Darkness Below

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  1. Tessa Green​

    Tessa woke with a start. Her first thought was that she was late, but for what she couldn't figure out. She opened her eyes. First she saw the stark steel of the ceiling above her. That was odd, or was it? Tessa tried to figure out where she was. She sat up and looked around. The walls and floor were the same stainless steel of the roof. She sat on the only thing in the room with true color.

    It was the bed. She had been laying on top of the covers, with her shoes on even. That couldn't be normal. Tessa paused and tried to think how she got into this room. It wasn't familiar... then again where should she have been? She sat on the edge of the bed and stared at her feet. She wore boat shoes with a plaid pattern on them, and long blue jeans. Tessa dug back for a memory of anything she could find. There was nothing. A bit of panic pressed at her mind. She pushed it away reflexively, first she had to deal with the situation then she could panic.

    Tessa looked around the room closer. There was a large overstuffed dark chair, next to it a small coffee table. On the coffee table were several items. A single playing card, the ace of spades, the death card. Tessa's throat tightened. There was a hole punched into it.

    A packet of matches, a bit over half of the matches were used. There was no writing, but there was a stamp on it. The only sense Tessa could make of it was the pineapple in many cultures is considered a symbol of hospitality.

    The small zippered case makes Tessa think that it may be insulin inside the clear bottle. The chemical structure was hand glued onto the bottle. It looks as if it was added after the bottle left the pharmacy. Tessa doesn't know what the symbol is for though.

    The last item is a small bag with dice in it. Tessa can identify each of the dice without even counting the sides. The symbols mean nothing to her.

    She picks up the bear, which was sitting on the chair. Tessa sat on the chair and held the bear staring into it's face expecting it to tell her something. It did, she supposed, since tied around it's neck was ribbon much newer than the bear itself. Embroidered into the ribbon is the name Tessa Green. That is the first sensation of self she has. That is her name. She knows that as well as she knows the color of her shoes.

    The familiarity of the bear draws her to hug it. As she does she notices something hard inside it. Tessa flips the bear over and sees that the stitching on the back is fresh and loose. Tessa pulls at it a bit and notices a bit of white flashing amongst the sawdust that fills the bear. She carefully removes the item, she is about to fix the seam when she realizes what she is holding.

    A bone.

    It's small. It could easily be an animal bone, but why would it be in a bear? Tessa drops the bear and bone. Sawdust spilling out.

    The sound of gears and air causes Tessa to look up from the small mess at her feet. A door she hadn't noticed previously has opened.

    Outside the door is a group of people walking down a well lit path. The walls and everything are still stainless steel and it is a bit colder than Tessa seems to like best. Tessa decides to follow the crowd rather than stay with the bear and bone.

    "What's going on?" She asks the first person she sees when she exits her room.
  2. The girl rolled over in her bed and yawned. "Five more minutes," she muttered in Japanese, before realizing that this bed felt wrong. It felt like an actual bed. She sat up and looked around her eyes going wide. This was not her room, or was it? She blinked in realization that she didn't even know her name. She realized she was wearing a long red pattered yukuta with a black obi to match. As she looked further down she noticed that her left leg was a protstetic from the knee down. "Well... ah..." She frowned and sat down and then noticed a pair of sandals to match her outfit on the left side of the room and blinked. "What the... did I ... where... wha?" She looked around and spotted a table with a few items on it. "Ah, that might help!"

    On the table was a teddy bear, a note book, two of them in fact, a small doll, a kendo sword, a flower, and... an iPad! "Oh sweet goodnes! I can use this!" She picked up the iPad immediately and turned it on. However, to her dismay, it had been wiped clean of mostly everything except for a few games. She threw the iPad onto the bed in frustration and started looking at the other items. The flower... she wasn't sure what kind it was, but it was pretty. She picked up the bear to inspect and and ran her hand along the tag. "Lily, huh? I guess that is my name... I think that's also the flower... heh, I guess I'm Lily." She said She turned over the bear, noticing it had a zipper on it. She opened the zipper to discover several scraps of paper stuff in the bear. She smiled, and opened them. She then look horrified as she read them. "LET ME OUT!" That was what was scribbled on each of them in Japanese. It terrified her. Let.. who out? What... what was this? She threw the bear on the bed, following the iPad and threw the paper in the trash.

    She decided to move on to the notebooks. One was empty, so that was a dead end. She moved on to the next one. That was full of story ideas, in both Japanese and English. "So... I know multipul languages... that's cool," she said, setting the notebook down. The doll was also Japanese. "Okay then... but... who am I?" She sighed and picked up the Kendo sword. That felt right in her hand. She decided to hold on to it for the moment, to protect herself. She wasn't sure why she felt the need to protect herself right then, but she did.

    As the door opened, she blinked, and went to head out, holding the sword in a defensive position. "Who... who's there, and where are we?" She asked in English, hoping she was somewhere that would recognize that language over Japanese. She then saw Tessa and blinked. "Uh, you tell me, what is going on?" She said, putting the sword down a bit.

    (To get an idea of what she is wearing.)
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  3. Tessa Green​

    Tessa shook her head. "I wouldn't have asked you if I knew." She said a little irritated. She started walking with the rest of the group wondering where they were all headed.

    Soon they were standing in an Atrium with huge windows looking out at a planet below. Tessa had a brief thought that if they were in space the planet wasn't necessarily below. Then her stomach did a flip. They were in space. She looked at the Japanese girl with the sword and then back down at the planet.

    "Guess that is what is going on." She gestured to the planet. "I don't remember signing up for a space trip..." Tessa trailed off. "Well I don't remember anything actually." She wanted to ask the Japanese girl what she knew, but after snapping at her she didn't think that'd be appropriate. "Sorry for snapping." She apologized.​
  4. "It is alright... I understand... I... don't remember anything at all as well. I just... woke up here," she said and frowned. She looked at the planet and tilted her head. "Is... that... home? I... why can't I remember anything?" She said and clutched her head with her free hand. "Uhhh... " She looked at Tessa.

    "I am sorry, again. I'm Lily... or at least according to the stupid bear that was in my room that is my name. Other than that, I know literally nothing, besides having a false leg and this sword," she said and looked at it. "What's your name, if you remember that at all?"
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  5. Cricket Westley

    A sharp gasp sliced the still air like a knife. Her sea blue eyes had opened with a start, blinking and looking up at a stark white ceiling. Her lips were parted in the aftermath of her intake of breath, and she could feel her heart rapidly racing from inside her. Closing her lips and swallowing, licking her dry lips and realizing she must have slept with her mouth open, she swallowed again to wet her throat. Strands of brown hair were clouding her vision, and she brushed them aside before sitting up. As she did, she looked down at herself. She appeared to be wearing black yoga pants, her legs twisted up in white covers, and her shirt was an off the shoulder, slouchy tan sweatshirt. She looked at her hands, turning them over and over. These were her hands? She frowned heavily, quickly looking up at her surroundings. Wait… where was she? Who was she?

    Tossing the covers aside like a horse kicking sand before a gallop, she leapt from her bed and raced to the mirror in the room, seemingly connected to the dresser. She tried peering at herself through the words, seeing tanned, freckled skin, dark hair with a few high lights, blue grey eyes, and thin lips pulled across her white teeth. Frowning, she didn’t recognize herself at all. She took a step back, eyes narrowed, and read the words scrawled on the mirror in what appeared to be lipstick. I refuse to give up!!! it said. She blinked a few times, slowing coming to terms with the fact that she must be familiar with all this, but a head injury perhaps? Amnesia? Hmm…

    She began exploring her room, finding the teddy with her name, Cricket Westley, and a picture of a baby on her dresser. She lifted her shirt to see fresh stretchmarks, pink and shaped like lightning crisscrossing her stomach and confirming to her that this was her child. She couldn’t even remember his name… A camera next to it, which she began snapping with, and a postcard tucked under the teddy. The sunsets I’ve seen since being here can’t compare to your beauty. I miss you. Xoxo She felt a stirring in her chest. A longing. But she had no idea who or what for. Sighing, she set the camera and postcard down, rubbing her temples and beginning to pull out all the dresser drawers, search under the mattress, trying to figure out anything else. She was interrupted by a sound like gears, turning and seeing her door open. She’d been so focused on the contents of her room she hadn’t even bothered with the door. But now she took a step towards it, barefoot and feeling the chill of the hallway floor as she looked around at others leaving their rooms. They all looked as equally confused as she did, so she frowned and just continued to look about, corralled into a room where she crossed her arms defensively, still thinking and trying to understand. Trying to remember while walking with the mumbling crowd of sheep like people.
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  6. Axel Steele

    Axel awoke after what felt like a deep sleep, his eyes opening, blinking a few times, bringing the ceiling above him in to focus. His body was underneath a warm blanket on a small bed and there was a quiet stillness in the air, as if he were completely alone. Axel breathed quietly for a moment, listening, only hearing the sounds of his breathing as his bare chest rose and fell softly beneath his covers. He sat up, letting the covers drop from the top of his body and looked around the room. His eyes scanned over the nightstand, the journal on top of it and the empty walls that made up this room. He furrowed his brow slightly in confusion. Why couldn't he think of any reason why he would be here? Was this his home? Was he on a trip somewhere? Any memory of this type of information eluded him and as he tried harder to understand his situation he realized he couldn't even come up with his own name, or who he was, besides a young man sleeping in a small bed.

    Axel wore a soft beanie over his head that tucked just over the tips of his ears and dark grey sweatpants. He wore no shirt but was comfortable in the room where he slept. Turning his legs over his bed, placing his arms down over his knees, he tried to think harder about who he was and why he was here. The frustration was building as he drew nothing but blank memories from his mind. He reached up to grab the beanie from on top of his head and pulled it off his tousled hair, gripping it in both of his hands. He looked at the warm hat carefully, turning the worn material over in his hands, a chill creeping over his scalp despite his thick head of hair. Finally he felt something. Finally he felt like he knew something about him and it came from the beanie he had pulled off of his head. But it was only a sentimental feeling, as if the beanie was representing something valuable and taking it off triggered an uncomfortable feeling that made him think the items in his room could be his path towards unveiling his memories and bringing him understanding. Before he placed the beanie back over his head he ran his fingers through his hair, searching for any pain or bump that might have rendered him in to this bemused state of mind; he found nothing and proceeded to put the beanie back over his head. He looked down to his body, eyes trailing over himself to see his fit frame. He flexed one of his arms as he pulled his hand in to a fist, watching his muscles strain against the olive skin they were contained in. Then, the twisted skin on the side of his body, caught his eye. He turned and looked at his ribcage, hands trailing gingerly across the thick and twisted areas where his skin had been changed by something, possibly fire. As far as he could feel the scars led from his left ribcage around to his lower back and slightly down his thigh. What had happened to him? He felt no pain and knew these scars were old but not from a too distant past.

    Axel placed his feet on the floor and stood up, letting the covers slide off of his body. He walked to the nightstand and opened the small drawer to reveal two pairs of gloves, a lighter, and an old key on a chain necklace. Were these his personal affects? If they were they meant nothing to him. His eyes fell over the lighter, giving it a second look. There was that feeling again, a feeling one only felt from a memory and yet he could not think of what that memory was. Whatever the lighter was recalling he didn't like it so he shut the drawer. Below the drawer at the base of the night stand was a stuffed animal laying on it's side, a type of bear or racoon perhaps, he wasn't sure. He reached down and picked it up. Attached by a black string was a piece of black chalkboard. Written on the chalkboard in bright white chalk was a name: Axel Steele. As soon as Axel read the name he knew it was him. He didn't make the assumption, it was simply an understanding, a memory returned. A wave of relief washed over him as he finally found a piece of information about himself. He wiped the chalk clean off of the small black piece, no longer needing the reference as he knew what his name was now.

    He tossed the bear on the bed and looked back to the night stand. On the top lay a small brown leather back journal. When he opened the pages he saw nothing. These items had to mean something but he could not recall what and they did nothing to help him understand why he was here or more of who he was besides his known name. He moved to the bed and threw off the covers. A loose white t-shirt fell to the floor beside the crumpled bedding. Axel's eyes looked over the bare mattress before he flipped that over as well. There was no where else to look in this room for clues besides the small mattress he slept on. Resting on the base of the bed frame, having once been lying underneath the mattress hidden away, was another journal. Axel tilted his head with curiosity and reached down, picking it up. He unwrapped the string wound around it and opened the first page. There was beautiful handwriting from the top of the page down to the bottom but he didn't recognize what it was saying, as if he was reading a foreign language. He noticed pieces of the "words" were bolder than others but no memory and no feeling aroused inside of him. He scanned through the pages and found this journal to be partially filled, about one third, every page written in from the very top to the very bottom. Axel stared at the journal for a bit longer, resting on one page that had three sentences in bold writing, different than the other pages it seemed. And then the feeling came. His pupils dilated reflexively as his mind began to race with memories that were present but still unclear. He had seen this writing before, this unknown type of code, and the writing felt familiar, but he couldn't think of anything further. He closed the book and looked around the room. As he looked at the nightstand, the bear, his shirt on the floor, a feeling of a second memory creeped in to his mind. He had been here before. Suddenly the room no longer felt strange but another vague memory, the items still strange but something he believes he has seen before. He shook his head and dropped the journal to the floor, bringing both hands to his face and rubbing his eyes. What was going on here? The feeling of vague understanding was maddening.

    Suddenly the door began to open, slowly, creaking and groaning as it moved. People and the sounds of their murmurs began to fill the hall as it came to view. Axel had a sudden fear of exposure and quickly turned back around. He threw the black written journal back down between the wood slots of the bed frame and hoisted the mattress back over. He picked up the white shirt from the floor and quickly threw it over his face and fitted it to his body. He was barefoot and didn't bother looking if he had any shoes. He moved to the night stand and opened the drawer back up. The first thing he laid eyes on was the lighter and hesitation paused his hand in the air mid-reach. He pushed past the feeling and reached in, picking up the key and placing the chain around his neck, tucking the key out of sight beneath his shirt. He then turned to exit and join the others in the hallway, shutting his door behind him. In his haste to get out of his room and join the others he bumped in to Cricket Westley. He turned to the side and raised his hands "I'm sorry" he said softly, not paying close attention to her in his haste to exit. He paused as he looked at her. His eyes shifted slightly as he scanned her face, his mind racing. What was going on here?

    He looked back up towards the crowd that was moving towards a particular point of the room. Not waiting for Cricket to respond he began making his way towards the other side, pushing himself between the people until he got a clear view of the window that some were already looking down out of. In this area, an Atrium of sorts with large surrounding windows, he had a feeling he knew what he would see when he walked up to the windows. He came up next to Tessa and Lily and placed his hands on the glass, looking down. "Oh my God" he said softly to himself.
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  7. Tessa Green

    "Tessa Green." She responded to Lily. The name rolled out of her mouth unbidden. That reassured her that the bear had indeed carried her name to her, but why the bone?

    A young man pressed up against the window next to them. Tessa heard him say, "Oh my God." Before she could question him light filled her vision. She looked down at the planet she assumed was her home, because wasn't she from a planet, she couldn't be from this place this felt too foreign, too alien, to be home.

    Tessa's eyes widened in fear and horror as the planet lit up. Small spots at first and the slowly it built up and the whole planet seemed to be covered in the searing light.

    Then it was gone.

    Tessa repeated the guys words.

    A few seconds of silence reigned over the people gathered in the Atrium, and then there was the crackle of a PA coming to life. A voice, distinctly male but also digital sounding, spoke. "Follow the yellow lights."

    At first no one moved, then a few people started down the path that had been lit up by the lights. One man, a beefy guy with a mustache, yelled, "No." For a moment there was no response from the PA.

    "Follow the yellow lights, or regret your decision." Tessa, felt that this voice was not kidding. She looked to Lily, glanced down at the planet and then started walking to the path with the yellow lights.

    "No." The man's voice filled the Atrium again. Tessa turned to watch a couple people join the man. "We're not going to follow you. We want answers first." Tessa's stomach twisted in fear. There was no response form the PA. One moment the man and the handful of people who had decided to follow his direction were standing there. The next they weren't. Tessa had blinked her eyes and was certain something more had happened, but the general response was the group was gone.
  8. Cricket was frowning, looking downwards when she was run into. The man looked about her age, though a tad scraggly, wearing sweats and a tshirt with a beanie. She tilted a her head a bit and paused in her walking while she scanned his face as he did the same to her. She had no idea why he was doing so, but in her mind, she was trying to place him. Did she know him? He turned and moved through the crowd, leaving her blinking rapidly and suddenly looking at every face she could, trying to place them, trying to remember. But it was just giving her a headache.

    Grimacing a bit from the emptiness of her memories, her brain was filling the blank space easily with so many thoughts she thought they would come dripping from her ears. These thoughts only increased as she walked into what appeared to be some sort of central room, and saw a planet below. Her breath caught a bit, coming to the realization now that she was actually in space. Why was she here? A soft groan left her lips. One of longing as she peered over other heads towards the planet below. Her eyes searched the canvas on its surface until lights glowed all about it. She gasped, as did several people around her, before lifting a hand to her lips while the darkness covered its surface. Cricket bit the corner of her bottom lip, letting her hand fall again, as she began to wonder if they were all that was left of that planet… prior to those lights or now, she supposed it didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but she wanted to know. Perhaps it was just a screen too. Something to scare them.

    She jumped, as she’d just been thinking this was all a scare tactic, when the voice crackled over the intercom. The woman looked above her towards where the voice had come from, and then towards the nervous group headed for the yellow lights. She slowly took a few steps towards the yellow lights, looking back at the defiant group with an unsure gaze. Her demeanor became more alarmed as they disappeared, leaving her wide eyed and waiting for them to reappear in the empty space they had left.
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  9. Lily had chosen to follow directions as well, and was walking with Tessa. She was in shock from watching the planet in front of them just, blow up. Did she have loved ones there? Someone had obviously cared for her, since her prosthetic was in great shape, and fit her perfectly. She gripped her sword tightly, and held it close. She was angry, but at the moment, it wasn't showing very well. She continued to follow Tessa, hoping that a few others would follow them as well. Their 'captors' as it were, had already shown they were not messing around. She did hope that the group of people were just, gone, not... something worse. She looked around at the people remaining, trying to asses the situation. Memories gone, planet just blew up in front of her, someone had dressed her like it was a festival day... f... festival? She shook her head, trying to cling to the thought but it was gone. She did realize she was more strangely dressed than the others there. She was also the only one carrying any sort of weapon, even if it was a wooden sword.

    She looked at Tessa. "So, Tessa Green... what do you think of this situation?" She asked.
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  10. Axel took a step back from the window as he watched the planet below change, his hands slowly dropping to his sides. Suddenly afterwards a voice rang out over the crowd, drawing his attention with everyone else. Before he could make up his mind as to whether he would follow the directions given he noticed a man, joined shortly by a few others, resist and voice their demand for answers. He didn't think it unfair for them to get clarification on their situation. Based on everyone's shared bewildered looks they were all unsure of what was going on. The group who resisted seemed to no longer be visible and a moment later the crowd began to follow the orders. He heard a woman's voice near him say "Tessa Green" a name that drew his attention but he didn't know why. He turned to look at both Tessa and Lily, looking at their features intently, head turned slightly as he tried to pull anything from his memories.

    Axel hesitated to follow the yellow lights. There was a recollection pulling at his mind but when he tried to reach for it it simply fell away. The crowd began to thin out, leaving just a few of them in the Atrium. He saw Cricket, the young woman he bumped in to earlier. He stared at her long enough to possibly make eye contact but looked back to Tessa and Lily, joining in on their conversation. "Do you know what is going on?" he asked in a soft voice, eyes glancing between the two of them. Soon, if they didn't move in a few moments, they would be the only ones left.
  11. Tessa Green​

    Tessa was about to answer Lily when the guy with the beanie spoke to them. She shook her head at him. "I don't know what's going on, but I think the best way to find out is to go along with it, for now." A spark of defiance showed in her eye. "Come on." She nodded down the path.

    The group followed the lights to a large room that matched the rest of the theme of the ship, stainless steel. Tessa looked around the room, and just as the last person crossed the threshold of the room the doors shut. The PA spoke again, "You'll find a bag that will assist in your survival." As the last syllable faded clear walls came down and the large crowd of people were separated into smaller groups. The room went dark and when the light returned the group that was with Tessa (all PC's and a few NPCs), found themselves standing in a heavily wooded area.

    "What?" Tessa blinked as she took in the site. Everyone's clothes had changed to old fashioned traveling clothes. The era looked about 1800's. "I'm in a dress." Tessa looked down and picked up the skirt. She looked around the group. "The voice said there'd be a bag."

    There was a older man with the group and he looked around. "Does anyone understand what is happening at all?" He was dressed in slightly worn clothing, but it looked like it had been a nice suit until recently.

    "What I understand is the voice told us that there was a bag to assist in our survival, that means we're in danger." Tessa looked at the rest of the group. Other than the elderly man, there was Lily, the kid with the beanie, a woman who looked to be in her 20s, an older woman who might be close to the older man's age, and last a teenager girl.

    Teen Girl & Tessa are both in something similar to this.


    Old Man


    Old Woman (She's much older, not wearing this hat, she's wearing a bonnet like the other girls.)

    ((Have fun picking out an appropriate outfit. @Blox you still have your beanie. @kittyluna45 you still have your practice sword, and false leg, but this one feels different less modern. If you have any questions use the OOC and let me know (or pm me).))
  12. Lily found herself in something much similar to what she was wearing, but it seemed rougher, less refined. It was definitely a yukuta meant for travel. She groaned a bit as she lifted up her dress to see her leg was much lower in quality. It was wood for one, and not very articulate. "Wha... what the? I've been downgraded! How embarrassing!" She said. She knew it had taken her years to get use to the leg she had had, but now... this felt all wrong. She still had her sword at least. They couldn't take that from her. She noticed the dress was a bit more layered, and frowned. "Darn it, this is a terrible thing to travel in!"

    The older lady looked at herself and around. She had been in a nice dress, which had almost matched the suit the man had been wearing a moment ago. "Are you alright dear? Also, I don't have a clue to what is going on, does anyone else?" She addressed her question to Lily, since she had been complaining about her leg.

    "I'll be fine, but if I get splinters... I'll... be... cross?" She said, frowning mid-sentence. She wasn't sure how to complete it. She couldn't really 'sue' anyone since she didn't even know who she was. Tessa at least had a last name, but all Lily had was a flower and that stupid creepy bear. "Also, I still stand out here... I don't know if I'm dressed right for this... or for fighting at all. I miss pants," she said and sighed.

    "Well, as long as you are fine dear," the older woman said. Her gaze went over to the older man and she moved closer to him. "I am sorry, have we met before?"

    ((I looked it up and confirmed it with @Kirah, Lily would still be wearing yukuta, but one much downgraded in quality.))
  13. The old man looked at the woman carefully. "I can't say for sure we have, but I must add I sure hope so. I'm Phillip, well that's my name according to a bear I found in the room I woke up in." Phillip held out his hand for the woman. It was clear that the two were attracted to each other even of neither of them quite wanted to admit it.
  14. Cricket shook her head when no one reappeared, moving more quickly down the hallway of yellow lights. She didn’t want to linger and get labelled as defiant. She didn’t know who she was, but based on the items in her room, there were at least two people who loved her. A child and whoever had written the postcard. And she had to get back to them if she could. She had to survive whatever was about to happen.

    Her thoughts were interrupted by the door shutting behind her, causing her to whip around and stare at it. ”What’s happening?” she whispered just to herself, perhaps to a God if it was listening. She blinked, and it seemed like she was surrounded by woods. She took a step back and bumped into someone, turning quickly and seeing the man in the beanie again. Of course, he was dressed in some very old fashioned clothing now. She frowned, looking down at herself, and seeing her clothing had switched to a rather old fashioned looking dress as well with a matching bonnet. She frowned, and looked to Tessa as she began speaking, trying to condense the current events in a way their confused minds could comprehend. Cricket nodded at the girl’s words, looking at the others in their group. There was the older man, another young woman, a teenager, and an older woman.

    The other young woman who looked Asian seemed rather upset by her clothing, causing Cricket to raise a brow. ”Everything that’s happening and you’re concerned about your dress?” she asked softly, sincerely curious as to why it was such a big deal. Sure, she missed the comfort of her yoga pants, the modern, comfortable clothes no longer. Heck was in old fashioned underwear too? Sure felt like it, but she didn’t dare lift up her skirts to find out. This was truly bizarre.

    Cricket’s thoughts were interrupted by the old man and woman getting introduced, making her smile slightly. ”I’m Cricket, by the way,” she said casually to their group, blue eyes standing out brightly against her tan skin and the white outfit she’d been dressed in.
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  15. Lily looked at Cricket. "Ah, its not just the dress to be honest... but yeah, that is a concern... however, this is also part of the things I am concerned about," she said, pulling up her dress to show off her now wooden leg. "It had been a nice prostetic before, but now..." She shrugged and dropped her dress and looked at Cricket. "I'm Lily, according to the little bear I found in my room," she said, throwing her name into the mix of people introducing themselves.

    The woman looked at Phillip and smiled. She happily took his hand and held it. "I'm Julie, according to the bear in my room. It is very pleasant to meet you Phillip," she said. The name sounded familiar to her, like a distant, but happy, dream.

    Lily frowned after processing Tessa's words, and gripped her sword tighter. "Should we try to stick together if we are in danger? Or is this some sort of thing that we're meant to like pair off and be against one another? I know none of you know the answer, I'm just thinking aloud," she said and frowned.

    "We should try to stick together. We've all been put in this situation together, and you seem to be the only one with a weapon dear, so I mean, unless you plan to fight us, we seem to be meant to keep together," Julie said.

    "I do agree with that..." Lily said and sighed. Sure, she had a weapon... ish.
  16. Axel watched from the side quietly as their small group began to introduce themselves. He was still reeling from the sudden change, trying to understand what was happening. Perhaps this was a normal occurrence, being up in space with technology that offered many different changes for their lives. Or perhaps they was something more going on, something not even science can explain. He felt the cold chain of the necklace with the key around his neck as well as the warmth of the beanie on top of his head. Besides these, as he inspected his newly clothed body, he was weaning what seemed to be old 1800 western garb. Why? He had no idea.
    He listened to the others try and get a grip on their surroundings and reason for being here. Tessa reminded them about the bag and his eyes began to glanced around on, perhaps somewhere at their feet? Or was the bag out somewhere for them to find? His eyes lifted up towards Lily as she revealed her prosthetic leg. He watched it carefully and found he wasn't as surprised as he thought he would be to see it. He shook his head and finally stepped forward. "I'm Axel" he told their group, glancing around them as their introductions began. He then said, thinking out loud "what if this is a test?" He wasn't sure where he was going with this idea but it seemed they were placed in this scenario on purpose, matching attire and all, for a reason. He knew his suggestion was vague but perhaps they could begin sharing ideas and making motion rather than standing where they were, dumb founded, waiting for more orders to ring over the intercom.

    Axel felt as if they were being watched. He found himself at one point tilting his head around then up, looking in to what seemed to be the sky, but feeling as if it were merely an illusion.
  17. "Pleasure is all mine." Phillip smiled at Julie. "I think you're right. Whoever is doing this wouldn't have put us together if that isn't what he wanted right?" The old man looked around. "Seems we're on a path."

    The teen girl at this point decided to speak up. "I'm Anne. I think that we're supposed to accomplish a task." The girl chewed on her lip. "Think about it, the voice said we had to survive, but what are we surviving against? The elements? Doubtful. I think we're against something else."

    "Yeah but what?" Tessa asked Anne.

    "Your guess is as good as mine." Anne added with a shrug.

    "Well let's follow the path." Phillip said pointing the direction that appeared to be East.

    "We don't know how far we are from the nearest town." Tessa's voice strained a little as she spoke. She cleared her throat. "That could be the wrong way."

    "Or it could be the right way." Phillip argued. "We won't know until we head that way. I say we put it up for a vote. East or West." He looked around to everyone in the group for their vote.
  18. Cricket blinked in surprise as the young woman in the oriental dress revealed her faux appendage. “Oh… I’m sorry,” Cricket said quietly, finding it unfair that the girl’s prosthetic had changed. Cricket listened as everyone began introducing themselves, internalizing them into her mind. None of the names rung a bell unfortunately. “Yes, sticking together would give us the best chance at handling… whatever is going to happen,” Cricket said, agreeing with the older woman. “I’d say it is a test. Something to prove us… worthy? Capable?” she threw out, looking towards Axel and noticing his two shades of eye color. Well, that was different.

    “I really think we should look around for this… bag first. If we find it, something in it might give us a clue. If not…” Cricket looked down both ways of the path. I vote west,” she said, giving her frivolous vote anyway.
  19. "Nice to meet you Axel," Lily said. She listened to the others opinion and paused in thought. A test? Jeeze. And they had to survive against goodness only knows what. She was getting a bit frustrated by whom ever had set this up.

    "I vote for West as well," Julie said, agreeing with both Phillip and Cricket.

    "I'm more with Cricket. I think we should try to find the bag first. They did mention we would need it to survive and I don't want to set off with out finding it. More points in our favor," Lily said. "And honestly, I'd feel better if we had more of a clue of what we were to do than to just walk in one direction. That has never proved too useful in the past." She did not like this situation at all. She felt like a rat in a maze, being told to go find the cheese. This whole situation since she had woken up hadn't felt right. Would they be going back to those room? Or were they suppose to have gathered everything from them? She shivered at that thought as the teddy bear resurfaced in her mind. She gripped her sword tighter in response and looked around again, looking for more clues that then path that just went on and on.
  20. Axel was barely listening to the group argue about which direction to go in. He was already beginning to look around the group for the bag. Was the bag hidden close by, or was it further away down one of the paths they needed to choose? If they chose a path without looking for the bag here they might risk leaving the area without finding the bag at all. After a few minutes during the conversation, Axel still hadn't found the bag and was beginning to give up. He caught Cricket saying "West" and when eyes fell on him for an answer or to say something at all he simply repeated what he heard Cricket say. "West" he said simply, eyes moving back around to search one last time for the bag.

    He didn't mind sticking together as a group but he didn't feel like being told what to do. If his survival was relying on taking the right actions and making the right choices he was perfectly fine breaking off on his own if the time came for him to make a decision that might break him away from their group.
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