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  1. Brothers in blood,
    Sisters in tranquility,
    Unite to save us all.

    The land of Malfina was once a peaceful place, home to many kinds of magical beings... It was protected by enchantments placed by the original mages who came to reside in this land. There were no threats to the peace after thousands of years, until dark magic began to appear.
    The enchantments began to wither away, and chaos began to erupt across the land. Some magical beings were being overpowered by the dark magic and going on rampages, destroying settlements and even killing those who weren't strong enough to protect themselves.
    To combat this new threat, groups of mages (magic users) began to form groups called guilds, where people could request help for combatting those who'd been lost to the dark magic. The Darkmoon Guild is the most well-known guild in the land, and while fighting off those gone mad with dark magic, this guild is attempting to find the cause of the outbreak of dark magic.

    RULES (MUST READ) (open)

    You begin as either a member of the Darkmoon Guild, or a mage seeking to join it.

    You NEED to be active. I will pm you and bother you if you don't post at least once a day. If you can't make one post per day, you need not apply. I understand vacations and such, just give us a warning prior to your absence.

    Put your character's favorite fruit in the Other section of your form.

    Please use the form when making your character. Put it on your first post when you join in.

    Please provide a picture of your character at the top of the form.

    Be nice to everyone when not in character.

    I'll make a pm to act as our OOC for this roleplay.


    This guild was formed ten years ago by the daemon known as Leone. It's open to mages of all skill level, and offers training for those who aren't as strong in the use of magic.
    The guild's headquarters is located in the middle of the country, in the small city of Alamos. It's a peaceful area, and probably one of the safest in the country at this point.

    Leone (@AshenAngel)
    Rose (@wolfs rain)

    Grim (@Kumiko Wataru)

    Azalucia Boh (@meely)


    (Picture of Character)
    Magical Specialty: (if available)


    Magical specialities are the types of magic which your character prefers to use.
    Some magic is only accessible by some species.
    Dark magic comes in the form of curses that affect both the caster and the victim. These are irreversible effects.

    - Transformation...
    Turning one thing into another, with the possibility of returning it to normal. Can also work on people.
    - Movement...
    Causing objects to move on their own. Can also work on people.
    - Transportation...
    A quick way to move from place to place, though it may result in dizziness, nausea, and possibly the loss of limbs.
    - Illusion...
    The crafting of mental images that appear on the physical plain. These can be used to hide things, make things appear, and strike fear into your enemies when you yourself aren't so intimidating.
    - Restoration...
    Used to fix things which are broken. Best not to use on broken bones and broken hearts, as the results may vary.
    - Weather...
    These kinds of spells cause atmospheric changes and weather phenomenon.
    - Support...
    Used to enhance an ally for combat purposes, whether by shielding or by other means.
    - Equip...
    Summons weapons and armor held in a pocket dimension. The items can only be accessed by the person who put them there.
    - Combat...
    Direct magic, mainly elemental, used to physically harm a foe.

    - Hellsfire...
    Every daemon's core - their soul - is made up of a powerful magic known as hellsfire. Daemons who are skilled with magic can manipulate the hellsfire inside of them into a form of powerful combat magic. This form of magic seriously drains the user's energy.

    - Death...
    Eliminates the life force of both the caster and the victim, causing them both to die.
    - Pain...
    Inflicts an unbearable amount of pain to both the caster and the victim, sometimes so strong that it causes madness.
    - Enhancement...
    The caster uses this magic to improve upon their abilities. This is directly linked with madness.
    - Control...
    The caster takes control of a single person, using them to do their will. The caster is rendered immobilized while using this curse, and those with strong wills might be able to escape the caster's hold.
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  2. Leone (open)






    Magical Specialty:

    Quiet, reserved, and cautious... Leone isn't one to divulge information unless it's necessary. He can put on a friendly face every now and then, but normally, he isn't that social. He likes his peace and quiet, and is dedicated to his work.

    Not available.

    Carolyn by Black Veil Brides
    Alone Together by Fall Out Boy
    Words as Weapons by Seether


    The sun was shining down, casting the shadows of an occasional puffy white cloud down onto the earth. Leone sat in his office at the headquarters, reading over mission reports with a bored expression on his face. He made notes of damages and their costs, as well as the payment which the guild recieved. His black feline tail flicked slightly, annoyance slipping into his features. His guild was loosing money. He made a note that he needed to give everyone a little speech about their goals. They were supposed to be less of a hurt than a help.
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  3. Kaleb






    Magical Specialty:

    He is usually quiet boy and distance himself from everyone else; but he is also very protective especially when it comes to people he can tolerate. As much as how emotionless and spaced out he looks; he has a sadist side and love to see people writhing in pain by his hand.

    Though most of his memories of his childhood he has no memory of; Kaleb, as far as he can remember, as been always been treated like a prince by his adopted parents till they died. He didn't even shered a tear when he had heard this, he just simply looked up at the person and walked off, never to be seen or heard of ever again.

    Theme song:
    Emerald Eyes by Blacklisted Me
    Johnny Ringo by Crown The Empire
    Crassinova by SycAmour


    Standing front the doors of Darkmoon Guild which was more trouble finding then it was wroth. Kaleb stared at the door for a brief moment before pushing the doors wide open and walked in. As he walked throughout the lobby of the guild, he was stopped and called out multiply times of the members asking who he was and how did he find this; but he simply walked passed them and towards his goal. The head leader of it all.


    With a small smirk on his face, he pushed open the door of leader's office and walked in.
  4. A chill went up Leone's spine, his gut instinct telling him that something wasn't right, a disturbance in his magical force. He looked up at the black haired teen who opened the door. He could sense dark magic on the boy, which made him incredibly wary. "Who are you and what do you want?" He asked as he rose from his chair. His long black feline tail slowly flicked behind him.
  5. http://dark.pozadia.org/images/wallpapers/anime_fairy_water2-662395.jpeg
    Name: Azalucia Boh
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fae, more specifically a Moon Fae: Fae that are connected to the moon, the source of their power, and on days of a new moon, their powers are weakened. A Moon Fae always abandons their child at birth, resulting in many dying, unless the moon chooses them. The species is rare as the moon is fussy on who it chooses to save.
    Age: 17
    Magical Specialty: Weather
    Personality: She is loyal and kind, but not timid. When she doesn't want to do something, she won't. She wouldn't kill if she didn't have to, but would if need to.
    History: She has been raised in a forest, and can sleep rough. She enjoyed to look at the moon as she was told her parents were the sun and the moon, as she never had biological ones. She is a proud girl really, but values trust and once you lose it, it won't come back.
    Themesong: Waiting On The World To Change ~ John Mayer
    Other: Mulberries are her favourite food, and her favourite colour is silver.

    Azalucia had been in the guild for a short amount of time, and had recently came to ask a question to the leader. After all, he was the leader for a reason, and she knew him, a daemon named Leone, to be kind, and she believed that. "Hello, Leone?" she came in and then paused to see a boy she hadn't seen before. "I'm...I'm sorry...this is awkward," she didn't know anyone was in there, "I-I'll go..." before she saw the look on Leone's face. "It's not that important..." Her curiosity ran away and she watched the other male.
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  6. "It's fine, Azalucia. What is it?" Leone asked, turning his attention to the fae who'd entered his office. He was glad to have another guild member present, just in case the dark magic user had ill intents. He kept an eye on the stranger, despite his attention being focused on his member.
  7. "I bet it's just a rumour...but there's a...umm..." she gulped, "Intruder...and I was wondering what we should do...since this is my first time...I'm not really sure and everyone seems, well, really busy." She glanced at the person she didn't know, "But I don't think there's a huge problem...since majority of the guild has a clue...so..." She was killing herself inside. Why was she so nervous? Why did Leone look at him so cautiously? Perhaps he was trying to join, she recognised that look from when she had first joined: scared, young Azalucia, and until she had told him she had been sent by the moon, he had given her that look. She wasn't really that Azalucia anymore. The guild had replaced it, and she liked the new one better. She didn't like the tension of the room, and was slightly surprised he had not said anything about her storming in. Knocking was, of course, expected, and she herself was surprised she had not done so, but she couldn't turn back time. If she could, she would have prevented all this in the first place.
  8. Leone gave her a reassuring look, a small smile tugging slightly at the corners of his lips. "Don't worry. I'm pretty sure that our intruder situation is under control, at the moment at least. Why don't you stay in here, just to be sure." His voice was a bit warmer as he spoke, and his gaze slid over to the intruder as a gesture. He knew that this guy was a user of dark magic... He could feel it in the air around him. Azalucia would probably learn to feel it in time, but currently she was seemingly oblivious.
  9. She tried not to be so tense, "I'm not afraid..." She is almost laughing at how afraid she sounds, "It must be stressful, when there is an intruder. Maybe someone made it up because they wanted some excitement," she then wished she hadn't said that. It made her sound seemingly guilty. She smiled, at Leone and the stranger. They were both watching each other, like gladiators in a ring. Her fingers, cold and dainty, interlocked with each other behind her back, and she took in the room around her.
  10. Letting out a frustrated sigh escape his lips; Kaleb slide his into his pocket of his black jeans and took out a crumble up, piece of paper and hand it over to the daemon. "If your slow, malfunctioning brains have yet to figure this out. I'm a new recruit." His emotionless eyes would pierce keep into the leader's own orbs as he sway from side to side out of boredom. "But I guess even your kind can be incredibly slow at times." He spat, chuckling out of amusement as a small smirks found it's way onto his lips.
  11. Leone narrowed his eyes, his tail going still behind him when the boy opened his mouth. If the daemon had gone with his first instict, the kid would have a bloody nose by now. Fortunately, he went with his second instinct. "Who the hell recruited you?" He asked sharply, showing his displeasure with the insult. He was going to have a nice long talk with whoever "recruited" the dark magic user. Leone was supposed to handle applicants to the guild.
  12. He simply shrugged his shoulders and continued, "At first I was beating the guy to a pulp then he suddenly jumped and asked me if I would like to join." He closed his eyes and folded his arms against his chest and he shook his head. "Of course I said no. Damn guy looked like a pedophile and I wasn't into that." Finally Kaleb opened his emotionless orbs with a gentle yet sinister smile on his face. "Then the little pest start to beg. HA! How disgusting it was but I did finally gave out of pity for the man and now I'm here."
  13. "Do you have a name for the guy?" Leone asked doubtfully, a small amount of darker emotions swirling is his sharp eyes. It sounded like the kid fell for a scam or something of the like.
  14. Bring his hand up to his chin, he pondered for a bit before snapping his fingers as if he remembered something. "I... have no idea. But I've been eyeing down you organization for a while; even for a top ranking guild, your place seem to be falling apart even when you try and save money." He turned his back to the daemon as he start to walking towards the open door but stop at the opening and looked back at him. "Won't it ben very generous if someone donated money to your guild?"
  15. Azalucia sighed in relief when he said he was a recruit but then he explained. She didn't know it was possible to leave the guild, or maybe she simply didn't want to yet. "Well...it would be quite generous..." she piped in, before going quiet when she realised this was not her conversation. She also thought it'd be kinda suspicious. How would someone get that money?

    She them thought about the orbs and the finger snapping, and how Leone looked like he was in a trance. "What did you just do?" she asked, protective and loud enough for him to hear. Azalucia wished it wasn't her who was in that room. She wasn't strong enough to beat other mages, not yet.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Name: rose
    Magical Specialty: equipment
    Personality: rose is generally cold and heartless to most ppl outside the guild, but she is overprotective of the inside the guild
    History: rose had lost her family at the age of 5. After that she was found by Leone and brought to the dark moon guild. He raised and trained her to hone in on her magical abilities. She ended up as the deputy of the guild.
    Hero by skillet
    Until the day I die by story of the year

    Rose had been doing paperwork in order to help out Leone. From her desk she saw a new recruit walk in and Leone greet him. She looked back down at the paperwork. "I swear this guild is going to drive me crazy. I don't know how they pile these expenses." She stood up and made her way out of her and leones office to the bar. The bartender brought her a cup of her favorite tea and a sandwich.
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  17. Leone growled sharply at his monetary offering, his tail bristling. "This guild does not take money from dark magic users." He spoke coldly, revealing that he could feel the energy coming off the boy, and hopefully informing Azalucia of the threat at hand.
  18. Azalucia had noticed from the strange actions, and Leone added to her theory. "Dark magic isn't welcome here. Leave, now, and don't come back." She didn't like this newcomer, and after learning neither did Leone, she was alright in showing so.
  19. When rose heard the words dark magic, she turned to see what was going on. She saw the new recruit and took a stroll behind him she pulled out the sword she kept on her hip and held it to his back. "I suggest you leave, now."
  20. Azalucia smiled politely at Rose. She sometimes thought Rose was the only person here who was ordinary. Well, she was normal, as in, human, but a different sort of human. Definately a powerful and observant person. A respectable person. She knew what she cared for, that was the guild, and it came first. Azalucia wondered how she had became that way, though was always too busy to ask. Once again, this was not the right time.