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  1. Rules
    These are simple:
    1. No godmodding.
    2. No metagaming.
    3. Try not to create a character who is ridiculously OP.
    4. Stay friendly to the lore (of this game and the origional).
    5. No taking the names of other players or the origional horseman.
    6. Nothing to graphic in the sexual area ... I guess you could either fade to black or take it to PM but in these threads, no sir! ... I don't want anything that could scare a hypothetical child for the rest of their hypothetical life.
    7. Have fun.
    8. Not really neccessary but I'd suggest that you read up on the lore from the games.

    Our story begins many centuries after the Rapture took place. As the first horseman and the one who started the Apocalypse the horseman War was found guilty by the Charred Council of starting the Apocalypse premateruly. War was sentenced to be destroyed but he made adeal with the Charred Council instead. He was placed back on earth to find who trully started the catastrophe.

    Long after the horseman of War fought and defeated Abaddon ... Long after the four horseman rode together to stop the war between Heaven and Hell ... A new batch of Nephillim has been concoted.

    Formed from the dust of fallen angels and demons, the foul demon Lilith created them to serve as her army. As once there had been many, now too the Nephillim would build their race anew. The first of these new Nephillim was named Absalom as the first of the Nephllim had once been, long ago.

    The Charred Council sent a spy to find where Lilith had regained the knowledge of how to create Nephillim. The Charred Council sent Vulgrim, a demon with a reputation of being a soul-trading merchant. Under the guise of being a trader Vulgrim travelled to Lilith's domain in Hell to discover her secrets.

    It wasn't long after this that the Four Horseman heard of Lilith's Nephillim. They rode out one final time. They went to Hell. After no small amount of conflict the Four Horseman lead the new Nephillims out of Hell and to the Maker's home in the Forge Lands. Here the Four Horseman would train the Nephllim.

    It has almost been five hundred years since the Four Horseman rescued their Nephllim brothers and sisters from the tyranny of Lilith. Since the Nephillim have continued to breed among each other and sire more Nephillim. Many have trained well, become formidable warriors. But their time of tutelage is over and soon the Nephillim must ride.

    Character Creation
    Name: Should usually be based off of a specific aspect. Don't use an already taken name or one from the origional games. Also, though I will make eceptions for more obscure names, try not take the name of well known entities from the bible or christian mythology.
    Aspect: Every new Nephillim born to be a Rider emcompass a single piece of biblical mythology. Example: Death is the grim reaper and the empodiment of .. well of death.
    Age: Since the Riders are immortal this isn't too important, so long as they're not over 500 years since that is when the new Nephillim and Riders are first created (read the plot).
    Gender: There have already been Nephillim of both genders in the game. I think that you would do best to match this to your aspect.
    Weapon: Something that matches your name or a specific aspect that you character represents. Example: Death has his scythe. War has his sword.
    History: Depending on their age your Rider may have seen battle already. Though before the events of the RP there aren't any major story arcs so you're able to do what you want within the confines of the plot.
    Ability: A power unique to your individual Rider. Death could turn into a grim reaper in the second game and War could turn into a great demonic form in the second game. These usually are transformations that reflect their aspect.
    Appearance: A simple description of your characters appearance. Usually the appearance should match the aspect that he is designed around.
    Personality: A simple description of how they behave should suffice.
    Horse: Describe its appearance and, if it has any, detail its abilities. The horse represents your aspect as much as your Rider does.

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