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  1. (Note that all characters in this post except 'Exciteman' are available to play in addition to creating an OC.)

    Spectacle City. A veritable urban jungle of economy and modern living in a 50's/60's-esque idyllic American State on the East Coast.

    We zoom in now to a seedy warehouse on the waterfront, by Spectacle Seaside Harbor. The building itself had a nasty green color about it, and the windows had all been smashed in, and providing the little light the interior possessed. But what did the inside of this weathered storage building hold that was so diabolical-- So intensely sinister that it takes center-stage?...

    Why, it would be none other than the current hideout of the World Monster Committee! The most dastardly and feared society of the world's nastiest arch-criminals and terrors to all mankind. The rest of the committee however, was out seeking their next meeting place and hideout, leaving two of their most horrid agents of terror and villainy!

    The first was a fellow in yellow. A tuxedo with a large red bow to be precise, a face covered in a light sheet of golden makeup including a moustache he adamantly refused to shave, along with a monocle. This was Milton Mustard: A criminal who operated primarily in crimes related to snacks and meals. He stroked his bald head, and the single blonde hair it possessed as a cruel grin came upon his perfectly putrid pearly whites of evil.

    Following him was another peculiar figure. This one was somewhat bulkier from his very muscular appearance. This fellow was less well dressed, as he only wore a pair of red trunks and boots, both for wrestling, and a large jetpack strapped to his back. His facial features were obscured by a visor equipped helmet and a large thick haired handlebar moustache. This was the man called Dwarf: The Intergalactic Wrestling Renegade! And he seemed to be putting the final restraints on a costumed crusader...

    Clad in a yellow and orange 'Action Suit' with a whole crimson cape was the Invincible Exciteman, a human super-mutant with several herculean abilities granted by his unique genetic code, altered by a scientist's super serum and entrusted by the world's governments to protect the planet from threats planetside and from the stars. With orange boots and wrist cuffs shining in the light from the broken windows, the man in the golden suit and red cape struggled against his bonds.

    "It's no use, you buffoon!" Snorted Milton Mustard, as he tapped the chains which restrained him with a small plastic wand he used to point and tap things. "These bonds are the most foul combination of tempered special-atomic iron, which has been carefully calculated by your old friend Major Miniscule, and guaranteed to drain you of your powers!"

    "Blamed Beasts!" Roared Exciteman. "You unforgivable heels! Attempting to recruit schoolchildren by offering them free money and easy living! So help me I swear you'll pay for your crimes!"

    "Snarl all you want, but we've taken the Excitement out of Exciteman!" Boasted Milton. "And as soon as you keel over, we can reap the secrets of the E-Plus Formula, along with a guaranteed next generation of hoodlums!"

    But then suddenly... A strange vehicle came crashing through the wall! A kind of fantastic sedan of green color, with a golden dollar sign appeared, the image of '$' over the hood as the modified crimefighting vehicle's gull doors opened to reveal a pair. A fellow in grey with black boots and wrist bracers and a green cape with a popped up collar with the image of a dollar: But not just any dollar. Imprinted was the figure's domino mask equipped face, with slicked blonde hair and a golden dollar sign on his own chest. On the other side was a redheaded teen in a bronze colored outfit and a domino mask of her own, as the adult figure leaped forwards to stand in front of Milton Mustard with both fists at his sides in a triumphant pose, coupled with a grin that said he was going to sock the suited food-fiend in the jaw.

    "Captain Payback!" Cried Milton, as the smiling superhero landed a devastating haymaker punch into the face of the cooking crook.

    "You're forgetting one major detail, Mustard! Every cent counts!"

    And then suddenly, the redheaded girl in bronze leaped into the air with a spectacular acrobatic technique that had her landing feet first on the helmet of Dwarf, whose helmet was now shaken up by the sheer force given to him by the impact of Captain Payback's sidekick's stunning attack maneuver.

    "And here's Penny, the child of copper~!" She sang, meeting Captain Payback side by side, Penny and Payback each tossing a strange quarter coated in lead that stuck to the atomic chains that held Exciteman. And with a mighty heave, the Man Miraculous tore apart his restraints, and flew on over to raise his dukes with Dwarf.
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