Darkstalkers: End-Game

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  1. "To get you to leave my bed and go home."
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  3. Kunari look at him irritably, "Do you think you can stop that."
  4. “And the DNS up one point. Now over to our meteorologist Ken Baker.”
    “Thank you Henry, today is looking a little dark as cloudy weather looms over us. This eventually will lead into some early showers tomorrow morning. After that it should start clearing and temperatures should drop to around forty degrees.” The slender man on the television said pointing at the cg images on the screen. Sitting in the dark room Ains smiled revealing his fangs.
    ”Today is looking fine.” He mumbled getting out of his chair and opening the drapes. The light only blinded him for a bit as the world looked cast in a light hazy shadow. ”At least I can walk around today.” Putting on his polished shoes Ains thudded out of the room and down the steps. He exited out of the front door of a pretty badly beaten up hotel. If anyone came to the city this would be the last place they would check into.

    The sun was not even over the tallest building at the edge of the city before commotion erupted; but, the DNS did like to make a big scene out of every ‘criminal’ they hunted down. Slightly interested in what they were after, and because he did not get a look at their target, Ains backed up into the alley next to the one they went into and flew upward to the roof tops. Landing just on the edge and continued along the edge in a casual fast pace stride. Looking down below he saw the girl land. She then proceeded to turn into a small white cat. “Interesting.” Ains said watching the cat scurry off with a DNS soldier right after it. Looking back over to his left he saw a young girl facing off several DNS soldiers. It was not in his nature to intervene in affairs of others but this girl looked to be on a disadvantage. “And if anything I cannot stand unfair fights.” Breathing a sigh at his next stupid act he descended down into the alley way. Landing next to the girl he spread his wings as his figure rose from a crouched position. “Do you mind if I join?” He asked politely keeping his eyes on the enemy.
  5. "No, Melody is always tired."
  6. "She's in my view."

  7. Ferocious Strife

    "You're lucky I'm in a good mood." Fero replied curtly, as he watched the little cat morph into a girl. He crossed his arms, eyes narrowed. Her name was Rose, he had read the files on her and her sibling. They were after her now because she had displayed a burst of power. "It would do YOU good if you stayed out of trouble, you know," Ferocious stepped closer, holding out his hand, a burst of flame dancing in his palm. He grinned, it felt good to have those powers back, "As if your existence was extinguished," the flame went out and he crossed his arms again, glaring at her.

    "That little squirt jumped out of a window and challenged them herself. Can't say the same for you, because you're always on the run. Can't you be a little more low profile," Ferocious asked, "Rose?" His hand flipped to the handgun at his hip holster, obviously the Euphoria Shot. Fero knew this girl was a rather stubborn type. If he had to use force to convince her, he would do so.

    Emotions would not get in his way. He would make sure of it.
  8. He answered back, "I don't think I could ever find someone better at that then you," he would respond looking up at the ceding, "are you satisfied or is it possible you want more?" he was half way eager, but his neck was bruised from the biting and was fairly sore now. "Well you've got part of it right. It seems through all of the pleasure my powers went out of control,and we came to my castle, you were a goddess in bed though." he had come out of it only 3 minutes ago. He sat up and stretched. "I heard of vampires and their abilities, but wow, that was more then I thought could ever dream of." he looked around and found that none of his servants were around, so he called for them. A succubus came in and whimpered, "You did more for her then you ever did for us? She's sooo lucky she got to sleep with you my lord." the succubus gave Anya a glare of not hatred or jealousy but of envy. "My lord here is the drinks that you usually have after sex to replenish stamina, you should drink some to, maybe our lord will be nice enough to give you that same treatment again." she winks playfully at Anya, "Maybe we could have a three way. You look like you are going to want to be here a long time, given the look on your face."
  9. With the water and icicles fully keeping the attention of the DNS soldiers Ains decided to start taking advantage of the situation. Under his sleeves he whipped out two small katars. There were two bottles on his waste that allowed the thin knives through the neck. Inside the knives were dipped into a clear solution. Quickly Ains pulled the weapons back out and started to go in with quick slashes. Even a small cut still knocked out the DNS soldier. After his half was done he wiped the blades off and retracted them. ”It is a paralysis mixture. They will not be able to move for several hours. Let’s get going shall we?”

  10. Aquaeous

    "Nice of you to steal my fun, but I don't need you telling me what to do," Aquaeous sneered in slight irritance. He'd underestimated her, snagged her fun, and now he was speaking to her as though she was going to wilingly be his companion. Yeah right. Flipping a blue strand of hair behind her ear, Aquaeous, let a burst of water raise her over the wall that Rose & Ferocious and had gone over.

    She glanced over her shoulder at Ains, "Tootles," She waggled her fingers in the air. She didn't hate him from taking away her fun, but she was annoyed. He didn't look like he would care, though, so Aquaeous didn't feel very guilty. She landed on the top of the wall, let the water dissipate into nothing and then jumped, landing on the ground on the other side.

    Standing up, she brushed dust off her skirt and looked around. Now... Where did that guy go off to ?

    Ferocious Strife

    He found her amusingly annoyed and although her comment did not sting, it for some reason reminded him of the blue haired girl he'd left with the DNS soldiers. A fleeting thought wondered if she would be okay. Still, he glared at Rose, waiting for her response. When she burst into anger, lunging at him with a flurry of strikes, Ferocious was prepared. He was effectively able to block her attacks, especially because she was hitting him blindly out of rage.

    "Stop making this harder on yourself. How hard can it be to just stay out of sight?" Ferocious continued to taunt her. He hoped that she would agree, but her obstinacy seemed imminent. "Don't you want to live ?" He locked her fists into his own, stopping her punches short, his eyes narrowed.

    He was starting to get angry.

  11. What exactly was this girl playing at? Did she really expect to get away without more trouble from the guards just a few blocks over? These thoughts ran through Ains head until one thought stopped it all. What did it matter to him? His one and only objective was to find Morrigan and perhaps live in peace after slaughtering anyone in his way. Just thinking of her made his heart race and hope renewed. Instead of following the girl, Ains decided to just stroll on out of the alley and begin his search once again. After taking one step out however, the guards he had thought about earlier were already on him like vultures to a new fresh piece of meat. “Halt! Identification #8890 Ains Valismos.” A monotone voice rang out in front of the guards. Apparently this was a new type of technology the humans had manufactured, fully functional Darkstalker hunting robots. They were easy enough to take down alone but when they were with the group, which ninety nine percent of the time they were, they became much harder to defeat.
    ”Good day gentlemen, how may I be of service?” Ains asked as if he were just asked to aid the police.
    “My buddy here says your wanted pal, and I have not had a bit of action all day.”
    ”I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I have no information that can be of use to you and from the looks of things the same could be said you. So that leaves us with a rather inefficient circumstance does it not? We should just say our goodbyes and be on our way.” Ains suggested seeing the commander’s face become red with anger.
    “Nobody mocks me like that!” He yelled. “Troops standard firing formation! Fire!” With his command the group of around six men got into line and took aim. As they fired Ains quickly made his way back into the alley.
    ”Why do none of them every listen?” He asked himself as he rushed for the wall that Rose had jumped over. His wings came forth allowing him to make the distance over the wall. Landing very smoothly, like any gentleman of a Darkstalker would, he retracted his wings and hid them. Finally he made his way down the alley only to find another confrontation and the two girls from earlier.
  12. "If you think Anya was good, you've never met Mars. She will squeeze you dry." Lilith know the Furor family inside out, she definitely know which sister is the best as much as she knows no man can please her like Alexander could, the angel had sex longer than she had lived and she looked up to him, loved him like no other. The fact that he choose another shattered her heart but she no one noticed. Literally no one.

  13. Ferocious Strife

    "Whatever you've been doing up till now, you've been doing WRONG." Fero spat at Rose, mildly irritated. He could see why the DNS was so bent on trying to capture her. They hated to lose. She hated to get caught. It was the perfect clash of emotions. "Don't demean me, Rose! You're running away from the truth!" Ferocious argued, grabbing another punch before shoving her to the ground roughly. He felt fire burning inside him, threatening to unleash itself on this stubborn Darkstalker, but he held it back, running a hand through his hair to calm himself down.

    I can't let my emotions control me. There has to be another way. He flipped the gun out of his holster and raised it, pointing it directly at her.

    "You won't fail to cooperate now, will you Rose ?


    "Hey carrot-top! You leave her alone!" Aqua shouted, shaking her fist in Ferocious' direction as she ran towards their little scene, "I knew you were trouble," she hissed at him, a couple feet behind him. Her eyes shot daggers at his back. She watched and then, blinked. Did she just hear him laugh?

    "I told you stay out of my way, kid."

    "Don't kid me, you monster! You're no better than the rest of them, cornering her like that and manipulating her emotions! I HEARD EVERYTHING!" Aquaeous was distraught. She kept getting strange flashbacks by simply looking at this guy. She wanted to know why, but she couldn't get herself to ask. This was her way of throwing off that frustration that was building up inside her. Who was he ? Why was he having this effect on her ?

    "You think you're so clever!" Aqua ran forward and lunged at him, grabbing his arm and hanging onto, kicking at his stomach in a wild rage.
  14. Things seemed to be getting heated between the girl and the boy who was from the DNS. Ains new they could not stay there for long, after all they were after all three of them. With patrols snooping around the area so close to the hotel he could not very well return back home. Instead he looked down at a piece of paper that had been kicked up against his leg by the wind. From the looks of it the thing was for a tournament. The prize well that was up to the victor’s imagination. ”A blatant trap, but probably worth checking out. She might be there.” Ains said out loud not sure if anyone heard him. He noticed there was a little bit of tape left on the top of the poster and it still had a bit of a stick to it. In a split second he wrote a note on the back.

    To Miss Aquaeous and Miss Cat,

    If you wish to find out answers to many questions follow the front side of this paper. The tournament may not be for some time, but, I’m sure there will be more answers to find than a simple human trap. If you wish to find me just follow your nose.

    ~Ains Valismos

    After the girl had hit Ferocious in the stomach Ains made a quick path for her. He slapped the note onto her back. ”Later you two!” He shouted back expanding his wings and taking off. Just on the horizon he could see the arena built for the event.
  15. As the winged man made his grand exit Rose, still on the ground, hopped back up to her feet, her eyes blazing with determination. She wouldn't let her emotions get the best of her, not anymore. Noticing the hastily-written note on the girl's back, Rose reached forward, grabbing the girl's arm before her last attack could connect. Rose yanked her to her side, subtly shaking her head, signalling for her to follow the winged man. Once again facing the soldier, Rose gave him a spine-tingling glare, readying herself for another attack. She began to speak calmly:

    "I don't know who you are.... or what fun you see in seperating children and families....Shedding blood... and starting meaningless battles! All I know is...I'll stop you all....without killing! But now...I can't waste time with you!

    Rose once again took hold of the girl's arm, turning herself from the man, and dashing off towards the appointed stadium, intending to point plenty of distance between that odd man. The tournament... Is this...the tournament?! Then...I have to win!
  16. I feel... cold...
    Red, gushing blood came to the sight of one Jeremy Konol, D.N.S rookie.
    He saw the sword, huge that it was, embedded deep into his shoulder blade, and another, through his gut, the cold steel drenched in his own blood.
    His weapon, a brand-spanking new assault rifle, with only about half a clip emptied, lied several feet away from him. Broken, smashed by a strong strike of one of the very weapons stuck in him.
    His handgun, a side arm, thrown in terror of the threat, was nowhere seen in his now fading vision.
    No chance... Damn...
    His death knell approaching, he thought of the one thing he felt remorse for...
    His family.
    A beautiful wife, and child, a new love blooming only 3 years ago...
    Only to be shattered by... the Darkstalkers.
    A short, barking, laugh, slammed him back to the ephemeral world he inhabited. A sound, what a sound, to hear at the Grim Reaper's door.
    Still alive, are we? Heh... Good... cooed the voice, coming from in front of him.
    He managed enough strength to look up at the voice.
    He froze.
    A man, not too different from himself, stood hovering in the air.
    Tar color skin, red pants...
    And four tentacles, two holding him up in air, two crossed each other, mimicking his real arms.
    The face, with green eyes, staring at his, with deadly purpose.
    And to top it all off...
    He was smiling.
    Smilin' at his death, at his premature, young life. Snuffed out, by none other.
    Terror, was the only thing he knew.
    As well as the last.

    Heh... Heheh...
    He loosed the sword from the man's shoulder, gut, and took a bit of effort to rip the bloody edge lodged in his skull.
    Poor bastard... he said aloud, not talking to anyone in general.
    He began to walk away, kicking a few of the dead men's bodies, cackling as he did so.
    Don't mess with meeeee! Don't! Mess! With! MEEEEEEE! he began to sing, twirling the swords around, flecking more blood on the white-washed walls. The last note he held out, like an ending to an ostentatious Italian opera.
    He began to grow bored, tiring of the men's silent conversations.
    He crawled up the glass of the roof they choppered in, and made his way to the roof.
    ... I weep for these men... I'm sorry.
    He felt that voice, somewhere, deep within the back of his skull, occupying the space like a butter cream icing on a cake.
    He cared not, for it didn't interfere with him. Some voice, big deal.

    Before he scaled to the roof, a whiz flew by his ear, cracking the pavement, tingling his sensitive ears.
    Some man had shot a pistol at him. And missed.
    Big MISTAKE! he bellowed, as he grabbed the man by the throat, broke his arm with the pistol, and pinned him to the wall.
    A weird, gurgling sound, distinctly reminiscent of a scream, uttered from the man who missed.
    A for effort. F for missing. he teased, loosening the grip to let him breath just enough to keep him conscious.
    Let your last words to enter your mind be that of the enemy, and you will have died in failure. Let the last words you hear be...
    He paused for one second, as a cheesy, dramatic effect, when the man, almost inaudibly whispers...
    Pavor Nocturne...
    Nocturne's face contorts into a rage.
    He tightens the grip on the neck, and another black tentacle grabs his legs.
    He pulls in opposite directions.
    A sickening, stifled scream pierces the air, as copious blood sheds onto the floor.
    Asshole... He stole my line. he says, throwing the now rent man away.
    He scales the wall to the roof of the abandoned mall.
    Time to find a new hideout. he thinks.
    He darts off across buildings torwards where?
    Only he and the weeping conscious in his mind know.

    He began to scale the many buildings, scaring innocent bystanders to death, growling and manically laughing at them as he searched, higher and higher, untill he reached a tall, isolated building, and he began to search the landscape, comically upside down, making submarine periscope sounds. He then found an arena, which caught his eyes immediately.
    "Oooh... Interesting..."

    He mused, as he scoped the landscape of the arena, hoping to go down there, and see what it looks like.

  17. Ferocious Strife

    Ferocious growled angrily and threw his gun to the ground in a angered fit. Aquaeous fierce-minded punches had been little more than small attacks to him, but he was annoyed that he had failed. Moreover, the return of his powers signaled that there was something eerily important about that blue-haired chick & if he didn't find out what it was soon enough, the DNS would be on her trail more than ever. He scowled, turning to head back.

    Rose's words didn't affect him at all. He was used to hearing that. Used to manipulating his opponent into believing his malicious pretense. That wasn't the problem right now, though, Ferocious thought, mindblown.

    He had a a lot of thinking to do.


    "Hey-ah, hey! What are you doing?!" Aqueous protested as Rose dragged her along, taking a mad dash for who knew where, "Stop! Stop, I wanted to talk to him!" she exclaimed, as then, breathless from all the running, caught herself in silence, glancing over her shoulder to see that the man had already left. Who was he ? Aqueous wondered, and why did he make her feel so strange? Did Rose feel it ? Is that why she was running away ?

    She bit her lip as they approached a stadium, "Why are we going in there?" Aqua demanded.

    Apparently she hadn't read the tournament sheet.

  18. Rose loosened her grip on Aqueous' arm, removing the tournament flyer from her back. For a few moments, Rose's expression was serious, as she explained to the girl:

    "Little girl, he wasn't fighting seriously yet... He could have killed us both any time he wanted to... I'm sorry, but it looks like you're wrapped up in this conflict."

    She's so young... And already, she's had to witness violence and death... And..that man...

    Rose's usual face returned as she tried to lighten the mood a bit.

    "So, umm....Did you know that man?" They smell so similiar... But why?

    Rose balled up the tournament flyer, not needing it to explain the tournament.

    "That winged man seems to think we can all find answers here...even though it's probably just a trap. The winner of this thing wins a tour of the main DNS facility... And that place should have answers.... Lots of them. We're going to have to spring that trap, or rather... I'll have to. You don't have to enter; You're still young, you know... You don't have to...."

    Rose's voice stopped as a rather high-ranking DNS officer appeared in her eyesight. We're...here.

    A multitude of armed DNS soldiers patrolled the area calmly, unified. The guard who had halted looked at the pair, as if he didn't notice the odd appearance.A smile on his face, he directed the girls to the colosseum, giving them instructions.

    "If you wish to participate in the tournament, please talk to that man over there."

    Rose whispered to Aqueous once he was out of sight,
    "Be careful...A smile is the best way to decieve someone."

    Following the guard's directions, they arrived at the registration table, occupied by a man dressed in a dark lab coat.

    "You both wish to compete in the tournament? Let's see... Miss Rose... and Miss...Aqueous? Very well. Here are your keys. The red keycard is your pass to enter the colosseum, while the yellow card is your room key. Good luck!"

    Looking forward, Rose's eyes were met with a magnificent sight. A circular area, constructed from light granite. Columns appeared to guard the front entrance, adorned with what appeared to be Aztec hieroglyphics. The ground ahead was not ground at all, but black marble. The sun's rays reflected off the marble, obscuring Rose's eyesight for a moment. An enormous crowd was gathering inside, full of excited conversation and laughs.

    So this is where...Mom...

    "Where's that winged man?"

    Rose looked all around her, waiting for the man impatiently.
  19. ((Quick question...is it late afternoon?))

    Standing on the arena, Delano stared at the empty space before him. A soft breeze picked up, wiping his brown hair about wildly over his deep crimson hues.

    His expression remained unchanged, a sullen, yet determined look.

    "So this is the place...where it all begins..." the words poured from his lips in a slow and calm fashion. Feeling a sudden snazzy electric shock run through his still frame, he suddenly glanced heaven wards, his eyes keenly alert to catch a figure soaring high in the endless blue skies.

    After watching the stranger disappear out of sight, he turned. Giving his back to the arena he headed out of the place. His final destination, a mystery to himself...

  20. Where was he... where was that winged man....
    In a sudden outburst, Rose yelled,
    "Don't call us here and not show up!!"
    Fists clenched, Rose looked skywards, catching what looked like a man gliding in the sky.
    Is that him?
    Before she had time to see more clearly, another soldier stopped to give the pair a message.
    "I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask you to quiet down. You're threatening the spectators. Please make your way into the tournament area."
    Rose gripped Aqueous' hand a bit more tightly than necessary, leading her to the designated location.
    "I don't trust this....I don't trust any of this..."
    Then, the ears atop her head twitched again, as an odd smell also caught her attention.
    What was that?...More like us?
    A particular scent caught her attention, as she tried zoning in on it sniffing all around, paying no mind to the soldiers at all.
    A sudden chill ran through Rose's entire body as an overwhelming sense of fear washed over her.
    This ferocity... Bloodlust?! But where? I have to get her inside....now.

    Acting as calmly as possible, Rose turned to the girl once more, telling her:
    "We need to go inside, okay? They'll probably be closing it off soon, so let's hurry."
    This was true, as the sun was just beginning to set, traveling south, the sky turning a vivid mix of purple and pink.