Darkness Below

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  1. You wake up in a plain cell, there is a bed, a place to sit, and a table next to it. Within the room are five clues to your past, but as of right now they mean nothing to you, and a teddy bear with your name, well you think it is your name. Your past is blank. You can remember nothing prior to waking up in the stark cell.

    After you've been awake for a while a door opens in the wall and you follow the hall out to a large room with an observation glass. The view shows a planet, you assume it is your home planet. Then bight light spreads across the land masses. For what could be hours these explosions continue until there is nothing but darkness below.

    A voice comes over the PA and sends you into another room. You obey, because if you don't dire consequences will befall you. Inside the room a simulation starts up.

    You're in a space station with dozens of other people. Ranging in age from about 10 to twilight years. The space station is massive. When you're not in a simulation you can explore a bit.

    -Atrium: This room has a garden and the large windows that look down on the dark planet below.
    -Cafeteria: This room is just as it sounds. A classic cafeteria. There appears to nobody who runs it. In fact you're fairly certain there isn't anyone other than the Dreamless on the ship, that is other than the Voice.
    -The bedrooms: Each of you (the Dreamless) has a private room.
    -The showers: A non-marked bathroom and locker room type room. There are several on each level of the ship.
    (more to come)
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  2. I'd be interested, but I know you, and I know this could be interesting. :3
  3. Thank you. It could be interesting. It is a group RP though.
  4. A sci-fi mystery in space?! Definitely interesting! Count me in.
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  5. Excellent. Hopefully a few more people show interest. I'll get a sign up page up when there is at least one more person. On the plus side it's easy to add people to this rp.
  6. Bump for more interest

    I'm going to start a sign up thread for the three of us at least.

    I'll post the link once it is up.
  7. Interested of course
  8. Glad to have you Whirl. :)
  9. looks interesting - is there a plot that will lead the rp or will it be a slice of life rp within the realm you've set?
  10. There is a plot.
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