Darkness of Crascien

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  1. The humble town of Crascien is one close to waters. The citizens fished, searched for pearls and shells, and made bracelets for a living. Several tourists come every year, attracted by the white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. The people are very welcoming, seeing as it was their opportunity to be kind, since Crascien was far away from civilization.
    An evil mage by the name of Nathaniel passed by this town and cast a spell of indefinite darkness. He did it because the people shooed him away because he was a mage. The last mage who visited them killed 90% of the people with a sickness; of course they feared mages.
    The people of Crascien no longer see the light of the sun, nor do they feel it. It is now an infinite evening, one that is cold and scary. Tourists stop coming; they long for the sun, its heat, and its light shining on the crystal-clear waters.
    Will you help this community see the light once again? Will you be able to persuade Nathaniel to bring back the light to Crascien?

    "Nicole, my dear, please buy more candles," her mother said, giving her some coins. "Soon, we should learn how to make our own; we cannot afford to spend too much money on candles when we need this money for food."
    "Yes, mom," Nicole said, heading for the door and walking on the sand-streets of Crascien. She didn't bother to wear slippers; it was just sand, anyway. Just as she was about to enter the candle shop, someone rushed out and bumped into her, sending bought items flying to the sand.
    "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Nicole exclaimed, running her hand through her wavy black hair. "Here, let me help you out with that," she added, running to pick the fallen items up and hand them back to the stranger.

  2. "Hey no worries!" he said with an irresistible side smile. Raiden rushed to pick up his items with her. "It was my fault anyway. I should be the one saying sorry.' Raiden played at his fingerless gloves before picking up the last item. "Thank you um....what's your name?" he asked.
  3. Nicole couldn't help but blink at the stranger as she returned the fallen items. She returned a smile of her own, silently melting a little from that smile. She looked down at his fingerless gloves, then to the sand.
    "My name's Nicole," she shyly replied, "and yours is...?"
  4. As he sat by the waterline, letting the tide wash over his legs, Micah wondered how long it had been since the darkness settled; he couldn't remember for the life of him. Coming back to reality, he picked up a handful of sand and let it fall through his fingers. The boy shivered a bit as the wind blew across his neck, goosebumps starting to form on his arms. Knowing he'd been gone from home, and thinking his mother would be worried sick, he stood up with a sigh and started to slowly walk towards his house. There was only a handful of people out at this time.
  5. "NICOLE!" Someone called a few meters away. "Where are the candles?"
    She stood up and brushed the sand off her legs. "Oh, um, I gotta go, sorry..." She rushed in to the shop and got 10 candles, immediately running back home afterwards.
    "Here, mom, sorry I'm late," she apologized, "I... Um... Bumped into someone awhile ago and I was giving him back his stuff..."
    Her mom sighed, getting the candles. "Well then, you should be more careful next time. Come on, help me with the meal."
    Nicole really couldn't remember what time it was; it was the same thing the whole day, and she didn't know what greeting to say whenever visitors were around. Good morning? Afternoon? Evening? It was like they were stuck in time, and she was so desperate to get the light back. The plants were dying and the fishermen couldn't catch fish in the dark; it would be too dangerous for them. Less people went out of their houses. It was an eternal night and she wanted to bring the light back.
  6. He walked through the area his purple eyes seemed to gleam a bit in this dark, but he was becoming more and more adapted to it. Like he was some sort of creature, He walked with his hands in his pockets and his hood down, He walked up to his small hut that was structurally sound set in a tree. He jumped up and grabbed a branch pulling himself to the top, eventually reaching the inside and resting on the soft bed. He built it up high because he felt like something on the ground in the dark is definatly unsafe. He looked out the window and used the small amounts of lights to inspect the area.
  7. Was Nicole hearing the wind or some branches being pulled down? There weren't much trees near her place, and they weren't rustling all at once. Dismissing it, she continued cooking their breakfast/lunch/dinner, which was fish, as usual, and watched as the smoke and aroma passed through the chimney of their little house.
  8. Kria sat by the lake. Her brown curls blew softly in the breeze. As she began to wave her hand around, her eyes turned a dark blue. The water began to stir and shift. She raised her hand up, making a bit of water move into her hand. It sloshed about as she played with it. Finally, she formed the water into a ball and threw it above her head before causing it to burst into tiny rain droplets that fell upon her. She laughed softly to herself, her full lips spreading into a smile.
    She stood and glanced around, making sure nobody stirred about. Nobody knew about Kria's powers. She was afraid if the townspeople found out, they would exile her just as they had the mage. They weren't the same. She was an elemental, but it still worried her. She had an affinity for all five elements though Fire and Earth were her strongest. She began to brush the sand off her bottom and just stared out at the lake, losing herself in thought.
  9. "Finally, the meal is served," Nicole sighed as she set two plates on the table. Her father was out in another town and he probably wasn't coming back anytime soon. Gee, thanks for the timing.
    "Thank you, Nicole," her mother said, delighting in the scent of freshly-cooked fish. "Come on, let's enjoy this little dinner we have here."
    They both ate in silence, the wind causing the front door to creak every now and then. "Are we ever going to move out?" Nicole asked.
    "Oh, no, my dear, I think Crascien's really our place to be," her mother replied. "Can you really imagine yourself in another town without the waters?"
    Nicole frowned and shook her head; she really loved the waters, and even when she went out of town for a day, she would always find herself missing the sound of the waves.
    "No, mother, I can't," she replied.
    "Besides, my dear, we need to stay because if this little town becomes deserted, we will only be proving to the mage that he won. We cannot allow that. We must fight it. We must find a way to bring the light back, though we don't know how just yet," her mother added.

    As Nicole lay in her bed, she pondered on these thoughts. What if there was someone out there who could REALLY revert Nathaniel's curse? She shook her head; she was hoping for the impossible already. She covered her body with the light blanket and began dozing off.