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    There were days when Ace would want to create an incision from Ghost's larynx all the way down to his prostate gland. Of course, he never acted on those desires. That would be a death wish. No, Ace kept those thoughts well buried and instead took to beating his head against the wall.

    "Why doesn't he ever listen..." Ace sighed as he refocused his thoughts on the book he was reading inside the headquarters library. It was a book he knew very well, a book on cardiology. A soft yawn escaped him and he glanced at his watch. It was nearly ten o'clock at night. He closed his book and put it back on the shelf. His nice leather shoes brought him into the main hall of the headquarters, where large wooden tables and a mahogany bar resided. A small living area set up with couches and a fireplace was over in the corner, however there were few social creatures in the brotherhood that used it.

    Ace's light steps carried him over to the bar, where he offered the bartender a smile and asked for a glass of red wine. It felt strange being the only one at the bar, as usually the newbie members were enjoying themselves at this hour. He lightly shrugged it off, grateful for the peace and quiet. It gave him time to think about his plans for the coming days ahead. He supposed they needed to restock some bandages and such, Neosporin was a must, they needed iodine as well... He was pretty sure they were good with hydrogen peroxide, though he felt tempted to check again just to be sure.

    Ghost was just returning from a series of missions. He always took a few targets around the same area to take out, that way he could get his one long trip and then take a long break. This trip had been to Moscow, and while it had been easy, the snow and the cold really took a lot out of him. He didn't plan on taking any more missions in the northern hemisphere for a while.

    He was driving his black Challenger back to the headquarters. It was a long and boring drive through the poorly paved roads of the northern highlands of Scotland. When the pavement switched over to gravel and dirt, a weary smile crept onto the leader's face. He was almost home.

    In the middle of nowhere, a worn down building stood. It had a simple look to it, a log cabin with a few stone accents collecting moss here and there. Underground parking helped keep the significance of this place concealed. The bottom-most floor was parking, the second underground floor was the armory, followed by the main floor, and on top of that was bedrooms and such. This was the headquarters of the Darkmoon Brotherhood.

    Also, most likely the most dangerous place in the world if you aren't invited to the club. He remembered that a new guy recently joined, and wondered what kind of introduction he got from the jolly band of murderers. It couldn't have been too bad. After all, Ace was there to play mediator. It still felt odd knowing that his apprentice wasn't going to be taking off in his footsteps. But, life was full of disappointments. Ghost knew that all too well.

    He pulled into the underground parking and parked in his space closest to the stairs to head up into the building. He stopped in the armory to restock his ammo and then continued up into the main hall. He wasn't feeling all that social, but seeing as Ace was sitting alone at the bar, he sat down next to him and ordered himself a cup of chamomile tea.
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  2. Red Snow
    Katsumi Yukimura (open)


    She couldn't remember the last time she felt this calm . The living area of the Brotherhood Headquarters was quiet . Or at least it was to her . Seated on a couch next to an occasionally-used fireplace made her feel somewhat at home . In one hand , Red had a paperback copy of her favorite classic - The Odyssey . It was funny how a female such as herself would be interested in reading about war . More ironic so when her killing methods comprised of subtle accidents or mishaps .

    "What's the time...." , Red mumbled to herself rhetorically before taking a quick look on her pocket watch . Ten o' clock . Tomorrow she had to meet up with a client , or at least that was what she was informed of . The strange brown envelope she had received earlier that day merely stated the time , date and venue in which she was supposed to meet him or her . She had no clue what they looked like , but then again , Red did love a bit of mystery .

    The small smile that graced her features almost stilled when she realized that Ace and Ghost were at the bar . Sure , she was a spy but she could get lost in her thoughts when she wanted to or thought it was possible . I wonder , Red thought to herself as she looked at the two males seating side by side to each other . Red was , how should she put it ? An admirer of Ace's work . She liked that he could blend science in the art of killing . As such , she would quietly watch him work at times from the shadows . But now , it seemed as though he was a shadow himself , considering he was quietly minding his own business , as well as Ghost , for now .

  3. Adrian Lockwood, or as he was more commonly named, Silence, was lurking. There wasn't often times when he wasn't lurking, but it was especially obvious when he wanted a mission. After a few days, he'd become a little stir crazy. Still, he was yet to complain and saw this as an opportunity to do a bit of learning. But when the time came, study was over, Silence was tired, and sleep screamed his name.

    While the idea of slumber was perhaps the best paradise imaginable at that moment, there was a much deeper demon that bothered Adrian. The demon was known as thirst. For once, it wasn't thirst for blood, but for beer. Good beer. It was a nice time for a drink. Silence let himself lurk his way to the bar.

    Unfortanutely, he was not the only one who was eager for a drink at this particular hour. Both Ace and Ghost- two people he tended to avoid for the sake of not saying the wrong thing- were sat there. He now found himself with two options. Do what his brain said, and walk the hell out, or listen to his stomach and have a beer anyway.

    Silence decided it was a good idea to just enjoy a good beer, and went in anyway. With his quiet murmur, he requested a beer, please and thank you included, and sat a few stools away from the superior pair, with simply a nod of an acknowledgement, just in case they were having an important conversation. Bringing the beer to his lips, he allowed the liquid to sit on his tongue, before it trickled down his throat. Yeah, good beer.

  4. Olivia Elington
    Alias: Fox
    Looking at the mirror inside her room, Olivia fixed her blond hair into its' usual style and removed any trace of make up on her face. She returned when it was almost ten o clock in the night and looking at the clock once more, it was now a few minutes past that. There were plenty of work to be done and she would have gone to the main headquarters in the room below to get a cup of coffee, but she thought it would be easier to work in her usual comfortable clothes rather than the short body hugging dress she was wearing earlier. One last look at the mirror to see if she's missed anything, 'Nothing left. Good.' There was nothing wrong with wearing make up, but it had a tendency to be slightly itchy after a long time. Once she was satisfied with her appearance, she grabbed her laptop as well as a notebook and headed downstairs.

    Moments later, she opened the door to the room, not minding the people inside and simply went to the bar, her dark platform sandals making minimal noise as she walked. She took a seat farthest from the people that were currently residing there. Naturally, she knew who they were - not only because of reputation but because information was her specialty - but instead of giving a smile or any greeting, she just kept a blank - albeit slightly annoyed - expression. She's smiled too much already for the day as she talked to - in her opinion, the most infuriating - people. Besides, it's rare for her to give a happy expression when in the midst of brotherhood members. It wasn't because she disliked them but rather, she was fond enough of them not to show anything that isn't genuine. She placed her laptop on the counter as she ordered a cup of black coffee. Just because it was a bar didn't mean they only served alcohol. Something she was grateful for since she preferred to drink as little as possible. As she waited for the coffee, she her light green eyes would momentarily glance at the information on her laptop and began to write details that she deemed necessary for her mission on her notebook.

    Laurence Milton
    Alias: Falcon

    Laurence preferred Falcon to another which was Bunny. 'I think I would rather die than be called that...' Well, he didn't think anyone knew - or at least, he hoped not. He's spent the past few minutes walking around the place, doing his best not to get lost - though he has a fleeting suspicion that he already is. He wanted to see if there were any quick exit routes in the event that things don't go so well. Being raised as to be an assassin, he had been taught to be cautious and having only joined the group of assassins a few moments ago, it was safe to say that he wasn't entirely sure whether they would hesitate to kill him or not. 'Though I guess they seemed like nice people...Well, nice as assassins could be.' Honestly, he hasn't enough time nor any time talking to the members to clearly know their personalities. He was always terrible at socializing. 'I want to but talking to people is just so hard.' He thought with a sigh as he placed his hands in the pockets of his red hoodie, which seemed a size too big for him. He was always fond of loose and baggy clothing, mostly because he never had anyone to impress.

    Eventually, it came to mind after seeing the same place twice, that he may actually be lost. 'Wow, this place is really big. It looked smaller on the outside.'He thought with a frown as he came to a stop and ran a hand through his messy brown hair. He decided to walk for a bit more, opening a few doors to see if it was a place he would need to take note of - or if it was the right way out. When he searched the rooms and found no people there, he was glad yet at the same time, feeling the opposite since it meant no one would point him to the right direction. Opening one of the doors, he found plenty of people inside. Five, to be exact. 'Should I ask?' He ended up just standing by the door as he fought with himself mentally on what to do.
  5. Light conversation was always difficult to draw out of Ghost, and it always left the medic twiddling his thumbs a bit self consciously. As it was, the auburn haired male was dying for someone to converse with. Fortunately he heard someone approaching, hopefully someone who knew how to break an awkward silence. Ace put on a polite smile when Silence joined them at the bar. Well, this wasn't exactly what he had in mind. Silence was his alias, after all, but it was worth a shot. "Good evening." He greeted the quiet yet rather gruesome killer. He took a small sip of his wine, his posture relaxed as he took in the atmosphere of the room. He felt Little Red's gaze settle upon him for a brief moment.

    However, the entrance of the stoic Fox distracted him. He gave a polite nod to her in greeting. How was it on the one night he wanted to be social and loosen up a tad bit, instead of burying himself among piles of medical journals, he got stuck at the bar with three of the quietest people in the entire brotherhood? He was going on a brief mental rant before he heard someone else enter the room. He put on a polite smile, seeing as it was the newest recruit. "It would appear that the Falcon has landed." He mused to himself. "Don't be shy, come on over." He spoke with a smile and beckoned the kid over with a wave of his hand.

    Ghost quietly stirred his tea, his thoughts drifting over the guild's past and it's future. He hated slipping into deep thought like this, but it was a necessary evil. He knew he wasn't getting any younger, if his stark white-grey hair was anything to go by. He needed to find someone to take his place as leader of the brotherhood if he were to consider retirement. Naturally Ace would have been his first choice, but after certain events, Ghost knew that his old apprentice was following in the steps of someone else now.

    He snapped out of his thoughts when Ace suddenly started to talk. The room had filled up quite fast, now hadn't it? Fox, Silence, and the newest recruit Falcon had all emerged during his seemingly brief period of thought. He silently sized up this new blood, a silent plan brewing. This poor new soul wouldn't know what hit him after he went through the Ghost's tests. Of course, these would wait until tomorrow when the boss was fully recovered from his most recent missions.
  6. Laurence Milton
    Alias: Falcon

    It was obvious that the older male was talking to no other than Laurence. However, the young assassin was slightly hopeful that there would be someone beside him whose presence he just didn't notice. But taking a glance to his right side and then his left side where as expected, he found no one. 'Of course, I'm just not that lucky.' Well, he was fully aware that he would have to talk to these people at some point in time so he thought that he may as well do so now. Not that he has much of a choice. 'Actually, I do.' He could always run away since the door was just behind him. Though he highly doubt that the older male - Ace, if he remembered right - would appreciate such a rude gesture. Besides, despite the older male's friendly attitude, he knew that there would be good reason to fear getting on the other's bad side. 'Yeah, I can do this.' As he began to walk towards the bar, he continuously said the same thing over and over again in his head to motivate himself. However, his thoughts changed when he got nearer. 'I can...not do this.'

    But of course, it was too late to turn back now. Unfortunately. It was even worst when he felt eyes on him, though he kept his focus on the male in front of him and not the others sitting by the bar. If he did, all the courage he mustered up to lessen his shyness might just fly away in the wind. He realized that he has yet to say a word so he racked his brain on what to do. Naturally, it was only his luck when his mind decided to go blank and provide no answers. 'What do I do?' This is why he avoided people. His social skills were just absolutely terrible, the complete opposite of his skills as an assassin. Just then, it came to mind on what to do. 'A greeting. Right. Obviously. I'm such an idiot.'

    "Hello." He spoke softly, adding a timid smile to go with his words. He had always feared people's opinions. A single wrong word and opinion changes differently, he found it difficult to predict which is why he avoided it altogether. It's not as if he found it to be important when information could be gathered through a computer and kills could be done from afar. 'I regret not talking to people more...' It was a regret that came later in life when he realized that social interactions were pretty much unavoidable unless he hid in a place where no one will find. Which is a place that's nonexistent.
  7. Silence heard Ace say something that he assumed was to him. He took a moment to remind himself to be polite to people in the brotherhood, especially someone as important as Ace. He placed the beer on the table and gave the doctor his half-smile. "Good evening," he repeated, his voice like a loud whisper. Unlike Ace, the familiarity of the area did not help Silence relax. If anything, it caused him to yearn for a mission. For a change of scenery. He saw Red, but paid her no notice. No need to be paranoid. Fox followed in Silence's train of thought. The female seemed intelligent in Silence's eyes.

    But the one who grasped Silence's attention was the new recruit. He had a 'are you talking to me' kind of approach. Still, could be an act. Well, he didn't care too much. It would be interesting to learn about the unfamiliar recruit... at least, when he stopped enjoying the mystery. He decided to have another swig of his beer. Silence didn't have many friends to drink with.

  8. [​IMG]
    Amina ~ 'Hot-Wire'


    The black stylus between her middle and index fingers twirled, twirled, twirled in time with music pumping through her ear buds. Then suddenly the twirling stylus ceased its movements and icy blue eyes popped open wide, sending her dark pencil line thin eyebrows shooting upward.

    Full pink lips formed an 'O' shape, then her mouth was in full Mischievous 'Mina Mode as she tapped the stylus twice on the screen of her rather large mobile, a huge Cheshire Cat-like grin plastered on her face. What an awesome discovery! The image zoomed into a particular part of the schematics. It was so easy! Now all she needed was a tester vehicle. Where would she find a Dodge Challeng--

    The grin dissipated and in its place was 'Mina's Killer Smirk. An icy blue sideways glance aimed at Ace sitting near Ghost at the bar. Perhaps there was a tester vehicle waiting in the garage downstairs...

    Hey! Wait wut? When did Ghost and Ace slip in?

    The tall, raven-haired mechanic suddenly perked up and sat up straight. Amina was a loud-mouthed, sassy, crassy-assy'd punk chick, but when it came to greeting Ghost or Ace, she was always docile, smiling and nodding politely, hands clasped together; a rather demure little girl in their presence. It was quite a jarring sight to those that knew her. Perhaps her reactions were just remnants of her days in the Academies as a teen.

    But hold up... Ew. There's that 'oh-soooooo-cool-dark-and-brooding' Silence dude. Ugh. And oh lookie... Her. That uppity cow, Fox. Too good for us, eh? Uppity cowMOOOO! Oh! But hey~hey...! Just look at cutie-tight-booty Red Snow... rrrraaaawwwwrrrr...! Wait, no! 'Mina be good!

    But still her upbringing had such an effect upon her. And so she would stand, straighten her tight, mid-riff revealing white tee, smooth out her torn yet stitched and patched jeans and all the while her bracelets, bangles and charms would jingle and jangle as she did so. Then she would waltz over to greet them starting with Ghost, then Ace, then--

    A lone thin, black eyebrow rose quizzically as she halted from rising. Instead she slid the stylus back into its housing in her huge mobile then she began tapping away on the screen:

    <<Hey Snowita!! Sup, chick~~^^!!Hru???>> the text started off. Amina, 'Hot-Wire', had been part of the Brotherhood as long as Katsumi and so she was comfortable calling the redhead such a silly nick. <<Any idea why we been summoned? And hey who's the new fish baby boy? Imma come sit with ya k?">>

    Amina popped out her ear buds, pocketed them with her mobile, looked up, then tossed Red Snow a coy smile, a blue-eyed wink and an amiable nod.

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  9. Red Snow

    Katsumi Yukimura (open)


    To be perfectly honest , Red has never thought ill of her other Darkmoon Brothers . Yeah , sure , there were times where she preferred to do things in other wayd , but she wasn't much of a fighter in those sort of situations . As such , when Amina entered the room , the redhead could almost see the 'disgust' dripping off her at the sight of a few members . Katsumi mentally sweatdropped before giving a nervous smile . She was about to return back to her book when the familiar tone of a bear roar she had placed as her message tone sounded loudly in the quite pin-drop silent room .

    Of course , Amina . She again smiled at her phone before quickly typing in a reply . <<Hey , Wirey ! :) I'm good , wbu ?>> At the mention of a new male , Red turned her head to take a small glance at the said man . <<Don't know bout being summoned or anything . o.o And the same about that guy , mayb u should ask him . But yeah , come on over ! :D>> .

    After placing her phone back into her pocket , she moved her legs to the floor , making space for her friend . She was glad to have Amina as someone she could talk to , because so far , Red felt like the only person who actually enjoyed talking to her was Amina . Besides , she loved hearing her stories of work .

  10. Ace maintained his smile when the shy newbie ventured over and said hi. One word that could actually be built upon. "So, what are your first impressions of the place?" He asked, curious to see what the kid had to say of their humble abode. This headquarters reflected what the brotherhood was built upon. It was simple in design, neat but lacking overly expensive decorations. A no frills business that wasn't made to impress. Just a simple place for people with two things in common to meet up and do something.

    The medic finished his glass of wine and stood up, his smile not fading. "Where have my manners gone? I'm Ace," he gestured to himself and then placed his hand on Ghost's shoulder, "and this is the boss, Ghost."

    Ghost's attention was torn from his tea and his plotting when Ace touched him. A small, pointed glare flashed to the auburn haired male before his expression regained its neutrality and his assessing gaze landed upon the kid. "Welcome to the Brotherhood. If you don't piss anyone off and try to learn something from the professionals here, you might last longer than the last guy." He spoke bluntly, earning an awkward laugh from Ace as he turned back to his tea.

    Honestly, he really was hoping the kid would last longer than the last new recruit. His bluntness merely came from the series of blunders that would come waltzing in the front door and left in body bags. He didn't know what they were teaching these kids nowadays in their training, but it was getting difficult to find new prodigies that weren't so naïve and stupid. All it took was a bit of common sense in this field in order to at least stay alive. But no, they come charging in proclaiming their skills and carrying on about how fucking fantastic they are. Can't even do one mission right and get themselves killed. Not that he was saying this particular kid was like the rest, the jury was still out on that one, but he didn't want the kid to harbor any illusions about this field of business.
  11. Leo was on a street, his figure slightly hidden by a thick mist but his ever glistening blue hair as visible as with it. "A client has asked that I deliver him your head, occupitofrotalis, trapezius and rectus abdominis." Said Leo in a polite forced Russian accent, for no real reason. "Eh?" A weary voice would reply before realising that Leo had already shot the top segment of his middle finger off, sending it into flight. Somehow knowing that running was pointless the man just hopped from foot to foot pleading "It . . . i-it wasn't me ! Siprion stole - not me, Argaious has it all wrong, please . . . please I'm begging you." The man's eyes watered before he uttered a finale 'Please.' Which, after staring thoughtfully, Leo would reply with an "Alright." He walked over to the man and handed him a couple notes which he almost lost grip of because of his new disability. "That should cover that," Leo said, his accent suddenly that of a Norwegian male, while pointing at the incomplete finger.
    "Thank you, thank you !" The man began. "My daughter has terminal cancer so she really needs my support, I just got out of prison a couple weeks ago for stealing, but now - with my job it won't happen anymore. Oh, and I'm planning on proposing to my wife, Maria, next mo-"
    "SYYKE," Leo bellowed before shooting the man once on the shoulder and twice on the forehead which caused an explosion of rosey red blood. His body dropped with a 'THUD'. Although death was near-instant there was a tint of realisation on corpse's face. Leo stuck his now blood soaked money into his pockets then, joyfully, began carving out the needed muscles and of course - the head.
    Now, with muscles and head in sack, Leo briskly skipped away.

    30 minutes of skipping saw him in front a medium sized shop with the generic title of 'Sandwiches' in neon purple and a subtitle of ' We Make, You Eat '. He walked in where he was greeted by a woman; probably in her 20s.
    "Hello and welcome to Sandwiches, here we plan to gi-"
    "0176210086," Leo interrupted.
    The woman's features hardened.
    "What business do you have with Argaious?"
    With a sheepish smile Leo lifted the brown sack which had an 'unknown' red liquid seeping through.
    "Very well, follow me."
    He was led to a secret underground labyrinth which he'd been around so many times before, through the final door he saw... "Argaious," Leo exclaimed. " Long time no see !" He removed the head from the bag and rolled it to Argaious as if it were a bowling ball.
    "Good, you never seem to fail me, I suppose you're wondering why I asked for you to kill him."
    " Nope." Leo replied blankly
    "And I also suppose you have the greatest of curiosity for your family's history," Argaious said, either not hearing or ignoring his 'nope'
    " Don't care."
    "Long ago, around 200 years prior to great signing it all began."
    "Please give me my money and let me leave,"
    Leo groaned. But he knew it was already too late, the old man was in full fledge story mode.
    ' The Alwits split into four as a result of a huge argument, this argument would result in the killing of Stein Alwit, Ueorge Alwit, Dent Alwit and Alwit Alwit. One from each famil-'
    " You know what ?! Keep your money - I'm out ! " Leo ran, the waiting and listening no longer bearable : Up the steps, through the doors and out the shop, hearing the booming echo of Argaious shouting 'Leeeoondarvaandiskiii' put a grin on his face. A grin that would remain with him for the next hour. 'The bar,' Leo's stomach urged. It would be a further 2 hours of power walking for Leo to reach the entrance of the bar, he took a couple seconds to clean the dry blood off his hair. And, then, then and only then did he then decide that then was the apropiate to jump in, and so he did.
    " It is I, The Fantastic Leo, known to many as Leo The Great, known to even more as 'Good in bed,' " Leo said the last part in a half whisper and winked at the blonde haired woman to whom he couldn't relate a name. Onwards he went, to a segregated chair and, with maxium oomph, sat on it.
  12. Laurence Milton
    Alias: Falcon

    It would seem that the conversation wouldn't end with just greetings, much to Laurence's dismay. Well, his first thought upon seeing the place was to find an exit route. He didn't really pay much attention to his surroundings in terms of decoration, so when the question was asked, he wasn't sure how to answer. "It's..." Taking a quick and subtle glance at the surroundings, he went for the first things his mind thought of. Even if it was terrible, it was better than leaving the sentence hanging for too long. "...Homey." Well, that was a new level of terrible. 'Homey? Did I say that?' He wasn't sure if that was a proper way to describe a den of assassins. Though he wasn't lying with his description. The calm mood that the place had and a lack of tension, as well as the decoration of a fireplace and a peaceful night, it would be how he imagined a home. The Milton house was always filled with tension and competition that it seemed more of a tournament place rather than a home.

    Thankfully, the topic didn't dwell on his first impressions of the place. Next was just simple introduction, who would make a mistake there? Certainly him. "Oh, um, I'm Falcon." It took a moment before he realized that it was stupid of him to introduce himself as they most likely already knew who he was. "But you probably already knew that..." He said quietly, the gaze of his hazel eyes shifted from the older male and towards the ground. However the male - Ace, as he introduced himself - spoke once more, introducing another person, he lifted his gaze to look at the other male. Though it only took a second to wish he hadn't done so. The man - Ghost, the leader of the group - seemed quite intimidating, especially when he knew that the calculating gaze of the male was on him. What was told to him was something he already did naturally so he didn't think it would be problematic to him. He didn't think he annoyed people - or at least, he hoped he didn't. Avoidance was usually what he did considering he won't be able to have someone angry at him if he doesn't interact with them. "Yes, um, thank you, I'll keep it in mind and I, um, look forward to learning..." He said and he truly planned to. After all, he had a feeling things would go pretty bad if he didn't remember to do the two simple things told to him. However, he was curious about what was said. "Um, what happened to -" Before he could voice out his question, there was a loud voice that resounded through the previously quiet room.

    Olivia Elington

    Alias: Fox

    The peaceful mood of the area was absolutely relaxing. It was why she liked to stay and work in the headquarters. There were people talking, yes, but nothing loud. It was a perfect background noise while she did her work. Momentarily looking away from her dim screened laptop, she saw that there were two new people that came inside. One was a new face, she would have to remember to look him up, while the other was an old member. 'Hot Wire, wasn't it?' The other female wasn't exactly one she got along with too well and tended to avoid. There wasn't really anything interesting so she simply went back to work. Being done with her laptop, she closed the device and focused on her notebook. The words written on her notebook was in code so that only she would understand it. It was just in case someone managed to steal her notebook from her - though she highly doubted anyone would or could. It's not that she overestimates herself, she just didn't think of herself as irresponsible enough to lose her notebook.

    Being immersed in memorizing the details she needed, a sudden loud sound surprised her. Though her calm and blank expression showed none of her surprise. She looked to see what nuisance caused such a disturbance and saw a male who proclaimed himself in terrible titles. It was another new member, albeit a loud one. When she saw him wink, her expression turned to an annoyed one and she simply rolled her eyes before going back to her reading, 'He'll most likely die quickly.'
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  13. [​IMG]
    Amina ~ 'Hot-Wire'


    After checking her buzzing mobile, she tossed an upward chin-bob at Katsumi, then jerked her chin towards the Elder Darkmoon Brothers, silently letting Red know that she would greet them first.

    She was mid-way to where Ghost, Ace and newcomer Falcon sat at the bar when The Great (Douche) came bounding in and proclaimed a whole bunch of (douche-y) proclamations. Amina's icy blues rolled in unison with Fox's eyes when the females heard the last not-so-subtle-whispered (douche-y) remark. And Amina being Amina just could not help but fire back a (douche-y) remark of her own.

    "'Good in bed,' eh?" said Hot-Wire to The Great (Douche) as he passed by, "who tells ya that the most...? Your left hand... or your right?"

    Oh sha-nap!! BUUUUUURNNN!! thought the tall spiky raven headed chick as she tossed a quick wink and upward chin-bob at The Great (Douche). Then she winced inwardly: Ughs. Good work, 'Mina. Now go greet Ghost and Ace after that zing. Shhhhhhiiiiieeeet...


    After a good nerve calming breath, the tall mechanic made a quick about face and continued heading off toward Ghost and Ace, her demeanor shifting quickly, contrasting her earlier (douche-y) barb at The Great (Douche). Her chin lowered, yet icy blues sparkled with much youthful enthusiasm. Her cheeks were highlighted with heated bashful pinks, yet full lips held a sweet and polite smile. Her white top was skimpy and rather revealing, yet her muscular arms held taut, keeping her bangles and charms from making too much noise above her clasped hands held at waist height. Even at the spikey tips of her hair and chrome painted tips of her skater kicks seemed to soften with her every step.

    Suddenly Hot-Wire became Good Lil' Girl as she stood before the Elder Darkmoon Brothers and bowed gently and politely.

    "Good evening," she said softly, yet firmly, the all-too-common-sass in her smokey voice non-existent, "nice to see you here, Ghost, sir. And, Ace, sir."

    She nodded to each in kind, wordless to their comments, only answering if posed a question. By the end Amina could not help but flash a grin before she took leave of them... yet being Amina, she just could not help but size up the new member, Falcon. A full eyeing from head to toe she gave him, then back again, chewing on her inner lip as she did.

    "Welcome aboard, Falcon. Swim to the right, new fish..." she popped her eyebrows at Falcon as she jerked a thumb in her own direction, "...and you and Hot-Wire, me, will get along just fine. When you are dismissed by the Grandwall Darkmoon Brothers here, and if you can keep the douchery to a minimum, you can come sit with me and Red Snow if ya want--" then in a coy whisper "--I hear she's known to even more as 'Good in Bed...'"

    Amina tossed Laurence a smile, wink and nod as she gauged his reactions to her last comment. The Good Lil' Girl persona had completely vanished by now. Amina was Amina once more. The sassy undertone in her smokey sounding voice was in full gear, full throttle.

    "So yeah, our Darkmoon Siblings. My name is... what...? That's right! I'm Hot-Wire, and that's Silence, Fox, Red Snow, "
    she spoke each of her Brother and Sisters' names loudly and firmly, making eye contact and tossing each a chin-bob in greeting as she recited their names, "...ooohh and we just met the other new fish... The Great Left Hand... or was it the right...?" Hot-Wire shook her head disapprovingly as she stared in the direction of The Great (Douche), but a smile could not help but hang from her full pink lips. Dude was bold, she would give him that at least.

    One more upward pop of her pencil-line thin eyebrows at Falcon, then Amina spun about and marched back to Katsumi, but not before snagging her things from her old table.


    With a satisfied grunt, she parked her rear in the seat right beside Red Snow, her bracelets jangling and tinkling along. Suddenly, her head snapped in Katsumi's direction and Amina pressed her face into her friends face, icy blues wide.

    "Raaaawwwwrrrr!!! BEAARRRRSSS!!!" she laughed then pulled her face off of Katsumi's.

    "Ya need to set to vibrate, chick..."
    giggled 'Mina then she stopped suddenly. A lone raven eyebrow raised slowly as 'Mina's Killer Smirk pulled up at a corner of her mouth, "you do know how to... vibrate... right...?"

    Amina burst out laughing and playfully smacked her friend's shoulder, "Red, you are such a perv!"

    "Kay, so! Oh! Chick! I sooooo have to show you this cat vid... ooooohhhh so dorbles!! Kawaiiiiiii 10 outta 10! Would recommend!! But first just gotta' let ya know... the new kid? The NEW GUY RED SNOW WAS CALLING SOOOO CUTE AND ASKING ABOUT is gonna come sit with us. He likes you for some reason. Must be cuz you're so pervie, chick! Hahahah...!

    Hey! So 'sup, Snowita?! Whacha' been up to?! Tell, tell, tell, Wirey! But oh! So goods to see ya, chick.. really! Hugs?!"

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  14. Red Snow

    Katsumi Yukimura (open)


    The atmosphere in the room had suddenly taken a full 360 degree turn with the arrival of a few individuals . It wasn't necessarily a bad thing , but Red would say that there were certainly some personalities that clashed with others . Nodding to no one in particular , more like to herself , Katsumi noted that Hot Wire wanted to greet the elders of the lot , as well as check out the new 'fish' , as her friend called him . He seems like a nice person , the redhead thought to herself before her attention was turned to the announcement of a male and his.....capabilities in bed .

    "Good.....in....bed...." , she mumbled to herself , eyes slightly widened as she thought to herself , how could anyone even say that with so much ease and confidence ? He must really be told so , because I know I would have fainted due to blood loss if I said something like that aloud . The comment Amina made wasn't helpful either and Katsumi Yukimura couldn't help but blush , despite not being the centre of embarrassment .


    Her previous blush had intensified at the mention of Amina calling her a pervert for having such lewd thoughts . "I-I wasn't thinking that at all !" , Katsumi exclaimed in self defense before hiding her face in her book . Honestly , she didn't know how she got along well with her bad girl attitude , but all Red knew was that it was definitely not boring when she was with her .

    "Jeez , you tease me too much ." , Red pouted once before leaning against the back of the couch before poking Hot Wire's arm . She was about to nod and enthusiastically ask her fellow Sister to show her the video when she stopped midway . "W-What !?" , Red Snow responded before tugging at the Amina's right arm once again .

    "You did not . You did not . You did not ." , she kept chanting to herself before staring at the other female . "Aminaaa , you always get me into trouble with guys ." , Red complained while racking her brain for an explanation . Okay , she was going to say Amina had no idea what she just said because she didn't mean it because I didn't say it . "Remind me to bring something to occupy yourself with , next time you come ." , Katsumi said before sighing .

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  15. Ace was fully satisfied with the new kid after watching him interact with the boss. The more conservative ones always turned out well with clients and other Brotherhood members. When Amina approached once it was obvious that Ghost had finished his dialogue, Ace gave the boss another nudge. "Why do you insist on scaring the newbies, eh?" He asked in a hushed, amused voice.

    However, the amusement evaporated from his features upon the entrance of a certain new nuisance. The chief lunatic newbie. Someone who Ghost let in just to keep the good doctor on his toes. Yet another social experiment set up to be the bane of Ace's existence. Fortunately, 'Mina put the damn fool in his place before he blew himself up too much. "Good evening, Hotwire." He greeted her politely. While she did manage to perk his mood up a bit, his thoughts drifted back to the newbie menace that had too long of a name and a horrible attempt at an alias. As annoying as it was, the kid was successful in his mission too. The thought that he was as equally capable of success as he was capable of running his mouth was absolutely aggravating to the medic.

    With all this in mind, Ace forced his politeness to return as he gave the kid a simple, calm greeting. One that would hopefully avoid conversation. "Hello, Leo."

    Ghost was pleased to hear that the kid thought the place seemed homey. It was nice to hear that the place seemed comfortable by someone else's standards. The kid knew his place, a very fortunate thing that allowed Ghost to return to his thoughts for all of ten seconds before Leo came in with his grandiose attitude. So the damn fool actually made it. Oh well. His cold gaze flicked to Ace once more when he got nudged. "What, you expect me to give a huge, drawn out speech like Haze used to? You know that that isn't my style." He chuckled softly in return.

    His thoughts drifted to memories of the old doctor, of his little welcome speech in particular...

    "Greetings, neophytes. Don't think you're out of the blue just because Ghost gave you the thumbs up. Ghost has grown soft over the years, but you'll find out that more than half will be eliminated from you scums. Look to your left, then to your right, then behind you... then in front. Those are not your friends-- they are competition. They're just hiding knives behind their backs. Don't you scums forget it." Haze grinned insanely as he drew nearer to the trembling neophytes. "My name is Dr. Xion Trevor, but you can call me Haze. Why Haze? You know the feeling when anesthesia is inserted into your system? The light-headed, floating feeling? I like to give my victims a dose of it-- just to see them suffer a wee bit longer. After all, what's the fun if they die instantly? The feeling of anticipation of pain... the feeling that any moment now... you will feel the agony of having your arms amputated... one nerve after the other. That's why I'm Haze-- confusion and anticipation of what's to come."

    By this time, the most of the recruits were beginning to regret coming here. Their stares at one another... should they run? Should they outnumber the doctor?

    "You might think that you're big and bad; that you're the greatest assassin to ever walk the Earth. Well, let me tell you this. Combine every crime you committed, and that's merely a minor offense compared to what I've done. You think you've got blood on your hands? Wait 'till you get organs and intestines on them. You're all mere shadows compared to what I am, and you're all mere specks of dust compared to what Ghost is. Remember your places, filth." Haze spat as he now eyed the recruits one by one. "I'm gonna ask you all a question. Say, you were being chased due to a failed mission. You're being chased by the law. You're wounded, starved, and exhausted. What do you do? A. Go back to the guild and ask for help to complete the mission or B. Die with a failed mission? What say you?" Haze now smiled at the males and females.

    The recruits didn't answer immediately, and so, Haze got to them one by one; asking each and every one their answer. The recruits sputtered and stammered until one particular recruit refused to answer. Haze's eyes were filled with fury. "What's your answer, scum?"

    The recruit didn't utter one word. "GIVE ME A FUCKING ANSWER, DAMN IT!" Haze roared, pulling out a scalpel, and launching it at the corpse-- embedding the metal blade inside the corpse's skull with a sickening sound. "If you don't give me an answer, I'll make sure that the next scalpel will ease its way into your cerebral cortex. THREE. TWO. ON--"

    The recruit blurted out A, and so, Haze moved on. Most of them now were pissing their pants, and after the inquisition was done, Haze stepped back. "Those who answered A, get out of my sight. Apply again when I'm dead." The ones who answered A began to grumble, and when a recruit made the great mistake of attacking Haze, the doctor grinned, and twisted the man's arms and tackled the fool to the floor. "Perhaps you'd like to be my new test subject? Let's see what's inside that brain of yours for you to try to attack me." Haze licked his lips and pressed another scalpel to the man's crown. The recruit flooded tears and pleaded for life. "Get out of my sight, and if I see you again... I will carve my name inside your corpus callosum." The grumbling stopped instantly.

    The thought brought a small smile to Ghost's face. Now, he could only imagine the reactions some of these people would have had to Haze's brilliant introduction to the guild. By far, Ghost was more tame than the mad doctor. He certainly wouldn't have given a speech over a dead body. But, Haze was one odd, incredibly capable and inspirational speaker. If inspiring meant terrifying people into action.
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  16. Six"We're assassins, but we can still be friends, yes?"

    Rachel del Morris, formerly known as "Six," had more patience than most. She could deal with the infuriating ones far longer than anyone else, and she knew how to deal with people. It was, in a way, her specialty. She knew just the words to say and when to say them, and no one was ever the wiser. Hell, even Ghost sometimes forgot how much of a psychopath she really was. That was Six--your neighborhood psychopath with a smile that makes you feel at home.

    Like most in her line of work, Rachel appreciated a good drink now and again. She was far from an alcoholic, but there was nothing better than the strong stuff after a mission. Or even just after a long ass day cleaning weapons and "gently" reprimanding the rookies for trying to get too fancy with a knife. On this particular day, it was neither. For no particular reason at all, in fact, she decided it was time for some whiskey or perhaps something new to fit her fancy.

    Of course, she hadn't really expected to find Ace and Ghost at the bar, among others. She didn't mind, as peace and quiet were never what she preferred. She skirted her way through the tables, landing herself in the stool on the other side of Ace. Her usual amiable smile lit her pale features perfectly. "Evening, everyone!" she declared, giving a general nod towards each person. Her eyes focused in on an unfamiliar face. Ah, so this is one of the new recruits. Her smile only grew wider as she held out a hand towards the young, albeit quite nervous, man. "Everyone calls me Six. I'm the weapons master around here; at least, that's what everyone seems to think. Care for a drink?"

    Without waiting for a reply, she ordered her usual whiskey (this apparently wasn't going to be the day to try something new) and a beer for the rookie. Alcohol was also good for calming the nerves, and it was quite obvious the man didn't have the best social skills. Quite suddenly, another man came in rather boisterously, proclaiming boldly that he was 'good in bed.' Six chuckled at Hotwire's quick and rather clever response. "Don't mind her too much! She's got a wry sense of humor." she called to Leo, an easy smile on her face. With that, she grabbed her cool glass of whiskey, taking a long swig in satisfaction.
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  17. "Not this shit again!" Yvonne muttered under her breath as she dashed through the streets, her long pink hair soaking wet while her body was pelted with heavy rain. For some odd reason, she found herself in the same situation five years ago. She just finished a job and was on her way towards the HQ when she felt like she was being followed. Of course, being the woman that she is, she thought of the most rational being that will follow her around and decided to lose it.

    Now, she's running for her dear life: jumping, tumbling, dashing; she did everything she can to lose her trail but to no avail. With a frustratwd sigh, she took a sharp right and tripped, resulting for her to fall face first on the gravel with her torso landinh on a mud puddle. "Oh for fuck's sakes!"


    Yvonne's blood completely ran cold as she hear those menacing barks, not even hesitating to get back on her feet and ran for her life again. The barks are getting even louder and closer to her with each minute and she cannot help but bite her lip. "Almost there..."

    With a loud slam, she finally arrived at HQ and quickly closed the door before locking it and putting a table on it as a barricade, ignoring the barks outside. She can't believe the same pack of Rottweiler years ago chased her and the same old man was walking those dogs in the middle of the rain. Seriously, who does that?! Yvonne was clearly having a bad day with her messed up hair and muddy shirt but decided to just grin and bear. She needed to be cool, calm and collected. She knew there will be new members today and she didn't want to make the wrong impression.

    Running her fingers through her damp pink hair, she tried to make herself look presentable and removed the muddy blouse off of her to show her black bralette. She then wiped the mud off of her face before tossing the muddy clothes on a nearby trashcan. To be honest, she wasn't fazed by the fact that she's now only wearing a bralette, a pair of ripped denim jeans and black high heel stilletos. In fact, she looks fairly decent. Besides, she's not ashamed of her perfectly toned body and well endowed breasts so why not show them off?

    Yvonne then turned around and faced everyone with a bright smile on her face, her voice cheery and sweet as she spoke "Hello, everyone! Sorry you have to see me like that. As you all know, I'm having a bad day... But no worries! I'm fine now soooo.. Sorry for the commotion! Go continue what you're doing!" She then went to the bar and sat on the stool before giving the bartender a warm smile "Orange blossom tea and some scones, please! Oh, also some macaroons if you have some."
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  18. Ace allowed a soft yawn to escape him as Six came to sit beside him. "Evening." He replied with a smile. He was quick to his feet, concern painting his features, when Owl came charging in. He blushed slightly, his gaze flicking to a spot on the wall behind her as she removed her ruined shirt and tossed it away. "Are you alright?" He asked, using his concern to hide the small amount of embarrassment he felt. Situations like these were more common than expected to be in the Brotherhood, however, the mild mannered medic would probably never get used to such things.

    He blinked a bit as Owl came over to the bar and ordered her usual type of snack. Some kind of tea, scones, and macaroons, and Veleno would serve them with some Devonshire sauce. "If you have any scrapes or bumps, I'd be happy to help you get them cleaned up and properly taken care of." He spoke, notes of worry still clear in his voice. He was slowly settling down now.

    Ghost nodded in greeting to Six as she entered the main hall and took a seat at the bar. It seemed a bit odd for most of the old timers to be gathered up all at once. Shrugging it off for the moment, his attention flashed to the door when Owl made her appearance. "Should I take care of those mutts before you end up breaking down the doors one of these days?" He asked her with a small smirk, not nearly as phased as Ace.

    Ace hadn't been around the guild as frequently as Ghost during the early days, so he wasn't nearly as... Conditioned, per se, to the typical antics that ran rampant in the guild. While skills were the main reason why the Darkmoon Brotherhood was the best assassin guild in the criminal underworld, the other reason was the quirky community that had formed inside the old walls. The reason why Ghost was so selective with new recruits was because he wanted to maintain the healthy dynamic here.
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  19. Leo clasped his chest as if he'd just been shot. " H-how dare she ? " Leo said still gobsmacked.

    *" This shAN'T BE TOLERATED ! " Leo exclaimed, each word louder than the one prior to it, before allowing an ominous silence to build. He jumped to his feet and around him formed a mass of electrical energy, blue spherical objects, which spun round him at the constant speed of 4.5 rotations per second.
    " Now . . . behold ! " The balls of electricity seemed to implode and explode simultaneously causing an 'eximplotision'. And just like that, the bar was no more, left were only the dusty remains . . .
    Now present on Leo was a brown robe which shone a holy yellow and in his right hand a jewel encrusted staff. ' Leo, Leo, Leo,' Chanted 12 - no 25 women whose bodies had little to no clothing ' Leo, Leo, Leo, Leo,' the girls continued. Some had banners, others just hopped around frivolously. "Ladies, ladies please. No pushing, no shoving. There's plenty Leo to go round. Too much even." Leo said whilst swaying his hips rhythmically. The swaying halted. From cornor of his eye Leo spotted the female who'd caused all this, he marched over to her, " Amina, was it ? " Leo questioned. " Now you see, I am a God. With realisation comes prosperity. Chant my name like the rest." No reply.
    " Go on. Chant. " Leo ushered impatiently.
    " Hello, Leo."
    " See, that wasn't so har- wait . . . What ?!"

    Reality's icy breath washed over him.

    There he sat, still, on the segregated chair.
    " God dammit," He snarled. How he managed to day dream in such an acute space of time was beyond him.
    "Don't mind her too much! She's got a wry sense of humor."
    " That sense of humour would get her chanting my name forever if I had my way." Leo replied bitterly.

    " I wonder," Leo murmured to himself darkly. " If I coul . . ." The question died in his throat as he realised there was a fatal fault "Why have bullets got to be so expensive ? " A question Leo had asked to his local gun and bullet merchant, he remembered being replied with a ' To keep the business going, I've got my wife, aunt and children to feed,' "But what about me, eh ? Should just let them starve, grind up their bones and give 'em to me so I can make more bullets." Leo said to the memory. He would have said it to his face right then and there but at the time the merchant was polishing rifle almost as big as him. Right now all he had were four makeshift bullets and a basic pistol.

    " Say," Leo ventured. " With you being the weapons master and all, think you could get me a good gun ?" He paused. " You know, the kind that make a sound so menacing that bears break down crying once within earshot and looks so cool it certifies the wielder an entourage ?! "
  20. Adrian watched the events fold out, not speaking, just judging, every now and then, a quick gulp of his beer. He first saw Hot-Wire appear. The fellow assassin was not a personal favourite of Silence, however, he never worded such an opinion. He was walking carefully in the brotherhood, and he didn’t want to upset anyone. He held in a laugh at Ghost’s first comment to the new recruit. Where were they getting these guys now? They just seemed to die and die and die again.

    Speaking of someone who might die and die and die again, a new recruit, who called himself many names, including one that mentioned how good he was in bed, came in. If Silence had his way, the recruit would not even be able to step into this building. How he had even survived, Adrian didn’t know. Perhaps he was extremely lucky. Perhaps he was only loud when he was drunk. Either way, this “Leo the Great” was not as great as he proclaimed to be.

    He much preferred this quiet recruit, who’s name he had lost due to his… well, quiet. He watched the recruit converse with Ace and Ghost, before he realised he’d ran out of beer. He considered asking for another, but decided not to as he could get a mission and he certainly didn’t want to do anything drunk.

    Luckily, or unluckily, depending on the way Silence perceived it, Hot-Wire came along and was loud enough for Adrian to catch the quiet recruit’s name: Falcon. He didn’t care too much, it wasn’t like he was going to be making many friends around here. Get jobs, get them done, wait for the next one. In no part of his plan was there make friends for no reason. Still, he didn’t want to sound unfriendly, so when Hot-Wire introduced him (loudly, to his dismay), he sent a quick glance towards her, before turning to the new recruit. He liked her new nickname for “Leo The Great” as well. He had a feeling it could stick.

    It brought back a memory at the mention of Haze. Five years ago, the very uttering of the doctor’s name would’ve sent shivers down Silence’s spine. If anyone could scare Adrian, it was Haze. Still rubbish when he died though. He could still remember the speech, the determination to prove he was something worth sitting at this bar. Stopped making friends. Only concentrated on what was important to him and his assassinations. Adrian smiled to himself.

    That is, until Six arrived. He was intrigued by the knowledge of the weapon master. He wanted to aspire to learn as much as she. If there was anyone here worth befriending in Adrian’s opinion, other than Ghost, for obvious reasons, it was Six.

    It was amusement to Silence to see Owl. He felt like he had seen her like this before, back when he was brand new and fresh out of the packet. He didn’t know why so many people were at the bar today, especially so many of the superiors. Six, Ace, Ghost and Owl now, which should’ve made him anxious, but actually made him feel more comfortable. At least he knew he wasn’t the only one feeling the need for a drink today.
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