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  1. So after seeing that lol, what do you think it'd be like to date a super hero or villain? Do you have someone you'd really date or least likely to date?

    I feel like Batman would always be a heartbreaker. He'd be too busy chasing demons rather then giving me the love and attention I demand, lol. Same with Arrow. Iron man is too much of a player for me D: ...maybe Flash but then I worry if he'd be too quick in bed...;^; I'm least likely to date Superman because he bores me o.o
  2. LOLOL.

    Daredevil would be an interesting dude to date. Thor is also on my list of maybes. I'll answer more after work.
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  3. The Flash charms me very much. Also, he can make his dingdong vibrate. I dig that. <3
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  4. ...damn, you got a point!
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  5. Nightcrawler. Blue fur, pointed ears, demonic looking tail, and a great personality. What is not to love?
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  6. I honestly can't think of a super hero that I'd be able to date well... :/

    *Thinks harder on it*

    Nope, no one.
    None of them seem like people I'd have any chance of finding common ground/interests in.

    Then again note my exposure to heroes is limited to movies.
    The Comics could very easily prove me wrong here.

    That and I'm restricting this to female hero's, because I'm a Hetero Male... So other dudes isn't my thing.
  7. Cat woman, Storm, Black cat and Harley Quin are datable. Most likely not long lasting tho
  8. I'd say Wasp or Squirrel Girl, based entirely on their looks. I feel like I'd either have to become a vigilante or have powers myself, otherwise I'd just kinda feel left out.

    Of course, from a dating perspective, Mystique would probably be the most interesting.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Gotta go with Domino, and her powers won't leave me in the hospital.

    Winning all around.
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  10. Wasp.

    Then again, her relationships never seem to work out so well.
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  11. I would date Green Arrow, Static (the one from the animated series and Young Justice), Hawkgirl (the one from Justice League), or Deadpool for me.

    EDIT: In case you don't know, I am a bisexual guy.
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  12. ^This is probably the issue.

    I tend not to care for the "Dating just because" sort of dates.
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    But really, no I wouldn't want to date a super hero. O___O You'd always be getting kidnapped or attempted murdered.
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  14. I'd rather be immigration dude.
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  15. But if you had a baby with a super hero it would just be beautiful with no powers because your beauty is the dominat gene and in this case super powers are the recessive gene. ( NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THE CRINGEY PICK UP LINES I SPEW OUT DAILY !!! )
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  16. basically, Donald Trump? (Hehehe, I'm sorry. I couldn't not say it xD)
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  17. Wolfsbane from X-Men would be interesting. Or Fem-Deadpool. XD
  18. Ya. XD I can't let them steal all of our food!
  19. Lolol
  20. The only one I can really think of is the teen titans Starfire (Don't know much about the comic version) She's a pretty odd person from an even weirder planet. But that constant feel of "... Why???? DX" Seems like it'll be one of the most interesting relationships out there :D (And maybe I can be trained into a robin or something, that way perhaps I can be a super hero too ^^)
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