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  1. Here is our thread for Killer Campus. First I would like us to do CS's. Let us follow this CS layout:


    Here is mine

    Joey, green Name: Joey Malone
    Age: 20
    Looks: [​IMG]
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  2. Name: Angelina (Angie)
    Age: 20
    Looks: [​IMG]
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  3. (I wasn't really sure how long to make the post so I'm just writing one paragraph just for starters.)
    Angelina was shaking with excitement. It was the first day of college; the first day that she would really be out on her own. She wouldn't really be alone though. Joey would be with her. In fact, they were driving there together. Their car was packed half full with everything she would ever need to survive her first year in college. The other half was for his stuff. Hopefully it would all fit. She double checked that she had everything and said her tearful goodbyes to her mother. They wouldn't be seeing each other until the holidays, so it was quite a scene that they made. Once Angelina finally pried herself away, she got into the driver's seat and drove down the street to his house, pulling into his driveway. She honked the horn and got out, running up to the door and bouncing to calm her nerves. She waited a whole three seconds before she started pounding her fist on the door. "Hey! Joey! Get out here! We have to go!"
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  4. (short is okay lol)

    Joey, green Joey brushed his hair out one more time and headed for the stairs, he could hear his mother downstairs crying into her morning cocktail. He dreaded going down there but Angelina was going to be here soon and he didn't want to be late to meet her outside and get his stuff in the car as soon as possible and get the hell away from here. He trotted own the stairs and was at the front door in a flash. His mother was also there quick as lightening and glared at him, "Just going to leave without saying so much as a word to me were you?" Joey rolled his eyes, "Mother I just got down here and the front door is still shut, I haven't even touched it yet." His mother stood there eyeing all his stuff and sniffled a little, "Im sorry boo bear, its so tough on me you leaving. I will be all alone now." Joey looked at his sad mother and sighed, he went to her and hugged her, "Look momma, I will be back for the holidays you wont even notice my absence." He meant that too, he hadn't spent much of his time at home he had spent a lot of his time with Angelina. Then he heard her pounding on the door, "Look that's Angelina now mom, I have to go okay? I will call when I get there.' He opened the door and grabbed his things and handed some of it over to Angelina, then he grabbed the rest and shut the door.
    "Lets go..." He put all his stuff in the trunk and shut it, then got in the passenger side and buckled up.
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  5. The look on Joey's face said it all. He was having a tough morning, but her smile would never falter. She always stayed bright and cheery, just for him. She learned to accept this side of him years ago. She didn't really understand it because he never really said anything, but she would be there for him anyways. He was always there when she had her own petty troubles, so she would return the favor. She couldn't make whatever it was stop, but she could distract him and make him forget, just like always. "Aren't you excited?" she asked as she packed all of his stuff into the car. "It's the first day of the rest of our lives. It's college! New people. New classes. New everything!" Angelina started the car and then they were on their way. She knew that he wouldn't want to talk, so she made up for it in light, small-talk; mindlessly babbling about petty things that she would forget about a second later.
  6. Joey, green Joey sat in the car and looked at the window, he listened to Angelina babble about all the exciting things that made her happy and he smiled in spite of his mood. His mother always had a habit of pissing him off, or making him seem like shit in her eyes when he was going to do something for himself. He had smelled the liquor on her breath, he had gagged while hugging her. He knew that one day he would get a phone call about her drinking herself to death, or doing something stupid while drunk. He shook his head, and looked at Angelina trying to snap himself out of this mood, he didn't need to think about his mother anymore. He didn't plan on coming back to see her, not for a long time. "Angelina, you are awesome, you always know how to make me smile."
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  7. Without moving her eyes from the road, Angelina reached over and pinched his cheek lightly with one hand. "That's my job, isn't it? Happy, happy, happy. Life's just too short to be anything but happy." It was a nice little saying that she liked to repeat. She had a few close calls in the past, most by her own hand, one by someone else's. She didn't take happiness for granted anymore. In fact, she left a trail of happiness and kindness wherever she went, because she hated to see anyone go through the sadness and depression she fought for so many years. She didn't talk about those years anymore though. The bottom line was, everyone should leave their problems behind. Joey was no exception to this. She wouldn't let him drown in his problems. She'd pull him out time after time. Her eyes lit up as the college campus came into view.

    "We're there!"
  8. Joey, green Joey smiled at her and nodded in agreement, "Yes you are right always too much worry and not enough happiness for me, well college is going to change that! I mean besides all the homework, but this will be different I can feel it." Joey started to undo his seatbelt and stopped, the anxiety of it all was hitting him. "We aren't going to be near each other in the dorms are we? Do you know what room you are in because I don't?" He didn't really want to room with anyone else, but he thought that the college would frown a little if they tried to room together. He got out of the car and waited by the trunk for Angelina.
  9. "They never gave us room assignments," Angelina said as she popped the trunk and got out of the car. "I'm sure they'll tell us at the main office or something." She took out her purse and her suitcase and looked up at the school. It was move-in day, but there was no one around. It was eerily quiet and it sent chills down her spine. She took a step closer to Joey and looked up at him. "Does the school seem...strange to you?" She put her suitcase back in the trunk and went up to the main building. Her heart was pounding, but she didn't know why. It was silly. They were probably just at the wrong building. If she could just get her arm up to knock on the door, then she could ask for directions and everything would be fine. She knocked gently on the door. She heard movement behind the door and took a step back, but the person who opened the door seemed pretty normal. Maybe her paranoia was just getting the best of her, but she really just wanted Joey to be right beside her. "H-Hi. Um. We're starting school today, but...I think w-we're in the wrong place?"
  10. Office Aide, red The office aide whose name was Kyle looked out at the girl and the guy that stood just outside the door, he stepped back allowing room for them to come in the office with him rather than him out there with them. He watched them curiously, he was wondering how they had been accepted here, they obviously were...human. "The dorms are full on the guys side, are you guys friends or something? Because I can get it worked out where you two have a dorm together. I don't have anything else open other than that..." Kyle tried to look bored with them because he knew that is what they were probably expecting out of someone with his job.

    Joey, green Joey followed Angelina to the door of the office, the whole time thinking exactly what Angelina had just asked. "Yes....it really does. I don't like it..." Joey jumped a little when the door opened but that was only because the kid behind the door was creepy looking. How had the campus thought it was a good idea to give someone that dressed like he did an office job was lost on Joey. When the guy offered to let them in the office Joey took the chance and went inside, it was dark in the office, every blind was shut...
  11. Angelina put a little more pep in her smile. "Oh, that would actually work out perfectly. We were actually wondering earlier if we would be able to room together." The decor of the room gave her the creeps, but who was she to judge? She sat in front of the desk and waited for Kyle to get all of the things they needed; key cards and schedules and such. He handed them a map of the campus and drew an 'x' where they were currently and circled where their dorm room would be. She took the map from him, but only after noticing just how pale Kyle's complexion was compared to hers. Of course, she also spent the entire summer at the beach, but even so, he looked too sickly to be working...

    "Just follow the road up a little and turn right at Madison Ave. Your building is the second one on your right. It's a brick building covered in vines."

    Angelina nodded and said her thanks and then immediately stepped back outside. It seemed darker than before she stepped into the office, but perhaps it was just her mind getting to her. She nudged Joey's side. "It's a little weird, but I'm sure it'll be a great year. Everyone's probably just at an assembly or something. We'll run into people in our building."
  12. Joey, green Joey nodded his head at Angelina "Yeah I hope so, because this place is giving me the willies." He followed Angelina back to the car getting in so that they could follow the directions that the creepy office aide had given them. "Did you notice the office aide? Something was seriously wrong with that kid...He looked like the living dead." Joey shuddered at the thought of the office aide and looked in the mirror fluffing his hair a bit he looked at Angelina. She was as beautiful as ever.
  13. "Hey! Don't talk about the undead. They'll hear you and then they'll come after us!" she giggled and drove up to their building. It looked just as creepy as every other building on campus, but she was hopeful that it would be better on the inside. She parked her car and took some of her stuff with her. The lobby looked completely normal except that it was just as dark as the main office was. She looked around for people, but she couldn't find any. This was starting to get a little too weird. She dragged Joey to the elevator and jumped when the doors open. Holding her hand to her chest, she could feel her heart beating a million times a second. She gave the person in the elevator a smile and let her walk out before she went in. The girl looked sickly too, but she waited until she was on the elevator to say anything.

    "She looked just like the other guy we met. You don't think there's a virus going around, do you?"
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