Dat Hair Doe!

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    uh, to clarify, the hair on top of your head, and/or on your face. NOWHERE ELSE.

    Post a pic of your regular hairdo! And if you want to be besties, also with your hair done all silly!

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  2. Dat hair doe?

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  3. I should have anticipated this =3=
  4. Sorry Mini. Have an actual picture of my actual hair. (Bonus Halloween edition.)

    Before I feel the regret and delete this.

    2012-01-01 00.00.00-11s.jpg

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  5. i second this
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  6. You're so pretty! 8D

    I used to have suprlong hair, too (I could sit on it when I was a kid!) It's a pain in the ass to take care of but it looks so nice and you can have such fun with it!
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  7. I too will indulge Minibit's rabid hair fetish.

    Show Spoiler

    ...is it weird that I find it creepy, and don't like looking at it? /:
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  8. When it's all close up like that, it does look creepy. O__O
  9. careful there, kiddo

    the links have your name attached into the hyperlink address

    sour about that

    <--i notice these things because i spent a lot of time trying to stay a ghost on the internet

    no social media for me!

    i am stealthy!
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  10. Thank you, @Razilin !
    I appreciate you mentioning that. It slipped my mind. I definitely need to be more aware of that.
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  11. NINJA!

    Below is a picture of me:

    Oh, wait.

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  12. I know your real name... BRUCE WAYNE!
  13. It is only another alias

    Because NINJA!
  14. The longest I've ever grown my hair (open)


    My hair now! (open)
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  15. My majestic mohawk (open)

    On lazy days (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ^I also tend to comb the streak of hair in the middle back and tie it on a small ponytail from time to time but I don't appear to have any pics where it's like that.

    My epic hair now (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I've been planning to dye the middle part green for a while but as usual, I'm slow with getting anything done. :p
  16. D: I don't have hair.

    No love for the people who shave their heads.

    I see how it is >.>

    For some reason I feel like you and your avi kinda match.

    There's some similarities I can't figure out.

    Maybe just an overall thing.