Darkness and fear await

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In a small town called Kings ville. An ordinary town right? Wrong there has always been something eerie about this place. The towns folk seem odd around strangers. This is as if stranger's we're demons or not welcome. Thats the thing stranger's are not welcome at all. The town is afraid of All hallows Eve. There is a story About the Horned King he made this village and was known for his evil doings and ways. He was banished by a good witch her spell how ever was countered by his.

So now in lays the prophecy of the Horned king.

Dark stranger will come to town
On the night of the 31st
This strange shall release the Horned King
The town will fall into darkness
Only those who practice the art of witch craft can stop him
If they do not
They will fall and the human race will be enslaved to the horned king once again.

Now it is a modern day tale and the village has seemed to forgotten that prophecy except for a few elders. They are wary of any on new to the town and worry about the prophecy coming true. They say the signs are crows a plenty, a walking Pumpkin Man at midnight who kills any one he sees. Next comes the headless horseman and dark shadows and demons. Then comes the Horned King on the 31st rising to a blood moon.

Years in the future a woman in herearly twenties moves in to the most deserted and haunted house on the block. She makes it look even darker then when she moved into it. She has a crow as a pet and seems to have a dark demeanor.

They year is now 2025, October the 1st. The day of Sarina the daughter of the Horned King moves in the day things we're set into motion. And a group of college kids are the chosen ones to stop it. Will you stop it or will you parish at the hand of the Horned king.

Obviously follow All The Site Rules, And Whatever I Say and the Co Gm ( to be Determined ) Goes

Posts and others
Keep all OOC in this thread. No RPing takes place here, only OOC and Cs sheet here. Please post 2+ Lines And Please Try To Have Proper Spelling I know we all mess up at times I am guilty of this and give others something to work with.

Please, When Making Characters... Use The Cs Given. You Can have up to 2 characters, How ever Please Please Please Keep Genders Even so 2 female 2 male basically is a an example, And Keep All Of Your Characters Active Please. Post for all of them at least once every few pages, I do not expect them to be posted for on every page. That's just asking to much of you awesome people.

You are not allowed to use anime Or cartoons or drawings in this Rp at all, all images should be real people {or animals} and characters should be Heterosexual, Bisexual, and Asexual. I have nothing against LGBTQ community at all, just my preference for the rp is all.

If the Characters are animals make sure they have a human form. They can change into there animal form.

No Mary-Sues, Gary-Stus, Or God-Modding. No Powerplaying . must write in third person, no first don't know what this is ask me.

IC and Roles
Wait To Be Accepted By Myself or my co gm (to be determined) before jumping into the rp. You can not be your own other half sorry guys want it to be even Steven. If someone asks a question, Please feel free to answer if you don't know the answer then let me or Co gm ( to be determined) answer the question.

Have Fun!
This is Highly Important and Dangerous... Just kidding on the dangerous part. If your not having fun you shall be put in the stocks for a day till you cheer up. Just kidding again. However RPs are supposed to be fun. I may be strict in OOC but If you should enjoy the story and as title says have fun get lost in the Horned Kings world

Now as for yes' Drama, Romance, action, and death will happen. How ever all rules are subject to change if need be.

To know you have read this I ask that you put your favorite song in the spoiler of your cs= character sheet.

Small group cast list

Horned Kings daughter: @Satan's Mistress

College kids: all friends can always add more if asked

Witch good: open
Witch bad: open
Sorceress: open
Wicken: open

Sourcer: @KageKaioh
shapeshifter: @Satan's Mistress
Warlock Good: open
Warlock Bad: open
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