Darkness Falls IC

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Leone Valcrosse

Leone let out a soft sigh as he sheathed his sword. The quest had been long and only moderately difficult. The boss, a golem possessed by dark magic, had been a tedious one at that. It's defense was rediculous, though it's attacks were weak and ineffective. The daemon was always quick to dodge slow attacks. He felt exhausted, though he was relieved that he didn't take any damage in the battle against the quest boss. His long black feline tail flicked behind him as he began to walk back to the guild.

This lonely walk was something he'd gotten used to over the years. He rarely did missions with a group, as he found it unnecessary to drag others into the dangerous battles that he fought. Though, this quest had just been time consuming. Being away from the guild for a week had caused him to quicken his pace. Not due to homesickness or anything of that nature, but out of concern that his guild mates destroyed the place in his absence.

He finally made it back to the guild hall, a massive cliff side castle that he'd purchased when he first started the guild, and walked into the dining hall. A ball was in full swing, though it didn't have the typical energy that it usually had. Everyone was dressed in solemn black, and the hall was decorated to match the heavy feeling in the air. The Guildmaster wore a confused frown on his face as he walked to the bar. For once the bar was crowded, only a single seat left for him. It was very strange. Seeing the bartender, he waved him over.

"Hey Sal, can I get a beer?" He requested, his gaze still wandering over the place. What the hell was going on. He began to notice tears in the eyes of some of the guild members near the bar.

As the beer was placed in front of him, Leone muttered a soft thanks and took a nice long drink. "Can you tell me what's going on around here?" He asked Sal curiously, still confused as to what was going on. He started feeling funny, like things were spinning around him.

Sal fixed a look like death on him, a cold hearted smirk on his face. "We just got back from a funeral."

A look of shock appeared on Leone's face as he studied the demon's features. A burning feeling was beginning to work its way through the daemon's stomach, moving up his throat as well. The discomfort began to show on his face as he attempted to carry on the conversation with Sal. "What? Who died?" He asked.

"You, silly." Sal explained with a snort of laughter. Leone stood up quickly, a look of shock on his face. A wave of dizziness hit him, and he stumbled backwards. Landing on the ground with an incredibly loud clap, everything went black.

Leone awoke gasping for breath when his book slid from his hand and fell to the floor with a loud and heavy clap. Sweat drenched his dark grey sleeping clothes, and his thick black hair poked up here and there. His eyes flicked about his bedroom wildly, everything blurry for a long moment. He brought a hand up to rub his eyes, and let out a sigh when he felt his reading glasses on his face.

"Oh... I fell asleep reading again..." He sighed as he removed his glasses and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He felt like he hadn't slept at all. His gaze flicked to one of the many windows that surrounded his room, located in the top of the castle's spire. Thick, dark grey clouds promising nothing but a rainy day stretched out as far as the eye could see. This drew another sigh from the daemon as he contemplated curling under the covers for the day.

However, he knew that he couldn't do that today. The eclipse was tonight, which meant that the Eclipse Ball was tonight as well. Which meant there was a to-do list at least a half mile long. Slowly, the daemon crawled out of bed and got ready for the busy day ahead of him.

Wearing his typical all black outfit, Leone ventured into the dining hall. He hoped that the other guild members would chip in and help get things set up. Otherwise this would be a terribly long day.


Koro Sensei
Regina was outside racing through the forest. Climbing trees and cutting logs and throwing her daggers. She does this every day in hopes that the guild would notice and send her on a mission. Then she could meet her hero. as she trained she noticed the clouds were getting thick and dark. She sigh and started packing up. She hated rain. It was loud, wet, and she always caught a cold when ever she failed to make it back inside. She ran back to the guild hall in a full sprint as always. She would duck and dance around people for agility practice.

Finally she made it to the guild while panting. "AWW... I was short 5 seconds... BUUU!" She entered the hall pouting until she noticed Leone walking around. She smiled and ran to him. She rarely saw her leader and always loved to hear about his grand quest and adventures. "Leone, Leone" she cheered, "Your back, your back. How was your quest, please share please!" She was super excited, jumping bouncing around the man like a puppy welcoming home its owner.


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Adam was in the dining hall posted up at the bar. Surrounding him were his unconcious guild mates, snoring loudly. As Adam took another drink he noticed Leone walking in. "Good..." Adam looked around and noticed he drank through the night again. "Oh, Good morning then. Have you come to join me, Guild Master?" Adam pointed to his unconcious guild mates. "You know, it's been a while since anyone could keep up with me. It's this damn elf blood, it filters out the booze to quickly." Adam placed his hand softly over his forehead like a Diva, "another curse of being a half elf I suppose, I'm already troubled by these exceedingly good looks."

Adam patted on the bar stool next to him and motioned Leone over, when the doors to the hall swung open. He saw it was Regina. "Oh two for one, fine both of you join me."


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Morgan snapped back to reality, hearing everyone speaking. With a light look of embarrassment on his face he closed his book and looked around himself. "At least I wasn't late this time." he thought to himself as he sat in a seat a bit further away from the half elf. He gave the guild leader a short wave before turning towards Adam "....Elf blood? Ain't as good as one could imagine." Morgan spoke silently with a light smile on his face. "And I am here as well, even though I am not really fond of alcohol because....you know." The vampire continued He really didn't take pride in his species, even if it had it's upsides of an extended lifespan and few other things.

Morgan let a light sigh as he took a quick glance through the window. Clouds. Well, anything better than sunlight, so he didn't have a reason to complain. Not that it couldn't get out but he would had to cover himself up with all kinds of clothes before having a possibility to get out and that if something was time consuming. He then nodded towards Regina "Well, nice to see you. Had fun wherever you were?"


"Whadda'ryu talkin' 'bout?!", Ellias yelled at Adam in a slurred, tipsy manner. "You aren't even finishin' yer' bottles prop'ley! Look, s'one's still full!", he pointed at the obviously empty bottle adjacent to Adam. "You... friggin....", he hiccuped one last time then fainted. Meanwhile, Elliot was searching around the halls hoping his brother complied with his stern reminder not to go drinking. When he passed by the dining hall, he found Regina and the Guild Master and walked up to them.

"Oh, good morning Regina. Good morning Master Leone. Have you seen-", he gasped when he noticed his brother snoring loudly under mountains of bottles. "Damnit, brother", Elliot sighed and silently muttered. "I told you not to go. Why did you guys let him drink anyway? He's not at the right age to drink", he said to Adam and Morgan with a soft yet seemingly frustrated tone. He walked up to his brother to wake him up. "Oh, I've been meaning to ask you something Master", he turned to the Guild Master and inquired. "I've been hearing rumors about an event called 'Eclipse Ball' which is to be held tonight. May I ask what this event is all about?". Being fairly new to the guild, Elliot is still not fully knowledgeable about the different traditions the guild upholds.
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"Just a means to have everyone let off some steam..." From behind Elliot a familiar voice was heard, medium in tone, slightly deep in pitch and usually always serious. The man that spoke was none other then Layth, his golden hues peered downward towards Elliot before shifting their attention towards the others. In his hand he carried a wooden box full of plates, clothed napkins and silverware, surely for tonight's big event. Surprisingly the soldier also seemed to be dressed for the occasion, Layth of all people. Setting the box down on a table next to him he parted his lips to speak once more, crossing arms over his chest.

"Though, ironically, looks like I'm the only one working to make this get together a reality..." Gold orbs shifted towards the other guild members in their drunken stupor, most notably Adam, the proprietor of most drunk shenanigans. Honestly, it did not bother him too much though... In his own way he was encouraging others to lighten up during dark times, there is good in that. "Mission details Leone." Layth had also always been a very direct man, little time to dance around issues now a days.
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