Darkness and Tears

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  1. Maria used to be a vibrant, jovial, and happy girl. She fell in love with her bestfriend and they became lovers. However, as years passed by, they started to fall apart. Now left with a broken heart, she swore never to love again.

    She left her hometown to start a new life. She dedicated her life to work. She avoided any sentiments and form of love. She has no close friends. Because she believes that love only brings darkness and tears to the heart. Will she learn to love again? Or will she forever be alone?

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  2. Maria was working late at their office again. She leaned in her chair and deeply sighed. She's so exhausted and decided to go home. Packing her things, she looked about the place once more then turned off the lights. She lives alone in her unit. She got on her car and drove into the busy highway. When she got home, she changed her clothes and just lie on her bed.

    "This is tiring. But it's better this way." she said falling asleep.
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  3. Cyril rubbed his eyes as he walked home late at night after closing up his father's old shop, which now belonged to Cyril after his death a few years back. It was a demanding job with only Cyril as the only emplyee of this well liked convenience store in his old neighborhood. Every night after a long day of work, Cyril walked home, which was a few blocks away in a single bedroom apartment, and pondered what life had planned for him. He had never really had the chance to connect with someone after his father passed, it was too much for him as a teenager and it still cut deep well into his twenties. A sigh escaped his lips as memories whirled around in his head. The same ones that always occupied his mind every minute of the day.

    Cyril fumbled for his keys as he approached the door to his apartment, the florescent lights buzzing in unison as he unlocked the door and made his way to the bedroom. Without even changing, Cyril dove into bed and fell asleep.
  4. "Buzz!!" her alarm went off. She woke up and get off her bed. She hated mornings. It makes her remember things better forgotten.

    She grabbed her towel and took a bath. Getting out, she avoided the mirror. She dressed up and grabbed her keys and bag.

    It's always her routine to stop at the convenience store on the way yo buy breakfast. She prefer it than fastfoods like Mcdonalds.

    She parked her car and turned the engine off. she locks it as she got out. She entered the store and looked for something to eat.
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  5. Cyril yawned as he yanked himself out of bed, over the years his biological clock strengthened and he was always up early at five a to catch the morning rush of commuters going to work. He jumped in the shower, did his morning routine and made his way to work. As usual, a tiny line of "hello and good mornings'!" Greeted him as he opened the store to his customers, most he had known since he was a child.

    He stationed himself behind his counter, conversing with everyone that made their way up to him, laughing and smiling as he always did. This was what made the job worth while, all the love and care from the people he served. It wasn't long til a young woman of the business type came in, like she did every morning. He always peeked at her while she made her way around the store as rang up a sale. She was a looker and found her attractive, but, he knew he'd never attempt at making a move.
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  6. Maria decided to buy just a sandwich, a yogurt and a canned coffee. After deciding what to buy, she went to the counter.

    Placing down the items, she took out some bills. As she pay, she happened to look into his eyes. She was surprised because it has the same look she has everytime she looks in the mirror.

    Annoyed with herself, she turned her gaze down. She said thanks to him and exited the store.
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  7. Cyril rang up a customer and then she was next. For a quick second he looked into her eyes and to giver her a soft smile but it was shot down as she looked down at the items she herself. was buying. He rang up her sale and handed back her change.
    "Well, uhm, have a nice day ma'am!" He said cheerfully, but, it fell on the ears of only the other people in the shop as the girl quickly walked out the door to her car. He sighed in dismay as he loed down at his counter, yogurt cup staring back at him.
    "Wait! Miss! You're yogurt! " Cyril quickly barked as he chased the girl to her car.
  8. As she put her keys to unlock her car, she heard someone calling her. She looked up and saw the cashier guy holding a yogurt cup. She realized she must've forgotten it as she went out.

    "Oh. Thanks. I'm sorry to bother you." she smiled at him. Then she met his eyes again and stopped.
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  9. Vince was just one of those guys. He was charismatic and had an extraordinary taste when it came to clothes. He always looked presentable, even if he didn't try.
    He was optimistic and always had a talk that could lift spirits.
    He was a traveler who just enjoyed life as it came, yet he had nobody to share it with.


    He was walking through the street, and noticed the two people.
    He smiled and though 'ah, love.. What a strange, but wonderful experience.'
  10. She looked at the cashier guy and blushed. "I'm sorry to bother you. I must've dropped this." she smiled apologetically at him as she took the yogurt from him. "Thanks. See you next time." she said as she get into her car and drove away. She waved at him before turning around the corner.
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  11. Vince walked through the streets, he was restless. People passed him left, right and center, and that didn't really bother him. There was a certain sadness that filled the air, and it him right where it hurt.
  12. Maria drove into the busy highway and was lost in thought. That cashier guy has the same lonely eyes. But she can't let herself be swayed by something like that. She suffered once already and she's not going to played for a fool again. Turning off her mind to the painful memories, she sped up the car and effortlessly zigzagged in the road.
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  13. As Vince got to his car, he got in.
    He started driving and soon reached the highway on his way home, or what was left of it.
  14. She parked her car then rushed to the elevator. She got out and went to her desk. She smiled and greeted those she passed by mechanically. After resting a bit, she started working again. She puts all her focus in working. She eats alone during breaks. Looking up at the wall clock, she decided to take another overtime. She doesn't have anything to do anyways.
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  15. Vince got to a big building, he owned the penthouse and was quite content with all he had.
    He didn't want to be alone anymore though.
    His phone went, he was needed in some office.
    He decided to go, as he arrived he was greeted by the people, they were friendly.

    One girl didn't seem to care much about a new presence though.
    After a second of looking at her recognised that it was the girl he saw in the city earlier.

    He just roamed around for a bit and started doing what was asked of him while he sang along to the songs inside his head.

    He always wanted to be a musician, he had practised violin and piano for years.
    He always knew how to sing, and that's what he usually did.
  16. Maria is always aware of her surroundings except when she is really focused on something with high importance. She noticed a new guy entered their office but since he has nothing to do with her, she didn't do anything about it. But he did look at him just in case she needed to talk to him or whatever. She returned to her work after that.
  17. He had to go into her office, but didn't know how to approach her.
    He quickly walked in and said "hi, I'm vince, do you happen to have some paper I can borrow? I'm all out."
  18. She didn't hear him at first since she was really focused. Then she felt his presence and looked up. "Hi. Did you say something? I'm sorry if I didn't hear you. I'm just focusing here." she said
  19. He smirked "yeah, I'm vince, do you maybe have paper I can borrow? I'm all out.."
  20. "Yeah. Sure." she said as she opened one of her drawers and pulled a blank sheet. "Here you go. Nice meeting you Vince." she said.
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