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Dash's Rules
1. please don't ask me to do Libertine roleplays.
2. i don't like forced romance or premade characters in 1x1s
3. please be able to write detailed responses that progress the story.
4. don't have a big coding requirement for roleplays.
5. please be able to post at least three times a week.
6. again no explicit sexual content. ( ask if your not sure of what this is )
7. no oc x canon romantic pairings
Dash's Awesome Stats
1. I'm an adult of the female persuasion
2. I gotta job and a lot of training I got to cover to keep it
3. Sometimes I'm all day like a loser and sometimes I work.
4. I love world building and getting to know my partners
5. I can be super flighty and sometimes I over book
6. I always let you know if I can't participate in a roleplay anymore.
7. I'm not so hot at coding but I'll try my best to make things at least organized if not perty.
8. I can do multi par replies at least three times a week
9. genders, ages, sexualities I'll try whatever.
10. Not a whole lot of experience in LGBT character but I'm willing to give it a go.
Equestria + DC Crossover
Disney Descendants based ( haven't seen the movie but like the premise )
Girl POW!er plot
Teen Titans Year One - kiddie versions of teen titans or young justice

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Harry Potter x DC Crossover

What if Martha Kent, Nora Allen, and Lily Potter were all sisters? Seperated as young children when their parents where killed in a car accident the sisters were scatted throughout the country. Martha stayed in Kansas - Nora went to nearby Missouri - and little Lily was taken across an ocean to England.
As teenagers they reconnect staying in touch up to the fateful day when Lily dies - followed shortly by Nora. Martha does her best to keep in touch with her nephews but with a new child fallen from the heavens to look after it's tough.
Fast forward several years and it's three years after the final Battle. Harry and Ginny are in the midst of a nasty divorce and Harry has returned to his childhood home of Godric's Hallow to find some peace. Instead he finds letters from his mother to her two sisters - Aunts he had never even heard of. A quick call to Petunia reveals the truth - she was never his blood relation to begin with.
She was saddled with him even though he had two blood aunts who would have loved to take him in. All to suit the schemes of an powerful old man. After a shouting match for old time's sake she gives him the names of his Aunts and Harry sets off on a quest to reconnect with what is left of his family.
[ originally a three way cross over of Smallville - Flash CW - Harry Potter. i'm willing to mix-n-match fandoms to make our own alternate reality. ]
Slayer Chronicles - Loosely Based on Buffy

The beginning of mankind’s newest age has brought on a renewed belief and fear of the occult but also an unprecedented ability for the women of society to have a central role in the protection of humanity at large. Headed by what was formerly the Suffragette Movement the women of society have stepped up and begun to fill roles usually reserved for their stronger male counterparts.

The reason for this lies in the heart of the Demon Age, the breakdown of the rifts between the “Never Never/Demon Realm” and our world. The Rifts began to appear at random intervals a quarter century ago and have brought a new and deadly foe to society as a whole. The creatures that have been released from these rifts ( Demons, Elementals, Spectres, etc. ) have run rampant through the world and cut down all of the Patriarchy’s finest weaponry with ease. Not only that but the creatures were also able to take over men and “ride” their bodies in devastating ways, increasing their rampages tenfold.

It was in the early years of this invasion that the Slayer Initiative was created when a Suffragette Rally was attacked by the creatures and for the first time the beings fled. It was after many repeats of this strange anomaly and an internet campaign heavily censored by the government it was finally revealed that the Suffragette’s ( or women in general ) where the key to defeating the creatures. For whatever reason the women could not be ridden by the monsters and further exposure to the “Rifts” actually unlocked unseen powers within women themselves.
It was determined ( after much debate between the Suffragettes and the Government ) that the women found to be “Rift sensitive” where to be sent to an abandoned compound and trained to take on the Demon threat. Once chosen to be a part of the “Slayer Initiative” women were forbidden to return to society and were essentially treated as the pariahs of civilized society.
Wish Granted - Witchs/Magical Girls - Dark

Our story begins with a powerful and deranged magical entity known as Akansha, the Soul Eater and Wish Fulfiller. She is a rather fickle and bloodthirsty being who enters the human realm every thirteen years to seek out and devour the souls of the wicked. But simply eating souls is so very dull so she has long decided to add a little entertainment to her excursions by picking from among humanity a handful (usually two to three) of worthy individuals to become her warriors. They possess wishes that intrigue Akanksha, which are granted for a price. Once the wishes are granted Akanksha brings the worthy humans to her home dimension briefly to explain the price of their wishes, each human must provide her with thirteen souls in payment or risk being trapped within her home dimension for all eternity.
So it has come to pass that it is time again for Akansha to enter the human realm and feast. This particular journey she is drawn to the small town of Himura with it's deliciously wicked hearts and wonderfully intriguing wishes. She picks two young girls to be her new warriors and grants their wishes. She then kidnaps both girls from their beds and brings them to her home dimension where she explains exactly how they will repay her for their wishes being granted.
The girls now have exactly one month to fulfill the terms of their contract with Akanksha or risk their immortal souls. I guess they should have listened when people told them to be careful what you wish for.
Tournament of the Stars - Magical Girls

For over a millennia the galaxy has been host to a intergalactic Tournament. The Tournament began as a peace-keeping measure created by a race of beings known as the Celestials. You see there are many races scattered across the galaxy and many of them felt the need exert their superiority by destroying those they felt were weaker than them. This led to much feuding among the stars until the powerful Celestials came up with a compromise that would appease the more bloodthirsty races of the galaxy and still keep said galaxy safe for the innocent. They called it the Tournament of the Stars. Basically all the races which have agreed to abide by the Tournament Rules are able to choose a single champion. That Champion is sent to the Tournament to battle for their people’s honor. The Champion who wins the Tournament is then given the honor of knowing their race is considered the Strongest in the Galaxy. (at least until the next Tournament)

The rules of the Tournament are long and convoluted but basically boil down to three simple guidelines. One there is no fighting to the death. Two there is no attacking those people who are not competing in the Tournament. Three there is no sabotaging your opponents or cheating allowed. Now the rules seem simple enough in spirit but as with any great competition there were rule breakers. The worst offenses where when the tournament Champions would take their battles outside of the Arena and lay waste to the host planet. You see every Tournament was hosted on a different planet to prevent anyone from trying to curry favor with the locals or one planet getting destroyed in the cross fires of the Tournament again and again. The solution to the rule-breaking? The Celestials elected peacekeeping officials from both their own ranks and more importantly from the host planets.

The peacekeepers were also given the name “Celestials” and had great power awakened within them by the two strongest Celestial Beings the “Luminescence” and the “Hyperion”. These entities were the source of all the Celestials powers and would send heralds to the host planet before the next Tournament to pick two “Chosen”. These Chosen would be typically preteens with potential for greatness that would bond with the heralds and awaken their “inner power” which would take the form of a being of great power reminiscent of the people of the Celestials. These Celestial Defenders were then given the task of becoming defenders of their respective planets and also spokesperson’s for their people.

Whenever fighting among the Champions of the Tournament would spill out of the Arena and endanger the host planet the Celestial Defenders from that planet would be dispatched to contain them. If need be they might get aid from other Celestials but for the most part they were in charge of defending and protecting their own world. At the end of the Tournament the Celestial Defenders are given a choice to either remain with the Celestials as intergalactic peacekeepers or have their powers sealed and their memories erased and go back to being regular citizens of their Planet.

Present Day
The Tournament of the Stars is being held again this time on a small planet known as Earth. The heralds of the Celestials have already awakened the new Celestial Defenders of Earth, Night Rider & the Magister. The Defenders have been training for the past several months and now that the Tournament has begun they are ready to defend their planet to the best of their abilities. For the most part they are allowed to continue their life as regular humans but whenever a Champion breaks free from the Arena they are called upon to neutralize them and return them to the Arena before too much damage is done.

[ side note : The Arena is actually on a floating fortress in the Pacific Ocean invisible to humans. The girls are the only humans that can see it and are actually allowed to watch matches should they so choose. Their companions, the Heralds, are able to sense whenever a Champion has gone "Rogue" and teleport the girls to the disturbance. ]
Revolutionary Maiden - Magical Girls - Dark

In the land of Britannia there are sparkling warriors of purity and goodness known to the populous at large as magical girls. These sparkling maidens have defended the country from monsters and demons for as far back as people can remember. No one knows where the demons and monster originated from although theories abound. All anyone knows is that many centuries ago when the demons and monsters first appeared and began to ravage the land it was not long before the first magical girls also appeared to battle them. At their sides their loyal companions known as Mascots.

But all is not as it seems within the sparkling community of the pure defenders of Britannia. For the price of being a magical girl is high, within three to five years after they are first recruited to their new job every magical girl dies after a year in which their magic and mind both fail them. At the end of this time their loyal companion will begin the search for a new girl to continue the honored tradition of defending the country. But oddly enough within a day or two of each girls passing their is always a new demon attack. Common belief is that it is a side effect of the magic released when a magical girl dies. The true reason is far more sinister but only known to the Mascots and they are keeping a silent council.

But even with such dark shadows hanging in the back of every magical girl's mind they still work tirelessly to rid the country of dark forces. Our story takes place in the capital of Britannia, known as Saxon. The largest city in the country is is home to the Forum, the country's center of government, one of the largest and most bustling commercial districts in the nation, and of course the Hall of Virtues. A beautifully ornate building that is home to the magical girls of the city and their Mascots. The magical girl population of Saxon is among the largest in the country due to the high number of monster and demon attacks that take place daily throughout the city. Magical girls typically patrol in pairs although groups of three or more will converge if there is a massive attack.

When not on duty the magical girls reside within the Hall of Virtues. This large ornate building is in the upper class district of the city and sits on a large expanse of private land. Inside houses training rooms, a dining hall, a home theater, a game room, a kitchen, an indoor pool, and even a ballroom. There are also several rooms on the upper floor for the magical girls and their Mascots as well as a library filled with books on previous magical girls and various types of demons, as well as popular and classical works of fiction as well. The Hall is off limits to the public without permission and where all magical girls and their companions may relax and unwind.

When it comes to civilian identities girls are forbidden from contacting their civilian families. They may walk around the Hall in their civilian guises if they wish but if they go around the city they must either be in magical girl persona or under a disguise of some kind.
Girl POW!er - Superhero - Modern

In an alternate world chock full of superheroes there is a great evil amassing in the shadows. An entity that calls itself “Mother Eve” has awakened from a millennia long slumber and seeks to once again bring about worldwide extinction by unleashing the biblical “Seven Deadly Sins” upon the earth. Eve’s power is immense and the first thing she does is enslave all the “Sons of Adam” to her will. Thus the men that had once been mankind’s greatest hope for peace and protection become the harbingers of humanity’s destruction.
It is up to a group of ragtag ladies to band together and take out the dark “Mother of Mankind”. These ladies are superheroes in their own rights and are determined to prove that they have what it takes to keep the world safe and rescue their male counterparts! Together they are going to show Eve just what Girl Power looks like!
Heroes of Tomorrow - Superhero - Sort of Sci Fi

The Invasion began on a hot summer’s day in the Western Hemisphere. People were out going about their lives trying to stay out of the heat and enjoy a well deserved weekend break. Reports after the fact said that the Invasion began with black sedans appearing at key points in nearly every major city across the globe. Witness describe them as appearing everywhere from abandoned parking lots to edges of historical landmarks.
Then at precisely 11:30am on August 13th all the black sedans suddenly morphed into black mechs that lay waste to whatever was in front of them. Shortly after the mechs appeared to attack their flying counterparts arrived spewing backup.
It was a total slaughter for hours as major cities were decimated in a matter of minutes. People fleeing desperately from the carnage and being picked off in groups or individually.
In DC and New York some clever individuals fled to safety in the subways and waited out the carnage until rescue workers could flee them.
And in most rural communities little damage was done.
But all above ground transportation lines where totally decimated and police stations took heavy hits as the brave men and women attempted to help civilians.
It was in the midst of this madness that the first superhuman was born.
A young man when faced with certain death burst into fiery flames and attacked the monsters. It was same the world over. People who in a moment of blind terror and certain peril suddenly found themselves graced with incredible power.
Even the hidden Magi found themselves transformed as if the very Mother Earth rose in outrage at the destruction wrought by the aliens and demanded retribution.
These newly risen heroes banded together and force back the invading horde.
By 2:00pm the Invasion was over - the aliens had returned to wherever they came from and mankind was left to pick up the pieces.
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Also be willing to do a sort of prequel to Sailor Moon or some sparkly magical girl fluff piece

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