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Darkest Days OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Apollyon, Nov 28, 2015.

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  1. This is for the characters in the Darkest Days Libertine RP.
  2. What I'm thinking is maybe for how they meet, he is originally sent to kill her but one of the other's get's to her first and he finds himself conflicted in helping her or not. That, or maybe he is sent to spy on her once it is discovered that she is starting to dig around for more information and he ends up growing a large interest in her.
  3. Hmm. How about she witnesses him assassinating a council member while at a dinner party by accident--sees him get shot several times but the nanomachines fix the injuries then kill one of the council members under the conglomerates head of state (Since this does involve espionage and killing of corporate members as a sort of game amongst themselves in this dark, gritty future.)
  4. Hmm, if they are at a party though wouldn't she report the killing? Like, I feel that she would be freaked out and probably run into the party screaming about a killer. Which might be a bit too distracting since we wanted her to be more curious and look into the theory of assassins and super soldiers.
  5. Not necessarily; imagine you witnessing someone getting shot several times only for the bullets to be pushed back out and the holes to close. I don't think anyone would believe you even if you did say something. Afterall, these clones are clandestine operations in themselves. So no one would know if they really existed except higher up officials. So she could go running all she wanted, wouldn't make much of a difference to the general population or low ranked officials because it would seem like she had lost her mind and was spouting nonsense.

    Besides that fact,even if she did report a murder he'd be done and gone by the time anyone got back. And its not like he's a serial killer, he wouldn't have a MO. So her own frustration over telling everyone what she saw and them not believing her could propel her to hunt the truth down.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.