Darkness takes the Light

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  1. [align=center][​IMG][/align]Aenia wandered throughout the forest. The sun had just finished setting leaving her to the darkness. It was very dangerous to be out so late at night, especially for her. For around her neck on a silver chain was the sacred Sphere of Valor. It was a very powerful object, and was something many try to get. Only they don't know who the guardian is. At least as far she knew they didn't. Right now the Sphere was in a more idle state. It was much smaller in size and it's magic can barely be sensed by anyone including herself. It was just a small dark green orb hanging from the silver chain around her neck, nothing special. If anyone was to look at it, it wouldn't even appear worth the take. That's is what Aenia had planned for it to do. Now she just looked around, trying to get to the meadow that was a safe haven for her kind. It was protected by magic and only Centaurs can really sense its presence. She just hoped she doesn't end up running into something along her way there..
  2. The devil’s spawn lurked through the forest. It had been a long time since he had eaten and just about anything sounded good at this point. Caicus had just awoken from his long slumber, starving. Human scents were nowhere to be found, but he had caught scent of something different. But almost…or more interesting that humans. It was sweet but musky at the same time. Somehow it was appealing so he followed the scent to a trail where he watched from the bushes as a centaur came slowly up it’s path. Caicus silently crept along side of it, hidden by the underbrush. The centaur was a woman, a beautiful one at that. The scent he had picked up earlier matched hers. But his attention as turned to the object around her neck. A round, green orb hung from silver chain. He could feel there was something more to it that what he was seeing. So hungry for a meal, and intrigued he sped ahead of the woman and stepped out into the path. His blood red eyes glowed in the dim light and flashed in hunger. Caicus’s pitch black hair fell in his face a bit, seeing as it was shaggy but not over the top long. He slowly approached her, a small smirk plastered on his face.
  3. So far Aenia saw nothing still. It was very quiet to and that sort of worried her. It was too quiet. That wasn't something she was used to and it seemed a little strange as well. But she kept walking, hoping it wasn't anything she should really be worried about.When she actually thought she was going to make it home without running into anything, that changed very quickly. There was something up the path, in plain sight for her to see. She slowed her pace before coming to a stop. Though she didn't speak she watched it carefully. But when she noticed it was far from human she backed up.
  4. Caicus slowly sauntered up to her. It was so quiet that the sounds of his footstepsagainst the wooded dirt path could be heard. He could tell that the woman centaur could tell he wasn’t human and that she seemed a bit alarmed by his sudden appearance. Caicus stopped a few yards away from her and a smirk came across his lips.

    “I haven’t seen any of your kind for centuries…thought I’d pop in and say hello my dear.”

    He gave a slight, egotistical bow and looked her in the eyes.

    “My name is Caicus. Caicus of Rowan…It is a pleasure indeed to meet such a creature as yourself.”

    His eyes went to the orb around her neck for a few moments before he again came closer to her; one slow step at a time. He grinned a bit, his fangs becoming visible for a few moments before he spoke again.

    “Now, What is a pretty creature like yourself doing out here all by yourself at this hour? Seems kind of dangerous to me…never know who could be...lurking a bout...”

    His blood red eyes flashed, mal intent clear in his eyes. <o:p></o:p>
  5. So he knew about her kind. Not a surprise considering he wasn't human. But what he was she couldn't quite tell. All she knew was that he was evil, and strong.

    Aenia kept her eyes on him when he spoke his name. She noticed his eyes go to the orb around her neck, and she put her hand up and over it. She held it in her hand protectively.

    "I was just on my way home.." she then told him. She wasn't going to give him a name. There was no need for it. At least she didn't see one. She took a few steps back while he stepped forward. She didn't feel comfortable around him at all. But what bothered her the most was that she wasn't sure what he might be after. He wasn't here just to see her kind again. He couldn't have been. There was something else. But what?

    Did he know about the Sphere and that she had it? Or was he just out looking for his next meal? Could be both but she wasn't certain.
  6. The Vampire smirked as her hand went up protectively around the orb. What was that anyway…? If she was protecting it, it must be something important to her. Or better yet something important to her race. More the reason for him to be hunting her. In the past he had taken many important things from people and it felt great. It had been so long, so why not indulge in a little fun? Caicus continued to approach her, backing her into a corner not far down the path. His evil red eyed watched her as she spoke in a sort of melodic tone. She was on her way home…how cute. Too bad that she wasn’t going to make it there.

    “That orb…around your Neck…It looks rather important. What is it…?” he asked, his fangs clearly visible as he spoke.

    He could see she looked uneasy as he continued his frontal march; but to him that only made it all the more enjoyable.
  7. Aenia continued to back up. Only problem with that though was that there wasn't any where for her to go. She glanced behind and noticed she was pretty much trapped. She looked back to the man. Even if she did try to run there was no doubt he'd be much faster than her. Which gave her no choice but to remain where she was.

    Then he asked about the orb around her neck. It confused her a little but that didn't show at all.

    So he didn't know about it after all? Good. But he knows it's not just a normal orb.. Very bad.

    Aenia put her hand down slowly. She looked down at the orb and back at him. She needed to come up with some lie, and fast.

    "It was a gift from my mother.." she told him quietly. That was pretty true, for her mother did pass it down to her.
  8. The centaur woman lowered a hand from the orb and then looked at it briefly before looking back to him. She told him it was a gift from her mother. He could sense a partial truth coming from her lips. The vampire, Caicus stepped forwards, closer to her.

    “Oh really…? Now what does mother dearest’s gift…do…? It’s not ordinary…Do you care to educate me woman..?”

    A seductive smile spread across his lips and he reached out, lightly touching the orb, examining it. The orb was beautiful…he simply must have it. For himself and his race. It would do him proud…if not them. He looked up into the woman’s eyes, tilting his head a bit to listen intently.

    “I’m listening…”
  9. She watched him step closer. It was obvious he knew she only partly telling the truth. But she didn't know what else to do. It's too dangerous to speak the truth to him. She can't let him have it.

    She lowered her gaze, not wanting to look at him when she felt him touch the orb around her neck. She would have moved away, but there was no where she could go.

    "It's for protection." she told him.
  10. Caicus watched as the woman lowered her gaze, not looking him in the eyes when she told him that the orb was for protection.

    “Protection…? From what..? This forest doesn’t seem much of a threat to me…nor any of the creatures that exist here.”

    The Vampire tugged on the chain around her neck a bit, forcing her head down lower and for her to look him in the eyes. He gripped the orb tight in his hands.

    “And how well does this power work…? What if someone wished to possess it…? What must they do…? Steal it….or barter?”

    He waited for his answer.
  11. Of course the forest didn't seem much of a threat to him. He was a vampire! Vampires are feared by many just like the Demons that roam the Earth. Aenia was then started when he suddenly tugged on the chain which forced her to look at him. Perhaps saying it was for protection wasn't quite a good idea.

    Luckily though, the strength of his hold on the necklace, wasn't near enough breaking the chain. For it glowed very faintly, as if it was gaining strength to prevent from breaking away.

    "No one can possess it." she said to him quietly. "Not without my permission." she then added.
  12. Caicus was pleased to see her be startled by his pulling on the chain of the necklace. He looked down at the orb for a few moments as it very faintly glowed. It seems to protest his pulling on the chain but...he didn't care. Then she told him in her soft voice that no one could posess it unless she allowed it. He chuckled deeply for a few moments then looked her back in the eyes.

    "What do I do then...? Hn? How can I obtiain it...? How do I gain you Premission..?"

    He stepped closer to her and leaned forward until his lips barely touched the skin of her neck.

    "Or do I just have to take it myself...?

    As he spoke, his lips lightly brushed agaist her skin; Icy breath lightly caressed her skin.
  13. Aenia did her best to stay calm. It did prove to be a bit difficult though, knowing how dangerous someone like him could be. She didn't fully know how to even answer him.

    "There isn't a way.." she then told him. "I'll never give it to someone like you, no matter what you try to do to me."

    A light shiver went over her when his lips brushed against her skin and she could feel his icy breath on her.

  14. "I suppose then...Your going to come with me..." he said before slowly sinking his fangs into her neck.

    He drank deeply. Her blood tasted fantastic! It was better than human blood. Caicus pulled himself up against her, and his Blood red eyes slipped closed as he retained a tight grip on her.
  15. A pain suddenly came to Aenia and she winced slightly but stayed quiet. She could feel his sharp fangs pierce the skin on her neck and she couldn't believe this was actually happening to her. If only she had avoided being out this late, then none of this probably would have happened. She just tried to keep herself calm, knowing that if she struggled it only make it hurt more as she could feel that he was drinking the blood from her, which wasn't good. He probably doesn't know it, but she was well aware of it. If one was to drink the blood of a centaur, it would give them more strength than what they already have..
  16. Caicus drank for a few more long moments, taking his fill. He could feel liquid strength flowing through his veins once again. It had been decacdes since he had, had a proper meal. He slowly pulled away, and licked her neck clean of any spilt blood. His eyes now an even brighter blood red. The vampire didn't move when he pulled his fangs from her neck, only stood just as close and gripped the chain of the necklace, keeping her pulled forward.

    "Now..." he said, eyes locked into hers.

    He reached another hand out and placed it on the crook of her neck.

    "Are you going to be a Good centaur and come with me...? Or Am I going to have to be as cruel as my reputation states..."

    He scowled a bit as he waited for her to respond.
  17. Aenia felt him remove his fangs from her neck and licked up the remaining blood. But he was still very clsoe to her, something she wished didn't happened when he had finished. She was thankful though, that the chain still held since he gripped it still, and she was a little bit glad that he hadn't killed her. That would have been terrifying. When he spoke she didn't think much on what her answer will be. "I'll go.." she said quietly. She had no choice really. He drank her blood which meant he was a lot more stronger than her and she wouldn't stand a chance. So it was better that she goes with him willingly to avoid being harmed too badly.
  18. His finger played up and down her neck for a few long moments before an evil grin spread across his lips.

    "Excellent Choice~"

    He turned a bit and tugged her forward by the chain of the necklace; although careful not to break the chain. Caicus led her back down the path and cut into the brush, making his way deeper into the forest.
  19. Aenia followed him quietly. She wondered where exactly he was taking her and if she had to worry about being around others, but dared not to ask him about it. She looked down at the orb, worried about its safety more than her own. But she had to remember that no one can remove it unless she allows them to, and she doubted that would ever happen. She doesn't trust him at all. The only kind of person, that could make her so willing to hand it over, would be one that she trusts and loves, other than that, no one was ever going to get possession over it.
  20. Caicus led her deeper and deeper into the forest until they stumbled upon a disheveled looking mansion. He growled to himself. It had been way too long since he had been here so it was kind of expected that things would be this way. But still...he hoped against hope that it would atleast look decent. The vampire pulled her along inside the house. With each step it creaked even more with unsteadiness. It almost sounded like the house would cave in any moment.