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Darkness Within (Tokyo Ghoul)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by elfghoul, Nov 20, 2014.

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  1. Akira strode down the streets, stomach grumbling. He couldn't just eat anyone, he was too empathetic. Sighing, he continued to wander down the sidewalk, he came across a small coffee shop and entered. He hoped he could at least get some coffee to help satisfy his hunger.

  2. The bells jingled and Hayate looked up, pushing his hair back. He picked up his notebook and headed over, sighing a little. His shift was almost over, at least. "Can I help you?"
  3. Akira looked around, enjoying the quant little shop. His attention turned to the boy and sat down. "Can I just have a coffee, please?" He fiddled with a spoon, forcing himself to ignore his stomach.
  4. Hayate blinked and sighed, not even bothering to write it down. "Sure. That's it?" He crossed his arms and shifted his weight a little onto his left foot.
  5. Akira nodded, not bothering to make eye contact. Maybe after he had his coffee, he would go search for a dead body.
  6. 2d52186ffbdbe58603a24025384e864eRESIZED.jpg Zora pulled her hood past her eyes as she walked to her destination. She had intended not to, but decided so anyway, rather than deprive herself and end up eating a random passerby that had unfortunately crossed her path whilst she was hungry. As she arrived at what seemed to be a cafe, she opened the door to hear the sound of a bell as she walked in and found a seat at the counter before quietly ordering her coffee.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.