Darkest Depths

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  1. Darkest Depths

    The world is in shambles. Magic itself, the life force of the world, has gone unstable. In one day, a massive wave of corruption swept across the world, corrupting nearly everything magical in it's path. Creatures that were once majestic were now monsters, creatures that were already monsters, are now worse. The ground is littered with pools of glowing sludge, which corrupts anything that touches it.

    After ten long years, one of the few magical survivors of the cataclysm, a great wizard, received a vision that gave him hope. He saw far, far underground. He saw a gigantic beating heart that was the source of this disaster, and he saw that if it was stopped... then the chaos would end.

    He did everything he could from that day, to the day he died to gather the greatest army in the world, to travel deep underground, to find the source of the chaos, and stop it.

    And so they marched, to the very center of the most corrupted place there was. But they were not met without resistance. Wave after wave of terrifying creatures were in their way, and after a campaign that lasted a week, a week of nonstop fighting, a week of hell. They made it to the center... but at a cost, the army was in ruin.

    Here they stand, the survivors of the battle, before the colossal gates of the Labyrinth, a terrible realm of corrupted magic so powerful, that reality itself is twisted and torn apart within. It is here that they will start the greatest mission of their lives, do delve deep into the jaws of the Labyrinth, and destroy the heart of the cataclysm.

    As the smoke clears from the battle, the massive gates to the labyrinth open, shaking the earth as they do so. Within, a weathered staircase, overgrown with some sort of glowing blue root, leads downward. After some distance, there are no more of the roots, and it is pitch black afterwards. One of the commanders of the operation, a dwarf, leads his troops downward first, with surprising haste. After all, dwarves were no strangers to darkness. But barely fifty seconds before the last of the two hundred soldiers disappear, the earth shakes once more, and their torch light is gone.

    Without any word for a few hours, the remaining party, originally kept at the gate to watch for monsters, is sent in to see what happened to the others.

    As soon as the last one makes their way through the gate... it slams shut, leaving only the blue roots to illuminate their path.

    Down the stairway, the sound of light footsteps in a puddle can be heard. It was getting quieter, however. Not only that, but the hallway seems taller and narrower than when first looking down into it... The whole place smells like mud and stormy weather, and a breeze from who-knows-where is moving around. And upon careful inspection... it can be seen that the roots are moving.

    A distance away, more blue roots can be seen. There is something the in the darkness just beyond, as two ripples in a puddle of water would indicate. A faint breathing can be heard as well, echoing through the corridor. As one of the roots inches towards the figure, only one feature can be seen. Some sort of blue claw, and brown rags. But it steps back, once more disturbing the water it's standing in. It breathes more heavily, but slows down afterwords. Once more, the hall is silent, with the exception of the quiet brushing of the roots moving against cold, worn stone.​
  2. Everything was dark. She could see a thing as she stepped in from the back of the group. Everyone had their swords ready but not Eternity, she had her two swords at rest by her side as she folded her arms. What's the hold up? She thought as she shifted her weight to her left side. The previous battle had given her hope that they could actually win the war. But as she glanced at the people ahead, she couldn't help but follow their stares.

    Eternity couldn't help but stare at the sight before her. Though not being able to see much made her irritated. Putting her hand out in front of her, fire ignited from her palms and barely lit up the place. Ignoring the stares she was getting, she made the light shine brighter in order to get a better look at the figure in front of them.

    Most people seemed to be grateful for her light, while others seemed to want to cut her head off. "Look, if you don't wanna see a thing then move out of my way, or stop looking." She said as she stepped near the front of the group. She could make out blue lighted roots moving against the stone. Her eyes widened in shock as the dimmed her light.

    A growl sounded, sending unwelcomed chills down her back and clogging up her throat. The air suddenly became thick and she found it hard to breath.

    Shock spread through her as she gripped her swords and pulled them out of their slots on the back of her armor. She wasn't as brave as she thought, because as soon as it started coming at them, she held her breath and waited for someone else to react first. But as soon as the first person did, she was ready, running down the staircase into their next battle.
  3. The staircase led to a dead end.

    Once more the ground shook, and the roots in the ground whipped about for a few seconds. The large door that they came in through opened...but rather than the outside world... It revealed a staircase upwards, which each stair after it growing shorter until it turned into a hallway. The newly revealed rock was only weathered in the placed where the blue roots grew.

    And the tapping of feet on the ground could be heard again, echoing through the dim structure. One more noise, a single cough, could be heard before the silence resumed.
  4. Felix had charged for the strange figure, thrusting his arm forward in a punch that would shatter bone. It met with nothing but a cold stone wall. "The fuck..." He had left a pretty large mark but then again, it was a wall.

    "This place is c-creepy." Anna floated behind her bother, gripping Montesquieu tightly. She wished she could feel him, her bother, she wished she could feel his muscles tense as the door opened into a hallway that wasn't there. She wished she could feel his metal hand as it instinctively moved to shield her from whatever horrors lied in that dark hallway. But she couldn't, she was dead.

    Felix let out a groan. "That is going to get really annoying." He moved back through the group to lead them up the staircase. His head was already starting to hurt from this labyrinth's twisted ways. He and his sister were both unaware of a tiny spider-like machination, following the group from the ceiling.
  5. Eternity dragged on, following the group from the rear. She was paranoid but also anxious to kill something. Silent patter of feet marked the individual souls that were fighting alongside her, but a different sound was heard. "Whats that?" she heard a man ask next to her. Listening closer, she could make out the sound of multiple footsteps at a steady pace. If only that were normal, the tired footsteps of her group rang uneven and sloppy. Finally the smell made her turn around, only to find nothing there. Confused, she made her light brighter and caught a glimpse of a hairy figure crawling from the ceiling. She hadn't noticed that others were looking too until she heard a scream rang out from a girl named Chelsea. Sniffing out a laugh, Eternity took out her two swords and stopped.

    Shouts rang out as the man beside her started attacking it head on. As more people became aware of the situation, Eternity began to get fed up. Leaping into the air, she threw one of her swords to pin down one of his legs and went to strike him in the chest with her other sword. In mid attack, the spider recognised it had been discovered and used his other legs to meet Eternity. It was a lot stronger than her, so it knocked her out of the air with brute force.

    She found herself getting up from the ground, her shoulder hurting from the impact. Holding out her hand, her armor attracted her other sword back to her and this time, she lit it on fire. Anger coursed through her veins and she realised that she would not be able to kill the stupid thing alone. With both her armor and sword on fire now, she creeped around it, studying it and looking for a weak spot.
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