Darkstalkers: End-Game




Ains stepped into the battle arena. The floor had changed back from the previous battle. Aquaeous was being carried off, however, unlike Rose, she was the victor. He had faith that Aquaeous would carry onto the next fight but he had to get done with this one quick to check on Rose. From the other side of the field the cloaked figure from earlier stepped into view. ”Funny I thought I was the only girl who could come out of the finals winning.” A green haired young girl said. She bore a remarkable resemblance to Ains’ Queen, Morrigan.
”Who are you?” He questioned as the monitor reset the combatants to all green.

”Ha! You should know that I am the great fighter Lilith and you are about to be put out of your misery with a rain of blood.”
”She may not be Morrigan, but she sure sounds like she could be related.” He said out loud.
”Huh you know her? Well good that’s all the more reason to kill you. I’ll never go back to that abyss, NEVER!!” Lilith was obviously set on something, Ains just could not figure it out.
”What do you mean go back? Exactly who are you?” Her eyes flared into a red color as she spoke the next sentence.

”I’m your worst nightmare.”


The battle started and the team almost could not get the terrain changed in time. Lucky for Ains a rock came up out of the floor to block Lilith’s kick. The whole thing shattered and Ains used the dust kicked up to hide. From his view he could see the terrain was extremely dry and filled with pulverized rock as well as large boulders. It was obviously meant to affect how many cuts and scrapes they would suffer from being punched away or knocked over. ”I found you!” Lilith said in a creepy voice. She was sitting on top of the rock Ains was hiding behind. Another powerful kick came his way. He dodged to his left rolling across the floor. As he leaped his arm caught a sharp point on a rock opening a large gash. The screen read the thing as his arm going into red but he was used to the pain. To the crowd’s surprise it went back up to yellow and soon green as it healed. He scrambled to his feet and decided to take the defense on this one. Popping open the bottles on his waist, the vampire loaded up his katars with some nerve numbing poisons. ”Ahhahahaha. You can’t run forever.” She said playfully.
”I can damn well try.” Ains replied now ready for her next kick. She swooped in using her wings and did something he did not expect. Part of them went underground as if they were extensions of her body. It was much weaker than what Morrigan had done to him in the past but it still was rather effective. The two sharp tentacles popped out of the ground and stabbed him through the chest.

”Too bad for you game over.” She wore a devilish smile as the tentacles went ahead and tried ripping through the rest of his chest. Blood spilled everywhere, however, his body was still attached by his spine. The nerves were gone and the reader could not even pick up the signal anymore from his torso. The entire thing just went black. Ains vision blurred as he pushed himself up. The pains was excruciating now, there was no muscle, no tendons, even a few ribs missing. This girl had no mercy and he had to understand that to live. He could feel his hands weakening and so could the device on him. They were now in the yellow and Lilith took her time. ”Aww I’m rather torn, I don’t know what would be more fun. To watch you die in your own pool of blood, or to rip you into tinier pieces.” Ains coughed up some blood that was trapped in what was left of his lungs.
”You think your torn……..just look a-at me.”

”Heh, I like prey that can still joke even though they are about to die. It has been fun Mister.” Lilith lifted her foot up ready to smash her victim’s head in. As she stomped down he vanished in a puff of smoke. ”Wha-what is this?” She was caught off guard as the smoke swirled around her black as the night outside. It whirled around and around until Ains reappeared a good twenty meters away with his chest healed, yet he was still breathing heavily.
”Take a lot of effort to do that, let’s not make another mistake again.” He said catching Lilith’s attention.


The monitor could now pick up Ains’ torso again and read it off as yellow. ”Now let’s really fight.” He suggested and Lilith was happy to take him up on his offer. She pulled out her own daggers and began leaping from rock to rock to get to her target. He ducked down low to dodge her lunge but she was quick on her feet. Turning on her heal on another rock she turned around and went in for a strike from behind. Ains had no choice but to dodge again with a rolling leap. This time he watched where he was going and tumbled out into an open outcropping of rocks. ’Perfect.’ he thought to himself. Lilith was now charging in still using the rocks as stepping stones. As she closed in the vampire’s hidden wings ripped out of his back and started flapping as hard as they could kicking up the pulverized rock and forming a dust cloud. He could hear her coughing from the sand attack.
”*cough* *hack* Che-cheap trickery!” She called out. The dust started to settle down and Lilith’s hair was mangled with new sandy highlights. Looking around she did not see anyone around. ”Ha! Coward! Abandoning the battle to save your skin.”
”Who said I abandoned it?” Ains swooped in from the ceiling and dive bombed his opponent. The katars went straight on through doused with some more poison. He jolted back ripping the thin blades out of her chest and landing softly back where he began. He took a quick look at the monitor and noticed that her torso was now yellow as well even though her cuts had now healed. Eventually it spread to her arms and her legs but her head was left green.
”B-b-bastard, what was in that?” Ains stood there watching her stumble to the ground.
”A powerful solution made in Aensland specifically to render our nervous systems useless for several hours.” He said to her as she started to look dizzy. The announcer was already making predictions of what would happen, like her falling asleep or being knocked out. Although on the surface he could not tell he knew that the comments were getting to her.

”ENOUGH I HAVEN’T LOST YET!!!” She yelled getting up. Her legs and arms were still yellow but it looked like she was fighting the poison with all her might. She positioned herself as if she was drawing back the string of a bow. To his surprise she was and a golden arrow shot toward him slicing right through his left arm. It went from green to red and this time, no recovery. She began firing them in rapid succession. He tried to dodge as if he was the moving prize at some carnival event. He could feel them zooming by and a few clipped his other extremities causing them to go yellow. Once she was done there was not a single rock or boulder left on his side of the field. Her chest was now red on the screen and he knew there was little time left for her, he had to just survive that long. It was not too far off. Her arrows slowed until she finally just collapsed on the floor. Ains was declared the winner and now he began to shuffle out of the arena clutching his right arm, the one that had been shot down to red. ’I must know more about this Lilith, so let’s see where she is sent.’ He thought to himself as he paused in the shadows of the corridor inside the arena building.


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The vehicle pulled away from the arena, driving to a new location. The man in the driver's seat was maintaining radio contact with someone, confirming their location.

"Right, we're en route to the Facility with that freak in the back. We'll be arriving shortly, so get the clearance ready."

The vehicle continued on its path, finally pulling up to what appeared to be a large manor, apparently abandoned long ago.
The back doors were opened again, and Rose was lifted up, her carriers heading towards the front door, staring into a peephole. It was, in fact, a retina scanner. The mechanism beeped, and the two enormous doors clicked open, allowing Rose's captors entry.

They were met by a few DNS soldiers, and an unnamed scientist. The group brought a dolly, propping her unconscious body against it, and fastening an elastic strap around to keep her from falling off. The scientist spoke,

"We're going down to the Facility. Go back to the arena,, and keep an eye out for that other girl....She's bound to start soon."

In the arena building, Ains was searching for Lilith, who was presumed to be in the medical section. Ains wasn't the only person searching for her, however.
A small group of soldiers were making their way to the exact same room. As they entered, Lilith could be seen resting on the bed, breathing ever so gently.
The soldiers cocked their guns and made a slow approach, not all too concerned.

"Take her to the facility like the-Agh!"

One of Lilith's wings had just flung the leader into the wall with such ferocity. She gave a rather cocky smile to the others, whispering:

"Peekaboo...I see you."


Ains just made it to the medical area when he heard the commotion coming from the room. Several of the people sent to grab Lilith for transportation were killed. The blood leaked across the window like a horror movie. Despite the obvious warning signs Ains rushed in. Lilith still lay on the bed still numbed by his poison, and still as pissed as ever. ”So you came to finish me off? I won’t go down so easily.” Her raspy voice croaked. She lifted her wings for another assault but Ains put his hand up having her stop.
”Listen I only came here to follow you back to their base of operations, but seeing as that is now impossible I came seeking help.” Lilith smiled partially because she realized she was not going to die and partially because she now held a good hand.

”So you need my help? Well so long as you are set on doing that perhaps you can help me get out of this arena.”
”First I have some questions.” Ains gave his ultimatum and Lilith had no choice but to do so. ”Are you related to Morrigan? What do you know of the DNS soldier’s plan? And what capabilities do you have?”
”Pretty blunt aren’t you? Very well, I’ve only heard her name but I think Morrigan and I have something of a special bond. As for the DNS I’m in the dark. They came in here and tried to take me away and so I got rid of them. And, you saw first hand my capabilities. As you can see I’m excellent in the martial art of not dying. So how about you help me out now?” Without further questions Ains went ahead and walked over to her bed. He pulled a syringe of the table next to him and dug into his coat for a small vial with a paper cover. He stuck the syringe through and pulled up another clear liquid. ”This is the counter agent to the drug in your system. My blow seemed to give you a rather potent dose. Without this antidote you would still not be able to fight for a good eight hours.” Lilith winced as the needle poked into her arm and the cure was delivered. As she did she noticed another vial in his coat, one of a dark red.
”What’s that?” He withdrew the needle and looked to what she was mentioning. He pulled the bottle out and swirled it a few times.
”This here is my blood. I’d advise not being anywhere near me if I have to use it.” Ains tucked the apparently extremely lethal bottle away. ”One drop could put you into a coma, if not, kill you.”

”So why didn’t you use it against me? Seems like you would have won.” Ains sat there for a moment forgetting about the bloody mess around him and the DNS soldiers more than likely on their way.
”Because, nobody deserves to die, even humans.” Lilith felt the effects of the poison start to wear off as she sat up in her bed.

”Before I leave I’d like to grab a quick drink.” She licked the blood off one of her wings and off one of the arms she severed. ”You’re a funny one Ains, whoever heard of a predator not intending to kill its prey?”
”We cannot leave just yet, we still have a couple people to take with us. They both should be in this section, did you see a young girl with blue hair, or that neko jin?”
”I just woke up but if finding them means we get out of here faster then let’s go.” Ains nodded as they both took off searching for Aquaeous and Rose.


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Rose was wheeled further into the grand hall, and to the wooden door that lay between two large sets of stairs. The guard opened the large wooden door, revealing what appeared to be an elevator and entered with Rose, who had been strapped in for the ride, her head bobbing back and forth lightly. As a beep signalled the elevator had reached the destination, the guard wheeled Rose further onwards into a much more high-tech section, like something from a science fiction movie. This place seemed so mechanical, so...soulless. Were it not for the armed soldiers littering the place, one would guess this was some massive abandoned station. Along the walls were barred sections, where Darkstalkers were held, though it was rather difficult to tell at a glance which were alive and which were deceased. Finally, they reached the final destination, something resembling a lab. The guard quickly began unstrapping her, transferring her to a cold steel table, in the middle of the room, a perfect combination when mixed with the frigid air. Another figure emerged from the opposite side of the room, and he waved for the guard to get out.

"Leave me with my new plaything!"
He circled around her body, like a lion around its prey, apparently satisfied. He walked away for a moment, returning with a tray and a few instruments. He grabbed a scalpel, and laughed as he made a quick incision in her arm.

"Heh...This is the best part! The best part! I just love the feel of flesh being CUT!"



Ferocious Strife

He wasn't really sure what was going on, but he knew he had to get Aqueous out of there and find Ains as fast as he could. He pulled the girl to her feet and started through one of the hallways quickly. Something was off, he could feel it, but he couldn't figure out what it was. He was a little annoyed that they had been separated from Rose because of the repercussions it might have on Aqueous, her emotions were ups and downs at the moment without any predictions of calming. He wouldn't be surprised if they were, either, because of the crazy attack she'd just pulled off.

There was one thing that calmed him, though, as he pulled her behind him, hearing footsteps nearby. This blue haired trouble maker was definitely his sister. He knew that insane blast of power anywhere. He'd recognized it from the one in his faded memory. It rang a bell. Some kind of reassurance that this person was one in his memory, too. He knew he was just playing with feelings here, but it felt nice to know he'd found her anyway.

Ferocious leaned into a corner of the hallway and held his breath, listening for voices.



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Krauser walked past Ferocious, appearing as if he didn't notice his surroundings, or that he didn't care to notice, a sly smirk on his face as the match that had been going on came to a close: Huitzil vs. Rikau-Rikau had lost by a landslide. He spoke into a small radio, apparently communicating with the doctor operating on Rose.

"Once you're done with the operation, just throw her in with the rest of them, but you had damn well keep her alive-Your future depends on it, and besides, I wanna have some fun...So don't do anything stupid, okay?"

"Yes sir! Heheheh..."

"Frickin' nutjob...", Krauser muttered to himself as he left the area completely.

At that moment, the announcer chimed in over the intercom again,

"The finals will be beginning in just a few minutes, folks, with Ains versus Gemini!"
The crazed scientist continued making incisions, snipping and moving constantly, muttering to himself the whole time as he retrieved a semi-mechanical device, placing it gently in the middle of her chest, restraining himself as he noticed her assets. He seemed as though he were wiring something in, but it was anyone's guess at the moment as he nonsenically chatted wit himself and the unconscious Rose.