Darker Version of Twilight - Looking for Carlisle (No Sparkling!)

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    1. A coven of vampires much older and ruthless than the Volturi are wiping out non-traditional vampires - vampires who don't drink human blood. The Cullens are now in grave danger and they've been marked for death. In order to stay safe, they must escape Forks before someone turns them over to 'them'...

    2. Phoebe is the last remaining Amazonian Princess. She makes a deal with Aro in becoming his mate in exchange to keep her Dhampir twins safe from harm. While living with the Volturi, she falls in love with Carlisle; the newest member of the coven.

    3. Natalie Evans is the new Forks High School history teacher. Everything is going great for her until she is attacked by a rogue vampire. Scared and confused, she wakes up as a newborn vampire hungry for revenge.


    - I can double as either Edward or Jasper depending on which plot you choose.
    - There will be NO sparkling anywhere in the plots. Instead, they will wear some kind of daylight jewelry (kind of like TVD/Originals) because they CAN get burn/turned into ash by the sun.
    - At least have 4+ solid paragraphs for each post (2 is the minimum).
    - Have decent spelling and grammar.
    - Third person only.
    - Realistic face-claims only for original characters.
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  2. I'd love to double up for the first plot, if you wouldn't mind be Edward.
  3. I don't mind at all! :) Shall I PM you?
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  4. Hello I would love t o do a darker kind of Twilight! I've never rpd Carlisle before but I could certainly give him a shot! Are you open to doubling as anyone other than Jasper or Edward? If not I think I'd lean more towards Jasper xD
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