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    Currently looking for new people​

    I am DarkiusHeavenstein, but you can call me Darkius, or Dark or Heaven, or anything really. So I have been roleplaying for over 10 years now and I absolutely love it. Of course otherwise I wouldn't be sticking with it for such a long time. I am looking for some new partners for the upcoming plots. I have one absolute rule; DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING! I absolutely hate it when people leave without telling me anything. I know things like that can happen, but please if you are no longer interested, or gone for a longer time or I don't know what, please send me a message.

    That being said, I already mentioned I am looking for a decent/detailed partner. So that means AT LEAST one paragraph of 10 sentences! I am not expecting you to write novellas each time, but please please please give me something to react on and describe your characters looks/feelings, the surroundings whatever. So if you are a below 10 sentences writing, there is nothing wrong with that, but it is just not what I am looking for at the moment. Yet though I like detail and am looking for a long term partner, I am also looking for someone relaxed, who is willing to talk outside the roleplay also. As for the pace of replying, I was thinking at least once or twice per week. I have a life outside Iwaku/rp so I won't be able to react daily, definitely not if I want to write decent posts, yet this depends a lot on the plot also.

    I am very OPEN to your ideas. If you have a pairing or a plot you want to work out, let me know. I have a few pairings and plots that I like. When it is written in blue I have a high craving for it. The pink titles are new plots (which I ofcourse would love to work with)

    Twisted Feelings
    Two different races have always been at war with each other. The hatred of each other lies deeply within their blood. Both families have their special kind of hunters. All their life they have been taught to hate the other race and how to destroy it. Among both families there is one legendary hunter that has never been defeated, never been unable to fullfill an assignment they have been send on, no matter how impossible it seemed. They are the best of the best among their own race and now these two hunters are send out to kill each other. Character A is always just a bit quicker than Character B, character B always one step ahead of character A. For centuries they have tried to bring each other down and failed time and time again. The prices of their failure where high, often those that had come with them never returned. They themselves have not always been left unspared, yet they have until now always survived. Their last battle had been really devastating, it had put them in a coma, slumber, sleep of which both families thought they would not wake, nor hear them. But they did... and they heard a lot.
    Character A found out about an unique gene they possess. A gene that makes the mixure of both races possible and therefore they had to be destroyed. Since the outcome of this mix of blood was unknown, the possibilities endless and the limits nonexisting for as far they knew.
    Character B found out that it had not been Character A's race that had destroyed his family. Nor had it been Character B's race that had destroyed Character A's home. No, they had been ruined and destroyed by their own race. The race that took them in with so much love, care and protection. And why? Only to keep them apart, so both families would have these secret weapon what ever it may be.
    Once healed up they are send out to kill eachother again. Their weapons even more powerful than before, but this time it will just be the two of them against each other. Will they set out to kill each other or will they set out to figure out what more lies their race told them? And what happens if against all odds they fall in love, or had that been always the reason they could never give the last blow before?
    {The two races can be anything. Demon/Angel, Lycan/Vampire or something with Gargoyles (I am really in the mood for Gargoyles). The plot could have Mpreg, but if you are not comfortable with this it is not necessary}

    A tale of two princes
    Two different races have always been at war with each other. The hatred of each other lies deeply within their blood. Both of these races have a royal family and thus there are two princes. Two princes destined to hate each other, since that is all they know. Both heirs of their own race, they possess a very unique gene. A gene allowing them to become the first hybrids, however a mix of blood isn't anything the families would want, because they are scared. A hybrid with the best of both races, the possibilities could be endless and the limits nonexisting at all. For centuries they have been kept locked up in their chambers, fed with hatred for the other kind and most of all never told of the gene they possess. Both children are fed up with their protective lives, being always taught how to find and how to use their powers, yet never led free beyond the castles walls to use these knowlegde.
    The war seems to have escalated when both princes disappeared, centuries ago. Both their families don't want to admit their loss, yet blame the other family for taking their heir. The princes have been living among humans for centuries, never looking back, except for when they were found by either one of the families. What the families did not realize that with their constant fighting and searching for the princes, they had driven the princes closer together than ever. They have fallen in love with one and another, now they only have to find a way to tell the other that they are not human but carry a dark secret. Will their love survive, despite all the hatred they have been taught? Or will their love die and the hatred start over?
    {The two races can be anything. Demon/Angel, Lycan/Vampire or something with Gargoyles (I am really in the mood for Gargoyles). The plot could have Mpreg, but if you are not comfortable with this it is not necessary.}

    Falling from Grace
    {My preffered role; character B}
    Character A has always had more than enough money to spend. He has everything he wants within reach. May it be fast cars, big houses or beautiful girls/boys. He is very arrogant, thinking he is above everyone that is not in his league. He is manipulative which makes him such a succesful bussinesman. Yet suddenly comes an end to this expensive life style as he goes bankrupt. Character B is the complete opposite. His life has been a fight for survival from the first moment he took a breath. Money has always been a problem and the ways to get it, were never easy. However lately things seem to be going better as he suddenly is gifted a lot of money and a place to stay.

    Character A and Character B end up living together in a mediocre appartement. Character A trying to keep up with his old lifestyle, desperate to go back. Character B thankful for the chance he is given, knowing he should not let it go to waste. Little do both of them know that the parents of Character A are behind it all. Both the bankrupty and the gifted money. However the parents didn't forsee the fact that the boys might be a bit more attracted to eachother then they thought the would be...

    Best Friends Forever
    {My preffered role; character A}
    Character A and Character B have known each other since childhood. They have been to the same highschool and now for the first time they would have to part ways as they will be going to complete different colleges. A few months after having being apart, Character A realizes he can't take it anymore. He changes his studies to the colleges of character B. He even goes so far that he ends up in the dorm of Character B. However when he stands on the doorway, smiling brightly, happy to see back his friend, character B doesn't seem to be happy to see him at all...
    {We can plot further from this point on}

    Promotion? Or Demotion?
    {My preffered role; charachter B}
    Character A is an arrogent and manipulative person. He knows how to get want he wants and he always get wants. No exceptions! However he has no idea how to love or care. Honestly he is a psychopath, incapable of feelings towards other people. That is what makes him such a succesful business man and CEO at such a young age. He knows how to play people, using their feelings, desires and longings against them. However this doesn't mean he has no needs of himself, it however takes a very specific kind of person to satisfy his needs. He is agressive, cruel and more than once his one night stand will end up with sever wounds.
    Character B is a people pleasure. He has no idea how to say no or refuse requests of other people. He is used as a doormat, whether he likes it or not. He is not shy, but he has trouble with talking up to people and defending himself. His position as an intern within the company doesn't really help with being taken serious by his colleagues. However he is been giving a promotion, at least that is what the Board calls. He ends up being the personal assistant of the crueal and feared CEO.
    And that is not all... they will be together 24/7 for the upcoming week, thanks to an upcoming conference. How will this end? Definitely when the emotionless Character A seems to pick up an interest for the innocence of Character B. Will character B finally learn how to say 'no'? Or will character A learn how to love?

    Your wish, my command
    {my preffered role Character B}
    Character A is a loan shark. Character B has money problems. The time has come to pay and character B has nothing to offer, but himself. Surprisingly character A agrees in the natural kind of payment. For 24 hours character B is character A's possession. Character B will have to do everything character A tells him to do. No exceptions, not even when things turn sexual...

    Unforseen love triangle
    A boy and a girl are in love. They are happy in love, go through their struggles like any other couple, but stay together. That is until the unthinkable happens. She had a party with her friends, he had a party with his friends. Something that had happened before, and they trusted each other. Really everything went well, nothing special really. But oh right the unthinkable event. The boyfriend ends up drunk and gets pulled to the back of the club where things quickly get heated. Not unlikely enough for you? Well the third party involved is not female. The drunk boy does realize this, and quickly leaves the other behind in the club going home. His sexuality had always been a problem for him, though he had liked, loved, his girlfriend, all those romantic things? He had always done that because it was expected of him, it had never felt right. And than this happens. To top it off, a few days later he realizes that the male be spend this heated moment with is no one less than his new roommate. What will happen to the seemingly perfect couple?

    Is it only my blood you want?
    Character A is one of the first of a small group of humans to transfer in to a formerly all-vampire boarding school. Character A and their human counterparts are selected to attend this school not only for their impressive GPAs but also because of their rare blood types. Tuition for the human students will be paid by means of bi-weekly blood draws administered by the school nurse; this blood will be rationed and used as nutrition for the predominantly-vampire student body. For the safety of the humans, vampire students are by no means allowed to drink directly from their classmates.. or at least they’re not supposed to. Character B has from the first day on been drawn to Character A, but has it only been for his blood or are there other urges involved?

    While driving home on a quiet backstreet, Character A spots a wounded animal on the side of the road. Having a soft spot for suffering creatures, Character A pulls over and scoops the animal up into the backseat of their car. Character A drives home with the good intention of nursing the poor animal back to health, unaware that the animal (character B) is really a shapeshifter. After making a comfortable place for character B to sleep, character A heads off to bed. By morning, character B is feeling a bit better and they shift back into their human form just as character A enters the room to check up on them. Will character B be able to explain what happened? Or will character A go in straight denial about what happened? Also character B still has no other place to go, still being wounded...

    What are these....feelings?
    Research facilities had always been very popular, until the government got low on money. Over several years most facilities have been closed down, due to high costs and no result. Now the last few surviving facilities are also bound to close down and let their people go. For the researchers that will be no problem, they will just return from their facilities and try to find a new job. However it is entirely different for the people that have only known the facility and its habit. Some of them might seem like ordinary people, but all of them have their own little talent. It might be extraordinary sensitive senses, or the power to control fire, or the ability to change into an animal. Anything that would make them different from normal humans. Inside the facility they have learned to develop their talents, some more than others, depending on how useful the researchers thought their talents would be. Within the facility there had never been much room for anything else than research, definitely not the last few years when the facility tried to prove its right to remain and only persuaded results to show the government. This had lead to the people in the facility knowing nothing about feelings, or how to show them. They are indifferent and never learned to make their own choices or take care for themselves or anything. A new home for them is found at a boarding school, where they will learn the ways of normal way as long as it provides them off a home. Character Ais paired in a room with character B, a person outside the facility, to help them adapt to this for them new world. However their human ‘partner’ is only told about the fact they have always lived at the facility. Nothing about the fact they all had a special talent, nor that they are unfamiliar with feelings and their expressions and such. How will this all turn out? Will character B freak out once they learn about the talent? Or will character B freak out, because of the weird facial movements of others? They have the weekend to get at least a bit used to each other before school starts...

    pairings and settings with no plot (open)

    {Roles with * are my preffered roles}
    - Forbidden Romance
    - Forced Romance (project or arranged marriage)
    - One sided love (which can possible turn into a relationship)
    - Exes meeting up for some reason (perhaps by chance at a bar)
    - Military school (most likely teacher x student(*))
    - Serial killer/mercenary(*) falling for his victim/the detective
    - Hunter falling for prey or otherway around
    - Drug addict x Anti drugs(*)
    - Punk/Rock/Metal band suddenly getting famous (NOT band member x fan)
    - Out of the closet x in the closet/unaware
    - Subjects from an experiment or something
    - Enemies that end up having to work together
    - Lycans, Vampires, Angels, Demons or other supernatural (in any possible combination)

    Fandoms (open)

    - Immortal Instruments (the universe will used, again can be forbidden romance)
    - SuperNatural (again only the setting will be used, no canon)
    - Hunger Games
    - Divergent
    - Rosario Vampire
    - Vampire Knight
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  2. Though I like the idea (I have never done anything with an intersex person), I can't meet your requirements. Posting once a day will probably not be possible for me. The same goes for the amount you ask of me. I am able to write 4 paragraphs, but again, it will take me some time. If that is no problem for you, I would like to discuss things further. Please PM me
  3. I am still looking for partners!
  4. I would love to do Is it only my blood you want? With you if its still available. ^_^
  5. I'm interested in Out of the closet x In the closet/unaware, Rosario Vampire, or Vampire Knight if your still looking =)
  6. Hey everyone. I am still looking. I would love it if someone would do Promotion or Demotion with me or Your wish, My command.
  7. Updated with a new plots; Twisted Feelings and Tale of Two Princes
  8. No update, still looking
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