Darksiders: The Vengeance Saga

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  1. In the beginning, the Creator in His glory crafted His masterpiece: The Universe (known to most of its smarter inhabitants as Creation). The Empyrean, the Tree of Life, held the White City, home of the Angels and their Heavenly Host, as well as an uncountable number of other realms populated by an equally numerous amount of Old Ones (ancient beings dating back to the beginning of Creation), animals, plants, and other life forms. And for every beautiful realm existed another nightmarish equivalent. For Heaven, Hell. For Eden, Purgatory. All of these abominable fruits grew in the Underworld, on the Tree of Death. And beneath them, the Abyss, where all dead realms inevitably drift to. For eons Heaven warred with Hell, leaving a trail of devastated worlds behind them, simply because they were populated by the enemy. But eventually, a new power rose: The Nephilim. Born from the Demon Queen Lilith's monstrous experiment of combining the organic components of demon and angel, they rode across the cosmos, ravaging any world or army in their path simply because they didn't have one to call their own. They fed the Abyss realm after realm, never being stopped, never being slowed. Until Eden. When Mankind was born, the realm of Eden was gifted to them by the Creator. Enraged and envious, the Nephilim rode to take it for their own. But there they were halted by an army of angels. And four of their own. Four Nephilim, grown exhausted with the endless destruction, had fled their brethren and arrived at the doorstep of an emerging power for Balance, the Charred Council. Granted powers beyond imagining, they became the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Death, Strife, War, and Fury. With the Horsemen behind them, the angels defeated and exterminated the entire enemy race. Not simply the invading army, but save for the four every last Nephilim died that day. Afterwards, the Horsemen served the Charred Council dutifully for many more eons, enforcing a ceasefire between Heaven and Hell to prevent the two from devastating humanity or any other realms before the Third Kingdom (as man and their new home, Earth, were then called) could stand against them. Until the Archangel and Heavenly General Abaddon conspired to initiate the apocalypse early, blame Hell, and launch a preemptive strike, disrupting the balance in the process. The Horseman War was framed for the incident by the Charred Council itself in an effort to force War to eliminate all witnesses and conspirators, as well as restore balance. Abaddon in the process was turned into the Destroyer, a monstrous demon who led the armies of Hell across Earth, eradicating humanity, until he was successfully slain by War, who died in the process. At the same time, the Horseman Death cleansed Creation of the dangerous enemy Corruption, slaying its champion, the very first Nephilim Absalom in the process for a second time, before sacrificing himself and the captured souls of his race in a successful effort to resurrect humanity and erase his brother's "crime". After their deaths, the angel Uriel shattered the Seventh Seal, summoning all Horsemen to duty, even from death. (This summarizes all events in and before Darksiders I & II. Unique storyline follows.) Together, the Horsemen fought back Hell and confronted the Dark Prince Lucifer himself. He was defeated, Heaven retreated to the White City, and Humanity lived on and eventually joined the surrounding cosmos as a major power. However, three of the Horsemen (Strife, War, and Fury) died permanently in the process, leaving Death to fester and grieve. Over time, he grew resentful of himself and the Charred Council and conspired against them. He began his plot with the goading of Heaven and Hell to join forces to fight against the Council, who had for so long kept them bound to laws they did not want. He even convinced mankind to join them, as it was not in the interest of Humanity to be bound by their ever-watchful "protectors". Together, with Death newly empowered by the energies of Heaven and Hell, they struck against the Council, defeating their loyal armies of Watchers and golems, and eventually the Council itself. With that defeat, all the things that had been removed from Creation by them was returned. Including Lilith's knowledge of how to recreate the Nephilim. With his power, Death forced her to rebuild his race, a project which she gleefully participated in. He taught the newborns how to fight, how to build, how to craft, returned to them relics of old (the weapons of his Horsemen brethren, War's Chaoseater, Strife's Mercy and Redemption, and Fury's Claws and Whip, as well as a number of forgotten artifacts, including the infamous Abomination Vault and newly gathered Ravaiim blood, which he warned them never to use unless the situation was truly dire) and even secured for them a world of their own. But most importantly, he taught the Nephilim to bide their time. Other races feared them, and would do anything to stop them before they rode again across the cosmos. And so they waited, while Death faded into memory and out of the lives of all. But now, the Nephilim have regained their strength ten times over. Their numbers have grown, their weapons are sharp, and Creation is theirs for the taking. It is time for the Nephilim to ride again. It is time. For Revenge.



    Apologies for the particularly long intro. If you made it through, welcome to Darksiders: The Vengeance Saga! I am accepting exactly (no more, no less) than 7 players. We will not be becoming new Horsemen (though I can't say we won't get horses), but rather playing as the New Age Nephilim, a second attempt at the original conqueror race (the Old Age Nephilim). We will be interacting with canon characters, such as Lilith, Lucifer (briefly), Samael, Uriel, and even (drum roll please) Death himself. As mentioned, three of the original Four Horsemen are dead, and we will not be interacting with them. There will be four acts to this RP, the names to be revealed as we go.


    If you don't know much about the series but I've caught your attention, read up here at the Darksiders Wikia. If you really want to know more about the history, bestiary, etc. but don't happen to have the games or books, this wiki is very helpful.


    The rampage of the New Nephilim will span a number of different realms, but the initial and most prominent settings will include, but not be limited to, the Veil (former realm of the late Crowfather, now thoroughly populated by the New Nephilim), Heaven, Hell, and the Forgelands. Don't know about these? Click the link above.



    Age: (One of the few things I haven't found about any of the Darksiders races is ages. Old Ones are pretty well immortal, but Nephilim, Angels, and Demons? Nuh uh. Got nothing. So, I'll give you a range of about 1-1000 years. That should be pretty fair, with 1000 being an equivalent to like a 30 year old Nephilim.)

    Special Skills: (All Nephilim, male or female, are warriors. However, do you have any other specializations? Are you an equivalent to a crafter making the next generation of Grand Abominations? An artist, with the various bloods of other races as your paints?)

    Appearance: (The Nephilim, due to their mixed heritage, vary greatly in appearance. Therefore, I encourage you NOT to post a picture, but to design your characters with words. Make sure to read about them first, and remember that while all are humanoid, most don't look too human.)

    Generation: (What generation of Nephilim are you? A Firstborn, one of the very first New Nephilim created? Or are you of the Second and Third batches created by Lilith? Or are you even younger still, one of those born from natural processes? Keep in mind, not everyone can be a Firstborn.)

    Overview: (Summarize your life. Give major events, leave out extraneous and unimportant details, but include if context is required. Only needs to be about 3-4 sentences, but if you want more, go ahead.)

    Weapon of Choice: (Do you have a unique weapon as mighty as the empowering Chaoseater or the shape-shifting Harvester? What is this weapon? What can it do? Or do you fight like a scavenger, stealing whatever you can find on the battlefield? Note that the earlier generations or those with notable crafting skill are likely to have better weapons.)


    • Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Punctuation of Intermediate Level. Not everyone is as good as the next guy, but I would like some skill with your writing. It gets kind of annoying and sometimes confusing to have to read through illegible posts. As well, if you write a good CS, I expect that same level of skill with normal posts.

    • BE APPROPRIATE. If you're making a joke, make it clear that it is a joke. No racism, sexism, or other -isms without some clear comedic value. If you're being an ass for no reason, you will be kicked, no warning. Nor will I accept intolerance of other people's opinions. As much as I will not accept someone saying the Holocaust was the greatest thing in the world (without any joke that anyone would consider funny), I will not accept someone who would take offense to a religious joke and make some great fuss over comedy. Both result in getting kicked.
    • NO PUPPETEERING WITH ANOTHER PLAYER'S CHARACTERS. You have total control over any and all characters that YOU make, be they major or minor, but NOT those of another player. First offense results in a warning on the public OOC. Second offense results in being kicked and killed off.
    • Once upon a time, I was kicked out of an RP. I will not name which RP or who the GM was, just the reason: I proposed a faster pace of posting, that it would be unfair to other roleplayers for one to hold up the rest by not posting for a while when it is impossible for the plot to continue without them. This contrasted with the GM's ideas, and thus I was kicked. I did receive notice, and the issue was settled after I explained the comment as a simple preference rather than a necessity. She accepted this, but by then had already opened up my position to someone else, and I couldn't get back on. The point to this? CONFLICT WITH THE GM (me) OR Co-GM(s) WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF YOUR POSITION. However, you will be privately messaged, and an appeal can be made. If it was simply a misunderstanding (as in my case), you're welcome to join again. Otherwise, the situation is permanent. The PM will appear the DAY THAT I FIND A PROBLEM. You'll have 48 hours to make an appeal to regain your position, within which it will not be open to anyone else.
    • POSTING SPEED WITH A MAXIMUM OF ONCE/MULTIPLE POSTS PER DAY, AND A MINIMUM OF ONCE A WEEK. I may have made this somewhat plain in the post above, but it I feel it unfair to other people for someone to join the RP, say they're dedicated, and then back out on it, holding up the line. Conflict with this rule (no post within a week) will result in a PM, followed by a waiting period of 48 hours for a post. If you have a good reason (work life, relationships, family events, etc.), the period is extended for however long is needed or estimated so long as you either PM me or post publicly. If there is no action in the time period, another PM will be sent, with a 24 hour waiting period. If no posts occur within the 24 hour period, you're kicked.
    • ROMANCE. Keep it clean with respect to your age. Under 18, keep it in your pants or do a fade to black. 18+, keep it roughly PG-16. And the Nephilim are a complex bunch anyway. Intraspecies romance, fine. Interspecies romance? Not so much. Especially with demons. THERE IS NO NICE DEMON. And Angels have so many laws and rules that they literally couldn't do it if they wanted to. And while we're on this...
    • GENERAL MATURITY LEVEL (excluding romance) OF 18+. Darksiders is a universe of gore and destruction. You'll see a lot of that here. If you're squeamish, this might not be for you. However, I won't force character deaths. Until the end.
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  2. This looks like it could be fun, I played both Darksider games and loved them =) I'll work on a CS soon
  3. Name: Feerouzeh "Fee" (Turquoise in Persian) Thanatos

    Special Skills:
    Master Weapon & Armor smith
    Master enchanter (can infuse wep/armor with magics)
    "Animal whisperer" Can communicate with animals and they tend to like her.

    fatestay night saber saber alter fate series 1600x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_47.jpg
    Golden blonde hair thats usually braided and in a bun but when down its to her shoulder blades. Her eyes are usually covered by the black metal plate (in pic) are bright gold that glow and tend to give others even her own brethren the creeps. Shes about 5'8 and 152 pounds with a agile but muscular build. Shes usually wearing the armor (in the pic above) which is black with glowing blood red runes through various parts of it. The runes are dim unless shes fighting then they brighten.

    Generation: Firstborn

    Overview: Fee was born not long after the new "creation" of the Nephilim. She grew up much like the other Firstborn but most of her brethren thought she was weak not only for her smaller size and appearance but because she had a compassionate steak mostly unfamiliar to them. The first 200 years of her life were rather boring, but on one of her adventures to find rare minerals for her blacksmithing she happened upon Death himself. She couldnt exactly say he didnt look worse for wear but he was kind to her (as kind as Death can be at least) and unlike the others he seemed to see something special in her though he never said it. After that she saw him only a few more times over the rest of her life but each time he seemed to show up in the most unexpected ways.

    Weapon of Choice:
    Master of various weapons but her main one is the same one as the pic above. A black longsword with glowing blood red runes on the blade along with the hilt its name is Kage (Shadow in Japanese). It may look light and frail but its heavier than hell (no pun intended) and packs quite a punch but Fee wields it with ease. Fee can make copies of Kage that appear in the air around her, she can command these copies at will but theres a limit to how many she can make in a short amount of time.
    Fee has a secondary weapon along with Kage, she doesnt always use it but shes mastered it as well. It resides on her back and has a special ability, it can create magma/lava but if this ability is used too much the scythe becomes too hot to handle.
    Apollyon (open)
    Greek for Destruction Angel
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  4. Accepted upon receiving the overview.
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  5. Ok im going to find out once and for all: are the horsemen in darksiders wrong on purpose? I cant imagine one could create 2 games based upon Revalations and not realise that strife and fury should be conquest and famine. Strife and fury dont even make chronological sense! Either way though, i'd still be willing to play. You may have difficulty finding 5 more people though. Should some make 2 characters perhaps?
  6. Yeah, on purpose. Supposedly the horses are all the right colors though (Ruin and Despair, Death and War's, are red and pale, Fury's is Black, and Strife's is white), but the names were deliberate. Personally, I don't really care. The bible says Conquest and Famine, pop culture says Pestilence and Famine. It's really all the same. And if you want you can make two.
  7. Right OK. I guess it must be from a gameplay point of view. Darksiders 4: Famine might not be particularly exciting. Magic powers relating to waiting for a long time while your foes starve to death.
  8. Okay added the Overview to my CS and fixed/edited some things in it, also added a secondary weapon.
  9. Looks interesting, have finished the first game and is currently having the secound on hold (Curse my love for total war). Will think of a concept for a character~
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