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Mortimer Lindberg

Main Base ▪ Land
Nicknames ▪ Morti, Mortem, Old man
Role ▪ Citizen

Character Pitch

A mechanic who was raised in the Land. As a kid, he’d always been fascinated by machinery. He would collect whatever scraps parts he could find and try to make something out of it. They were simple contraptions with barely any purpose other than to serve as a toy. One of them, a scrappy wind-up plane, led to him meeting an odd boy from the Sky: Vincent Coghlan.

Morti’s initial impression of Vincent was a negative one. He saw him as this privileged little boy who didn’t know anything. After their first meeting, Mortimer didn’t think they’d ever meet again, but he was wrong. Somehow their paths kept on crossing. To him, Vincent was an annoyance who stalked and pestered him constantly. The boy had apparently found him fascinating and wanted to befriend him. Mortimer tried to get rid of him, but the boy was persistent. Eventually, he grew fond of Vince’s company and began to consider him as a friend.

When he was old enough, Mortimer found work under a mechanic. Having a mentor who specialised in the creation of mechanical prosthetics, it was only natural that Mortimer learned this as well. Morti considers himself lucky to have been given such an opportunity. His life wasn't that of luxury, but he couldn't complain, his family did better than most.

Currently 52 years of age, Mortimer now lives in the workshop left to him by his mentor when he passed. While mechanical limbs may be his main product, he does dabble in the occasional commission for other things. Sometimes they are harmless, but sometimes the purpose they serve is morally questionable. It is his rule however, to never inquire about the reason for whatever request his clients may have. Morti respects their privacy. What they do with what they bought is none of his business.


Old age clearly shows on Morti. His grey hair and matching long grey beard are definitely hard to miss. Morti's eyes are small and of a chestnut brown in colour. Crow's feet can be seen on the outer corner of his eyes, yet another indication of his age. He has a golden tooth located in the upper left side of his mouth in place of one of his premolars. It vividly shows whenever he flashes a lopsided grin. Mortimer appears shorter than he actually is due to his bad posture, often slouching when he stands. Whether it is a result of his aging or simply because of how he is hunched over his workstation for most of his life, he isn't certain. He thinks it's likely a combination of both.