, he pocketed his phone once more. If he looked at it for a second more, he would've gone and called the company once more to check up on what was happening, something he wasn't supposed to be doing. Ren was supposed to be treating this show as a vacation... a forced vacation, but still a vacation. He loosened his tie, it was quite warm outside. Perhaps wearing a suit wasn't such a wise idea.

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  7. [​IMG]


    If it weren't for the weather forecast, she'd be sweating her skin off.

    Kyoko stood among the other contestants as the host gave them a brief introduction. She didn't exactly listen to everything she said, but enough for her to understand. Serena seemed very cheerful and bubbly, which made Kyoko very comfortable. She also wondered where she had gotten her beautiful eyeglasses, they looked gorgeous.

    After the host's mini briefing, she started roaming around the dormitory. It looked like heaven compared to Kyoko's studio, which was only half the size of it. She mentally-squealed when she laid her eyes upon the huge bathroom.

    After a few minutes of exploring, Kyoko started to unpack and sort all her belongings. Clothes for all kinds of weather, bath essentials, almost everything for a vacation.

    But it wasn't exactly a vacation.

    Kyoko took the right-sided bottom-bunked bed. Afterall, she didn't want to fall off and break a limb.

    LOCATION: Outside of the Dormitory - Dormitory - Bedroom
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  8. Mei Ling.png

    ☆ LOCATION ⌋ In Front of Dormitory → Girl's Dormitory → Garden

    Mei Ling listened carefully at the host, her crystal blue eyes shining with awe and excitement. She can't believe that she's really participating in a dating show. Truth is, her friends dared her to do something spontaneous and she decided to join this. Of course she wasn't expecting to be accepted as a candidate, but here she is! Now there's a chance that she can meet her true love or maybe, make new friends.

    The host then introduced herself as Cerena, telling them that they'll be guided to their rooms and they have the whole day to meet everyone and explore the island. As the girl left and went somewhere else, she whispered a soft thank you to her, bowing her head out of courtesy.

    Mei then followed the crew in her room and thank them, happy that the place is cozy and has a peaceful vibe into it. The only thing she didn't like was the bunk beds. "Hmm.. I wonder if I can request five individual beds for each of us?" she thought to herself before noticing a blonde.

    Mei knew she should judge someone just by their appearance, but there's something about this girl that ticks her off. She looks like a barbie doll: blonde, beautiful, perfect body, but she bets her attitude is just like a doll: plastic.

    Shaking her head to get rid of the negative thoughts, she just smiled at the girl and set her bags on the left side of the room, choosing the bottom bunk as her bed. As much as she wanted to introduce herself to the blonde, it seems like she's a bit busy so she just grabbed her purse and waved he blondie goodbye before going to the garden to relax herself.

    Mei gasp at the most spectacular garden she had ever seen in her entire life. She couldn't believe that its a garden right out of a fairy tale. The garden is not only a riot of color and bursting fragrances, but it is also a silent and calming.

    The bold and saucy tea roses, immediately caught her attention. Its soft red petals dancing in the air and its spiky green leaves waiting to be noticed. Next is the lilacs and daffodils, fluttering their petals as if in silent laughter at the secrets whispered to them by fluttering butterflies. The chorus line of pansies, garbed in gentle yellows and gold, add a hint of whimsy to the magnificent garden.
    Hummingbirds dart among the the flowers sipping the sweet nectar. Bees buzz the heathers and collecting pollen from one flower to the others. Geraniums glistened with morning dew and Mei couldn't resist to walk towards it and admire its beauty.

    In the centre of the garden, there was a pond as large as a small lake with flowering lily pads and a wooden bridge that showcases the beautiful koi carps swimming on the crystal clear water. Oh, what a magnificent place perfect for some reading.

    Mei quickly spot a gazebo with wisterias hanging on its sides like curtains. "Oh, this truly is a magical place!" she said out loud as she sat on its wooden floor, taking out a book from her purse and started to read, enjoying the peace, beauty and tranquility of the garden.
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  9. Carl Savette

    Carl listened to the host of the show talk, giving her his full attention and nodding at key points. His posture was strong, hands at his sides, subconsciously ensuring the full effect of his impressive height. It had been a long time since he was in the same room with so many unfamiliar people; he preferred to keep his circle of friends small and tight, with minimal changes, and his favorite places to spend his free time were always quiet. The unfamiliar situation had him wanting to make a good impression, while still maintaining some distance until he got a feel for how the young ladies of the show acted.

    And boy were they young. Carl was very conscious of the fact that he was the oldest one there by quite a few years. He had dated far outside his age range before, but the relationship had been superficial at best. He'd told himself that it was merely because of her pop idol status and all the business that came with it, but lately that excuse wasn't holding up too well in his thoughts. For now he could only hope that at least one of the women here would be willing to give him a try.

    There didn't seem to be too many questions for the host, so Carl followed the others to the men's dormitory. He was used to staying with many other people in the same building -- lots of family -- so as long as he had his own room and all his hair care products had made it safely, he would be perfectly content. Normally he would've packed one of his nice suits for the occasion, but one of his adopted brothers had encouraged him to dress more casually so the girls would be more inclined to approach him. So instead, he was wearing a camo tank that showed off his muscles. Girls liked muscles, right? His last girlfriend certainly seemed to think so. It made him feel a little naked dressing like that in public, though. He couldn't get to his room soon enough.

    Once he arrived in the dorm with the others, however, he was dismayed to find that all the beds were placed in the same room, and bunked together at that. Good grief. Hopefully there would be somewhere he could retreat to for some peace and quiet. Too nervous to survey the other men who would be sharing the room with him, Carl set his duffel bag on the lower bunk closest to the door and started to root through it, making sure all his most important possessions were still there and intact. Clothes, check. Hair spray and combs, check. Cell phone, check. Excellent.
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    "Don't forget to bring your underwear, Edra-chan~"
    "Ah bring this too, I don't want you to burn that precious skin."
    "Remember this, Edra, pick a girl who can cook, clean the house, pretty, well at least good looking, not too skinny or too chubby. If you get one, I will take a look at her before she is accepted."

    Edra sighed hearing those words coming from his sister's mouth, he could see that they wouldn't stop talking until he left the house. Thank God that he managed to convince them not to come to the port. They would cause a scene there and he didn't want to be seen as their 'little cute brother', he shuddered as the 'little cute brother' popped in his mind. They really needed to see that Edra had grew up into a fine man who was afraid of girls, thanks to them instead of cutie boy.

    Making sure that he brought enough, tossing the sunblock away from his bag, Edra was ready to go to the port. It's not that he was excited to do this. At least he would feel peaceful there without his three annoying sister. After struggling to avoid their kisses, Edra managed to ran outside the house, riding his motorcycle and picked up his friend, Patrick. Why? So Patrick could bring home his precious motorcycle.

    After about 1 hour and a half trip, he and the other candidates arrived at the private island. It was secluded and quiet big, enough to hold several buildings there. He shook his head in disbelief and imagining if he had money to build all of this, he would never want a job. His arrival welcomed by a warm greetings from the host, Cerena, who seemed so happy and cheerful in this hot day, she even didn't seem to be sweating, the power of women, scary....

    Edra yawned several times, listening to her bright introduction, feeling uneasy being here with a lot of women here, 5 in total, 6 with the host, thankfully most of the crews were men, so they weren't intimidating him. The speech finally over and she told that the candidates could have their free time today which was great for Edra. He thought to make friends with the men, he needed to have allies here to make this show easier, though he didn't know how friendly they were.

    As he went inside, a playful smile formed on his face, seeing the sight in front of him. The living room was lovely he must admitted and there were a fireplace which was great, unfortunately now wasn't winter. Following the crews to his room, Edra found out that the beds were bunker, he didn't really mind since he slept in bunker beds a lot in his training. He took the right lower bed near the window seeing that no one took that bed and the black-haired man claimed the top bunk first. Edra shrugged and nodded before he put his bag on the floor and threw his weary body to the bed, it was soft and pillowy, at least he would have a good sleep here, he hoped.

    He turned her body on his right side and found a blonde man across his bed. Edra smiled at him, giving a friendly look for he didn't want sound so creepy by saying hi or anything else. Before he did something else, Edra took out his cellphone which was full with his sisters' messages and miss calls. Edra just sent same messages to them saying he was already arrive and he couldn't be bothered when he was here, which was true, he didn't want to be bothered by their useless questions.

    Edra turned off his cellphone and threw it back to his bag, then he sat up and looked at the rest of male candidates. They were different from each other. The blonde man across his bed was suspicious, Edra just could sense his strange vibe. And the black-haired man who asked for the top bed seemed to be a busy person. The next one was someone who was much older than him, Edra was guessing, maybe he was around 30. While the last one hadn't came into the room, so he couldn't see him. However, Edra managed to take a glance at him when outside, he seemed blind if he wasn't mistaken, though he couldn't make sure until he saw him once again.

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  11. As the introduction ended the Last thing she wanted to do was go to the dorms, crowed in with the other girls, to be completely honest with herself and everyone else. And, really, since when was she the kind of person to do something she didn't want to do? So she leaned over to the nearest crew member and asked softly if they would take her bags to the dorms and place them on whichever bed was free. After assuring them that 'yes, she was serious' and 'no, she didn't care which one she got' they actually agreed much to her surprise. Did she think she was going to throw a fit if they didn't? Either way she thanked them and headed off on her "adventure".

    Where was the adventure headed, you ask? Good question. When you figure it out can you tell her? Because she hasn't the foggiest, she just lets her feet carry her on a journey into the unknown. And her stop reveled itself to be a wide green space, fenced off with an off ivy colored wooden fence thats top was more then an inch or two out of her reach. Not that it mattered much, from where she stood she could see the foliage of trees peering into the yard as if the say hello, indicating that the area was wooded. That was fortunate, if their had appeared to have been anything of interest on the other side she probably would have tried to scale the barrier to catch a glimpse at the hidden wonders on the other side. Not to say there would actually be any, but, you never know.

    The grass the covered the stretch of land was greener then anything she'd ever seen in her home town. The ground back home was to dense, and clay based. Plus, whatever land could grow green was dedicated to small farms, which, ironically, was what made the other patches of earth infertile over the years. It was a pleasant reminder of her childhood, when things were a bit greener. She'd admit the tree's inside the fence were a bit of a let down, but the gorgeous shrubbery and tile work more then made up for it.

    She carefully stepped from slab to slab, making her way to the center where the water resided. She was taking extra care not the step on the grass with her shoes on, maybe she would when she took them off, but for now she kept off the lawn. She had her eyes on a differ prize anyways. The water. She made her way to the edge and slipped off her shoes, and rolled up her pant legs. Turning she set her hand bag and shoes on a lounge chair, before returning to the edge and sitting to dip her feet into the water fixture. The cool liquid felt nice in the seasons heat.

    She wiggled her left foots toes in order to cause ripples in the water as she pondered her choice to come here. It had been a crazy whim to throw the bet really... But once it was done she couldn't take it back. She'd like to say she could live with no regrets, but, considering the way her stomach clenched and she felt vaguely like she was drowning, that would be lying to herself.

    Outfit Of The Day (open)
    Location (open)
    Current Form (open)
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  12. ~ Hana E. Fujimata ~

    Hana stood alongside all the other's as she kept her sunglasses held upward on the bridge of her nose as she listened to the hostess give the introduction. Her finger's toyed against the edges of her dress skirt as she all but grinned slowly to herself. This for certain wasn't something she had ever considered herself doing and yet here she was taking this chance to find love against all these other girl's. Her eyes all but slowly scanned the gathered group as she knew full well this wasn't going to be overly easy but she wasn't going to give up so easily. Her right hand rose up delicately to hold against what seemed to be a normal locket but it was the only thing preventing her true self from being revealed... Like she'd be showing that anytime she thought. The hostess seemed quite bright and cheery for sure which wasn't an overly bad thing in her book compared to what she was witnessing with the other girl's. Once the introduction was over Hana gave a small sigh of relief as she began to feel the pain in her shoulder of holding her bags for overly to long. With that she began to make her way to the dormitory as her heels clicked against the stone pavement of the path up to the house itself as her eyes all but widened slightly from beneath her shades at the beautiful sight of the house itself.

    She crossed in through the open doorway as her blonde locks trickled down her back as her body all but swayed slightly with each step she took.. The house was amazing for certain and just by taking a glance at that kitchen she knew she was sold in that instant. Her smile all but grew as she headed back with the other girl's to drop off their things in the girl's dormitory room. It was only when she stepped into the room her lips parted slightly in shock at the realization that she was going to be sharing with these complete strangers not to mention future competition to come. She slid her sunglasses off slowly as her bright blue eyes all but glistened against the lighting as she looked at the platinum blonde barbie doll unloading her things with a look of disgust at the current rooming situation.. Which made her hold back laughter at the amusement of it.. Girl's like her were the kind she always avoided for some reason they always stirred a fire in her that she often avoided with that kind of overly prissy girl. How ironic that she would be placed with the kind that made her want to yank her hair out completely.. At that she claimed the lower bunk on the right hand corner as she smiled to a few of the other girl's with a sweetened glimmer found in her eye's.

    She gave a quick nod to the girl's realizing several of them were heading out to explore the lay of the house and in all honesty it seemed better than just staying here. Hana smiled with a chuckle as she ditched her cellphone within her suitcase with her other things before she crossed with eased grace out of the room and out into the hall as she went to explore for herself. She weaved down every hall until she came to a set of stair's that led upward's to a shared balcony between the dorm room's. Without hesitation she quickly skipped up the stair's as her heel's clicked beneath her before coming to cross across the upper floor area as she smiled slowly feeling the cool breeze slipping in through the open door's of the balcony as she stepped out only to be greeted by the warmth of the sun at play against her skin.." This is just right.." She spoke softly as she stepped in close to the railing to fold her arm's atop of it as she gazed out over the lay of land ahead as the breeze toyed with her hair. It was calming and it helped with the fear's at toy within.. What if nobody liked her? What if she didn't spark any of these guy's interest? She gave her head a brief shake as she smiled." Oh stop it , Hana... First day , give it a chance.. No more running from this chance." Hana's smile remained in tack as she gazed out not sure when she'd get a chance to meet the guys or what they were even like.. This was going to be a time to remember for sure. Everyone seemed spread out and with that she decided to enjoy the cool breeze as her hand held to the side of her face to keep the hair from breezing into her eye's.
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  13. [​IMG]
    ☆ LOCATION ⌋ Backyard

    Ren sighed for what he deemed to be the umpteenth time that morning. Despite knowing his mother wouldn't let the company plummet into certain doom, he still couldn't help but worry. He'd just gotten off the phone with his secretary and he was already itching to dial the company phone once more to check up on things. But he knew that his mother had probably blocked off his number from the company phones by that time, which was exactly why he'd called Rina's personal phone earlier.

    He ran a hand through his hair. The heat of the weather was beginning to affect him, he was starting to sweat in his suit. The thought of changing into a more casual attire crossed his mind, but he really didn't feel like going back inside the dorms where every other male was probably at. Interacting was never his strong point, be it with a male or a female. Which was exactly why his mother entered him into the show in the first place: to force him to interact with people and find a girl. Ren groaned at the reminder.

    The half Brit looked around the area was in. As soon as he read the text he simply rushed to this place to place a call without even thinking. It seemed to be the most quiet place at the time, and it still probably was, although part of him was saying the entire dormitories were still quiet. Everyone seemed to be a stranger to each other after all, interacting with a complete stranger wasn't exactly easy unless the person was friendly and engaging by nature, an extrovert; the complete opposite of what Ren was.

    Upon taking a glance around, he found that he was no longer alone. A girl sat by the pool, her feet submerged in water . With the current weather it seemed like a great idea to join the girl. But to do so would entail speaking to her, it would be rude to just completely ignore her after all. Ren contemplated on whether or not to just go back inside, and he was about to till he noticed the girl's eyes. Heterochromia. The rare eye condition draw him to her and before he could stop himself, Ren's feet had moved on their own will; not back inside, but towards the girl by the pool. He stopped when he reached the end of the pathway towards the pool area. No turning back now.

    "That looks fun. Mind if I join you?"
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  14. Siegfried was late, he'd made a pit stop at his shop on the way to gather some supplies and gifts, and because of that he'd missed the opening ceremonies. Thankfully, the towncar rented to take him to the show was still waited at the drop zone when he got there. Stuffing his suitcase in the trunk, he hopped into the backseat with his flowers and signaled the driver to depart. He lit a cigar and took a deep drag; this would be the last time for a while he'd be able to enjoy a smoke without having to worry about cameras around him after all. He watched the landscape zoom by outside the window while he contemplated the events that led up to this fateful drive.

    His best friend and business partner, Gabriella, and her husband had convinced him to go on this show, and he'd only convinced them when they agreed to watch over the shop in his absence and agreed not to make new medicines while he was gone. A month wasn't too long, after all; surely his patients could handle it until then. He'd spent the last week compounding medicines to stock reserves, stopping only to sleep or eat. Regenem had a huge client list for being a 5 person business, and as head healer he had to make sure they would be safe and prepared for anything while he was out.

    He came up to the dormitory, a mansion-like cabin situated far from any neighbors. He quickly thanked the driver and unloaded his bag and bouquets. Carrying everything haphazardly through the front door, he was happy to find the host nearby. "Hi, Ms. Cerena, right?" At least, he thought it must be her, he didn't remember there being multiple mermaids there. "These are for you. Thank you so much for accepting my application; I can't wait to see what's going to happen here." He said with a smile, offering her a large bouquet of pink roses. "If you'll excuse me, I need to put my stuff up and try to make up for lost time." He found his way to the male dorms and found a top bunk still available and tossed his stuff up onto it, figuring he can just unpack later. He'd run in so quick, he hadn't even noticed the other people in the room. "Umm, hi?" he said, kinda awkwardly. "I didn't know how to introduce myself, really, so I thought I'd bring everyone some flowers from my greenhouse." He handed the flowers out to the people hanging out in the dorm.

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    Edra leaned himself on the wall, watching as the rest of males unpacking their stuffs, it's boring. He really needed to find something to do before or he would totally go crazy. Right before he was out, another male came in, someone he never seen before. Edra couldn't remember him at the opening, who was he? He couldn't see the blind man, instead another male came into the room and introduced himself. Edra wasn't really care anyway, he seemed nice though by giving out flowers. He didn't think to bribe us, right?

    Edra smiled and looked at the flowers, "Wow it's quiet rare to see a man giving flowers to another men, but I'll take it as a welcoming gift?" Edra laughed and patted the newcomer's back as he passed him, "But thank you anyway, my name is Edra, I'm telling this to everyone in this room, I hope we can be friends. Well, we should be competitors, but I don't really think like that, I don't care with this show," Edra waved his hands and his eyes stuck on the older man, "Hey, nice hair by the way," Edra smirked and walked outside.

    Outside of the dormitory was not better since there were several women walking here and there, he didn't really want to talk to them anyway. Edra passed the living room and to the kitchen, he was surprised that they provided the candidates with some milk, coffee, and many more. He made a hot chocolate for himself to relax his body a little bit. Who could deny the sweetness of chocolate anyway? After it was ready, Edra walked to the living room and sat on the soft sofa. Maybe he would have a good time here, maybe as long as the women was not so annoying, Edra thought he could survive.

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  16. [​IMG]

    After an eternity - actually, half an hour - of packing, Kyoko felt exhausted, she either wanted to doze off and skip the rest of the day, or just power through it. She had not realized the load she had packed, and did she regret it? Maybe, but what can she say? A girl has to have a variety in her wardrobe.

    With a prompt swipe of her hand, she swiftly re-braided her bubblegum pink hair that had once cascaded down her waist. She readjusted her braid so that it wouldn't block her face and fixed her make-up.

    Within a few minutes, she was gussied up and ready to go. She contemplated whether or not to roam around the living room and maybe warm up around the cozy fireplace which adorned the whole area. A grin formed on her face when she saw how the living room was completely empty, except for a contestant with spiky black hair which hardly caught her attention.

    Kyoko breezed pass the common room and went outside.'Fresh air has never felt this good.' Kyoko thought it was a drastic change from the busting city's atmosphere which she called home. She always wanted to take a vacation to place where the air was pollution-free, not a trace of dirty air around, and this looked like the place she dreamed of, the one where she could finally have a peaceful week.

    Only it still wasn't a vacation, sadly.

    Her eyes flickered to a girl sitting on the hard wooden floor of the gazebo that was home to some stray greenery. 'Wouldn't hurt to talk to a fellow contestant, now would it?' Kyoko considered before sauntering towards the blue-eyed girl. With a friendly smile plastered on her face, Kyoko introduced herself to her fellow contestant.

    "Hey, mind if I stir up some conversation?" she beamed, hoping to make at least an acquaintance in a place like this.

    LOCATION: Bedroom - Living Room - Garden

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  17. [​IMG]

    One of the crew called Cerena outside by whispering to her, usually it meant something important happened. Closing the list she was reading, Cerena quickly went outside the dormitory. The crews were already gathered outside, speaking in distinct, "What? What happened?" Cerena quickly blend in with the crews and they told Cerena about the situation. It seemed that one of the candidates must go home. He was Cecillio.

    Cecillio's sister called and she said that Cecillio needed to be sent home right now. His mother suddenly felt insecure with this whole show, worried that Cecillio couldn't handle the situation well, she also said that Cecillio's condition was not suitable to attend the show for one whole month. She believed the perfect woman would come at the right time and he didn't need to join this show anymore. After several times apologizing, her sister wanted Cecillio to come home. Cecillio seemed shock with this sudden call, but he couldn't do anything for the crew couldn't force him to join when his family didn't support the idea. Because of that, Cecillio must left the show and immediately sent home.

    "Aw, that's so sad, we lose one of our candidates," Cerena opened her list and searched for the waiting list. Several males were there, but she remember that the first list was Siegfried Gideon Jensen, the human druid, "Call this number and tell him that he's chosen, tell him that he will be taken here by the crews, though he has missed the opening, I think he will doing fine, use the express one, we need him here now," Cerena put her list away and waited at the front door for Siegfried.

    Finally, the man came. Dazzling in his blue hair, Sigfried had arrived, "Ah there you are," she said happily then offered flowers by him, "Aw that's so sweet, and welcome, it's a pleasure to have you here," Cerena cursed the director for choosing her as the host. There were a lot of attractive males here, she would take them all home like right now, "Yes, yes, oh by the way I love tulips more than roses," she laughes as she saw him disappear to the male room.

    Cerena put the flowers to the empty vases at the cabinet and placed the vases full of flowers at the living room, now it was prettier than before. Cerena wanted to introduce Siegfried to other candidates, but seeing how they were separated to different locations. Cerena thought that this was not the right time. Her eyes caught a black-haired male came out from the male room, making chocolate and sat at the living room. She wanted to approach him, but held her intention as she remembered that she had some things to do.

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  18. Siegfried laughed at Edra's words. "Where I come from, you give flowers to anyone who you find attractive." It wasn't exactly broadcast to the world - well, I guess it would be now - but Siegrfried was bisexual. "Thank you, would you believe that it's my natural color these days? Too much experimentation with exotic plants, I suppose." he scratched his head, embarrassed. He put flowers on the rest of the male bunks, then followed Edra out of the room, opting to head to the garden instead of the kitchen. The sooner he handed out the rest of the bouquets, the better. "Umm, hello ladies. The name's Siegfried Jensen. I was a last minute addition to the show, and late getting here to boot, so I thought it might be wise to bring gifts." He said to the girls sitting in the Gazebo.

  19. [​IMG]

    Her RoomLiving RoomThe Pool
    Her Bathing Suit Look

    Avianna had finally finished unpacking her things, she had a lot of things and outfits for one month...but she never really liked staying in one outfit for too long. She noticed the other girls start to come into the room. The first was a pink haired girl, she didn't say anything to Avianna, which she was happy about. The bubblegum haired girl took the bed under her, Avianna thought that would be the last spot for anyone to want to take. Then a brunette came into the room, she was cute-ish, Avianna could tell that the girl didn't like her off the bat. The girl was judging Avianna already, which is a good thing...since everything about Avianna made people want to judge her. The last girl to come in was a fellow blonde, Avianna thought they might get along, maybe. She was a bitch, but she would still like to have at least someone of the same sex to talk to, or someone that she wasn't trying to get to fall in love with her. The girl's outfit was nice too, she would say something about it sometime today. As she watched all three girls leave the room, Avianna stood up from her top bunk.

    She thought about the beautiful pool again, she wanted to get into it like now. "Now, where is my perfect bathing suit?" She looked through her unpacked stuff, finding it and heading to the girls' bathroom. She at least had one shower that she would use the most. Maybe she could get the other girls to use the left one, the one on the right would be her designated bathing area. Once she got into her bathing suit, she looked herself over in the mirror. "Beautiful, like always. Just a perfect Doll." She twirled a strand of her hair in her hand, brushing her waist length blonde hair and then leaving the bathroom. "I wonder where the boys are." She noticed that two were in the boys' room, as she passed by it. She waved their way, walking down the hall.

    Avianna noticed one boy sitting by himself in the living room, he looked just like her type...the jerky kind of guy. She wrapped her wrap around her body, the wrap was mostly see through, so yeah, it didn't hide most of her thin bathing suit. She took a seat next to him. "Hi, I'm Avianna." She smiled at him, her seductive ways coming to the surface. "You're really cute." She batted her eyelashes his way.

    "If you want, you can accompany me to the pool." She stood up, walking towards the outside. If he came, he would be smart...if he didn't, she would make sure the next time he would. When she walked out towards the pool, her bare feet felt amazing in the soft and wonderful grass. She noticed the last girl who would on the show near the pool. Avianna guessed the girl didn't want to be bothered by the other girls in the room, she smirked. This girl had colored hair too, and a colorful outfit. She had like a hippy style or something, Avianna hoped she wasn't a hippy though...she couldn't deal with that peace and love crap. There was a guy next to the pool too, he was cute, but she had her eyes on another one already. She unwrapped herself, stepping into the cool pool. She laid her head back, making sure her hair didn't touch the water. "Hey, my name is Avianna." She didn't look at the two, she just spoke towards their direction. "What's are your names?" She would be nice for now, her claws would come out later in no time.

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