Darkened Skies [In need of Soldiers :D]

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  1. OOC
    So. I had this idea for a rp. I won't sell you on its absolute originality, becouse its not. Its a action packed sci-fi rp that is based around the retaking of our very own planet from a eldricht threat. It's dark, it will be gritty, there will be death.

    The RP will be sectioned into acts and missions. A Act will contain several missions, and players will get to select missions. It will also be split between types. As in, one or two of you might be mech pilots for a mission, and have to deal with big shit. While the rest is infantry, dealing with the mind breaking terror that is fighting "Dark ones."

    The players will play as soldiers, mech pilots and other personell. The Mechs are more western, bipedal style weapon platforms then stylized, human looking mecha. There will need to be some distribution in roles.

    The excerpt below is the Intro text to set the tone.

    Dear Reader

    "This reporter Yuki Akihawa of Tokyo Daily. I'm writing what may be the last article in my entire life. Yesterday the Tokyo siege line fell to the Dark Ones assault. The shadow reapers have been sighted as close as 11 miles from here, and artillery is expected to hit our position any second now. However, i keep my courage up, as a member of humanity i will sell my life dearly. This is Yuki Akihawa. The will of the Japanese people be with you fellow members of mankind."

    The paper clip is picked up by a heavy leather clad hand, a soft grunt escaping the soldiers lips. Looking at the paper he took notice of it's date. It was written 12 years ago, written a week before Tokyo fell. For it to have survived this long without becoming unreadable, it must have been kept by someone. Now it's year 13 of the invasion, and Tokyo along other are once more being reclaimed by us. By the United Front for Human Survival. The UFHS.

    But it was not always like this. The sky had opened up and rained death upon our cities. Black, unforgiving carnage in form of alien invaders. They had killed so many. Reduced use to desperate, cornered dogs. But we had thought back, the old soldier thought to himself. Around him heavy machinery heaved forth a deadly payload into the ruins of Tokyo. He sighed, building this up again would not be easy. The war kept on its endless cycle of grinding down the Dark Ones and its hives, and people like him were the ones to pick up a satchel charge and pair of flamers and light the night up. War isn't hell, it's just a highway[/dotted]

    So with that, I hope to see some interest :D
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  2. That sounds really cool actually.

    But my track record for group RP is spotty at best. Will keep track of though.
  3. You have my interest.
  4. *Generic expression of Interest*
  5. This character is a mech pilot. So.. THIS PERKS ME!
  6. Dark and gritty? Colour me keen.
  7. GMs tend to lose me somewhere in the transition between concept and OOC, but I'm interested for now. :)
  8. I am definitely interested.
  9. Keeping an eye on this.
  10. OOC will be up soon.
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  11. Front line drop trooper.
  12. Just mechs? Nothing for the tank jockeys here?

    Come on, where's the love for the tread heads?
  13. Wow. Did NOT loose me in the transition. Was thinking of playing a female Psyker from Brazil, but I can't get my stuff together fast enough. Unless I get inspired with another concept, I foresee myself just lurking the thread enthusiastically.
  14. I could possibly stretch psy-ops to three agents. Hell, one spot is still open as it is. Be quick enough.
  15. never mind .The spot is taken. I do need atleast one more soldier. And pref one more pilot.
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