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The year is 2065, and the planet is nearing what may be the final conflict it starts. In the later moments of the year 2012, a portal was ripped open by the would-be ruler of Makai, Jedah. This allowed a slew of otherworldly beings to enter the world of humans. Their mission was to enslave the human race in order for Jedah to establish his rule elsewhere before attempting his takeover of Makai. Jedah hoped to seize power from the Class S succubus, Morrigan Aensland. At the last moment, Morrigna managed to slip through to Earth, as she did frequently. The demons were on a simple mission: Destroy and enslave. The first meeting between the humans and their destroyers obviously didn't end well. The majority of the attacks occured under the cover of night, earning them the nickname of "Darkstalkers".

However, some Darkstalkers in the group were disgusted at the acts of destruction being committed, and broke away from their comrades. They attempted to settle down and blending into the societies, but as time passed by, it became apparent that they would have to fight back against the other malevolent Darkstalkers. And so it would come to pass. The benevolent beings came out of hiding and, after much fighting, managed to repel their former teammates back into Makai, though a few escaped before this happened. All the while, the humans had captured a few of the weaker, peaceful Darkstalkers, and began to experiment on them, creating advanced weaponry capable of killing any kind of Darkstalker. The humans, fully knowing the difference between the two groups of beings, began using their newfound power to capture and eliminate these demons from another realm with relative ease, using the living to advance their weaponry even further. The remaining Darkstalkers once again attempted to blend in, to escape the newly formed D.N.S.(Darkstalker Neutralization Squads). Some even confronted them head on, preferring to try talking instead of running and fighting, but this didn't do a thing.

Time passed, and the few who were left had hid their differences, and succeeded in marrying, getting josbs. A few had children of their own. But this was just the calm before the storm. The DNS now knew exactly where the Darkstalkers were, and began raiding the villages, destroying anything in their ways, and blamed it on the very victims of the attacks. At the same time, the disgraced troops that had retreated into Makai so many years ago re-emerge in the human world, and once again began to wreak havoc. Though they had gained considerable power, most of them were no match against the weapons the D.N.S. had begun to mass-produce. And so, even more Darkstalkers were captured, while the rest went into hiding, just like the benevolent ones had done. However, a few bolder ones had started conducting guerilla warfare, destroying several settlements despite the impending danger. And so, it still continues. The majority of Earth's population has been fooled into thinking that the captives were having their abnormalities removed. Lies, all lies. The future is one of lies and oppression;is it possible to change it now?

Follow the character sheet below if you wish to make a custom character.
All the canon characters listed below are available for use, unless marked otherwise.

Canon Characters:
B.B. Hood
Jon Talbain
Lord Raptor
Q. Bee
Character Sheets are as follows! ^_^

File_Name: (Character's name here)
Danger_Level: (Race....Darkstalker, human, hybrid?)
File_Photo: (Pic of your character)

Specialty_1: (Your character's best trait... I.E. Speed, Power, Agility, Endurance, etc.)
Specialty_2: (Same as above, but different stat)
Abilities_on_record: (Your character's powers. Remember, keep it a bit reasonable. Up to 3 powers per character, no more.)
Personality_Information: (Your character's personality)
Personal_History_On_File: (Your character's background history)
Weaknesses_On_File: (Your character must have weaknesses, that simple.)
A recent attack on one of several thousand government outposts yielded this report on Darkstalkers "Hybrids".

" It would appear that the Darkstalkers are far more complex than we originally thought. Several of the female captives were inseminated with various DNA, some from other captives, and some from our scientists. They bore children, one of the fruits of our research. It would seem that mating two Darkstalkers always produces a pure-bred child. That is, a child possessing the qualities of one, sometimes both, parents. The power of the child is determined before birth, and so can be calculated directly at birth. Our records show that one Morrigan Aensland s an example of such a cross, and is classified as a class S demon. However, mating a Darkstalker with a human produces a variety of results. The possibility of a purebred is instantly erased when this happens. When born, the result will be a hybrid of the two. A hybrid has many variables to it. For example: One of our captives gave birth to identical twins, both female. One showed tremendous power, perhaps enough to rival Morrigan. However, it was apparently not under her control. She let out a sudden outburst of energy, and from that point... She has been under our captivity for several years, and her power has simply kept growing. The overflow of her powers seems to have given her a sever case of memory loss, which works in our favor. We've christened her "Gemini". Now, as for the other girl, she seems to have no powers at all, just a normal human child. It may be possible that only one powerful hybrid can be born at once, which seems quite probable. The human baby... We shall send her to an undisclosed location to be raised, where we shall observe her progress as she grows. Through these experiments, we've concluded. several things:
1) Darkstalker X Darkstalker will always yield a purebred Darkstalker, whose power is determinable at birth.
2) A human crossed with a Darkstalker yields a hybrid, which may or may not posess incredible powers. The powers may also reveal themselves at different times, whether at birth, teen years, or possibly never....
3) These findings shall greatly increase the power of Project Genesis, which should-

The rest of the report has been ripped away.
Now, for the fun part. Seeing as how this is a futuristic setting, it wouldn't be the same without some technology, would it? I've made a list of some of the common weapons you'll come across while evading patrols (Or using if you're working for them) Enjoy! ^_^
Note: Most "normal" weapons:: AKA: Old-time weapons that use normal bullets... are ineffective against Darkstalkers, but are more effective against hybrids. In either case, any injuries generally heal within a week.

T-55 Mobile: Small handgun; The bullets are enhanced with small amounts of energy, enhancing their destructive capabilities. These bullets are capable of piercing a Darkstalker's skin, and leaving permanent injuries.

B.I.W. Brain Interference Waves: A bazooka, that, when fired, will shoot out a medium-sized capsule. The capsule transmits high-pitched sound waves that are capable of confusing any in its range by scrambling brain activity. These effects range from paralysis to congusion, etc.

Euphoria Shot- One of the most-used weapons; This is what generally captures Darkstalkers. The bullets fired from this handgun actually contain a liquid drug. This drug is incredibly dangerous. When the bullet pierces skin, the chemical is released into the bloodstream. The ensuing reaction completely shuts down motor skills via a numbing effect. The victim is rendered helpless, and feels a calming effect, hence the name. This includes old memories, hallucinations, etc.

I-A-U- This is a modified automatic rifle which fires larger bullets. The bullets have a small hole on the sides, which release liquid nitrogen into whatever they hit. If these pierce skin, it may cause internal organs to slow down. If enough bullets hit, it is likely to cause a severe case of hypothermia.

Taggers- This isn't so much a weapon as it is a tool. These are fired from handguns. These small chips attach to skin or objects, and track both the energy and location.

E-Net Grenades- When thrown, it releases an array of condensed energy in mid-air, ensnaring whatever is in its range. With time, the net decreases in size, until the victim's movements have been stopped.

Gassers- Another type of grenade. These release a dark gas, which is hard to see through, If it is inhaled, it may cause hallucinations, coughs, and in rare cases, unconsciousness. These are generally used to ambush the target or cut off its escape.

R-Shield V12- Essentially an upgraded riot shield. A thin layer of energy shields the holder from most projectile attacks, although it isn't very effective against melee attacks. It can be used to attack at close range.

Scanners/ Detectors- Just like metal detectors, these scan for energy instead. These traps are placed in the majority of buildings around the world. When activated, they release a high beeping noise, and release dark gasses to prevent escape.

BRMK2- A large grenade launcher, it fires two types of ammo. The first is a barrage of Gassers. The second type is EG's, which are packed with dense energy, capable of obliterating Darkstalkers and the scenery around them instantly.

Remember, the lower types of soldiers usually just carry old-fashioned weapons.
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File_Name: Rose
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Danger_Level: Hybrid (Neko)
Date_of_Birth: April 28, 2049

Specialty_1: Agility (Moving speed)
Specialty_2: Attack Speed
Transform: Rose is able to transform into a small kitten. The color of her fur is the same as her fur in human form-white. She is able to stand on her hind legs in this for, and retains her ability to speak. She also keeps a small lock of her hair. ((See above picture))
Feline Hearing: Rose's cat ears allow her to hear across further distances, and much louder than humans.
Overtake: At times, Rose's DNA may shift into that of a kitten's. While this particular power doesn't change her appearance, her stance changes, and her attacks become even more feline-like.
Personality_Information: Rose is a very determined girl, if not somehat headstrong. She is easy to get along with. She refuses to take any lives, no matter what may happen to her.
Personal_History_On_File: Rose is the child of Felicia, one of the original Darkstalkers. Felicia was captured by the D.N.S. as a subject of one of the first experiments. She was artificially inseminated by the scientists and gave birth to identical twins. Rose's sister was born with a significantly large amount of energy, and so was taken by the scientists for their own sinister means. Rose, on the other hand, showed no abnormalities when she was born. She was scheduled to be put to sleep, bu the higher-ups had different plans. They implanted a small tag in her stomach, one that recorded her power and any abnormalities that might've occured. Most catgirls developed their powers from the ages of 4-10, but Rose, being a hybrid, was the exception. She grew up under the caring eyes of the small town until the age of 14, at which time, small abnormalities developed. Her ears disappeared, and were replaced by small cat ears on top of her head. Her nails curved and grew into claws, while her hands grew larger, turning into claws. Thin patches of fur grew over her skin, and a long tail grew from her lower back over time. At this time, the chip activated, alerting the D.N.S. to the changes. Rose was confused, being hunted down by the very people that had raised her. She was naive, refusing to believe what was happening, and so searched for the orphanage owner. She found herself with a gun pointed at her. She recieved a small scar from the bullet wound that ensued as she escaped.

As time went by, two things happened. Rose's features developed further, becoming more cat-like. Then, Rose sensed something odd, something she had never experienced before. She could feel an odd sort of energy from far away; it was familar and calming, as though she had known it before. It was her mother; it had to be!! However, patrols were increasing, and the old bullet wound had started hurting again. Thus, Rose found herself distanced even further from the energy. Rose has just recently turned 16, and continues to track her mother, refusing to kill anyone. She will fight if she must, but will only knock an opponent out. She would much rather avoid the fights altogether, though. She recently heard rumors about a large tournament being held. The winner recieves a tour of the main D.N.S. facility. Refreshed with a new mission, Rose sets out to confirm if this is true, and continue to search for her mom.

Weaknesses_On_File: Rose's powers are also her weaknesses.
Transform: In her cat-state, Rose has all the endurance of a kitten, meaning she is far easier to kill.
Feral Hearing: Rose can't control her abilities, and her hearing is included. Rose's ears are incredible sensitive to high-pitched sound waves. Depending on the pitch, Rose may get migraines, become unable to think properly, bleed from her ears, or go unconscious. In an extreme case, this could case death. However, that would take prolonged exposure to very high pitches.
Overtake: When the feline cells overtake the human cells, Rose becomes very unpredictable. She focuses on nothing but attacking, as her mind won't function properly.
I'm going to try someone slightly different this time but it still will be a vampire.
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So.... Do you want to just sum up what happened before the server crash or just completely restart it?
A restart will allow for more people to take interest. And besides we did not get much done storywise anyhow XD.
Access_Files:: File_2
File_Name: Aquaeous "Aqua"
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Danger_Level: Darkstalker
Date_of_Birth: Febuary 3, 2050

Specialty_1: Strength
Specialty_2: Power
-Fountainbreak: Manipulation of water
-Crystalline: Freezing water to ice
Personality_Information: Aqua is a mysterious young girl. Her personality traits are difficult to define, but through analysis it has been determined that she is generous, but cautious. She is generally unfriendly unless shown kindness, in which case her attitude subsides. She takes great precaution when meeting strangers, does not trust people quickly and will bend backwards if she has to in order to get what she wants.
Personal_History_On_File: Aquaeous' parents were Darkstalkers, captured in the midst of the fighting. At the time, Aquaeous was unaware of her situation, but after being separated from her parents, the five year old went blind with rage and tore down her prison chambers. She escaped the DNS headquarts with what could be believed to a lucky miracle and no information was found after thereof. It is believed that after the enormous burst of power, she may not have any power left. We have yet to establish her whereabouts.
Weaknesses_On_File: Aquaeous cannot stand heat. Hot, warm, lukewarm, it's all the same to her. Anything that isn't frigid cold makes her sick.
Awesome !
Here's something else I just thought of:
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Access_Files:: File_3_Attachment
File_Name: Ferocious "Fero" Strife
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Danger_Level: Presumed Human [Is actually Darkstalker]
Date_of_Birth: Febuary 3, 2048

Specialty_1: Power
Specialty_2: Speed
-FiraraPhoenix: Can start a small fire out of anything, regardless of flammability.
-LavaBreak: Manipulation of Fire
Personality_Information: We have determined that Fero is a loyal, meditative young man who does not rely on emotions to succeed. He is intelligent beyond his years and qualified for many dangeous jobs. He has proved himself that is capable of no compassion or generosity towards Darkstalkers.
Personal_History_On_File: Ferocious was found unconscious after a Darkstalker raid on DNS. During the reconstruction process of several of the older imprisonment chambers, the boy insisted on being a part of the organization. He claimed that his parents had been murdered by Darkstalkers and he wanted revenge. The boss saw great potential in his abilities and he was trained to be a part of the DNS. He is currently on Darkstalker search and destroy missions.
[HIDDEN_ATTACHMENT] Ferocious is Aquaeous' older brother. When his parents and little sister were captured, Fero had played dead. He was never quite able to recover from the grief of his parents' death and assumed that his sister too, was gone. This emotional downfall created a void in his mind and his powers seemed to have gone.* Determined to make a fool out of the DNS, Fero convinced them to let him join their ranks and made his way from there. Because the DNS is satisfied with his earlier achievements, they do not keep a close watch on his missions. Instead of destroying Darkstalkers, he frightens them into hiding. He'd rather scare them into disappearance, then kill them.
Weaknesses_On_File: Ferocious cannot stand the cold, he does not go out in the winter. Cold, frigid air or surfaces make his head spin.
Other Information: Fero uses a thin, invisible wall of fire to keep his powers undetected from the DNS scanners. This wall of fire, similar to a heat wave surrounding him, makes the powers seem like a slightly higher than normal body temperature, but nothing of DNS's concern.
Important: Fero was 7 when his parents were killed.

*Fero's powers return when he comes into contact with his sister.
File_Name: Ains Valismos

Age: 328 (looks 23)

Sex: Male

Danger_Level: Darkstalker (Vampire)

Date_of_Birth: June 18th, 1737


Specialty_1: Moving Speed

Specialty_2: Intelligence

Abilities_on_record: Natural Abilities: These include all abilities designated to a vampire. That itself includes: Flying, Nightvision, bat control, etc.

Vanishing: Ains can vanish in a puff of smoke but cannot sustain the form long. Eventually the smoke will combine to reform Ains in a new location.

Advanced Knowledge in Poisons: Poisons is how he operates. These poisons can do anything from simply knock you out with a powerful cold to an agonizing fatality. The greater intensity of the poison the harder it is to make, the harder it is to create an antidote.

Personality_Information: Ains is a wanderer through the world of Makai and the Human World. There is nowhere he does not fear. At the same time he is not the aggressive type. He only attacks after being attacked. He is kind towards everyone regardless of who they are.

Personal_History_On_File: After a couple investigations the government of the human world had finally found out where Ains had come from. His life had always been that devoted to wandering but he at one point in his life stayed in Aensland for around fifty years. There he got to know the succubus Morrigan. Her attitude towards royal life was one he admired. After she obtained all of her power Ains presented himself to Queen Morrigan. Finding his nature likable as well the two quickly became good friends.

As any Darkstalker friends would Morrigan and Ains had sparring matches. Both finding that their powers came to near equal strength. This relationship was not to last long as the humans began to war with Makai. During the struggle Morrigan was captured and Ains was once again left to wander with his own secret agenda; to find Morrigan and release her. Anyone who opposed this goal was quick to die.

Weaknesses_On_File: His love for Morrigan drives him as it would control him. If she was held hostage just to get one thousand free shots on him he would immediately take the treatment rather than see Morrigan hurt.
Piro, you're accepted. It's nice to see a relationship to a canon character. ^_^
I edited Ferocious's profile. Added the last bit for the DNS scanners =]

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