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  1. Introduction
    It's the year 200X and things aren't what they used to be. Since the creation of the internet by Dr. Tadashi Hikari the world has come a long way. The highlight of this incredibly advanced new world is the P.E.T (PErsonal Terminal) which is a small handheld device possessed by most humans and used for almost everything. E-mail, phonecalls, news letters. There is nothing electronic that the P.E.T can't do. But the biggest highlight of the P.E.T is the network navigator (navi) that resides within each of them. These navis protect against not only other navis but also viruses which might try to attack them. Each of them is equipped with natural abilities in addition to battle chips which greatly boosts their powers. But all has not been well in this advanced version of earth in recent times. Following the mass deletion of a building full of high ranking Japanese officials by a Netopian navi, as well as the bombing of the Japanese embassy in Netopia in the real world, war has erupted among the two countries. The motivation behind the attacks was never revealed. The war has spread from the real world and into the cyber world, with more casualties each day. All this while an even darker force looms in the shadows, waiting to make their own move.
    Terms to Know
    These are some terms which will be important througout the course of the r.p:
    • P.E.T- this is a handheld device which houses an operators navi and allows the operator to communicate with the navi
    • Operator- This is the human who operates a navi
    • Battle Chips- These are small chips that can be inserted into a slot in the P.E.T to give a navi extra power. There are three power categories for battle chips. standard chips which are plentiful and average and are of average power, mega chips which are more powerful and less common and giga chips which are rare and very powerful. Players can choose to create custom chips or use cannon chips.
    • Synchro-level- The level of synchronization between a navi and operators mind and soul. It is gauged on an index of 1-10
    • Cross-Fusion- This is the ability of a navi and operator to merge into one being in the human world. In order to achieve this one must have a synchro level of 7 and up. Free synchro-level tests are done at the Officials centers in each country, especially due to the war.
    • Full-Synchro- A perfect level 10 cross-fusion which temporarily perfects all character techniques
    • Busters- These are weapons which are exclusive to the navis that possess them, and cannot be granted by battle-chips. Each character may have one buster
    • Dark Chips. These are battle-chips which are equivalent to mega-chips but have several side effects including addiction, corruption of body, mind and soul, shortening of lifespan and eventual death. Use of these chips is illegal.

    Organizations and Ranks
    Their are several ranks that can be obtained in the r.p and these range from C-S rank.
    • C Class Navis- Navis who possess average power and mostly standard battle-chips
    • B Class Navis- These navis possess above average powers, mostly standard chips and some mega-chips
    • A class Navis- They possess exceptional skill and power and have mostly mega-chips
    • S Class Navis- They possess extraordinary natural skill and power and have a giga-chip
    N.B: Class upgrades must by applying at the local Officials center.

    The organizations which are present in society include the Officials and the net-police. Officials are the equivalent of police officers in Japan. They are responsible for upholding the law in the country and they are also the military officers who fight in the war on behalf of Japan. The Net-police are the Netopian equivalent of the Officials in Japan. You can also play as part of the civillian faction. Their is also a third faction known as the Darkloids which will be available to play as as the r.p progresses.

    Sign Up Sheet

    Please copy and paste and delete the underlined parts.

    Navi Name:
    Element: Can be also be neutral
    Buster: Optional
    Appearance: Picture or description
    Personality: You don't need to write more than three sentences. Just a simple description
    Navi Mark: Optional picture or description is acceptable
    Colour of P.E.T:
    Navi Class: Is your navi C class? or Maybe B class. Etc

    Operator Name:
    Operator Appearance: This is a picture or description of the human operator
    Personality: Just around three sentences
    Skills/Abilities: Is the net op smart? Does he know karate?
    Organization: This also applies to the operators navi, eg: Net police member. You can also put civilian for this. Include the country your navi and operator belong to as well
    If you can please put the pictures in spoilers.

    • No godmoding
    • Only one Giga-chip is allowed per player
    • No more than two characters per player
    • No polluting the O.O.C with spam.
    • All standard Iwaku rules apply
    • Please try ro post regularly and alert me if your not able to
    • No killing of other characters without permission from myself and the character owner
    • Proper grammar is expected in each post
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  2. Navi Name: Aero E.X.E
    Element: Wind
    Buster: He can create small blasts of wind with his palms
    Aero (open)

    Personality: He is mostly very calm and collected and is also good under pressure. He spends a large amount of time working and he is also a specialist in gathering intel on navis. He is very well known on the net due to the fact that he is the navi of the Officials cheif of operations.
    Weakness: He finds it vey difficult to go up against persons who use the earth element and he can also sometimes be absentminded
    Navi Mark:
    Aero Navi Mark (open)

    Colour of P.E.T: Silver
    Giga/Megachip: None
    Navi Class: A class

    Operator Name: Amon Obihiro
    Operator Appearance:
    Officials Cheif (open)

    Personality: He is a very serious no-nonsense type of person and his main aim in life is to see that the officials stay in line and the citizens are all well protected. Since the beginning of the war he has been very rarely seen as his work load has skyrocketed.
    Skills/Abilities: He is very analytically and he has acquired a high level of fighting skill through his days on the force.
    Organization: Japan Officials Cheif
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  3. Navi Name: DarkMan
    Element: Dark
    Buster: The dark spread. CycloneMans buster uses compressed darkness to shoot out a burst of "solid" darkness out in a spread when charged (takes several moments)
    Appearance: He is highly customized. DarkMan likes to hide his true identity among the chaos of war, hiding his upper face with a retractable visor that's tinted purple. He's of an average size and has gold hair spiked back sticking out of the top of his helmet. He wears simple purple and black.
    Personality: He is very confident in his abilities but often overestimates himself and underestimates the challenge at hand. He often questions the actions of his operator but realized the importance of working together with her.
    Weakness: Light/heat based attacks (especially gun del sol chips)
    Colour of P.E.T: Black and purple
    Giga/Megachip:Uses a megachip passed down from his operators parents that allows him to become intangible for a few seconds, letting dangerous or fatal attacks pass right through him. This cannot be used very often and takes quite awhile to become available again after use
    Navi class: Officially ranked as class B although he has easily gone up against class A navis and isn't to be underestimated

    Operator name: Aubrey Howard
    Operator Appearance: Aubrey is a very tall and skinny girl in her early 20s. Her parents died when she was little and all she has left of them is a special megachip left to her labeled "shadow dodge". She dresses with a punky style and has short black hair with a bright pink highlight in it.
    Personality: Very rebellious, snooping around places that weren't meant for her. She disproves if the war and is alway finding ways to aid civilians. She's also a bit cocky and sometimes gets in small arguments with her navi although this does not interfere with her exceptional operating skills
    Skills/Abilities: Aubrey is very clever and good at picking out opponents weaknesses, using them against her enemies.
    Organization: Rouge civilian, often interfering with official war business. Her first priority is the safety of average Mavis and people in Japan.

    (Let me know if there's anything I should change)
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  4. Navi Name: DragonBlade
    Element: Neutral
    Buster: Long dual blades that glow a bright orchid hue.
    Appearance: DragonBlade is a little smaller than your average Net Navi, but her sprightly physique gives her greatly increased speed. She looks like a combination of ninja and samurai, with her base suit being jet black with purple stripes going down her arms, the front, and the back. It covers the lower half of her face, perpetually hiding her mouth, and only emphasizes her bright aqua eyes. Over the suit, she wears a navy hakuma (samurai pants), with a gold belt that has her mark. For protection, she has light bladed shoulder and chest armor along with arm guards, all in gold. Interestingly, she has no helmet per say. So her white hair is completely visible, and tied in a loose ponytail in the back. But she does have a purple headband with trailing ends, also bearing her mark.
    Personality: Despite seeming cold and brutal in battle, she is really gentle and sweet tempered when all is well. But whether in or out of battle, she is always polite, sometimes infuriatingly so. She acts as a motherly voice of reason to Amelia, which tends to annoy her operator.
    Weakness: With her smaller size, DragonBlade has to be careful around heavily built Navi who pack a lot of physical power. That, and she sometimes over analyzes things, which makes her lose her focus and be more likely to be hit.
    Navi Mark: A black sphere with the purple silhouette of an Asian dragon's head.
    Colour of P.E.T: Black and purple, with gold accents.
    Dragon's blessing- a giga chip that grants DragonBlade golden dragon-like wings, giving her swift flight for a limited time. (will be received later in the rp.)
    Navi Class: B

    Operator Name: Amelia Davidson
    Age: 18
    Operator Appearance: Amelia, much like her Net Navi, is a bit on the small side, but her sprightly physique makes her more agile and quick. She has shoulder length wavy hair that's jet black and glossy, and matches well with her slightly reddish toned skin. Her eyes are dark enough to almost be considered black was well, and are slanted upward slightly like an asian's. Her style of dress varies widely depending on her mood, but it is almost always in the colors black and aqua blue. She always has a skateboard with her whenever she needs a quick getaway from something.
    Personality: Amelia is a spunky girl that's slightly hot headed, unlike her Net Navi. She's very mischievous, especially around those she doesn't like, and even goes so far as to act downright obnoxious towards them. But at heart she's willing to help out those in need.
    Past: Half Japanese but born in Netopia, she has been discriminated against when the war started, and she hates it all. DragonBlade had been a Japan-made Net Navi, and a gift to her by her Aunt, who lives in Japan currently. Recently, she also received her gigachip from her aunt as well. But what Amelia doesn't know is that the chip had been stolen from a high-ranking Official. Whether it was her aunt that stole it or not is currently unknown. Currently, Amelia's father joined the Net-police, and hasn't been heard from since. And her mother has so much to do with taking care of her younger children that she hasn't been keeping up with Amelia. So Amelia pretty much has free reign to do what she likes. Namely, everything but schoolwork.
    Skills/Abilities: She owns a pair of stun guns, which she's pretty adept at using, and she's also very skilled at skateboarding and general evasion. In net battles, she knows how to use combinations of chips for maximum effect.
    Organization: Rogue Civilian on the Netopian end.

    (Hope this is ok!)
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  5. I'll join this. Will post CS later this afternoon.
  6. I made a few inserts to the Sign-up sheets. I forgot to add them the first time around. If you guys could add those to your C.S' I will start the acceptances
  7. Navi Name: Tenshi E.X.E
    Element: Light
    Buster: An bow and arrow which fires arrows tipped with light to improve speed
    Tenshi (open)

    Personality: Tenshi is very cheerful and happy most of the time, which is in accordance to his affinity to light. He tries to avoid causing any deaths in battle and he also doesn't believe in close combat fighting, instead relying on battle-chips.
    Weakness: He relies so heavily on battle-chips that his close combat skills are poor
    Navi Mark: A single yellow feather imprinted on his chest.
    Colour of P.E.T: Yellow
    Giga/Megachip: Heavens Light, a giga chip which gives him wings of light and a boost for his arrows. It is very exhausting and can only be used once every three days
    Navi Class: S class

    Operator Name: Karin Arisu
    Operator Appearance:
    Netpolice Cheif (open)

    Personality: She is a very serious person when it comes on to her jobs. She can also be very lustful in if it will help her get informatio out of someone and she often questions Tenshi if her hair and face are in order
    Skills/Abilities: She can be very lascivious and deceitful. She is also very flexible and good with a bow
    Organization: Netopia Net Police Cheif
  8. I edited in the new info, hope it's okay!
  9. I just edited mine! I hope it's alright!
  10. Navi Name: MegaFist E.X.E
    Element: Earth
    Buster: Rocket fist
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    (The one on the right)

    Personality: MegaFist is a great big teddy bear he only ,resorts to violence when needed. He is a very loyal friend who tends to get clingy. Though he is easily angered when his friends are involved.
    Weakness: Friends and of course water wind elements.
    Navi Mark: [​IMG]Colour of P.E.T: Rusty Red
    Giga/Megachip: his mega chip allows him to send a shock wave though the ground to create a minor earthquake.
    Navi Class: B class

    Operator Name: Milo Rends
    Operator Appearance: [​IMG]Personality: Despite his small size and e feminine look millo is all about being macho. He hates the fact he looks like a little boy. He has major alpha male tendices. Though if your a friend he's got your back till the end.
    Skills/Abilities: He is a lightweight kick boxer ,and knows his way around a Net.
    Organization: Net police member. Out of the net he's just a kick boxer. Franch
    (I don't know the spoiler code.)
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  11. Everyone is allowed to make an S-classed navi but it's probably best that you start low and work your way up to it. After all, if everyone is an instant S-class navi the title sort of loses meaning. And also, could you please add which country you belong to in the organization part of your C.S'
  12. Good point. I can take Dragon Blade down to an A or B class and have Amelia receive the gigachip sometime along the line of the rp.
  13. Okay I added my characters country
  14. Navi Name: LaughMan

    Element: Neutral

    Buster: None

    LaughMan (open)

    Personality: Despite having the name LaughMan he is a very serious guy. He will sometimes act comical to cheer up his Operator Logan if he ever gets sad. He will also tend to crack jokes at his enemies or his opponents in battle.

    Weakness: His weakness is that he cant take many strong attacks.

    Navi Mark: His Navi Mark is a purple-pinkish laughing face (The one in his picture)

    Colour of P.E.T: Purple

    Gigachips: None

    Megachips: Laughing Bombs- He throws multiple purple-pinkish bombs with laughing faces on them that when they explode release a purple gas that makes the victim laugh uncontrollably and leaving them vulnerable for attacks.

    Navi Class: B Class

    Operator Name: Logan Risum

    Operator Appearance:
    Logan (open)

    Personality: Logan is a kind guy that like to joke around. Sometimes he doesn't like how LaughMan can be so serious sometimes but he doesn't mind that much since he knows LaughMan cares about him and he cares about LaughMan. He rarely gets sad but if he ever does get sad its because something drastic happened.

    Skills/Abilities: He is acrobatic and very comedic

    Organization: Rogue civilian-Netopia
  15. @Bebepiggles Darkman is accepted

    @Diamond Dragon Dragon Blade is accepted

    @Esakrel Alkaos Young Megafist navi is accepted. No worries about the spoiler

    @PhantomPlazma Your navi's personality is really ironic. Accepted as well.

    I can't wait to r.p with all these great navis. Also looking forward to @Roxshi's C.S if he/she's still interested
  16. WHOO SO EXCITED. So how many people are we wanting before we start? (Sorry if I sound too eager XD)
  17. I'm going to be making the I.C soon as I have time, but I'm not necessarily waiting on anyone else
  18. Okay sweet. Take your time then I'll probably jump right on my post whenever it's up

  19. I am still interested in and I'm girl, btw. I'll postmy completed CS tonight :)
  20. Im still interested also. working on the CS ...now actually
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